Conference Care launches Carbon Consultancy

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Events agency Conference Care have announced the launch of a new service – Carbon Consultancy by Conference Care. The consultancy process involves several stages including gathering initial data from the event organiser and participants, to produce an estimated footprint.

Inclusive Tips for Client Consultations

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Check our these "Inclusive Tips for Client Consultations" that you can implement in your business to ensure that every lead that walks in the door feels welcomed and appreciated


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Navigating the New Normal: Hybred Consultancy | Big Ideas Sound Advice

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Event gurus, Hybred Consultancy, have launched a specialist team dedicated entirely to delivering great experiences that are COVID-19 Secure, The team is already advising and producing virtual & hybrid conferences, virtual studios and outdoor cinema & outdoor experiences to go ahead, safely.

Network of business professionals offer strategic consulting services to events industry

Event Industry News

Brand & Agencies Conference News Featured News US and Canada Event consultancy Event Consulting Event Industry News Event Strategy Network

Data Insights from Eventbrite to Consult Before Planning Your Next Event

Eventbrite UK

The post Data Insights from Eventbrite to Consult Before Planning Your Next Event appeared first on Eventbrite UK. Eventbrite hosted the RECONVENE summit in May 2021, bringing together thousands of event producers.

Event Strategy And Consulting: The Ultimate Tips For An Elevated Experience

Endless Events

So, are you ready to get into the nitty-gritty of event strategy and consulting? There is plenty of ground to cover when it comes to event strategy and consulting. Each of them tackles a different and spectacular topic within event strategy and consulting. Event Strategy & Consulting: The Power Of Design. Roel had a lot to teach us about the role of design thinking within the realms of event strategy and consulting, so let’s hear him out!

11 Reasons You Need an Initial Consult for Event AV – Whiteboard Wednesday

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Taking the time for have an initial consult for event AV can save you many headaches later in planning. Did you know having an initial consult for event AV can save you time, money and more? The initial consult for event AV allows you to get into the fine details of your event and ask clarifying questions that may otherwise be missed in an email. This consult also allows you to really get a good feel for the people and teams you will be working with prior to the event. .

Pandemic leads to the launch of events consultancy Work With Milan

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Milan Thakrar founder of Work With Milan launches events consultancy offering event businesses support through business development, creative solutions and training to gain commercial growth to recover post pandemic.

Data Insights from Eventbrite to Consult Before Planning Your Next Event


Eventbrite hosted the RECONVENE summit in May 2021, bringing together thousands of event producers.

Rental Pro Tips + Tricks for a Smooth Initial Consultation Meeting

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In most cases, consultations are the client's first contact with a representative of your rental company. The image we project and the client’s perception of our ability to provide for their event will be the key to closing the deal.

Consultation on plans for EventCity relocation

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Next week will see the launch of a public consultation on the proposed re-development of the current EventCity site. Members of the public are invited to attend the planning consultation at EventCity next week, to be held in the foyer of Hall 1 at the following times: Thursday, 25 th July, 1400-2000 Friday 26 th July, 1200-1600. The plan is to move to a new purpose-built EventCity on the present site of Soccerdome, based in TraffordCity.

Convene TV: CVBs as Destination Consultants

PCMA Convene

Cleo Battle, CDME, executive vice president for sales and services for the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, explains how he takes a consultancy-based view of his role at the bureau, including being a local advocate over safety and security matters with local fire and police officials and linking meeting organizers with locally sourced experiences. .

Quit Giving Free Consultations and Event Advice; Insider Tips to Navigate Blaggers


The post Quit Giving Free Consultations and Event Advice; Insider Tips to Navigate Blaggers by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. When people find out you plan events, are they always hitting you up for free advice? If you find that happening a lot, it’s time to put an end to it. Use these seven tips to bring in more revenue, by giving out less free advice. There’s an ironic situation that plagues most event planners. […].

Industry experts consult for Full Circle Events

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Event industry expert Raj Watts will join Full Circle Events on a consultancy basis to assist the business through the next phase of the company’s growth. The post Industry experts consult for Full Circle Events appeared first on Event Industry News. Watts experience extends over 15 years with Concept Furniture International, where she reached the position of commercial director. Watts will be using her knowledge of the events and exhibitions […].

