How to Win at Negotiating AV Prices for Events

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And if you don’t understand the quote, it can be tricky to know how to negotiate on the price , or if you hold any power to negotiate whatsoever! Get started with negotiating AV prices by: Learning AV lingo. Tactics for negotiating AV prices.

Venue Contract Negotiations: A Primer for Eventprofs


Are you negotiating a venue contract for the first time or need a refresher on getting a better deal? Negotiating is something you either love or hate. The post Venue Contract Negotiations: A Primer for Eventprofs by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

How to Negotiate Hotel Blocks

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There’s hotel jargon, legal terms, and the idea of facing off against someone over the negotiating table. We’re here to walk you through the basics of negotiating hotel blocks. Why Negotiate a Hotel Block? Starting earlier gives you more negotiating power to get what you want.

Negotiating the Perfect Multiyear Contract

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Negotiating: never, ever accept the hotel’s first offer, experts agree. You know from experience that hotels always leave wiggle room to negotiate down. The post Negotiating the Perfect Multiyear Contract appeared first on Smart Meetings.

The Art of Venue Negotiation [Free Report]


The post The Art of Venue Negotiation [Free Report] by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. Venues venues destinations free report venue negotiation venue strategy negotiation strategyWe are very excited to release our latest report.

You Can Negotiate Away Annoying Hotel Fees

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I have heard of planners negotiating out this fee,” says Lauren Wolfe, a lawyer who publishes the website The post You Can Negotiate Away Annoying Hotel Fees appeared first on Smart Meetings. In this case, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas.

How to Negotiate AV Prices for Events

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Register for “How to Negotiate AV Prices for Events” Having great audiovisual is expected at events, but the prices can sometimes be unexpected. This webinar will show planners how to negotiate AV prices and prepare them with the best tips for successful and cost-effective events.

Thirty-Six Strategies for Negotiation

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These translations are taken from University of Hawaii law professor John Barkai’s “The 36 Chinese Strategies Applied to Negotiation”: Tune in for More Negotiation Tips. To register, visit tame-the-tiger-the-art-of-negotiation.

5 Tips for Negotiating Your Best Salary

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Research shows that women are often very good at negotiating on behalf of others, but are not as successful when negotiating for themselves. You can change that by preparing yourself to negotiate. Here are five simple steps that can empower you as a negotiator and increase your chances of getting what you deserve. Research shows that goals are a critical factor in determining how a negotiation plays out. Challenges are a normal part of the negotiation process.

How to Negotiate: Room Blocks

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Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your negotiations. It is important to know exactly what you will want and need from a hotel before entering negotiations. Remember, this is a negotiation so it should take a few rounds to get to a deal you’re satisfied with.

What’s Your Non-Negotiable Joy?

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The post What’s Your Non-Negotiable Joy? Tools & Resources advice careers eventplanners finding balance inspirational joy non-negotiableappeared first on

4 Hotel Negotiation Tactics Every Event Planner Should Know


For many event planners, negotiating with venues is just slightly more enjoyable than a root canal. But to make these events happen – especially in a seller’s market – negotiation strategies are key to getting the venue and budget you need to pull it off.

Advanced Hotel Negotiations, From the Hotel Side

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Register for “Advanced Hotel Negotiations, From the Hotel Side” To be a more effective negotiator, meeting planners will learn how hotels evaluate their businesses and manage their inventory of space, rates and dates.

5 Steps to Better Cross-Cultural Negotiation


What's your negotiating style—truth before diplomacy or diplomacy before truth? Cross-Cultural Business Association Conventions and Expos Negotiating & Contracts Corporate Meetings & EventsGlobal experts share advice for effective communications.

The Four Unwritten Rules of Negotiation


Whether you know they exist or not, these variables can be negotiating tipping points. Association Toolbox Corporate Toolbox Negotiating & Contractsread more.

9 Ways Your Negotiation Personality Can Undermine Your Success


Most people's negotiating style falls into one of these nine categories. Association Meetings Negotiating/Contracts Corporate MeetingsFind out what you—and your counterpart—may be doing that could help, and hinder, your ability to come to a successful conclusion. read more.

How Women Can Become Better Negotiators — for Themselves

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In this podcast, Ashley Milne-Tyte talks to Sara Laschever , an author and speaker on women and leadership, who says that some of that disparity may boil down to salary negotiations, which many women find harder to navigate than men do.

7 Strategies to Negotiate a Bigger Events Budget

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Knowing what to expect will give you more leverage at the negotiating table. For more tips on negotiating event budgets, as well as other valuable industry insights, see Social Tables’ Events Budget Report.

The 7 Ways to Negotiate a Bigger Events Budget for Next Year

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Start with these 7 ideas to negotiate a bigger events budget: 1.) Pro tip: Don’t try to gauge the outcome before trying to negotiate a bigger events budget because it might weaken your case. Use data whenever possible to negotiate a bigger events budget. It’s simple right?

