4 Ways Covid-19 Has Changed Event Sustainability


Event sustainability enjoyed a surge of support in 2019, featuring both in EventMB’s Megatrends and as a theme in IMEX America 2019. Sustainable events have gained increasing traction over the last decade. Sustainability EventProfs eventindustry eventmanagement

Sustainability of Corporate Events


According to CWT Meetings & Events Future Trends Report, the Sustainable Events, the focus on sustainability in the world of corporate events will only continue to increase. How GEVME helps to run sustainable events. Sustainable kiosks.

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Sustainability in Events: Is This a State of Emergency?


With a strong scientific consensus that we are in a full-blown climate crisis, sustainability is a pressing concern. The post Sustainability in Events: Is This a State of Emergency? Sustainability sustainability EventProfs eventplanning eventmanagement

New Data on 2020’s #1 Event Trend: Sustainability

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Sustainability is more than a trend. Resources and Tools 2020 Event Trends SustainabilityIn fact, a growing number of guests and event hosts have made going green a top priority in recent years.

2020 302

Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide: Sustainable catering part 1

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It also states that sustainable catering (for example, plant-based, organic, ethically-sourced, healthy and local where possible) can make a “significant environmental impact.”. To read the report in full, download our Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide for free.

Lockdown unlock for Sustainable Event Awards

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With so many marketing departments still out of office, physically and virtually, the deadline for entries to the Sustainable Event Awards (SEAs) has been extended. Friday 28 th August is the new deadline for entries to the inaugural Sustainable Event Awards. Designed to highlight businesses making demonstrable changes to their systems, their strategies, to benefit the environment, locally and nationally, SEAs made a big splash on its February 2020 launch.

Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide: Sustainable Development Goals & Events

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In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly created the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in which 17 goals were created. All member states of the UN have adopted the agenda with the aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Event Industry News launches new guide dedicated to event sustainability

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Event Industry News joined proud guide sponsor, GES, at their Sustainable Breakfast Briefing yesterday (6 th Feb) to launch their brand-new guide, The Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide.

Brand-new! Event Industry News launches The Sustainable Event Awards

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The forces behind Event Industry News (EIN) are pleased to announce their brand-new awards which will be dedicated entirely to sustainability within the event industry. The Sustainable Event Awards’ purpose is two-fold.

Creating Environmentally Sustainable Events


If so, it might be time to look into making it more environmentally sustainable. The post Creating Environmentally Sustainable Events by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Sustainability sustainability Green green events sustainable eventsAre you concerned about your event’s environmental impact? Before you do, know what to do and how to do it.

Re-incorporating Sustainability into the Future of Meetings


While meetings professionals and the hospitality partners they work with have been understandably focused on the health and safety of event attendees since the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, both groups realize the continued importance of incorporating sustainability measures into those events, as well. Boxed water and touchless water stations to refill bottles were suggested as more sustainable alternatives.

How to Plan a Sustainable Event


While people love spending their time in such places, the organizers do not really place sustainability as the anchor of organizing such events. In this blog post, we have compiled a go to sustainable events guide for every event planner. What is sustainability & sustainable event?

The Sustainable Future of Events [Free Report]


The post The Sustainable Future of Events [Free Report] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link]. Tips EventProfs sustainable events event sustainability eventindustryA new generation of event-goers is hungry for events that are meaningful, memorable, and shareable. They want events to deliver the collaboration and face-to-face connection they can’t get online, and they want it in a personalized package. The answer?

Green light for Sustainable Event Awards

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The inaugural Sustainable Event Awards (SEA), celebrating environmentalism across worldwide events, suppliers and venues, is to go ahead. Organised by the Event Industry News team, sponsored by GES, supported by the Sustainable Event Alliance and by the gamut of industry associations, SEA open to entries from April 1st. Now is the perfect time to launch the Sustainable Event Awards. “We

Sustainable Event Awards first judges revealed

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Big names from the AEO, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and GPJ will be among the judges poring through entries to the inaugural Sustainable Event Awards (SEAs). Chris Skeith says: “Sustainability is vital for our personal and professional futures.

Sustainability at events is more than reducing paper and plastics

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The subject was social justice issue and specifically sustainable events. My subject: Sustainability at events, is more than reducing plastics and paper use. Gothenburg was the perfect city to speak about sustainable events. For three years in a row from 2016 to 2018, the destination won the “World’s most sustainable meeting and event destination” That was the place, and I now think this is the time. This is a great way to run a sustainable menu.

