Trade Show & Exhibition Planning Guide


Do you know how to plan a trade show? Use our guide to trade show planning and achieve memorable exhibitions that are organised in a highly successful way. About trade shows & exhibitions. Best practices for planning trade shows & exhibitions.

Trade Show Booths: 100 Best Ideas for 2018


Boring trade show booths don’t attract visitors and they certainly don’t help sales. These are our top 10 favorite trade show booth ideas and current trends in exhibition stands that stood out when researching this post: Hungry for […].

How One Trade Show Fixed an Outdated Registration Process

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If you host a trade show, you’d probably be horrified to learn that attendees find your check-in process so cumbersome that they created their own. The post How One Trade Show Fixed an Outdated Registration Process appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

How Trade Shows Can Use Beacon to Woo Attendees


From designing the best custom or modular exhibition stands to offering the most exciting or innovative exhibition services, event organisers and marketing professionals focus a lot of their energy on trying to impress trade show attendees.

The Future of Trade Show Tech: AR is Coming


If you’re in the know, you already heard a bit of buzz on augmented reality or AR as a new tool in trade show exhibits. Virtual Reality, or VR, on the other hand, does not show the real world, but rather a simulated, or made up environment.

Improve Your Trade Show Engagement

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To many event professionals, trade show engagement is a worthy but often elusive challenge. After all, how do you dispel the notion that people have about trade shows with its “bland ambassadors” and boring cube booths?

Your Trade Show Attendees: What Do They Really, Really Want?

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A key takeaway from Part One of CEIR Attendee Retention Insights study, is the schism between what show organizers think is motivating their attendees, versus what the attendee says he or she really, really wants.

30 Trade Show Ideas for Attracting Visitors


Have you considered exhibiting at a trade show? This list of 30 trade show ideas from brands like GE, Amazon, and more will help your company successfully attract visitors. What's a Trade Show? Why Exhibit at a Trade Show? 30 Trade Show Ideas.

Trade Show Ideas For Better Planning, Payments, and Promotions

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Running out of trade show ideas for improving your B2B events? If you want to see your trade show attendance and exhibitor count to grow, you need to focus on the experience of the show. Trade Shows Made Easy. The Worst Things to Do at Trade Shows.

How to Make Use of Experiential Content Marketing at Your Trade Shows


Trade Shows

The Trade Show of the Future


Would you agree that trade shows are in need of change if they want to stay relevant? There is a better way to plan trade shows that deliver a unique event experience to increasingly demanding attendees. Event Management trade show tradeshows tradeshow future

23 Sponsorship Ideas For Trade Shows


Here are some of the best ideas for trade show sponsorship to make your exhibition stand out and to offer an attractive proposition for your sponsors. The post 23 Sponsorship Ideas For Trade Shows by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Trade Show Promotion Ideas that Will Boost Ticket Sales


Your trade show is just a few months away and you're knee-deep in the stages of planning your biggest or smallest event of the year. In this blog post, we highlight promotional ideas that you can use when planning your next trade show.

Try Out New Trade Show Booth Ideas

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People get tired of the same old trade show booth ideas, especially if you’re in a somewhat sleepy industry. The exhibitors in these shows don’t just innovate in their products; they also introduce new concepts in their marketing via their booths.

Massive Trade Shows Struggle With Engagement

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Not necessarily when it comes to trade shows. Mega-trade shows outperform smaller events when it comes to the fundamental value proposition of spending time on a show floor: Finding new products and doing business. Bigger means better, right?

Planning Knowledge Sessions at Trade Shows the Right Way


If there was an event planning complexity scale, trade shows would be on the top. With multilayered logistics and countless aspects to consider, this type of event can easily classify as one of most difficult to plan and run. Event Planning

Exhibit, Eat, Repeat – 10 Las Vegas Restaurants for Trade Show Road Warriors

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Exhibitor Rules Trade Shows Union Rules and Regulations Trade Show Travel Trade Show Exhibitor

10 Innovative Trade Show Booth Ideas


At a busy trade show, it can be difficult for a company to have its booth stand out in the

Why Strong Email Campaigns Increase Conference and Trade Show Sales


After launching a trade show or conference, your next goal becomes increasing registrations and sales. For starters, both a user-friendly online registration platform and a trade show exhibitor management tool ensure your show starts on the right foot.

3 Trade Show Booth Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019


In this blog, we’ll be highlighting three major trends for trade show booth design in 2019. There’s an overall tendency to turn trade shows into big, sometimes outrageous, events that hit attendees with that ‘wow’ factor. Design your 2019 trade show booth experience according to your goals. The post 3 Trade Show Booth Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019 appeared first on EventMobi.

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The Best Conferences and Trade Shows for Event Organizers

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You spend your days planning events—it only makes sense to check some out for yourself! Event Experiences Event Community

Why Trade Shows Will Never Be The Same Again


To attract newer audiences, to keep bringing back attendees, as well as to provide higher value to exhibiting companies, show organizers need to adopt advanced digital matchmaking and networking solutions. The post Why Trade Shows Will Never Be The Same Again by a2z, Inc.

