Event Insurance: How to Protect Your Event From Threats

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There are a lot of complexities around event insurance, particularly in terms of event terrorism cover. The face of terrorism is changing and so is the need for event terrorism insurance. Event Management security insurance event insurance event cover

Protecting Your Event with Contracts and Insurance


Hannah Kinnersley. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. Thorough and appropriate contract coverage is a must. read more. Negotiating & Contracts

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Event Insurance Explained


Learn why event insurance is a must-have. The post Event Insurance Explained appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Management Event Planning Featured February Leadership / Management Operations / Logistics Owner Event insurance events 101 health and safety regulations Risk assesementIf someone gets hurt at your event or you have to cancel last-minute what would that mean for your business?

10 Best Ideas of the Week: a Virtual-Reality Mars Installation, Kitchen-Knife Signage, a Bear-Inspired Insurance Activation


Insurance for Third Party Meeting Planners

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Finding general liability insurance if you are a meeting or event planner can be a royal pain in the ass. Most regular insurance agents don’t want deal with us so they lump rap and heavy metal producers alongside pharma meeting planners and special event planners.

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A Catering Director’s Advice to Planners


Financial/Insurance Meetings Food & Beverage CareerDiane Tighe (pictured, reviewing details with event planners), director of catering and conference services at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, shares what she wants to know from planners and why more is not always better, it’s just…more.

Terrorist Attack Impacting Travel Plans? You May be Insured

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Many who were not able to secure accommodations from their airline turned to travel insurance in the hopes that plans without a terror add-on would still cover adjustments, even though a travel advisory has not been issued by the government.

13 Ideas for Better Attendee Transportation


Financial/Insurance Meetings Event PlanningHow to get attendees to register their travel information, keep them happy during long transfers, and more. read more.

New Brands Emerge from Benchmark/Gemstone Combo


Financial/Insurance Meetings Association Meetings Site Selection/RFPs Medical MeetingsBenchmark Hospitality International and Gemstone Hotels & Resorts have merged to become BENCHMARK, a global hospitality company with a new corporate identity and three distinct hotel collections. read more.

Do Meeting Planners Provide a False Sense of Security?


Financial/Insurance Meetings Risk Management Global Events Medical MeetingsDuty of care practices are well established for individual employees traveling the world for their companies. Two presenters at the recent Global Business Travel Association Convention say the same focus has not been turned on meeting attendees. read more.

Impressive 10 year AEO partner tenure for Hiscox Event Insurance

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Hiscox has renewed its partnership with the Association of Event Organisers (AEO) in 2017 to provide specialist insurance advice to event organisers. Chris Skeith, Chief Executive of AEO, says: “With over 30 years’ experience of delivering specialist insurance policies to the events […].

Real-Time ROI Dashboard Launched by Etouches


Financial/Insurance Meetings Association Meetings Objectives/ROI Corporate Meetings Medical MeetingsEtouches is aiming to make measurement of a meeting’s return on investment both more simple and more powerful, through continuous measurement and ways to get flagging metrics back on track.

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Two Planners Share the Love With Back-of-House Staff


Financial/Insurance Meetings Incentive Planning/Management Event PlanningYour meeting success is totally dependent on them, but when’s the last time you stopped to thank (let alone celebrate) your meeting hotel’s back-of-house staff? read more.

Commentary: Don’t Cancel Your Overseas Travel


Financial/Insurance Meetings Risk Management Corporate Meetings Global EventsThe only way to know what it's like on the ground in your destination is to be on the ground. Don't let attendees' perceptions keep you from giving them the opportunity to enrich their lives through international travel. read more.

Planning The Audience Experience And PR For Your Events


Preparing for an event, what are the key items or areas you want to review to insure a first-class attendee experience? Andy Perez, a Los Angeles based marketing and public relations consultant who has created more than 1,000 events in his career joins EPN and Event TALK.

The Meeting Planning Industry Needs a Lasting Strategy


Our discussion focuses on the need for the planning industry, and meeting professionals to be more strategic to insure long-term success. On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with Christy Lamagna, Founder and Chief Strategist of Strategic Meetings and Events.

Insurance for Third Party Meeting Planners

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Finding general liability insurance if you are a meeting or event planner can be a royal pain in the ass. No kidding. It sucks on a level Hoover and Dyson cannot even begin to … Continue. Business Event Planning

Incentive Attendees Meet and Eat With Locals


Financial/Insurance Meetings Incentive Planning/Management Food & BeverageCorporate groups can dip their forks into the collaborative economy by planning meals in local homes. Read how one group will remember their Dublin dinners forever. read more.