The Sustainable Event Awards: What They Are & Why They Matter

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Have you heard about the Sustainable Event Awards? It’s probably old news to you that sustainability is a topic we love discussing. It’s not just about how to plan sustainable events. And that’s exactly where the Sustainable Event Awards come in. He is also the mind behind the Event Tech Live Awards, and, more recently, the Sustainable Event Awards. The Road To The Sustainable Event Awards. ” Your #1 Tip For Sustainability.

Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide: Sustainable catering part 2

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However, 50% stated they had drastically changed their diet post-event, 75% of which had sustained that change six months down the line. “We How easy is sustainable catering in the event industry? Director of sales and marketing, Mark Maher, said, in his experience, more and more organisers are making sustainability a priority. Being more sustainable is a constant journey but there are lots of small steps that can be made every day at any event to make things better.

#ThrowbackThursday: Stylish, Sustainable Events Over the Decade


As an ode to Earth Day, here's a retro roundup of 10 sustainable-meets-stylish events over the decade

Rio 2016: Sustainability Success or Fail?


It’s difficult to imagine that the Olympic Games could ever be sustainable in their present form. The post Rio 2016: Sustainability Success or Fail? Sustainability Brazil event sustainability green events green sports ISO 20121 olympics Rio Rio 2016 Summer Olympics sustainability sustainable eventsYet since 1996 every Olympic host city has taken strides to integrate environmental and social responsibility into planning.

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The Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide

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BRAND NEW and brimming with the latest solutions, technologies and advice to create your most sustainable event, The Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide is our latest online resource dedicated to the event industry.

The Sustainable Event Awards – Meet the Judges: Raquel Noboa

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The Sustainable Event Awards Celebrate Excellence in Event Sustainability. My best moment from working in the industry was when I learned about sustainability back in 2012, which opened a brand new world and career to me, while still liaising with the industry. What does sustainability mean to you? When did you first become interested in sustainability? Business sustainability is not an easy journey, but it is a very rewarding one.

The Sustainable Event Awards – Meet the Judges

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The Sustainable Event Awards Celebrate Excellence in Event Sustainability. Led Sustainability at Smyle for 10 years and set up the industry wide initiative Sustainable Events Summit in 2014. What does sustainability mean to you? When did you first become interested in sustainability? Why is it important to recognise the achievements of Sustainable companies? What are your hopes for event sustainability in the future?

Sustainability In Events: Recognising The Social & Human Impact Of The Industry

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We’re feeling a bit green today, and it’s all thanks to the topic of sustainability in events! Sustainability in events has been covered several times by our team. And they had quite a few bits of wisdom to share when it comes to implementing and promoting sustainability in events. Strategic Thinking: How To Move Sustainability In Events Forward. Once again, she’s ready to share her thoughts on the role of leadership in planning sustainable events.

Go Green: How To Jump on Sustainable Event Trend

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Sustainability isn’t going anywhere. Sustainable events are one of our top choices for 2018 Event Trends.The sustainable event trend is continuing to grow with no signs of stopping so it’s time to get on board! So, what does it even mean to be “sustainable”? Well, being sustainable means that you are making changes to avoid the depletion of natural resources. Creating sustainable events is key to being a responsible event planner. .

BMA House plans for sustainable future

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When the industry returns and restarts, organisers will be assessing how they want their event to shape up when it comes back, and a focus on sustainability will be top of the agenda for many. A venue that already has embedded sustainability credentials that are as high quality as their customer service standards will no doubt stand out amongst the crowd. Clients can entrust BMA House to highlight further sustainable options when planning their event.

Planning Sustainable Events: What You Must Know – #EventIcons Episode 116

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Events can be super wasteful, from water and energy consumption to food waste there are a lot of areas we can improve upon in terms of planning sustainable events. What does planning sustainable events mean? What do you need to keep in mind when making your event more sustainable? Can you really make a big impact on our world by planning sustainable events? We will cover this and so much more about sustainable thinking at events below!

Planning Sustainable Events: How We Can Solve Global Issues – #EventIcons 176

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Here at Endless, we figured it was more than time we talked about planning sustainable events. And we also have the responsibility of trying to improve it through planning sustainable events! based Sustainable Events Ltd. Pelham is an expert in planning sustainable events, and sustainable meetings, who believes concerned people need to step up to the plate and make themselves heard. Go Green: How To Start Creating Sustainable Events.

