Biometric Technology for Event Management & Ticketing


Right from registration and the purchase of a ticket to the authentication of the person at the event, fingerprint impression will be carried out through the use of biometric technology. Biometric technology can prevail over the drawbacks of the digital ticket.

How to Get Your Attendees to Use Appointment Booking Technology


One of the most popular event technology tools used to increase attendee networking is appointment booking. With this type of technology, attendees have the autonomy to go about networking through their own initiative instead of waiting for networking activities to take place at the event.

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Event technology how things haven’t really changed

Gallus Events

(This post and the slides are taken from my session at the UK Association Congress which took place in London in December and covered event technology. Can you believe that the world of technology moves so quickly? If technology moves so fast, why do we even try to keep up.

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Ten Criteria for Vetting Event Technology Solution Providers (Updated)

Velvet Chainsaw

Over the past decade, there have been significant upgrades and newcomers in the event technology space. There are several hundred event technology providers competing to win your business. It’s never a good idea to be on the bleeding edge with any technology.

Blockchain Technology and Events: What Will Change?


Event Technology

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What Wireless Technology to Choose for Your Next Event


With innovative event technologies , you not only enable full wireless Internet coverage for any venue, from stadiums to parking lots, but you also increase the quality of onsite interactions. The key reasons to use wireless technologies at events. People attend events to connect.

Event Management Platforms: Technology and The Experience of Planning Events


Event apps were the new technology on the block for event planners. Nowadays, the use of event technology is pretty much regarded as an industry standard and expected by event attendees. The Event Technology Breaking Point – When Your Tools Are Not Talking To Each Other.

How to Design an Event Experience Using Technology


Technology is many event planners’ secret weapon and has the power to be massively impactful to achieving your event goals. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common event touchpoints and goals and provided ideas on how technology can be used to help achieve these goals.

Ticketing Technology for Festivals

Event Industry News

Emerging festival ticketing technologies and new applications of existing technology are some of the biggest trends in the festival industry. Shoultes adds, “ Festivals aren’t about creating the biggest spectacle or employing cutting-edge technology.

Facilitate Networking With Technology


Meetings and events are designed around learning from your peers. Whether you are attending an internal meeting or you're joining

Event Technology Awards Judges’ Spotlight: Aleksandra Panyukhina

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Building events with unique concepts from scratch in all kinds of environments (outdoors, conference rooms, unconventional venues) has shaped my ability to analyse the case (or a technology) from all perspectives, draw all possible pros and cons and find the best solution for the given situation.

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Event Technology Buyer’s Guide

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The post Event Technology Buyer’s Guide appeared first on Event Industry News. Guides Event Technology Buyer’s GuideWelcome to the 2019 edition of the Event Tech Buyer’s Guide, your comprehensive resource for learning what the latest trends are in this diverse industry.

Tech Tuesday: Access Control Technology for Events


In addition to these advantages, event technology that enhances the attendee experience can also serve as a tool for event access control. Event Technology featuredSimple attendee badges are no longer making the cut in the event industry.

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Event Technology Awards back for 2019

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Organisers of the Event Technology Awards have announced that entries to the 2019 edition will open at midday on Monday 1 st April 2019 and will close at midnight on 31 st May. Brand & Agencies Conference News Event Technology Featured News

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How Event Technology Increases Attendee Engagement: Insights from GMID Mexico


During the event, I participated in a panel about technological innovation in the meeting and event industry. These are the two ways event technology has or will be making the most significant impact on attendee engagement at events.

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Event Technology Awards 2019 Submissions Portal is Open


The entry submission portal for The Event Technology Awards , produced in conjunction with Event Tech Live, is open. The Event Technology Awards 2019 will be held November 6 in London and will feature a revised list of 30 categories and the return of the Outstanding Contribution to Event Technology award. “The event technology market is driving innovation in the event sector and the Event Technology Awards are celebrating those who are coming into that sector.

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Event Technology: 25 Solutions for Your Virtual Tool Bag


The brand experience agency Cramer’s 2018 Event Technology Landscape includes a whopping 245 event technology providers. Even more impressive is

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How To Get Exhibitors To Adopt New Technology

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How To Get Exhibitors To Adopt New Technology. Technology that helps them meet their goals will be welcome, while tech that does not will be regarded as mere clutter. If you want your attendees to use the technology, consider these questions: What problem does this solve?

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Event Technology Awards reveal first group of 2019 judges

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Organisers of the Event Technology Awards have revealed the first group of judges for the 2019 event, and it reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the event industry. She has significant experience of the event technology sector through her work at Slido and as community manager for Event Tech Lab.

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Event Technology Awards Judges’ Spotlight: Alex Balding

Event Industry News

As the Operations lead on upcoming events in Hong Kong, New York and Sydney, he is constantly working with a range of the latest event technologies to deliver these events successfully. I think it provides a great platform to showcase and benchmark the best technologies out there.

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What’s Trending in Business Event Technology

PCMA Convene

Convene editors used a hight tech process to ask tach experts at Convening Leaders what is trending in business events technology. What are the top technology trends in the business events industry in the coming year? Incorporation of voice technology into events, like with Alexa.