Core-apps to Sponsor Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50 Awards and Summit


Core-apps to supply mobile app and to preview Conference Notes as part of Fastest 50 Awards and Summit Bronze Sponsorship We’re pleased to support the 2017 Trade Show Executive Fastest 50 Awards and Summit with our mobile event app and powerful new feature Conference Notes. Read more » The post Core-apps to Sponsor Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50 Awards and Summit appeared first on Core-apps.

5 Key Design Rules that Excellent Trade Show Booths Get Right [Guest Post]


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Top 10 Apps For Executing Successful Trade Shows


Every year, millions of people visit trade shows across the United States. Whether it’s a tech expo or comic book convention, the average trade show visitor spends 5.5 The most successful trade exhibits all incorporate the latest technology.

11 Ways to Drive Traffic to the Trade Show Floor


There’s always one area on the trade show floor that gets skipped over. The post 11 Ways to Drive Traffic to the Trade Show Floor by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Trends & Event Ideas trade show fomo booths traffic foot traffic

What You Can Learn From the World’s Largest Trade Shows


Looking to turn your small-industry trade show into a world-renowned event? In this article, we explore learnings and best practices from some of the world’s largest trade shows on how to organize a successful large-scale event.

Trade show etiquette: Confessions of a self-proclaimed suitcaser

Plan Your Meetings

We settled on two events that charged no registration fee for attendees, thinking we’d save much of our meagre marketing budget by walking the trade show floor and handing out literature about our company. RELATED STORY: 8 top tips: Land quality leads at trade shows.

A Platform For Taking Trade Shows to Exhibition 2.0


Organizations that take a more in-depth and comprehensive (beyond the three-day show) interest in what attendees want can not only provide exhibitors and sponsors with richer and more reliable data; they can build an entirely new business model around it. In a recent white paper, AMR International refers to the necessary evolution of trade shows as Exhibition 2.0. Show producers could also sell target-marketing services. By Michelle Bruno.

Behind the Scenes: Five of the Fastest-Growing Trade Shows

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Listen in as Convene TV hosts Carrie Ferenac and Kimberly Bottom unpack Convene ‘s July cover story featuring five of the fastest-growing trade shows in the U.S., One show’s formula for growth? Event Design Research Trade Shows

7 Top Tech Ways to Measure Traffic at Trade Shows


An accurate trade show traffic count can be the difference between a sponsor or vendor agreeing to spend their marketing dollars with you or another event. The post 7 Top Tech Ways to Measure Traffic at Trade Shows by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

How to Make Your Next Trade Show a Success


A trade show is a competitive environment. Before your next trade show event, embrace the opportunity offered by custom printed signage to maximize your success. Your trade show marketing extends to every inch of your display.

How to Deliver a Memorable Brand Experience when Planning a Trade Show


In this blog post, we will highlight how to use design thinking to create a memorable trade show experience. Event Planning

Ravi Chalaka’s Guide to Calculating Trade Show ROI

Connect Your Meetings

Trade shows are an important spend in any marketer’s budget. This results in more than $24 billion in spending on trade shows each year in the U.S. Finding a way to measure the success of a trade show is key, but only 30% of exhibitors actually have established goals for their events. The first step in setting goals for trade shows is determining what metrics to measure.

10 Things to Consider When Budgeting Trade Show Display Installation & Dismantle (I&D)

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Trade Show labor is always one of those budget line items that requires some thinking – location, move-in schedule, and so many factors impact the cost that it requires some homework each time you do a show.

10 Ideas for Boosting Your Trade Show Visitors


Apply these ten ideas at your trade show to ensure a fantastic footfall of relevant and engaged attendees and deliver excellent ROI for exhibitors. The post 10 Ideas for Boosting Your Trade Show Visitors appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Promotion Featured March Marketing Ticket Sales Trade Show communications exhibition exhibitors expo Promotion Trade Fair Trade show visitors

Top 10 Mistakes Trade Show Managers Make in Europe and How to Avoid Them

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Inflation, soaring energy prices and the stress of exhibiting across the pond may leave some trade show managers feeling anxious, but with a little ingenuity and some advanced planning your trade show or trade fair experience in Europe will go smoothly.

5 Fundamental Sales Techniques for Trade Shows


Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to sell your product or service if you use them to their full potential. At a trade show, some salespeople let the table and booth structure change the way that they approach prospects.

4 Tips for Managing Workloads When Traveling for Trade Shows and Events

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Trade Shows Events Trade Show TravelBetween airports, convention centers and hotel restaurants, there isn’t much time for dealing with the home office when traveling for work. According to the study, "Traveler Friction: Insights from U.S.

How to Connect the Offer and Demand at Your Trade Shows


What makes trade shows truly valuable for your attendees? Is it the possibility of visiting multiple stands and enjoying the brand experience different companies offer? Or maybe it’s the knowledge speakers share during panel sessions?