Why Sustainable Conferences Are Important


Image courtesy of Gary Chan on Unsplash Sustainability is so much more than a huge buzzword at the moment. Here we explain why sustainable conferences are important, and a few things you can implement when planning your conference to play your part in the change. Be more sustainable!

New Sustainable Event Management (2018 Edition): A Free Guide to Better Green Meetings


An event can’t be cost-effective, sustainable and still decent. The post New Sustainable Event Management (2018 Edition): A Free Guide to Better Green Meetings by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Event Management sustainability green eventsSurely something has got to give? WRONG. This myth has been plaguing event professionals for years making it seem like it’s an impossible feat to host amazing events and reduce the impact on the environment.

2018 153

The Sustainable Event Awards – Meet the Judges: Meegan Jones

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The Sustainable Event Awards Celebrate Excellence in Event Sustainability. I have been specialising in Event Sustainability for 15 years, working hands-on at events (such as Sustainability Manager for festivals like Glastonbury, Reading, Latitude, Peats Ridge.) I have compiled my in-the-field experience along with many other specialists into three editions of my book Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide. What does sustainability mean to you?

Copenhagen Puts Focus on Sustainability

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Decision to follow the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals is attracting like-minded events. The CVB has launched the Tourism for Good strategy with a goal to allow tourism to have a positive impact on sustainable development both locally and globally by 2030.

Sustainability in the Events Sector: What Can We Expect in 2020?


There’s no denying that sustainability is the buzzword of the moment, and this doesn’t look set to change any time soon. The post Sustainability in the Events Sector: What Can We Expect in 2020? Event Management sustainable event

2020 156

How to Pick the Right Venue for Sustainable Events


And one of the first steps you can take when organizing your events is choosing a venue that is in line with values of sustainability. After all, venues are the ones that dictate a lot of the choices with their supply and management practices, so if you find the right venue, making your event sustainable will become a much easier task. Make sure the venue takes sustainability seriously. The post How to Pick the Right Venue for Sustainable Events appeared first on EventMobi.

Sustainable Venue Spotlight: The RCP reduces carbon footprint by 30%

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Sustainability is a key part of the RCP’s everyday operations across all areas of the business including catering, waste management and energy. The venue works on some fantastic sustainability initiatives from its recycling solutions to its sustainable food programmes. Known for its good food and hospitality, the RCP works with caterer CH&CO which was recently awarded three stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association for its commitment to sustainability.

AEO Forums delivers on working smarter, sustainability & more

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There was a big emphasis on using more sustainable practices as Nalan Emre, chief operating officer, at the IMEX Group, delivered her keynote on ‘A case study of collaboration and success’. IMEX Group is a company driven by one of its five goals to work more efficiently in a sustainable way.

Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide: The Greener Freight

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But is it the most sustainable? Event Industry News spoke to the director, exhibitions and hotel logistics, at EFM Global Logistics, Luke Bardall, to learn what organisers can do to make their transportation efforts more sustainable. Are there any steps organisers/suppliers can take to make their event logistics more sustainable? Many hauliers are signing up to various schemes to support local sustainability initiatives. Events require transportation.

New sustainability appointment at Scottish Event Campus

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The role will see a major emphasis on developing the SEC’s sustainability strategy SEC through collective effort and engagement across the company. Speaking about her appointment Kathleen Warden, director of conferences at The Scottish Event Campus said: “As the SEC develops as a business and major venue for UK and international conferences, it is essential that we evolve sustainably and ensure that we are taking the action required to minimise our impact on the environment.

The Sustainable Event Awards – Meet the Judges: Kathryn Winfield

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The Sustainable Event Awards Celebrate Excellence in Event Sustainability. I have worked in the events industry for 12 years and seen a range of events and over the last 5 years really started to focus on sustainability in the industry. I am always actively searching out new ideas to make the industry more sustainable and I am excited to see what everyone has got to show us. What does sustainability mean to you?

A Sustainability Push

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EIC offering Sustainable Event Professional Certificate course in Europe for the first time. A two-day training course for the Events Industry Council Sustainable Event Professional Certificate (SEPC) will take place in Monaco this spring — a first for Europe. Sustainability efforts include reducing water and energy usage; improving accessibility, from transportation to venues; and ensuring suppliers from food and beverage to accommodations follow sustainability strategies.