Create the Perfect Event Sponsorship Pitch Deck

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Attract them with your stellar sponsorship pitch deck! Resources and Tools Event Sponsorship Proposal Event Sponsorships FundraisingLooking for sponsors for your next conference?

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How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package


Event Sponsorship Package Basics. Sponsors are a crucial source of revenue for events, so make sure that you are able to offer competitive and valuable event sponsorship package options. An event sponsorship package is essentially your “pitch” on why potential supporters should choose you over other events or channels they could invest their budget. The two most common ways to approach building event sponsorship packages are: . 1) The Tiered Sponsorship Model.


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Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events

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This is a guest post by Larry Weil, nationally recognized sponsorship expert and founder of The Sponsorship Guy, a sponsorship marketing agency. Resources and Tools Event Sponsorships Online EventsIn wake of the pandemic, many event brands are taking the steps to move online. Even if you’re one of the lucky creators who can pull it off and still make a profit, […].

17 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas

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Use these sponsorship ideas to make your proposal stand out. The post 17 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Planning Event SponsorshipNeed to attract more or bigger sponsors to your next event?

Time to Retire Your Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsorship Levels

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The most effective sponsorships are all about the attendee — the fan, the sponsor’s target market. If they don’t win over the attendee, the sponsorship may not be sustainable. The same could be said for the naming of your sponsorship levels. It’s time to reimagine the precious metal sponsorship categories — and unless you’re the International Association of Gems, it’s also time to retire Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire levels, too.

How to Turn Around Your Sponsorship Revenue

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If your conference is like most, sponsorship revenue is underperforming. If your conference revenue business model falls short on one or both of these benchmarks, your sponsorship strategy is in need of a turnaround. For your sponsorship menu, approach the categories in terms of how they align with your sponsor’s marketing objectives. Guard against listing items that you don’t plan to make part of your program unless you sell the sponsorship.

Creating Year-Long Sponsorships & Establishing Partnerships

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In a chaotic world where the industry sees itself turned upside down at every turn, learning about year-long sponsorships becomes crucial. And this causes planners to not be as creative, forward-thinking, or successful as they could be within the scope of event sponsorships.

How to Write the Perfect Sponsorship Email

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The post How to Write the Perfect Sponsorship Email appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Business & Professional Email Marketing Event Sponsors Event SponsorshipWorking your way to the decision maker at your target sponsor starts with a simple, well-worded email.

The Future of Event Sponsorship

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Today’s event sponsorship is not passive. Event Sponsorship. Join us for a conversation about the future of event sponsorship and what event planners need to know. The post The Future of Event Sponsorship appeared first on Event Planning Blueprint. Event SponsorshipIt’s active, engaging and succeeds because of human interaction. Ask yourself: what booth or company would you choose to visit at an event?

18 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas


Sponsorships are a crucial part of monetizing virtual events — here's how to do it. The post 18 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas by Victoria Copans appeared first on [link]. Mastering the art of virtual events is more important than ever, with COVID-19 throwing a wrench in live events and travel plans around the world. Virtual events have been picking up in the last few weeks as eventprofs adapt […].

How to Lose an Event Sponsorship Agreement

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Event sponsorship is all about relationships, and if you don’t navigate yours well, sponsors won’t come back. Event Planning & Promotion Event SponsorshipToday’s event creators struggle to land their ideal sponsors. And the challenge doesn’t end once you strike an agreement. The good news — once you know what not to, is that you can avoid these pitfalls at all costs. […].

6 Examples of Event Sponsorship Packages


While many event planners focus on cost cutting only, the key to success is using as many diverse revenue streams as possible, with sponsorships being one of them. Luckily, the transformation of an event production landscape also brings many changes to the ways event sponsorships are built. What is an event sponsorship package? A sponsorship package is an agreement that implies the support of an event or an activity by an external brand.

How to Improve your Event Sponsorship Offerings


Why is event sponsorship crucial? Given an event sponsorship proposal and the propensity of consumers to associate sponsors with the event they promote, it is important for companies to select events that are appropriate for their brand, product, or corporate image. Sponsorship offerings should comply with the corporate culture and policy of sponsors and their goals and should contribute to their brand awareness and profitability. Creating a sponsorship proposal.

13 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas


Re-using old jaded sponsorship ideas doesn’t cut it anymore. Event sponsorship is broken and gone are the days that your sponsors can hand […]. The post 13 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas by Editorial Team appeared first on [link]. Marketing Brands event marketing event sponsorship EventProfs Sponsored Events sponsors sponsorshipIf you want your event to stand out and be attractive to sponsors then you need to come up with new concepts and ideas.