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Emerging Technologies Shaping eLearning


Currently, the eLearning industry is experiencing a revolution due to the recent advancements in technology. According to Education Sector Factbook, eLearning has grown at a … Continue reading "Emerging Technologies Shaping eLearning".

Ticketing Technology for Festivals

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Emerging festival ticketing technologies and new applications of existing technology are some of the biggest trends in the festival industry. The post Ticketing Technology for Festivals appeared first on Event Industry News. Event Technology Featured Festival & Outdoors NewsWith the right festival ticketing and registration mix, you can gather data to enhance the festival goer’s experience, reduce ticket fraud, and decrease entry waiting times.

Event Technology Awards Judges’ Spotlight: Frankie Tee

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Having done a variety of different roles across events from accreditation, event control, artist liaison and production, I have a good appreciation of how different advances in technology have simplified various departments in the running and success of an event.

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4 Ways Technology Can Spruce Up Your Corporate Seminar


When it comes to the world of corporate events, there are countless trends and ideas constantly emerging that one needs to understand and implement in their own event, from event ideas to cutting-edge technologies.

Event Technology Awards Shortlist Spotlight: LiveStyled

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Their technology is used by major venues and festivals to gather GDPR compliant attendee data, which can be used to monetise attendees through its white-label venue apps. The post Event Technology Awards Shortlist Spotlight: LiveStyled appeared first on Event Industry News.

Event Budgeting for Technology


Emergent technologies are important to your attendees–but many of them might seem out of range when you’re in the event budgeting phase. RFID technology. Suppliers like ShowClix can provide bracelets, RFID chips, and the technology needed to use them.

The New Era of Event Technology


A new era has officially started in event technology. I am not sure if you noticed, but things are changing pretty fast in event technology. The post The New Era of Event Technology by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. Are you ready to join in?

The Essential Event Technology Dictionary


From ARS to chatbots, beacons, and heat maps, the event industry has a distinctive language of its own – especially when it comes to digital and event technology. Bookmark this page as your go-to guide for the most common event technology terms. Using one event technology provider who provides comprehensive analytics gives you a single view and insights into everything about an event, attendee demographics or behavior, and other activities like expo floor traffic and dwell times.

How New Technology Helped This Gala Raise $7 Million


Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that provides drinking water to people in developing nations, has a reputation for using technology

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Jonas Event Technology nominated for two Event Technology Awards

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We are proud our technology has been nominated in two categories at the Event Tech Awards. Our Engage Scanner app and accompanying handheld scanner solution has been re-purposed to deliver a lead capture service to consumer events leading to our nomination for ‘Best Ticketing Technology’.

The 7 Best Free Event Technology for Conferences

Event Age by Swapcard

From ticketing solutions to event apps to digital maps—we’ve rounded up the best free event technology that will help you execute extraordinary events and do so with ease. As an event planner or conference organizer, you know what it’s like to wear many hats.

How to Boost Attendance using Event Technology

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Events Industry has undergone a vast amount of changes for the betterment of attendees and also improved upon them, raising the standards and adapting to the latest event technology as well. Event Technology is an answer frequently heard to this question now.

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EventsAIR – Finalist Event Technology Awards

Event Industry News

This year EventsAIR is a finalist is two categories at the Event Technology Awards: Best Event Management Platform – EventsAIR is a G-Cloud approved cloud-based meeting management platform using Microsoft Azure which offers state-of-the art technology for security and performance.

Event Industry Technology Predictions for 2019

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Event Industry Technology Predictions for 2019. 2019 should be an exciting year for the event industry as new technologies and software systems continue to revolutionize the way in which processes are streamlined and sharped, ultimately resulting in greater ease of use and engagement.

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Guest Blog: The top event technology trends for 2019 — According to 27 event experts

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When you ask more than two dozen top events industry professionals for their insights on technology trends, the answers (no surprise) are fascinating. Most modern methods of conversation—email, phone calls, texting, video conferencing— rely on digital technology.

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Ticketing Technology for Festivals

Event Industry News

Emerging festival ticketing technologies and new applications of existing technology are some of the biggest trends in the festival industry. Event Technology Featured Festival & Outdoors NewsWith the right festival ticketing and registration mix, you can gather data to enhance the festival goer’s experience, reduce ticket fraud, and decrease entry waiting times. Enhancing the Event-Goer Customer Experience.

8 Events Innovating with Beacon Technology


Are you considering beacon technology for your next event? Event planners have been using event apps for a while now, but starting with Apple’s WWDC 2013 and its iBeacon, they began noticing a much stronger way to use the technology.

AO Technology launches next level drone ‘Light Experiences’ for events

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Innovative entertainment lighting company AO Technology is taking drone technology to the next level with advanced software that facilitates the display of bespoke, spectacularly choreographed, volumetric images in the sky. Event Technology Festival & Outdoors News

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8 Technologies That Will Make Events Stand Out in 2019


But since four years is practically a generation in the world of technology, I wanted to revisit the initial predictions I made, as well as introduce the new trends I’m looking forward to as event management technology has continued to evolve.

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