Virtual Event Tech Insiders Offer Their Insights


Event tech thought leaders share insights on partnering with tech providers to create personalized, immersive event experiences that deliver meaningful engagement. The post Virtual Event Tech Insiders Offer Their Insights by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

2022 143

The Need for Pricing Transparency From Event Tech Companies


Time-squeezed meeting planners are pleading with tech companies to stop requiring buyers to sit through lengthy online demos before getting an idea of whether or not […]. The post The Need for Pricing Transparency From Event Tech Companies by Maria Lenhart appeared first on [link].

2022 147

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Event Tech Hit by the Perfect Storm


It’s tough to work in event tech right now, especially compared to the all-time highs of 2020 and 2021. At the peak of virtual events some experts predicted a shift towards and permanently overtaking in-person events. Today, the narrative around event tech has changed.

2022 94

Event Tech Lingo: 100 Event Tech Terms You Need to Know


Virtual and hybrid events present new opportunities for event planners and marketers, but they also bring with them a lot of terminology that may be unfamiliar to many. Here are 100 terms that you should know when planning digital events or sourcing platforms.

2021 175

Event Tech Investment Tracker


London and New York-based event tech company Glisser raised $4.9 Australian events management software provider EventsAIR has received a significant private equity investment, believed to be over $100 million, led by The Riverside Company.

2022 116

2021 Event Tech Investments and Acquisitions Review


Event tech investment records tumbled in 2021, with major players making moves while riding high from massive valuations. While the event industry got a whiff of normality in 2021, with many parts of […].

2022 152

Event Tech Solutions for Covid Vaccine Screening


Vaccination programs have played a major role in the return to in-person events, but they’ve also brought extra logistical challenges: Many planners now have to verify the vaccine status of attendees. Fortunately, some event tech providers now offer solutions.

2021 142

Why Customer Support Should Be Your #1 Event Tech Feature

Endless Events

When we talk about the most popular event platform features , we typically think of registration and ticketing , integrations, gamification, and analytics reporting, for example. But what good are any of those if event planners are not taught how to use them or if they stop working mid-event?

2022 110

Event Tech: Your Secret Weapon to Boosting Virtual Event Networking

Event Age by Swapcard

Events are all about finding and making connections, and that’s especially important given the year and a half we’ve all just gone through. That’s where event tech comes into play. Event Tech Virtual Events Monetizing Events Event Networking Audience Engagement

2021 124

Are Event Tech Providers Delivering the Stellar Support They Promise?


A wide range of providers have emerged over the last 18 months to serve increasingly complex virtual and hybrid event formats. The event industry tends to be slow to […]. The post Are Event Tech Providers Delivering the Stellar Support They Promise?

2021 141

4 Types of Assistance Your Event Tech Partner Should Provide


Virtual and hybrid event platforms, and the entire tech stack they support, continue to evolve at a rapid rate. The post 4 Types of Assistance Your Event Tech Partner Should Provide by Hubilo appeared first on [link].

2022 147

3 Event Tech Innovations You May Have Missed


With the event tech world focusing on virtual and hybrid platforms, there seems to be a lack of revolutionary new ideas and leftfield startups. Are the days of exciting new event tech startups pitching for funding with revolutionary […].

2022 156

LinkedIn’s New Event Platform Could Spell Trouble for Event Tech Giants


Now that it’s launching its own event platform. The post LinkedIn’s New Event Platform Could Spell Trouble for Event Tech Giants by Angela Tupper appeared first on [link]. Event Tech Event Industry News event technology

2022 152

The Intersection of Event Tech and Design


So, it continues to confound me the number of times we still see planners trying to “create engagement” or “deliver ROI” to their attendees and stakeholders by simply buying the latest and greatest Event App or Audience Engagement Activity—and then being shocked when nobody uses it.

2022 91

New Year, New Ideas: Event Tech Predictions For 2022

Endless Events

And what better way to kick off a new year than with an event tech predictions episode? As our most loyal listeners know, Will and Brandt love to make educated guesses about the events industry. Event Tech Predictions For 2022: A Note On The Pandemic.