Event Companies During Pandemic: Checking in With Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting

All Seated

We recently spoke with Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting to see how business has been since she was a panelist on the Allseated Connecting Our Community Marketing Expert Panel in the spring.

What is Coworking and What Are the Benefits for Independent Consultants?


Coworking offers independent consultants many benefits including cost, collaboration, and flexibility. Here’s what you need to know about this alternative work environment

Events Industry Council releases Sustainable Event Standards for public consultation

Event Industry News

The Events Industry Council has released six new supplier standards for sustainable events for public commentary. Major changes have been made to increase their ease of use, strengthen social responsibility considerations and recognise innovation and exemplary performance. These standards will replace the APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards. .

The Unpopular Opinion Part 5: consultancy services

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Our latest Unpopular Opinion piece looks at the subject of consultancy services and why companies think it is acceptable to ask for advice without paying for it. As a consultant, I sell my knowledge and expertise globally. Why is there a low value attached to consultancy in our sector? In other industries consultancy services are popular and they are paid for. In fact, consultants who can’t answer a client’s questions call in specialist consultants who can.

SHRM’s Lisa Block Joins Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

PCMA Convene

After a 28-year career with the Society for Human Resource Management, Lisa Block will join Velvet Chainsaw Consulting as executive vice president, conference strategy, and design. Velvet Chainsaw. Velvet Chainsaw ). Read More. News Junkie

Podcast: Vivacity Consulting founder on getting the most from your speakers

Event Industry News

Joining the Event Industry News podcast this week was Deborah Henley, the founder of Vivacity Consulting. Conference News EIN TV Featured News Podcasts conference speakers Vivacity Vivacity ConsultingDeborah is a professional speaker and former event booker with training in psychology. Though her education in psychology may not be event-related, she stated that it has given her a deeper understanding of audiences, languages and how to engage people.

BVEP consulted on recognition of event professional qualifications as part of UK-EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement

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The BVEP is being consulted by the Department of Culture, Digital, Media and Sport (DCMS) on the recognition of professional qualifications.

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue and Gabrielle Austen Browne launch Diversity Ally- a consultancy and membership organisation to improve diversity in the events industry

Event Industry News

Diversity Ally is a consultancy service and membership organisation offering solutions to help businesses and organisations in the events, MICE and hospitality industry become more diverse and inclusive.

Podcast: Should You Consult an Astrologist Before Planning Your Next Event? (Episode 68)


Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik Guest: Leslie McGuirk In this episode of GatherGeeks, David Adler, C.E.O. of BizBash, and Beth Kormanik, editor

Aim to serve rather than please

Conferences that Work

Chris Edmonds For context, watch this two-minute video: While Chris focuses on the context of team leadership, I think that aiming to serve rather than please is also a useful rubric to keep in mind as a consultant. Consulting Chris Edmonds consulting leadership please serve service team leadership

2018 166

Don’t be a hero — solve small problems!

Conferences that Work

Consulting leadership COVID-19 cure hero hero worship heroes pandemic prevention problem solving story Y2KWhen’s the right time to solve small problems? The right answer is almost always “ as soon as practically possible! ” Why?

2021 222

Festicket resumes North American expansion with new LA headquarters and appointment of Stephanie Rosa, VP of sales, and Steve Levy, consultant general manager

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Festicket, the world’s largest platform for music festival experiences, is announcing a renewed North American expansion with the appointment of Stephanie Rosa and Steve Levy as VP of sales and consultant general manager for North America, respectively.

Ex Time Inc. marketer Lisa Batty launches ‘Memorable’ events consultancy

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UK Marketing Director of Advertising, Lisa Batty, has launched a new trade marketing consultancy dedicated to creating events with a ‘memorable’ twist. marketer Lisa Batty launches ‘Memorable’ events consultancy appeared first on Event Industry News. The former Time Inc. Her Co-founder and Chairman is ex Havas Media UK Group CEO Mark Craze.

