Event Tech Spotlight: Eventopedia

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About: Eventopedia is a venue-finding platform, re-wiring the event industry with an intuitive and constantly evolving event platform. It enables venues and event professionals to prosper through trusted connections, robust technology and expert industry advice. Brand Events.

Looking into the Future of Event Tech

Velvet Chainsaw

Your guidepost for event-technology decisions should be to put your customer’s experience before your staff efficiency. As the event-tech space continues to evolve with a number of mergers and acquisitions, I see four changes coming for larger annual conferences. #1.

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This Is How To Do Event Tech On A Budget

Endless Events

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to talk event tech on a budget! And if the Event Tech Podcast is your Bible on all things technology related to the industry, today we bring a brand new gospel. Event Event Tech On A Budget: Where Are We?

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10 Event Tech Trends for 2018

Hubilo Blog

Though event technology has now been around for a while, newer and newer advancements in the field keep fascinating event profs across the world. Every year, we are finding event technology that is way more immersive and profitable. Event gamification. Event wayfinding.

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Event Tech Spotlight: Vimsy

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It develops a functional and branded platform to facilitate managed sharing of corporate videos that have been created of events, functions or training. Type of events served: Awards Concerts Conferences Exhibitions Festivals Meetings Outdoor Sporting events Team building. Type of tech provided: Filming Live streaming Video management. Brand Events. Event Tech. Sporting Events. Event Tech Spotlights Event Technology Featured News Spotlight

Event Tech Spotlight: ChargedUp

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This platform acts as a portal for organisations to engage with their customers and can be utilised in numerous ways, ranging from providing real-time targeted information to improve in-venue experience, to smart push notifications containing exclusive offers or promoting upcoming events. The service works extremely well for events, where it is of essence that the organiser provides a smart phone-charging solution to its guests. Brand Events. Event Tech.

The Future of 5G at Events – Event Tech Podcast

Endless Events

It will reshape how we use our mobile devices and 5G at events is going to be a huge deal. With great improvements in tech, we moved on to smartphones and 4g allowing us to be connected to pretty much anything we desired in the palm of our hands. So what does 5G have to do with events?

Welcome to the New Event Tech Podcast – Episode ZERO

Endless Events

Welcome to Event Tech Podcast Episode ZERO! We are so excited to launch this podcast focusing on the latest and most innovative tech. Join us weekly for a thought-provoking journey on how tech can evolve our industry. Now, let’s talk tech. 2019 Event Trends.

Organically Grown Event Tech Live Challenged The Critics and Won


A little more than six years ago, Adam Parry, a self-proclaimed “tech guy,” noticed a void in his industry. While technology was completely transforming other industries in the UK, the events industry seemed mostly to be living in the dark ages. Recognizing that event technology could be a new area of exploration for Event Industry News, Parry’s online magazine, he began writing articles on the subject. Attendance at Event Tech Live is free.

Event Tech Spotlight: EventBank

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About: EventBank is a leading cloud-based engagement management technology company that provides event organisers, agencies, marketers, businesses, chambers of commerce, associations and NGOs with solutions designed to streamline operations, modernise processes, and eliminate engagement challenges. EventBank’s innovative all-in-one management solutions consist of the best event management, membership management, email marketing, CRM, and mobile apps. Brand Events. Event Tech.

2019’s Biggest Event Tech Trends

Endless Events

Event tech trends are evolving faster than ever before. These giant leaps forward impact and shape the way we execute and plan events. The event tech trends we are listing today are being used everywhere at events and behind the scenes in planning. Below you can watch Will Curran of Endless Events , Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media talk all about their favorite 2019 Event Tech Trends at GOWEST. Event Automation.

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Event Tech Spotlight: Linguali Interpreting System

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About: Linguali Event is the first mobile application for congresses, meetings and conferences that allows attendees to listen to the conference interpreter on their smartphone, replacing traditional headsets. Brand Events. Event Tech. Sporting Events.

Event Tech Spotlight: Blendr.io

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is a flexible integration platform that connects 200 events, sales and marketing cloud applications. It also solves data integration issues for both event organisers and event technology SaaS providers. While event organisers can choose best-in-class solutions and easily adopt new technologies and be sure they seamlessly work together. Tech provided: iPaaS – integration of events, marketing and sales cloud tools. Brand Events. Event Tech.

