Planning Conferences and Corporate Events in 2022: Trends and Challenges

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Take corporate event planning trends into account and capture what will make your next conference a huge success. For corporate events, potential attendees will […].

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12-Step Guide to Corporate Event Planning that Maximizes Results


Corporate event planning is a field that can be extremely profitable for businesses. With the right strategies, planners can create events that attract business prospects and employees alike, while also generating revenue.

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10 Unique Venues for Corporate Events

Special Events

Take corporate events to the next level with these historic venues

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The Challenge of Safely Returning to In-person Corporate Events

Smart Meetings

Many employers saw remote work and virtual events as a short-term answer to the problem of potentially contracting Covid at the start of the pandemic. CEOs rightly worry that holding purely virtual events could negatively affect engagement.

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The Best Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Corporate Events

Endless Events

In-person events are back and they’re smaller and more local than ever. In 2022, they will keep moving out of impersonal hotel ballrooms to more unique venues. One of the biggest event trends in 2022 is sourcing venues with character. Source: Desert Foothills Events.

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How to Become a Corporate Event Planner: The Ultimate Guide

QC Event School

Do you have a passion for planning events? In it, we will provide an ultimate guide on how to become a corporate event planner. What Is a Corporate Event Planner? Do Corporate Event Planners Make Good Money? Internal vs. External Events.

Drone Light Shows Bring Next Level of Branding to Corporate Events


Drones are taking the event industry to new heights, especially as environmental concerns related to fireworks increase. And event planners are taking note. Skift Meetings’ Event Tech Innovation Summit laid out the steps to produce a compelling drone show.

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Venues for Large Corporate Events

Unique Venues

Corporate events are a great opportunity for networking, new experiences, and meeting at incredible venues. Our recommendations for Top Pick Large Corporate Event Venues will check off all the boxes when planning a successful corporate event.

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Toronto’s Top Patios for Private and Corporate Events


Outdoor gatherings and special events are always a welcome option when it comes to event planning , but something tells us that we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of it this year! Their expert team will handle every aspect of your special event while you focus on the mingling!

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(1/10) How To Define Clear Goals for Your Corporate Events


Event marketing is part of most corporate growth playbooks. In 2021, companies spent almost 9% of their marketing budget on events. If a corporation allocates $5,000,000 annually to fuel its marketing strategy, $450,000 will be dedicated to running events.

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Corporate Events further expands project management team

Event Industry News

Award-winning Wiltshire based event production agency, Corporate Events, has announced further expansion of its project management team, with the appointment of Phoebe-Scott-Browne.

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Effective Tips for Increasing Your Corporate Event Attendance


For many of our clients, event planning can be a daunting process; here at Seven Events , we are on hand to ensure that the process is as easy for you as possible. For those hosting events, we see a few common worries – where do I start?

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How to Choose Songs for Corporate Events (+ 2 FREE Playlists)

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No one likes an awkwardly quiet corporate event. Luckily, curating the perfect playlist for a company conference pumps up the energy in the room and sets the tone for your event. Conference Event Planning Music Conferences Corporate Events

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The Business of Events publishes 2022 International Planner Sentiment Report

Event Industry News

Following the launch of its 2022 programme, The Business of Events has today published the first of its market sector reports. In November, we will also see the publication of The Business of Events: Global Destination Report.

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AREA15 Announces New Corporate Event Sales Team

Exhibitor Magazine

LAS VEGAS  AREA15 the immersive art and entertainment district located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, announces its new corporate events sales t. People

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How to Choose Songs for Corporate Events (+ 2 FREE Playlists)


No one likes an awkwardly quiet corporate event. Luckily, curating the perfect playlist for a company conference pumps up the energy in the room and sets the tone for your event. Conference Event Planning Music Conferences Corporate Events

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8 Insane (but True) Facts about Corporate Events

Master the Event

Corporate events are a large contributor to the overall economy. Corporate event planning includes; Transportation, accommodations, venues, attractions, speakers and often corporate entertainment and team building events. For an event planner, often what will win over delegates is how unique their meeting or event will be. This is one of the main challenges that an event planner faces. million meetings and events occur in the U.S.

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Corporate Events welcomes senior project manager, Kelly Avis-Hays

Event Industry News

Award winning, Wiltshire based event production agency, Corporate Events, has appointed Senior Project Manager, Kelly Avis-Hay, reinforcing their commitment to delivery of face-to-face live, hybrid and virtual events.

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Seven Fun Activities for Bringing Teams Back Together Post-COVID

Best Corporate Events

As vaccination rates rise and COVID cases fall , live business events and meetings are coming back in a big way. We continue to pioneer the future of this charity event with the use of our proprietary apps and Apple iPads®. Team Building Events.

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10 Safest Places to Travel in 2022

Smart Meetings

In today’s events climate, safety is a top-of-the-list issue for planners, especially those who regularly organize international gatherings. Based on information collected from 2021, the list is a smart, timely resource for planners preparing incentive travel and corporate events abroad.

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Meetings and Conventions Are Back in 2022—Here Are 4 Ways They’re Changing

Smart Meetings

There’s no doubt that the global Covid-19 pandemic shook up the industry and left event professionals wondering what the future would hold. But as we begin to inch ever closer to a new normal, it’s clear that meetings are making a comeback in 2022—with a few changes of course.

