Sustainability at events is more than reducing paper and plastics

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The subject was social justice issue and specifically sustainable events. My subject: Sustainability at events, is more than reducing plastics and paper use. Gothenburg was the perfect city to speak about sustainable events. This is a great way to run a sustainable menu.

Planning Sustainable Events: How We Can Solve Global Issues – #EventIcons 176

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Here at Endless, we figured it was more than time we talked about planning sustainable events. And we also have the responsibility of trying to improve it through planning sustainable events! based Sustainable Events Ltd. Go Green: How To Start Creating Sustainable Events.

Creating Environmentally Sustainable Events


If so, it might be time to look into making it more environmentally sustainable. The post Creating Environmentally Sustainable Events by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Sustainability sustainability Green green events sustainable events

Planning Sustainable Events: What You Must Know – #EventIcons Episode 116

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Events can be super wasteful, from water and energy consumption to food waste there are a lot of areas we can improve upon in terms of planning sustainable events. What does planning sustainable events mean? What do you need to keep in mind when making your event more sustainable?

Go Green: How To Jump on Sustainable Event Trend

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Sustainability isn’t going anywhere. Sustainable events are one of our top choices for 2018 Event Trends.The sustainable event trend is continuing to grow with no signs of stopping so it’s time to get on board! So, what does it even mean to be “sustainable”?

A Sustainability Push

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EIC offering Sustainable Event Professional Certificate course in Europe for the first time. A two-day training course for the Events Industry Council Sustainable Event Professional Certificate (SEPC) will take place in Monaco this spring — a first for Europe.

How to Pick the Right Venue for Sustainable Events


And one of the first steps you can take when organizing your events is choosing a venue that is in line with values of sustainability. After all, venues are the ones that dictate a lot of the choices with their supply and management practices, so if you find the right venue, making your event sustainable will become a much easier task. Make sure the venue takes sustainability seriously. The post How to Pick the Right Venue for Sustainable Events appeared first on EventMobi.

A Practical Guide on How to Run Sustainable Events


Is your event truly sustainable? If you’re even a little concerned about sustainability, then this article is for you. Are you measuring the impact your event has on the environment and your local community? Do you want to reduce the negative footprint your conference or trade show has?

Why Sustainable Conferences Are Important


Image courtesy of Gary Chan on Unsplash Sustainability is so much more than a huge buzzword at the moment. Here we explain why sustainable conferences are important, and a few things you can implement when planning your conference to play your part in the change. Be more sustainable!

Rio 2016: Sustainability Success or Fail?


It’s difficult to imagine that the Olympic Games could ever be sustainable in their present form. The post Rio 2016: Sustainability Success or Fail? Yet since 1996 every Olympic host city has taken strides to integrate environmental and social responsibility into planning.

2016 122

The Path to Sustainability

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As global tourism challenges sustainability efforts, cities including Copenhagen are developing strategies aimed at promoting sustainability while also providing visitors with culturally enriching experiences. Places & Spaces Sustainability

Save Money and Trees: How to Run Sustainable Events


With attention to detail and an open mind, it is possible to run a more sustainable event without blowing your budget on pricey “green” alternatives. Affiliate your event with hotels that have their own sustainability programs in place. Educating Attendees on Sustainable Best Practices.

Catering for sustainability: a venue view

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Healthy, sustainable food is an important part of the event offering today. Delegates food expectations have increased, and event planners need to be seen to be operating sustainably. Serving sustainably-caught fish to ensure the future of fish stocks and marine environments.

Sustainable Event: Why Is It So Popular These Days?

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Sustainability is not just a buzzword. They don’t want to contribute towards more pollution so they will ask uncomfortable questions to make sure an event is truly sustainable before they decide to attend it. Sustainability is not something you do for the audience.

Savor Sustainable Cuisine in Singapore

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This was our first time working with a venue partner who had a deep understanding and high level of expertise in delivering a sustainable conference,” says Yuriko Baba, Schneider Electric’s Experience Marketing Manager and Sustainability Partner.

The State of the Art in Sustainable Venues

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When the Green Venue Report debuted in 2014, it used survey information from 16 convention centers around the world to outline best practices in event-venue sustainability. This supports the notion that more centers are taking sustainability seriously and funding sustainability programs.

Making Sustainability Easy

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Julia Spangler , Owner, Sustainable Events LLC. My services are currently focused on recycling, composting, food-waste prevention and donation, and floral donation, as well as sustainability consulting, training, and education. Education.

From Passion to Project: Dining Out on Sustainability at the Waste Not Supper Club


The post From Passion to Project: Dining Out on Sustainability at the Waste Not Supper Club appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Case Study Food & Drink May Meet The Organiser pop-up restaurant supper club Sustainable events

Summary of Twitter Chat on Sustainable Event Planning

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Sustainability is a trend widely followed in the year 2018. As we near the end to this year, event planners and event professionals across the globe pledge to make events more sustainable and adhere to the concept of Green Events. Happy to be a part of it and making events sustainable!

Vancouver, You Sustained Me

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When I attended a Green Meetings fam trip to Vancouver in June, sponsored by Tourism Vancouver, sustainability wasn’t just part of the program — it was the main event, and woven into my entire experience. It was clear that this was a city that took sustainability seriously.

56 Sustainability Statistics Planners Need to Know


Here at Aventri, we were thrilled to see IMEX take a stance on sustainability this year. It's up to planners to educate themselves and take steps to make their meetings and events more sustainable.