10 Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal With Venues


These 10 tips will help you negotiate a better deal with venues. The post 10 Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal With Venues appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Planning November Operations / Logistics Owner Venues Event Budget event venues NegotiatingWe all look for ways to keep costs down when running an event.

Have You Mastered These Fundamentals of Effective Negotiating?


Before you even start talking concessions and clauses, take a step back and make sure you have these negotiation basics covered. Association Toolbox Corporate Toolbox Negotiating & Contractsread more.

3 Hotel Negotiation Tactics Travel Managers Should Know


Is your company paying more than it should on travel? Many organizations do. You see, they don’t combine their business travel data with meetings and events data. So there’s no way to fully leverage their company’s spend. Meetings Management featured

15 Body Language Secrets Every Eventprof Should Pick Up On


Lifestyle meetings business negotiation EventProfs Negotiations body language entrepreneur event professionals reading body languageEvent planning is a people facing role and empathy and reading unspoken cues from attendees, clients, and your event team, can set you apart.

Hotel Strikes May Soon Widen to Hawaii, Boston and San Francisco

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The strike vote came after months of negotiation between Unite Here Local 5 and Marriott. Year-round health benefits and worker protection against automation are reportedly among the major issues on the negotiating table. We continue to negotiate in good faith.

Corporate Entertainment Contracts – The Good, Bad and Negotiable

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I always try to remind my clients about the fact that these riders are considered part of the legal binding contract and they are negotiable as long as we negotiate BEFORE SIGNING. Everything and I mean everything, is negotiable.

The 7 Steps Event Venue Checklist (2018 edition): A bulletproof guide to find the perfect venue for your event


Venues rfp event venues checklist Venue template venue negotiationThe only checklist you need to source the perfect venue for your event. Trends, tactics, free templates and research to help you with your event venue selection.

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How to Save Money on Event AV

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Negotiating aspects of AV quotes. Learn to negotiate event AV. Knowing how to negotiate event AV is a must-have skill for any event planner. If you’re wondering how to save money on event AV, part of that means understanding what you can negotiate on.

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20 Things Venues Say and What They Really Mean


Venues communication Contracts Layout Logistics negotiation VenueWorking with a variety of different venues can be an exciting part of your event planning career but what do venues really mean when they say some of these things?

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How to Protect Your Event in a Volatile, #MeToo World

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2017 was a turbulent year full of natural disasters, sexual harassment accusations and political upset around the world. How can planners protect their meeting from fall out if the worst happens despite their best efforts?

Chicago Hotel Employees Walk Out

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A union spokesperson cited lack of year-round health benefits for full-time workers as a major sticking points in contract negotiations. Each hotel company negotiates separately with the union. You can read more about trends playing a role in contract negotiations here.

10 Reasons Why Your Clients Ask For Discounts and What to Do About It


Start Event Business budget Client customer service Event Business negotiation pricingWhy does it always seem like everyone is looking for a discount these days? Here are 10 different scenarios all eventprofs will encounter and how to handle them!

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etouches: New Tech to Source Better Venue Deals [Review]


The etouches strategic sourcing solution enables event planners to book venues and negotiate better deals, faster. Reviews negotiation event venues venues review source venues

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4 Reasons You Should Prepare to Celebrate the Return of the Buyer's Market


If meeting booking and corporate contract rate predictions pan out, 2017 may be a very good year for meeting planner hotel negotiations. Housing/Attrition Negotiating/Contracts Resources and Reports

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Are Planners Liable for Airbnb Problems?


Housing/Attrition Negotiating/Contracts Negotiation InsightsWith more attendees staying at Airbnb and other home-stay accommodations, planners need to know their culpability should something go wrong. read more.

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4 Reasons You Should Prepared to Celebrate the Return of the Buyer's Market


If meeting booking and corporate contract rate predictions pan out, 2017 may be a very good year for meeting planner hotel negotiations. Housing/Attrition Negotiating/Contracts Resources and Reports

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Contract trends: What’s old may be new again

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percent say negotiations are becoming simpler.” percent of respondents claim contract negotiations are becoming more complex. RELATED STORY: Partnering for successful contract negotiations. Budgets and contracts attrition contract negotiations liability

Alternative Event Venues – Think Outside The Ballroom – #EventIcons Episode 115

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Alternative Event Venues are a huge and growing trend this year. In fact, we listed it as one of our emerging event trends for 2018. Attendees and planners alike are growing tired of the standard meeting spaces and ballrooms.

Hospitality Strike Votes Could Increase with Arrival of High-Tech Hotels, Minimum Wage Increases

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Negotiating points include pay, pension reform, year-round health insurance, staffing levels and job security.

Make Your Conference Memorable With Spiced-Up Keynotes, Engaging Design and Workshops

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Creating successful recurring events isn’t only good for brands but also for planners. Maintain your momentum by creating events that stick to your attendee’s minds. To do this, you need to make your conference memorable. Not planning conferences? These tips can apply to almost any event.

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Protecting Your Event with Contracts and Insurance


Negotiating & ContractsHannah Kinnersley. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. Thorough and appropriate contract coverage is a must. read more.