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How I got here

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How I got here? Schoolboy days. I have little memory of my earliest formal education though I suspect it has informed my entire life. My mother decided that I should attend London’s Chelsea Froebel School.

2020 170

30 Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Successful Online Event

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Virtual events have quickly become the norm — and for good reason.

2020 195

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9 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your Online Workshop and Engage Your Audience

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Teaching is an art form. It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching online or in person. Great teachers hold our attention, make us laugh, help us understand the subject matter and, most of all, inspire us. Achieving engagement from your students, especially online, takes practice and experience.

2020 230

Gallus Events Does HOPIN the online events platform

Gallus Events

Hopin the online events platform is fast becoming a very popular choice for small to medium sized online events. So we thought Gallus Events would have a look at Hopin. And you can too!

2020 153

Game-Changers 911™: How to Change the Event Game in 2020

Speaker: John Storm, President, BrainStorm Network

In this webinar, we’ll use a sampling of case studies, tools, techniques, and strategic stories to help you identify game-changing opportunities within your company and the world of events, and then brainstorm ways to capitalize on these ideas. Get ready to change your game in 2020!

How Will Event Planners React To The Coronavirus Crisis?


If you have been in the event industry long enough, you may remember striking similarities between the lead up to the financial crisis in 2008 and the Coronavirus emergency. Will the industry react in the same way or will things change for good?

2020 143

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5 Tips to consider when building a Game Economy


With most mobile games being free to play, developing a well-established in-game economy is essential to earn revenue. According to a recent study […]. The post 5 Tips to consider when building a Game Economy appeared first on

2020 81

Design your event for digital

Gallus Events

The best place to start when considering taking an event online is to look at your current physical events. And learn from them. Take time to design your event for digital, don’t just try to replicate your physical event. Truth is, it probably wasn’t that good anyway!

2020 141

How to Maintain your Business Events’ Cash Flow


As the coronavirus pandemic persists, many planners find themselves struggling as events are postponed into the fall. But they're also rapidly adapting to the current situation. Here's a look at some ways to maintain cash flow until live events resume.

2020 118

Sasha and Lorne’s Colourful Wedding at Assembly Chef’s Hall


If you’re looking for some drops of sunshine to add to your day, look no further than Sasha and Lorne’s enchanting wedding.


A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Paycheck Protection Program Explained – For Events and Hospitality Businesses

Planning Pod

As a proud member of the events industry, I will start by saying how much empathy and collective pain I feel for all of us.

2020 85

21 Survey Questions To Ask After Your Virtual Event

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You just wrapped a major virtual event. You’re exhausted, you’re happy — and you’re curious. What did your attendees think about your event? How about your sponsors? Are they likely to support your event next year?

2020 195

How to Rock Meeting and Event Planning from Home


Warning! If you are an event professional, right about now, you may be starting to feel like you are in an episode of the Twilight Zone.


5 Ways Event Professionals Can Manage Stress During Uncertain Times


Event planning is never easy, and it's only been made more chaotic by the current global pandemic. But it’s also an industry that trains us to deal with adversity, to be adaptable, to be resilient. Here are 5 tips to help with stress management during this uncertain time.

2020 129

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Implementation Guide for Online Events


On our latest blog post, we shared the benefits of running online events and why you should considere turning your in-person conference into a virtual summit.

2020 83

Romantic, Earthy Spring Cherry Blossom Styled Shoot


Looking for some romantic and dreamy vibes? Then look no further than this beautiful shoot curated by Ivory Veils Weddings & Special Events.

2020 82

New to Live Online Events? Here’s Your Plan

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If you’re finding yourself pivoting to online events in the wake of the COVID-19 quarantine, you may be feeling nervous about how to get it right.

2020 195

How to create event layouts that wow attendees

Planning Pod

Event layouts may seem like the most ordinary of things. A relatively simple sketch of where tables, chairs, stages, furniture and other items should be placed in an event room or space. And a basic planning tool in the toolbox of most any event planner or venue manager.

2020 78

New Research Hints At a New Normal for The Event Industry


Germany is carrying out one of the largest researches on how the Coronaviurs spreads. The provisional results discuss the role of events on spreading the virus and depict what the next six to nine months look like.

2020 99

Why Events Must Go Virtual: A Message From Our CEO

Event Age by Swapcard

Today, I want to share something personal and talk about my hopes and tips for the future of the industry

2020 78

Zoom For Virtual Events: An Event Tech Podcast Review!

Endless Events

Zom For Virtual Events Review Zoom for virtual events: is it really your best option? This has been the question on many planners’ minds. And now that virtual events are set to be the norm in the industry , it’s more pertinent than ever. Because everyone knows Zoom.


How the CARES Act Could Help Event Creators Affected by COVID-19

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused high levels of stress and uncertainty for many Americans. With an economic downturn and live events coming to a halt, a lot of that uncertainty has come from creators, venue owners, and promoters.

2020 195

12 Imaginative Events and Activations from Vice


Looking to improve your company's event strategy? Take a look at these 12 events and activations from VICE to learn how. VICE is a Canadian American media company that produces magazine, news, music, TV, and film content for young adults around the world. The organization was founded in 1994.


Event App Bible 2020 [Free Report]


Events are facing unprecedented times, and the guidance and leadership of the tech community has never been more important. Event app vendors are stepping up to deliver features and functionality that are conducive to virtual events.

2020 106

NOEA joins new campaign to help ‘Feed the Nation’

Event Industry News

The National Outdoor Events Association is partnering with the UK’s leading supermarkets, and their suppliers, to support the #FeedtheNation campaign.

2020 65

Bounce Back Higher by Thinking Big


Sometimes our troubles bury us. We get bad news followed by more bad news. We reach our limit and can’t tolerate any more disappointments, rejections or failures.

2020 73

Frills, Feathers, and Phone Screens: How Burlesque is Thriving Online

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Burlesque dancers and teachers are virtually shimmying into living rooms around the world for a little celebratory sparkle during this scary time. Experiencing a modern burlesque performance, whether you’re on stage or in the audience, is a visceral, physical affair. Most performances happen in intimate quarters, letting the audience see the performer’s glistening skin beneath […]. Eventbrite Livestreaming Online Events

2020 163

A World Without Live Events: Finding Opportunity

Endless Events

As of right now, we’re facing a world without live events. And how long it will last is still uncertain. Because this is an unprecedented situation in modern days, the industry is confused. Where to go from here? And what does a world without live events mean for event profs?

2020 73

Using Oveit for Local Experiences


Vacation rental or short-term properties have been around for quite some time. These accommodations range from exclusive properties to extra bedrooms in other […]. The post Using Oveit for Local Experiences appeared first on

2020 76

Audience Engagement from your mobile phone

Event Industry News

Pylon One Limited has announced its latest product – Delegate Live , which gives your audience real-time participation simply by sending a text from a mobile phone.

2020 63

Your Lockdown List to Learn More about Events


With two thirds of the world (that’s 2.6 billion of us) staying at home for the foreseeable future, it’s fair to say that we all need a few distractions to help us pass the time. Let us help.

2020 62

Helen and Matthew’s Cream-and-Pink Wedding at the Arlington Estate


What’s pretty and pink and everything sweet? None other than Helen and Matthew’s gorgeous wedding at the stunning Arlington Estate.

2020 71