2022 89

MeetingPlay and Aventri Merge to Form Event Tech Powerhouse


Established event players MeetingPlay and Aventri will merge, helped by an undisclosed investment from two private equity firms, the companies announced Thursday. The deal marks the latest in a wave of consolidation driven by the demand for hybrid and virtual event capabilities.

2022 153

Event Tech Plug and Play Is No Longer a Mirage


VSef, a not-for-profit developer of a universal data format for hybrid and virtual events, recently announced the release of version 2.0 It is hoping the update will go a long way to helping standardize data for events, which saw the rise of much […].

2022 141

Attendease is Nominated in 5 Categories for the Event Tech Awards 2020


We are pleased to announce that Attendease has been shortlisted for five categories under the Event Tech Awards 2020. Best Event Management Platform. Best Hybrid Event or Live Streaming Solution. Best Event App.

2020 310

Event Tech Mergers & Acquisitions: A Double-Edged Sword

Endless Events

Last week, the Event Tech Podcast hosted Kyle Kocinski as a guest of honor and went over event technology trends and predictions for 2022. They discuss where this trend is leading us and what the event tech market might look like further down the line.

2022 89

Good Event Tech…Gone Bad Event Tech

Endless Events

You better make sure your phone is working, because it’s time to talk bad event tech! And more specifically, good event tech that ended up going bad. You already know this podcast is here to bring you all the latest news about event technology. Our favorite nerdy and tech-savvy hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger will guide you through this rocky road. So, are you ready to talk about good event tech gone bad event tech?

Tech 63

Event Tech Live London 2022 opens call for speakers

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live ’s (ETL) flagship show moves to ExCel London in-person on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November and organisers are calling for speakers to join their illustrious cast.

2022 97

Users Surprisingly Are Becoming Less Comfortable With Event Tech


EventMB’s State of the Event Industry survey results revealed many interesting findings, but the most surprising might have been that comfort levels with event tech appear to be dropping. Among the many interesting findings from our State of the Event […].

2021 139

Accessibility of Event Tech

Endless Events

It’s Monday, so you know it’s time to talk event tech! And today, we’re diving headfirst into the topic of accessibility of event tech. But what happens when we bring forth the issue of accessibility of event tech? And that includes talking about how you can make your events more accessible. Together, the three will walk you through everything you need to know about accessibility of event tech.

Looking into the Future of Event Tech

Velvet Chainsaw

Your guidepost for event-technology decisions should be to put your customer’s experience before your staff efficiency. As the event-tech space continues to evolve with a number of mergers and acquisitions, I see four changes coming for larger annual conferences. #1. Most event organizers reacted by significantly changing their rules around data governance and privacy to be in compliance. Which of these event tech predictions surprises you?

2019 226

Bizzabo Acquires Wearable Event Tech Startup Klik for $13.5 Million


Bizzabo has acquired Klik, a Montreal-based event tech startup developing wearable badging technology. The acquisition, announced at Bizzabo’s “The Future of Event Experiences” hybrid event today, enables Bizzabo to bring new onsite hardware and software expertise in-house. […].

2021 150

Podcast: The Rollercoaster Ride of Virtual Event Tech


Needless to say, Tony is well placed to discuss the state of the virtual event tech world. . Tony talks through these different clients and why event planners were not his main audience. Neves asks Kula what he would like to change about virtual events, if he could.

2022 118

Healthcare Content Firm BroadcastMed Acquires Event Tech Provider Digitell


BroadcastMed has not disclosed any specific financial details about the deal, which brings one of event technology’s legacy players under the umbrella of a well-established medical content firm. Event Industry News event management event industry

How nonprofits can use event tech to host amazing events.

Expo Pass

Nonprofits are experts at planning events of all kinds. But what can event management software do to streamline a nonprofit’s planning process? And, how can event technology benefit a nonprofit in the long term? How can nonprofits use event management software?