Leverage Technology to Drive Event Sponsorship Revenue


Traditional sponsorships—placing company logos and messages on banners, window clings, signage, badge stock, and lanyards or underwriting lounges, meals, and parties—differ in many ways from technology-based event sponsorship opportunities. Traditional Event Sponsorships vs. Technology Sponsorships. Technology sponsorships can deliver on more than brand awareness objectives. Nevertheless, traditional sponsorship opportunities are somewhat limited.

Sponsorship Needs to Be More Than Banners and Clings

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Sponsorship is the most powerful form of marketing. Recently I’ve received invitations to attend webinars and download industry research reports and articles all aimed to help conference and show organizers grow sponsorship revenue. Problem is, when you dig into these resources, you find that they are more focused on print and digital advertising than true sponsorship. If the sponsorship is forced on them, ROI will not be achieved for the sponsor, organizer or participant.

How to Create Rules & Requirements for Event Sponsorship


If so, you will certainly be interested in writing event sponsorship for the event. What is event sponsorship? E vent sponsorship is a critical source of funding for all event types, where companies, nonprofits, and small businesses provide a certain amount of cash or incentives in exchange for brand awareness and visibility at an event. Learn about your sponsorship obligations as an existing sponsor. How to write rules for event sponsorship.

Attract the Right Event Sponsors Every Time (2018 Sponsorship Guide)


How do you attract sponsors looking for the perfect event sponsorship opportunity? Your event needs to offer what sponsors are looking for, and come up with groundbreaking and worthwhile sponsorship packages to attract more sponsorship revenue. The post Attract the Right Event Sponsors Every Time (2018 Sponsorship Guide) by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. Tips sponsorship event sponsorship sponsors sponsor

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15 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Get Creative!

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Last week, we explained how to deal and package your virtual event sponsorships. And today, we continue, with a second article about virtual event sponsorship ideas. So keep reading to find out unique virtual event sponsorship ideas you can employ at your next virtual event! Let’s kick start these virtual event sponsorship ideas with event apps. There’s also room for sponsorship promotions here. Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Conclusion.

28 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas!

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Finding a virtual event sponsorship idea that suits you can seem hard at first. And the concept of a virtual event sponsorship fits right into this category. So if you’ve been wondering what your options are, then just sit back, relax, and join us on this awesome journey through the world of sponsorships in the virtual realm! Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Let’s Go! Virtual Event Sponsorship: The Day Of.

Event sponsorship strategy

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However, there is good news: the best events are GROWING their sponsorship and brands are spending MORE money sponsoring events. A new event sponsorship strategy is the key! The question and the challenge with you event sponsorship is how to win it and then keep it! For many developing a new event sponsorship strategy is a huge challenge. Over 50% of event planners admit that they are struggling to secure event sponsorship. Events Marketing Sponsorship

How to Wow Potential Online Event Sponsors

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Securing online event sponsorship is more important than ever, but it can be a little trickier than finding sponsors for an in-person event.

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Anaheim Convention Center: 25 Examples of Powerful Sponsorship Ideas


But finding one that has all that plus incredible opportunities for additional revenue and sponsorships streams is a dream come true. The post Anaheim Convention Center: 25 Examples of Powerful Sponsorship Ideas by Visit Anaheim appeared first on [link]. Marketing event promotion sponsorship event sponsorship sponsor anaheim convention center sponsorship ideas sight selection promotional placementsThis is a sponsored post by Visit Anaheim.

8 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas


From sponsored sessions to virtual booths, discover the most popular virtual event sponsorship ideas for engaging virtual attendees and driving ROI. Whether you’re looking to pivot to virtual events or are redesigning a virtual event sponsorship program, we’re here to help.

How to Write a Perfect Event Sponsorship Proposal


If you’re not prepared with the perfect sponsorship proposal, you can bet someone else is. Here’s what you need to know in order to craft a winning sponsorship proposal. The post How to Write a Perfect Event Sponsorship Proposal by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. How To Articles event sponsorship sponsorship sponsorship proposalBringing on sponsors is a difficult but necessary task.

15 MORE Creative Sponsorship Ideas


When you want to stand out from the crowd as a brand you need a constant stream of sponsorship ideas that are creative, fun and ahead of the game. Using creative ideas will help you to create a perfect sponsorship proposal […]. The post 15 MORE Creative Sponsorship Ideas by Editorial Team appeared first on [link]. Ideas Brands conferences event sponsors event sponsorship EventProfs events exhibitions trade shows

Event monetisation & video sponsorship opportunities


The team at Glisser have created and just released a feature that we are incredibly proud of - because it gives you more sponsorship opportunities and more chance to monetize your event.

