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Encouraging Words For Professionals On An Association Journey Including Stay Curious And Hungry

Velvet Chainsaw

Encouragement by Kevin Spencer. Nothing we do is inevitable. Our success as association professionals is not inevitable. Achieving a thriving conference and burgeoning membership is not inevitable. We are not guaranteed that our association will stay small or that it will grow big.

2018 217

7 Ways to Make Event Check-in Delightful for Attendees


Over 50% of event revenue comes from registrations, and this is why the prime focus of any event strategy is getting people through the door. From highly-segmented event campaigns to aggressive social media promotion, it’s all about selling tickets to the target audience.

2018 169

Abandon All But Tomorrow When Planning Your Conference

Velvet Chainsaw

When do you stop pouring resources into things that have achieved their purpose? asked management guru Peter Drucker. It’s one of Drucker’s signature strategies: abandoning the past for tomorrow. He called it the concept of purposeful abandonment. Purposeful abandonment doesn’t sound very attractive.

Benchmarking Association Events

Gallus Events

I had a brilliant day at the Event Strategy Conference in London on the 16th July. It was great to see almost sixty association event professionals taking the time out of their busy schedule to think strategically about their events and about benchmarking association events.

2018 141

9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media for Events

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

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READY, SET, GO: Beginning Your Wedding Venue Search

All Seated

We love to educate our users on all details of the event planning process and who better to ask for insight than the pros in our industry?

2018 83

Evolution Dome strengthens global reach with US distributor

Event Industry News

Evolution Dome, market leader in the design and supply of Temporary Inflatable Structures to the events industry this week announces its latest strategic move towards offering a fully global solution. .

12 Summer Event Hacks to Keep Attendees Engaged


This is a sponsored post by Omnience. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Want to enjoy the summer sunshine and create memorable experiences for your guests?

2018 156

Lessons From Improv: Seeing the Gifts in People and Events

Conferences that Work

Thoughts triggered while rereading Patricia Ryan Madson’s delightful, straightforward, and yet profound improv wisdom. Ooh, this is a hard one for me, but it’s so important for anyone working in the meeting profession. “I can look at a person or event from three vantage points. To see what’s wrong with it ( the critical method commonly used in higher education). Using this lens the self looms large. To see it objectively ( the scientific method ).

2018 120

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Reasons Why You Could Be Losing Catering Staff


The hospitality industry is known to have one of the highest employee turnover rates. Topping 70% in 2017, it's an area across all sectors that every business owner should keep an eye on. Employees make career transitions for a long list of different reasons.

2018 74

Important Tools For Running A Successful Catering Business

All Seated

Every type of business has its own set of tools that make it a success. As a catering business, you need your own set of tools that will help you excel. Climbing to the top of the catering industry is not easy, and there are very few shortcuts you can take, if any. Sound overwhelming?

2018 72

NEC Group delivers further impressive growth with earnings now at £60m

Event Industry News

NEC Group, operator of five of the UK’s busiest live events venues (“the group”), has filed its financial results for the year to 31 March 2018.

2018 81

How To Succeed With Event Operations – #EventIcons Episode – 122

Endless Events

What is event operations? Well, it depends on who you ask but to us, event operations are the people behind your event that you often don’t see and hear. They are the team at your event doing the actual execution.

2018 69

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The need for early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches is driving the expansion of new and existing SIEM deployments.

Introducing: Cvent Celebrity


I just did a deep dive into the brand new Cvent Celebrity , and let me tell you, it’s awesome. In case you didn’t know, Cvent Celebrity used to be Cvent Advocates. Cvent Advocates was a loyalty and rewards program for star Cvent customers to learn, network, and complete challenges to win rewards.

2018 67

Post Event Survey Questions

Event Planning BluePrint

Have you ever completed an event and wondered how the attendees felt about the event? You probably have an idea how it went, but experiences (and clients) can vary. This is why it’s so important to collect feedback from event participants, immediately after the event.

2018 62

Is ‘The Urgency Effect’ Holding You Back?