Enhancing Sustainability During Events


At MGM Resorts, we have a long history of building and operating in a sustainable way. We also recognize that many of our clients have deep commitments to sustainability and want to activate those commitments by driving positive societal and environmental benefits during their events.

IMEX Frankfurt Preview: Taking the Pledge to be More Sustainable


This Talking Point has been broken down even further to three areas of focus: collaboration and transformation ; diversity and inclusive; and sustainability.

4 Tips for Selling Sustainability

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Creating sustainable events is hard work, and includes a variety of different challenges — not the least of which is managing food waste or maintaining active group involvement. Here are four takeaways from his “Building a Business Case for Sustainable Events” session : 1.

Guest Blog: Exhibiting and the Sustainability Myth

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According to a recent article in Exhibition World, it remains difficult to show clients that sustainable exhibition stands can be flashy, beautiful, and draw in leads from admiring show-goers.

Events industry launches landmark global sustainability principles

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Representatives of global events, tourism and sustainability bodies are ushering in the new year with the unprecedented launch of four principles designed to guide and motivate event organisers worldwide to embrace and implement sustainable practices. . “The potential to transform our industry through the wide-spread adoption of sustainable events principles is inspiring.

Input Sought on Sustainable Event Standards

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Event organizers have until July 17 to provide input on the draft of new Events Industry Council [EIC] Sustainable Event Standards. The ultimate goal is for our industry to use these standards to make events more sustainable, which will help build a better future.”.

Event Badge Technology: 3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Event


With all the event technology available for meetings and events, planners can easily use tools such as event badge printing, to collect important attendee and event data, enhance the attendee experience, all while saving money and keeping your events sustainable

How Technology Continues to Help Improve Sustainability at Events


One of the earliest improvements in regards to events and sustainability was the option for using significantly less paper during conferences, trade shows, and other meetings. Tech Event Planning green technology sustainability TipsMobile devices paved the way for event-specific apps, giving attendees access to all of the information they needed without having to print out large packets and handouts. As ticketing […].

Event Sustainability: How to Handle Food Waste at Events


Now more than ever before, event professionals are seeking out ways to make their events more sustainable. There are heroes that extend beyond the event doors who encourage more sustainable practices when it comes to using food in our professional and personal environments.

IMEX America Accelerates Sustainability Efforts


10–12), and once again, sustainability will be a primary focus, as we noted in the IMEX Supplement in our September issue. Why are sustainability and green practices important to the meetings and events industry? Has sustainability been a part of IMEX America since it began?

GL events launches sustainability study

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GL events has launched a cross-industry research project on sustainability within UK events. The initiative is the result of the company’s observation of a growing agenda of sustainability, particularly among its corporate customers and throughout the event production supply chain.

New Sustainable Event Management (2018 Edition): A Free Guide to Better Green Meetings


An event can’t be cost-effective, sustainable and still decent. The post New Sustainable Event Management (2018 Edition): A Free Guide to Better Green Meetings by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Event Management sustainability green eventsSurely something has got to give? WRONG. This myth has been plaguing event professionals for years making it seem like it’s an impossible feat to host amazing events and reduce the impact on the environment.

F&B Trends: Staying Sustainable, Seasonal and Stylish


Today’s latest and greatest F&B trends are simple to remember, just follow the “Three S’s:” sustainability, seasonal and style. As many planners know, food and beverage can make or break the attendee experience.

ABPCO launches sustainability report and roadmap

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Timed to coincide with the opening of the COP24 climate talks in Katowice, Poland, ABPCO has released a report and Roadmap for the creation of a more sustainable events industry. Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ABPCO identified a desire for the industry to do more in areas of: Responsible production and consumption. Sustainable food procurement. The Sustainability Roadmap and Report are both available via [link].

National Running Show announces Sustainability Policy

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The organisers of The National Running Show have announced a Sustainability Policy for the events taking place in Birmingham and in London. With the award-winning show now preparing for its third and biggest year at Birmingham’s NEC, and looking forward to an inaugural event in London next summer, the aim of the Sustainability Policy is to offset the environmental impact of the event at every stage in the production chain.

Get Sustainable With Paperless Events


We all know that going paperless at meetings and events is a good step for planners. It's a move that has multiple benefits; not only are you reducing your event's carbon footprint while saving money , but attendees carry around less paper and experience a more high-tech event.

Meetings Industry Association appoints sustainability ambassador

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The Meetings Industry Association (mia) has appointed leading venue sustainability expert Warren Campbell as an ambassador to its council to champion sustainability. As the mia moves forward with its high-profile #20PercentLess initiative encouraging the business meetings and events industry to use less single-use plastic, the association is keen to ensure sustainability and the campaign remain a key focus across all areas of its activity.

The Game of Sustainable Event Planning

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Attendees participating in the “Redesigning Event Management for Sustainability” session during the Sustainable Brands 2018 conference. “It depends on breakage,” Siddiqui said, “but if china is used [at least] 50 times it’s more sustainable [than compostable plates].”.

Guest Blog: Can we achieve genuinely sustainable events?

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Nearly two years ago I was asked to create a ‘sustainable event’ by one of the world’s largest banks in the form of a trade show booth and the truth is I didn’t know where to begin. The use of sustainable materials. By Nick Marks, Found of Ecobooth.