Event Tech Spotlight: Speed Networking

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Type of events served: Conferences Meetings Team building. Type of tech provided: Matchmaking Networking. Brand Events. Event Tech. Sporting Events. Event Tech Spotlights Event Technology Featured News SpotlightsCompany name: Speed Networking Founded: 1 st June 2012 Web address: www.speednetworking.com.

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Event Apps Best Practices: Increasing Adoption Rates – Event Tech Podcast

Endless Events

Event planners everywhere now have the power of harnessing the immense potential of event apps. While the use of an app can be a particularly valuable addition to an event, the lack of knowledge when deciding to go for it might prove to be too much in the end. Event App Bible.

Event Tech Spotlight: Embly Events

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Company name: Embly Events Web address: www.embly.events Founded: 2 nd January 2014. About: Embly Events is an all-in-one event planning platform that aims to ease the life of event planners. Embly operates in the sector of website and mobile app development, registration, on-site tech and analytics. Type of events served: Brand activations Conferences Exhibitions Festivals Incentive programmes Meetings Outdoor. Brand Events. Event Tech.

Event Tech: What’s Good & What’s New

Endless Events

Let’s all take and seat and explore the world of event tech. We just did an awesome podcast on event tech and whether or not the industry is falling behind. Let’s talk event tech! Event Tech: App Security.

Live From IMEX Frankfurt, It’s The Event Tech Podcast!

Endless Events

We talk tech, but we’re never boring, and today is no exception! Live from IMEX Frankfurt, the exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events. Will and Brandt will walk us through their favorite parts of the event. I’ll probably talk about the tech.

Event Tech Trends 2019


The new year has begun, which can only mean one thing – time to round up the biggest event tech trends of 2019! As event technology continues to develop and be refined, it becomes easier to implement, making accessibility better than ever. Virtual Events.

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PSAV acquires Encore – Event Tech Podcast Episode 2

Endless Events

You may have also recently seen our article about the recent acquisition of Encore Event Technologies by PSAV. Be sure to listen to gain a unique perspective on the controversial acquisition and what it could mean for the events industry. Experiential events and production companies.

Make a Splash Using Event Tech With Inspiration from Fitter & Faster

Picatic by Eventbrite

The post Make a Splash Using Event Tech With Inspiration from Fitter & Faster appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Races Endurance Events Fitter & Faster Sport Events

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Attract Exhibitors to Your Trade Show With the Latest Event Tech

Event Age by Swapcard

Here’s how using the latest event technology will get great exhibitors coming to your shows, retain their loyalty and ensure they get the most out of their visit. Event Tech Event Community

Using Event Tech to Create Impactful and Engaging Attendee Experiences

Event Farm

The role of technology in meetings and events has moved beyond its initial purpose of simply providing convenience. While convenience is important, there’s more room now to get creative with tech offerings that will leave lasting impressions and engage audiences.

Top 10 Event-Tech Trends for 2019

Hubilo Blog

The events industry is stepping into the future with certain innovations already on their way to becoming mainstream. Events are now quite a tech-driven affair. Event technology has developed leaps and bounds in past years. Read up more on facial recognition for events.

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Organisers announce Event Tech Awards shortlist

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The Event Technology Awards (ETA) are returning for yet another year on 6 th November 2019 and entries have gone through the roof. Winners will be revealed at a glitzy gala dinner on 6 th November at East London’s iconic Troxy, after the first day of Event Tech Live. Event Tech.

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5 Key Ways to Improve Onsite Experience with Event Tech


One of the fundamental shifts that is happening in the events industry today is a shift from passive to engaged experiences. This is largely due to the increased use of high-tech tools that enable attendance tracking, personalised check-in, and live interaction at events.

Event Tech Spotlight: One Dead Pixel

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Type of events served: Awards Brand Activations Concerts Conferences Exhibitions Experiential Festivals Galas Dinners Meetings Outdoor Sporting Events Tours. Tech provided: Apps for attendees Apps for organisers Audio visual Augmented reality Digital & creative Filming Interactive technology Live streaming Marketing New technology Projection mapping Social media Virtual reality. If you would like to be featured in one of our Event Tech spotlights, please see here.