PCMA Convene

Have you ever had an important project begging for attention, but instead you chose to catch up on emails? You’re not alone.

2018 58

Seasonal event planning (yes summer is the perfect time to plan for Christmas)

Event Industry News

Cue rolling of eyes and Kevin the teenager’s body language. Dare I mention the word Christmas? I know, I know. I’d like to give myself a sharp talking to, but you have to trust me when I say summer is the perfect time to get your Christmas event planning under way.

2018 78

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Customization Creates a Personalized Event Experience

Endless Events

We’re seeing a 2018 event trend for creating a personalized event experience. That means understanding what the individual (or attendee profile) wants and tailoring aspects of the event to suit them, rather than the general crowd. Why this trend?

2018 67

Social Media Tips for Event Professionals: LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

Hubilo Blog

Do you remember the time when all the social media platforms were just used for connecting with friends? Seems like a scenario from the distant past, doesn’t it? What started only as a medium to connect people has now become the most significant aspect of digital marketing.

5 Secrets for Designing Eye-Catching Event Posters

Brown Paper Tickets

You’ve secured a venue, entertainment and a schedule for your event. Now it’s time to start promoting. With a beautifully designed poster, you can build organic buzz around your event and watch it spread like wildfire. Follow these 5 tips to create a powerful, effective event poster.

2018 62

The chip that helps you create better experiences


Although the title of the article refers to a small piece of plastic, it really focuses on something much more important: the way in which technology can dramatically improve the experience you offer through events.

2018 62

Guest Blog: Introducing the elusive Event Control Room

Event Industry News

Weeks, months, years of planning and preparation for your event are drawing to a close. You’ve created an event, you’ve sold a load of tickets, the infrastructure is all set up. So what is next? What about just before and during the event? Introducing life in the elusive Event Control Room….

2018 71

AI for Events: The Future is Here

Endless Events

We predicted a trend for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to show its potential in 2018, and now we’re anticipating its dominance in the years to come. Notably, in the form of chatbots as well as integrated into fully-fledged event apps.

2018 64

Business Travel Takes a Physical and Mental Toll — Here’s How to Stay Healthy

PCMA Convene

The physical and mental toll business travel takes on individuals depends significantly upon the number of days they spend away from home each month, according to Dr. Andrew Rundle, an associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, writing in Business Travel News.

2018 58

7 Key Elements to Writing a Great Event Report


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash You’ve just finished pulling off what felt like a successful event, and now it’s time to write your report.

2018 62

Overlooked smart tools for onsite productivity

Plan Your Meetings

You’ve already got a laundry list of necessary and/or helpful accessories that you pull out of storage and ship to your meetings and events.

2018 59

Giant iTab launches giant new gaming platform

Event Industry News

Giant iTab will be exhibiting at Internet Gaming Live, Amsterdam, for the first time later this week, and with it will bring an entirely new platform for gaming apps and web based content which can be seen on stand no T30.

How To Handle Event Problems Like A Boss

Endless Events

Event problems: we eat them for breakfast. And lunch, and dinner, and dessert too. While we get a constant stream of issues in our line of work each day, it’s also what makes this career so exciting and fulfilling. If you’re getting a bit overwhelmed, maybe we can help?

2018 62

Enterprise Customers Share Success at CONNECT


Cvent CONNECT, the world’s premier event technology conference, begins on Monday with over 3,500 meetings and events professionals coming together to advance their careers, expand their skills, and take the meetings and events industries in exciting new directions.

2018 52

Top 5 Tips to Manage a Corporate Event Planning Stress

Hubilo Blog

Planning a corporate event comes with unique challenges. Such events require individuals with a practically high level of organizational skills. Event planners are faced with challenges such as low budget , delay in order delivery, inadequate planning time, and event technology among others.

VR’s Impact on the Event Industry

All Seated

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most exciting technological advances to hit the event industry in years. Venues, planners, and designers are just a few of the professionals who can shed the confinement of physical and geographic borders and engage with clients in a whole new dimension.