Preventing Event Check-In Aggravation


Signs should be at eye level or suspended above check in to insure they are visible from a distance. We have all been there. You arrive at your conference and check-in lines seem to go on forever. There is limited signage and you cannot figure out what line to get into.

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How to save 60 hours planning your conference


When planners evaluate hotels, what are the key pieces of information they should research to insure the venue they select can provide the service needed, and how does a company like HelmsBriscoe help with that evaluation?

Interviews with Planners - Al Wynant


I always make it a point to create relationships with different people in varied positions to insure some stability in venue or vendor relationships.

Trending event swag


Is it to keep health insurance premiums down, reduce absenteeism or increase morale? Be on the cutting edge and make a splash at your next trade show or conference with these trending promotional products. DRINKWARE GAINS VALUE.

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How to Hire an AV Company for Your Event


What event planners need to negotiate with venues to insure an outside AV company can successfully prepare and perform on the job. On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with Will Thompson, Business Development Manager at Atema Partners.

Getting value from Google Adwords without breaking the bank!


According to Wordstream the highest cost-per-click keyword on Adwords is “insurance” which will cost you a modest $54.91. Google Adwords can be a nightmare if not done properly here are two basic yet important things to understand for all businesses.

8 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Event Venue by @dancarthy2


Insurance. Should the worst case scenario happen, you want to be backed up by insurance; otherwise, you’re looking at huge financial ramifications. Most venues have insurance that is already factored into the rental fee. Read the fine print to ensure insurance is indeed included.

5 Travel Trends for 2017 — and Beyond

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Due to security issues and instability around the globe, travel planners are seeking ever more solid risk-management plans for both people and the equipment and data they carry, such as comprehensive insurance and the ability to track and communicate with employees in real time.

4 Insider Tips on How to Make Your Event Successful


Instead of solely going over what your brand has achieved or what it is doing right now, turn your gaze on what is to come and paint it in intriguing and attractive tones to insure a successful event. No good marketer shies away from live events.

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8 Best Practices for Planning Corporate Events


Fundamental checklist items include details on security, emergency contingencies, insurance needs, Wi-Fi strength, electrical output, and catering capabilities. Planning a corporate event brings its own challenges.

Top tips for planning your event security


This insures that you will not operate in isolation, and it will assure that you have a cohesive security plan in place for your conference or event. Insure that all entry points are controlled and conduct bag checks.

Guns and Meetings: What You Need to Know Now

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What are the insurance issues? Insurance costs may indeed go higher if firearms are allowed, so check with your carrier. Hands up! How many are packin’ today? In today’s America, some of you undoubtedly are (and feel strongly it’s your right to do so).

JCC Registration Software: Regpack Client JCC Maccabi Israel


There’s a lot of information we need to know about the teenagers and for insurance purposes. We have reports for Insurance, we have reports for hotel rooming.

How to make your in-house event team more valuable to your clients

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A receptionist checked you in, verified your insurance and handed you some forms to fill out. Design the event in a way to insure it achieves the goals.

10 Questions to Ask Equipment Rental Vendors Before an Event

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Does your rental contract require me to add you to my liability insurance? For insurance purposes, and to be aware of your potential exposure, it’s wise to know the total value/replacement costs of the equipment you’re renting.

6 Best Ways To Save In An Event AV Contract


Equipment Insurance. Some companies will require you to maintain an insurance policy equivalent to the cost of the equipment rental. In addition to equipment insurance, liability insurance protects you, your employees, and guests during the event.

10 Step Event Planning Business Plan

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Joanna’s asking, “How do you price insurance into the budget?” I can’t tell you what will be applicable to you because you will have to talk to an insurance agent about that. So you want to make sure you have a line item in your budget for insurance, specifically for insurance.

Overcoming The Top 3 Challenges Faced By Meeting Planners Today


They are masterful conductors, insuring the success of the event and keeping all involved happy. Planning meetings is a hard. Ever-changing demands, a sellers’ market and unrealistic expectations add to the daily stress experienced by professional Meeting Planners.

Lessons From the Inaugural International UAV Show

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The agenda included indoor drone racing with prize money, drone demos, a student hackathon, and panel discussions on regulatory and insurance issues, as well as industry applications from agriculture to oil and gas to military. As Adam Sax, president and CEO of The Sky Guys , which co-hosted International UAV Show in Toronto in December 2016, says, “Sometimes you have to jump in head first.”

How to Collect More On-Time Registration Payments


You most likely have used it with your utility bills, insurance, mobile phone bills or any payment you have issued to a large company. We already know that 27% of people will abandon their registration cart if they are asked to pay on a 3rd party site.

What Did You Do Differently Last Year?

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We have implemented a risk-management manual to our events and we have purchased more event insurance for better protection.