Event Tech Tips for Corporate Event Planners


Event Tech Tips for Corporate Event Planners. Forget talking about event technology, it’s time to take action!”. That was the rallying cry from our power-packed panel of event insiders on our recent webinar, “Event Tech Tips for Corporate Planners.”. Christy Lamagna , CEO and Master Strategist, Strategic Meetings & Events; Danalynne W. Just because you purchase event technology doesn’t mean your audience will embrace it.

Top Event Tech Trends in 2019 – #EventIcons Episode 143

Endless Events

We are bringing together arguably the best minds in the #eventtech and social spaces to talk all about the top event tech trends in 2019. And now for the main topic in the episode below, 2019 Event Tech Trends! Today’s episodes is one of our favorites of the year.

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Speak at Event Tech Live

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Event Tech Live (ETL) 2019, which returns to the Old Truman Brewery, East London on 6 and 7 November, promises more content than ever and the organiser is calling for speaker applications. Interested speakers, thought leaders in technology serving any parts of the event industry, with best practice examples, case studies and confident delivery, are encouraged to apply. Event Technology Exhibition News Featured News

The Ultimate Event-tech Trivia for Event Profs

Hubilo Blog

Event technology is on the rise. What marked the beginning of virtual events? Here’s a fun way to brush up on that event tech general knowledge. Get started with this event-tech trivia! Tech at Events. Event Tech Hub.

Event Tech in the Talks: August Edition

Hubilo Blog

Technology has become an integral part of events. Event technology adoption rates have been increasing at a tremendous rate with a lot of amazing solutions coming up in the market. Event tech companies compete in SISO innovation awards. Event technology is the future.

The Future of Event Tech, According to Jim Spellos

Connect Your Meetings

As technology continues to push the envelope of what is capable in the meetings and events industry (hello, chatbots ) it is important that planners stay in the loop, being innovators or early adopters as Spellos calls them, to new technology developments. Though conference apps are not technically “old school,” they are an older technology format that you should already be using at your events. To say mobile is not important in the events industry is an understatement.

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Shiny New Event Tech You Need To Know About


Then Event Tech Live, taking place in London on 9 November is a must-visit. The post Shiny New Event Tech You Need To Know About appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Like to keep up to date with the latest gadgets and gizmos?

Event Tech Lab celebrates 5th anniversary with annual BBQ

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Event professionals from agencies, the corporate sector and a variety of technology companies will be treated to an open-air BBQ at Tresham House Gardens, Red Lion Square in Holborn, on Wednesday 11 th September 2019. Last year, the lab hosted over 100 event professionals to celebrate all things ‘techy’. This year – again with major sponsorship from Event Tech Live, the Event Technology Awards and Evolution Dome – the BBQ promises to be bigger and better.

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What’s In Your Event Tech Stack? Featuring Guru


The term “Martech”—which stands for Marketing Technology—came to define the tech solutions and software marketers leverage daily to streamline processes, collect and analyze data, and enhance the customer experience. But where do event marketers fit into the picture?

11 Event Tech Trends That Shaped 2018

Smart Meetings

Yes, the event business has officially entered the realm of high-tech. From smart apps to the Internet of Things (IoT), event professionals must either master programming along with spreadsheets and CRM database building—or hire someone who does.

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Our Favorite Things From CES 2019 – Event Tech Podcast Episode 1

Endless Events

Welcome to another episode of Event Tech Podcast. Our hosts Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting & Will Curran of Endless Events will be talking about their favorite tech from CES 2019. Now, let’s talk tech. How do these apply to events?

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Event Tech Success Series: Speed Networking


In this blog series, we are going to cover some extraordinary ideas that you can use in your events for low costs and with your existing event technology. And that is just one of the ways you can use technology to drive the growth of your event! Event App Best Practices

Guest Blog: What is Event Tech?

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Have you caught on to the buzz surrounding event technology but not sure what all it entails? We can’t deny that our century is a digital one, and the event industry can’t be excused from entering the era of technology. Why Event Technology Matters. Event Apps, with examples.

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