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3 Strategies for Event Fundraising Success in 2019

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Today, anyone can raise money online for a cause they care about. It’s empowering, but it also creates a lot of noise. Audiences are overwhelmed with opportunities to make donation choices.

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Any questions? Rethinking traditional Q&A

Conferences that Work

How often have you heard “Any questions?” ” at the end of a conference session? Hands rise, and the presenter picks an audience member who asks a question. The presenter answers the question and picks another questioner. The process continues for a few minutes. Simple enough.

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Utah’s Most Awesome Live Events Run on This Guy’s Passion

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Tony Duffy always assumed he’d follow his family’s footsteps and become a police officer. But from the time he was a teen planning parties in his backyard, live events were his calling — and even his police administration degree couldn’t change that.

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Event Marketers Are Ignoring the Power of Video—Here’s How to Catch Up


Video ads are one of the most potent tools in a marketing arsenal. So why do so many event marketers ignore it? According to a 2018 Animoto report on social video trends, 93% of business score new customers from video marketing on social media.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

How To Get Exhibitors To Adopt New Technology

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(3 Minute Read). How To Get Exhibitors To Adopt New Technology. Are you interested in sharing your industry insights click here and share you story! . The “If it ain’t broke…” mentality sounds good if we’re talking about a bicycle or a toaster.

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Boulevard Events are taking catering to new heights at the ArcelorMittal Orbit

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Two of east London’s top players in the events industry, the ArcelorMittal Orbit and Boulevard Events, are joining forces to offer event hosts an unmissable experience.

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The Ultimate Site Inspection Checklist & Guide for Planners

Social Tables

Site inspections are more than just deciding whether or not you like the space. Successful site inspections — the ones chock full of thoughtful questions and specific requests — require a site inspection checklist to make the meeting as fruitful as possible.

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Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Event Industry — Here's How

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Talk about artificial intelligence is happening in every industry, including events — and with good reason. AI is not just a relevant topic; it’s a crucial one. Event Tech

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Going Green: 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Next Event


The events industry is notoriously environmentally unsustainable – but as a greater focus is placed on reducing waste and shrinking carbon footprints, the industry is taking note and embracing green practices. Whether choosing a paper-free program or partnering with green vendors, take a look at a few of the top ways to host an eco-friendly event. What is a green event? Green events take a strategic approach to minimizing waste and reducing impact on the environment.

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Infographic: Americans Would Rather Be Known for Their Experiences Than Possessions

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Americans define themselves by the experiences they have. As an event creator, you need to understand how your event factors into this sense of identity.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Take Your Event Strategy from Analog to Digital: 4 Fundamentals of Integrated Events


Events can no longer remain analog as companies are capitalizing on the face-to-face meetings from their events to fuel their ABM strategy and prove event ROI. Here’s how marketers are following the 4 fundamentals of an integrated strategy to harness the power of events to multiply sales.

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How to Create a Long-Term Event Planning Timeline

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When you start planning an event, one of the first things you should do is figure out your event planning timeline. It’s important to outline the months and weeks leading up to the big day.

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How to Select the Perfect Host City for Your Next Sporting Event


This is a sponsored post from Québec City Business Destination. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. The perfect host city can make a critical difference in your sporting event.

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How to use video to promote, host, and recap your next event


Interested in learning how to make awesome videos that promote, host, and recap events? Here are 5 real-world examples from industry leading brands. Video event marketing is (and will continue to become) an important tool for every step of the event promotion process.

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How Online Donations Can Shape Your Fundraising Event Strategy

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When a hurricane strikes a coastal community, images of the destruction spread rapidly through social media.

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[Infographic] 4 Steps to Take Your Event Strategy from Analog to Digital


Check out this infographic to see how you harness the power of events to multiply sales. Start to capitalize on face-to-face meetings by taking your event strategy from analog to digital and get the most out of your events. Best Practices Account-Based Marketing

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12 New Green Venues for Meetings and Events in 2019


These new and renovated convention centers, hotels, restaurants, and other event venues are making a commitment to eco-friendly events

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Event Technology Awards reveal first group of 2019 judges

Event Industry News

Organisers of the Event Technology Awards have revealed the first group of judges for the 2019 event, and it reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the event industry.