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Dominion Energy Employees Team Up to Build Wheelchairs for Great Causes

Best Corporate Events

The WWBT-NBC12 news team also covered the event. The post Dominion Energy Employees Team Up to Build Wheelchairs for Great Causes appeared first on Best Corporate Events.

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Toronto Caterers top Summer Food Trends 2022


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Cvent calls on MICE industry to use In-House Corporate Event’s SAM App to help achieve COP26 Sustainability Pledge

Event Industry News

Cvent (Nasdaq: CVT), a market-leading meetings, events, travel and hospitality technology provider, is one of several key industry leaders supporting and helping fund the beta version of the sustainability web app: SAM , which was recently launched by In-House Corporate Events (ICE).

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Smaller Means Stronger: How Small Businesses Can Lean into Community for Corporate Events

Eventbrite UK

If you’re wondering how to promote your business in the community, consider planning a community event that focuses on local small businesses. The post Smaller Means Stronger: How Small Businesses Can Lean into Community for Corporate Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK.

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Best Catering Software of 2022 – Reviews of Top Solutions & CRMs

Planning Pod

So we thought we’d provide a quick summary of the top event catering management systems for those of you shopping for a solution that best fits your needs. Event Booking Management + Event Planning. Event Temple.

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8 Ideas to Improve Sponsor and Exhibitor Traffic in 2022


Here’s a bold and exciting prediction: 2022 is going to be an excellent year for corporate events. After two tough years due to the pandemic, live events are starting to take flight again. Tips Exhibits and Sponsors virtual event Hybrid Events In-person Events

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The 2022 Virtual Platforms Index: A Guide to the Industry’s Top Providers

Event Marketer

Virtual events and experiences aren’t just contingency plans for derailed in-person activations; they’re critical resources and strategic avenues for delivering ongoing audience engagement and expanding reach. And experts say they’ll be part of event marketing tactics for years to come.

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Announcing The 2022 Canadian Event Award Finalists

Canadian Special Events

Congratulations to the nominees for the 25th Annual Canadian Event Awards. Winners will be announced live in person at the CEA Gala on September 28, 2022, at Liberty Grand Entertainment Centre, Toronto, Ontario. 2022 Canadian Event Awards Finalists. Best Event Design/De?cor

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Oscars 2022: What Would You Do If Your Speakers Were Assaulted?

Endless Events

While the strictly in-person Oscars 2021 felt too exclusive, the Oscars 2022 served us some truly out-of-place drama. As for the slap, they offer their thoughts as event profs with deep knowledge of how event production works. Oscars 2022: Stage Design & Production Value.

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2022 Wedding + Event Trends

All Seated

It’s our favorite time of the year – wedding & event trend forecasting! With events in full swing this year, we’re eager to see what’s on the horizon for 2022. Event trends on the rise. 2021 trends that will carry on into 2022. This will stay true for 2022.

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Three Categories of Team Building Programs for New Employee Orientation

Best Corporate Events

Best Corporate Events’ sister company, SmartHunts®, combines mobile app technology and games with traditional scavenger and city hunts to take these activities to an engaging and interactive new level. Team building plays a critical role in the new employee onboarding process.

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EXHIBITOR Magazine Announces Jury Panel for 20th Annual Corporate Event Awards

Exhibitor Magazine

EXHBITOR magazine has selected the following panel of marketing- and event-industry experts to jury the 20th Annual a href="[link]. Awards, EXHIBITOR News

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How Team Building Creates More Effective Teams

Best Corporate Events

The post How Team Building Creates More Effective Teams appeared first on Best Corporate Events. Corporate Events Professional Development Team Building Uncategorized effective teams employee engagement employee orientation new employees onboarding performing team building

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Four Ways Team Building Makes New Employees More Productive, Faster

Best Corporate Events

In any case, doing a team building event helps employees break down barriers, create openness, and get to know each other on a more personal level. The reason to do a team building event/workshop is to get your team firing on all cylinders.

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Team Building Your Way – The Value of Needs Assessment and Program Customization

Best Corporate Events

That’s where needs assessment and program customization come in, designing and delivering an event that meets your specific requirements. At Best Corporate Events, our needs assessment is done on three levels.

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How Team Building Jumpstarts Employee Morale

Best Corporate Events

The fun team building programs we’ve delivered lately, whether they’re charity-focused or competitive events, have reunited people. At one of our recent live team building events, 20% of the client’s workforce was hired during COVID. Burnout. Turnover.

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10 Factors to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Event


When we talk about the lasting impact of the pandemic on the events industry, we often think about the initial pivot to virtual and subsequent shift to hybrid events as health restrictions eased. But will your events work outside? Outdoor Event Tips & Pointers outdoor event

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EXHIBITOR Magazine Announces 2022 Best of CES Winners

Exhibitor Magazine

EXHIBITOR magazine, the leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, recently announced its 2022 Best of CES award winners via an onl. Awards, EXHIBITOR News

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The Role of Team Building in New Employee Orientation

Best Corporate Events

Many corporate leaders have a general sense that team and relationship building are an essential part of that onboarding process as well, but may not be able to articulate precisely why. The post The Role of Team Building in New Employee Orientation appeared first on Best Corporate Events.

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