The job you’ll be doing in the future hasn’t been invented yet

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1984: I begin IT consulting for clients using personal computers. Consulting life lessons career consulting future of work jobs“The job you’ll be doing in the future hasn’t been invented yet. ” This is old news. The story of my professional life 1977: I earn a Ph.D. in applied elementary high-energy particle physics. Get a post-doc position and move to the United States. Work at major U.S. particle accelerators for a year.

2019 137

AEG flags “hopelessly inadequate” evidence for the MSG Sphere, and requests application is withdrawn and resubmitted ahead of looming public consultation deadline

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Serious concern has been expressed that the consultation deadline of 13 th November does not give interested parties, particularly local residents, sufficient time to be able to properly understand the changes made and absorb the new material.

Criminal Mock Trial Episode 5: Consultant liability examined, & the third witness

Event Industry News

In this episode, the legal position of the consultant is expanded upon by the solicitors explaining the role, liability and and the standing in the eye of the law. The post Criminal Mock Trial Episode 5: Consultant liability examined, & the third witness appeared first on Event Industry News. The driver of the buggy who caused the accident is questioned and we hear the end of the case from the prosecution. The Mock Trial […].

Risk Management: Addressing Meeting Emergencies When the Industry Resumes


How will meeting professionals address risk post-COVID-19?

Harness the Power of Negotiation for Post-Covid Success

Smart Meetings

“When you work in consulting, nobody likes you,” Alison Fragale begins the latest Smart Meetings webinar, “ How to Harness the Power of Negotiation to Master Your Post-Covid Events Career.”.

How to Choose Event Technology, Should Cost be the Main Factor?

Endless Events

Brandt is an event technology consulting specialist and has a lot of great insight when it comes to having a tech onsite “I judge my value when I’m onsite for a client by how little they have to come into the ballroom.

2019 75

The declining influence of leadership positional power in a network society

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As a consultant in various fields for 35 years, this is a familiar world: one where I have influence with a client but less authority than a janitor. When consulting, one of my biggest meeting design challenges is to get boss buy-in. Facilitating Change leadership authority boss consulting gig economy Harold Jarche hierarchical power models influence network era network society positional power power

2018 144

Expansion for The Hospitality Partnership since December 2020 launch

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Conference News Featured News UK and Europe Balancing Edges Dynamize event hopsitality Food Safety Consulting Gaeltel lockdown recovery meetings pandemic recovery The Hospitality Partnership

Reasons to leave a job

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My mentor Jerry Weinberg , consultant extraordinaire, has written an excellent list of reasons to leave a job. Consulting commitment Jerry Weinberg job quitting reasons to leave wellbeingIn my career, I have left jobs when: The job I was hired to do was finished. The job I was hired to do could not be finished. The job I was hired to do would be finished just fine without me. I was not able to do the job I was hired to do. The job I was hired to do wasn’t worth doing.

2017 121

5 Things to Automate in Your Business

Event Certificate

As you grow your event planning business, it is time to automate the tasks that take time and can ultimately stall your growth. If left unplanned, growth can hamper your company and make it almost impossible to see progress.

2020 52

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your 2019 Events

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings contacted Sharlet Brennan, a content marketing consultant and president of Brennan Communications, for tips on how to leverage all that traffic for events. Social media consulting company Locowise reports the average engagement rate for video posts on Facebook is at 5.23 Will 2019 be the year you leverage social media to make your events safer, more compelling and downright fun?

2019 81

SEARCH: A Case Study in Crisis Management


Smart Meetings asked Kate Patay , chair of SEARCH Foundation and chief strategy officer of Patay Consulting, how she kept everyone safe. The SEARCH event team worked closely with the risk assessor, MC Event Consulting, and took precautions at every touchpoint with sanitizer and signage.

2020 52

Here are 7 ways to politely say NO to working for free.

Lara Mcculloch

I’m happy to set up a coaching appointment with you if you’re interested in my paid consulting services. You can book a consulting call with me using this link. Don’t forget to bookmark this so you can refer to it later. Ready to win more business?

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