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Event Marketing from a Perspective of Event Influencer?-?Q&A with Nick Borelli

Hubilo Blog

With the ever-growing dynamic event industry we work with, it becomes a need to keep up with the trends, to highlight the success stories and achievements of event professionals.

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The Secret to Fundraising Event Success: Storytelling

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Americans are attending more live charity events than ever. One out of five of us recently attended an event to support a cause. If fundraising events are your passion and your job, this is good news. The interest — and the dollars — are there. The challenge is to cut through all the noise.

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Improving Event Lead Capture: Why Context Matters


How many times have you attended an event, had a great booth with an energetic staff, handed out popular swag and collected contact information from hundreds of leads, but still had an underwhelming amount of sales meetings as a result? It's not for a lack of trying, but a lack of context.

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10 New Montreal Venues for Spring 2019 Meetings and Events


The restaurants, hotels, meeting spaces, and more for hosting events in Montreal

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How can data affect exhibitor satisfaction?

Event Industry News

By Matt Coyne, Technology Engagement Architect at GES. According to recent research on exhibitor advocacy, exhibition organisers share the same customer satisfaction levels as banks.*. That’s bad.

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The 10 Best Event Management Presentations for Planners & Marketers

Social Tables

Think about how the meetings & events industry has evolved in just the past ten years. Could you have navigated it all without conferences, blog posts, presentations, surveys, or your peers? We know we couldn’t have! After all, being an events professional requires as much continued education as any other gig out there. Which is part of why, here at Social Tables, we believe “every day is a school day.”

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Infographic: The Power of Yoga to Bring People Together

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Yoga is an experience like no other. Yogis practice to connect with their bodies, with their environment — and with the people around them.

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Big Benefits for Using an App for Your Small Meetings


We’ve seen the benefits an app can have for large conferences and tradeshows. From providing valuable event information like session and speaker details to enabling attendees to engage with one another and an event’s content – event apps work to enhance events through building connections.

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Top Designer Lynn Easton Shares Her All-Time Favorite Venues for Events


The Virginia-based event designer and hospitality veteran discusses where she entertains out-of-town guests, finds her favorite meal, gets work done on the road, and more

ETL Replay: chatbots – new engagement channel for events

Event Industry News

This footage has been kindly captured by our friends at First Sight Media – At last year’s Event Tech Live, Milos Zikic, CEO and founder of SpiceFactory, and Karlis Skuja, CEO and co-founder of Botwiser, took to the Festival and Future stage to discuss the future of chatbots.

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Making the Business Case for Corporate Events


business events

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10 ½ Creative Event Marketing Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales

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You have countless event marketing options. And with that comes a paralysis of choice. Where to focus your attention and efforts? And how to come up with new ideas beyond basic social posts? What if you decide wrong?

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Data-Driven Marketing & Events: A Panel Discussion

EventBank Insights

Tech Tuesday: The Benefits of Real-Time Event Tracking Technology


“How many attendees engaged with Booth X?”. What was the overall attendee sentiment?”. The conference generated how much networking opportunities?”. Event Technology featured

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Everything You Need to Know About Working with an Event Staffing Agency

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Great events require great staff. But sometimes you just don’t have the time (or the experience) necessary to hire the right people for the job. Which is why learning how to work with an event staffing agency is an important skill for any successful event planner.

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How to Decide Whom to Invite to Your B2B Event


Event Planning

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Is Your Event Missing These Immersive Touchpoints?

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This is a guest post by Scott Schoeneberger, managing partner at Bluewater. Imagine stepping foot outside a conference: You’re greeted with ambient wilderness sounds and surrounded by real trees, woodland creatures, and even a small mountain range — but inside four walls.

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