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23 Sponsorship Ideas For Trade Shows


Here are some of the best ideas for trade show sponsorship to make your exhibition stand out and to offer an attractive proposition for your sponsors. The post 23 Sponsorship Ideas For Trade Shows by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Ideas trade shows event planner trade show event sponsorship exhibitions event sponsors sponsorship packages trade show sponsorship

10 Tips To Measure Event Sponsorship [Webinar]


Join us for this free webinar to learn how to better measure and maximize event sponsorship. This webinar will focus on how to increase revenue at each event and understand the important points brands consider when activating sponsorship opportunities. We know there are lots of challenges securing event sponsorship and we are delighted that Todd Uglow will be sharing his […]. Tips event sponsorship sponsorship Webinar

Change Your Event Sponsorship With This Free Report


We are happy to release some of the most comprehensive research on event sponsorship ever released. We analyzed 350 event sponsorship packages in four sectors: ✔️ Healthcare ✔️ Finance ✔️ Tech ✔️ Luxury We gathered unprecedented insights on the following: ▶? The most popular items in sponsorship packages ▶? Tips EventProfs event sponsorship eventmanagement

A Guide To Virtual Event Sponsorships Part I: Deals & Packages

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So, let’s talk about virtual event sponsorships, shall we? As we all know, sponsorships have been the industry’s holy grail of revenue for years. They’re a safe way to ensure money is coming through the door, and planners have dedicated a fair chunk of their time to perfecting the art of negotiating good sponsorship deals. Sponsorships don’t live and die in the scope of in-person events! So keep reading to become a pro on virtual event sponsorships!

What Sponsorship Was Like Before — and Where It’s Going Next

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Event sponsorship is on the cusp of a new era. Business & Professional Event Planning & Promotion Event SponsorshipThe tired old model of logos on banners has no place in the dynamic, digital new world we’ve embarked upon. After all, events themselves have gotten more eclectic. Today’s sponsors have much higher expectations than simply trading cash for brand recognition. They want to be […].

Event sponsorship the need to get creative

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Fundamentals of event marketing, sales and sponsorship. Event sponsorship the need to get creative. Those selling event sponsorship have to break off the chains and start to look at how a more creative approach to selling sponsorship packages. Creative Sponsorship. The post Event sponsorship the need to get creative appeared first on Gallus Events. Behavioural Change SponsorshipReviewing the current processes and procedures.

Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events


This is a guest post by Larry Weil, nationally recognised sponsorship expert and founder of The Sponsorship Guy, a sponsorship marketing agency. The post Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK. Business & Professional Event Sponsorship June Coronavirus COVID-19 event sponsor event sponsors Event Sponsorships online event sponsorship ideas sponsorship opportunities Virtual Events

Sponsorships For Virtual Events: What Path Should You Take?

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Today we’re talking about sponsorships for virtual events! Because sponsorships and exhibitions are a huge source of revenue in the industry. Overall, is it even possible to create such a thing as sponsorships for virtual events? And he is one of the biggest sponsorship experts in the industry. “And seeing kind of also even an opportunity in the virtual sponsorships that they haven’t seen before. Just simply to unlock the sponsorship.

Understanding Conference Sponsorship

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With that being said, in order to build conference sponsorship, you have to first look at your brand’s purpose and the values of your company. The key to building conference sponsorship is to create a strong sponsorship pitch that sells your event. Sponsorship vs. Donations. Today’s sponsorship deals are no longer the classic, we’ll pay you to hang our banner and that’s it. Sponsorship is the activation of marketing a product. Push Sponsorship.

3 Tips for Landing Sponsorships in 2019

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There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to convention sponsorship. Now, with data and technology bringing advertisers closer to their audiences, brands expect to see clear and conclusive evidence that sponsorships yield sufficient return on investment. The good news is that sponsorship spending is forecast to surpass other forms of marketing and advertising in 2019, according to an IEG report.

How to Secure Event Sponsorship


Sponsorships are the lifeline that keeps the events industry sustainable. Over the last decade, event sponsorship has become the primary way in which events receive funding, products, and other services. Undoubtedly, the most lucrative form of sponsorship for event managers, the brands too gain a lot from these events. Why Event Sponsorships Are Valuable. revealed that in 2017, sponsorship spending in North America on events reached 23 billion dollars.

The Power of Sponsorships in 2019 – #EventIcons Episode 150

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Are you thinking beyond the surface of event sponsorship? Sure almost every event requires sponsorship but long gone are the days that it is enough to just plaster up a few banners from your sponsors and call it good. In this episode, Peter Poehle returns to offer his annual update on the status of event sponsorship. He will answer questions about what sponsors truly need, mistakes planners make in proposals, inbound sponsorship and so much more.

How to Write an Effective Virtual Event Sponsorship Proposal


Writing an effective sponsorship proposal is the key to standing out to your potential partners. Finding event sponsorships is one of the top challenges among event marketers. Crafting an effective virtual event sponsorship proposal is the key to winning sponsors.