2022 119

Look out for Launchpad at Event Tech Live 2022

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live (ETL) London, the brand’s flagship show, moves to ExCel in November and its acclaimed Launchpad initiative will make the trip too. . Taking part in the competition was an entirely positive experience and I’d recommend it to any event tech start-up.

2022 65

Event Tech Live 2019 Preview


Event Tech Brief is a proud media sponsor of Event Tech Live. Boasting five stages, 150 exhibitors and more than 70 educational sessions, the event is brimming with all the ideas, solutions and contacts essential for the modern event organizer. The five stages are each dedicated to a different sector within the event industry, allowing visitors to tailor their learning experiences and attend sessions that will most benefit them.

2019 100

Technology Supports Human Creativity ( Event Tech Talk)

All Seated

In this event tech podcast summary, Michelle Bruno, Strategic Consultant with Dahlia+ Agency and President of Bruno Group Signature Services, and Nick Borelli, Director of Marketing Growth with Allseated, discuss the role of event tech in Trade Show News Network’s ‘Trade Show Talk’ podcast.

2022 36

Event Tech Buyer’s Guide 2022

Event Industry News

This issue of the Event Tech Buyer’s Guide highlights that ingenuity and its likely impact post-pandemic. Have a look for answers to your key tech questions; help your event reach its in- person, hybrid or virtual potential.

2022 87

Event Tech Live Summit announces programme

Event Industry News

The inaugural Event Tech Live Summit agenda is complete and promises input and insight from some of the sector’s best speakers. Event Tech Live co-founder, Adam Parry, will welcome attendees before talking to host James Dickson about the Summit programme and the people taking part.

2022 56

Growth inspires ExCeL move for Event Tech Live 2022

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live (ETL) London 2022, the show’s 9th edition, will be live and direct at ExCeL on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 November. As we’re increasingly seeing, London is at the forefront for the tech industry and ExCeL’s advanced facilities make it a firm choice for the sector.”.

2022 99

Organically Grown Event Tech Live Challenged The Critics and Won


A little more than six years ago, Adam Parry, a self-proclaimed “tech guy,” noticed a void in his industry. While technology was completely transforming other industries in the UK, the events industry seemed mostly to be living in the dark ages. Recognizing that event technology could be a new area of exploration for Event Industry News, Parry’s online magazine, he began writing articles on the subject. Attendance at Event Tech Live is free.

2018 179

10 Event Tech Trends for 2018

Hubilo Blog

Though event technology has now been around for a while, newer and newer advancements in the field keep fascinating event profs across the world. The newer technology that is coming up is filled with capabilities of further enhancing attendee-experience and is making the job of event organisers easier by providing a quicker and more efficient virtual alternative for simpler manual jobs. Every year, we are finding event technology that is way more immersive and profitable.

2018 145

Is Event Tech Evolving to Pit Event Planners Against Their Competition?


As investments continue to pour into the event tech sector, many providers are gunning for more end users — a shift that has implications for the way attendees find and interact with content. How could this impact the control event brands have over their own audiences?

2021 194

Top Event Tech Priorities and Pain Points for Planners in 2022


Event planners may be more familiar with event tech than ever, but the rapid pace of innovation means that tech literacy is a moving target. To understand what planners need from event tech in 2022, we spoke to some of today’s most influential event profs.

2022 159

Event Tech Live On-Demand – Designing the future of on-site engagement

Event Industry News

It’s week two of our Event Tech Live Summit on-demand series and this week’s focus is on “Designing the future of on-site engagement”. This was the second session of the day at the digital ETL Summit on June 8 th and included speakers from Intel, VMWare and Event Specialists.

2022 72

Bizzabo Boldly Claims Its Event Tech Is an Operating System


Bizzabo’s latest press release made waves by claiming their product has evolved into a full-blown operating system named “Event Experience OS”. The post Bizzabo Boldly Claims Its Event Tech Is an Operating System by Angela Tupper appeared first on [link].

2021 140