Corporate Event Catering Ideas


This rule works not only for your daily routine, when all you need is a warm pizza box on your lap but also at corporate meetings and conferences. If you can impress your guests with an excellent menu, the chances are you can set a positive vibe for the whole event.

Corporate Event Agenda Samples


there are lots of questions that your corporate event guests expect to be answered in the event agenda. By guiding attendees through event experiences, you minimise the chance that someone will miss an important session or will arrive late.

Becoming a Corporate Event Planner


If you’ve been organising your mom’s birthday parties since you were seven and always wanted to be an entertainment leader at school, an event planning career might really be your thing. Who is a corporate event planner? Benefits of corporate event planning job.

Creative Corporate Event Ideas


If you’re in the event-planning industry, you probably know how rewarding corporate event organisation can be. To make a corporate event journey truly fascinating, you must be a powerhouse of ideas. Take a corporate team on a “beautifying mission.”

Best Activities for Corporate Events


But guess what: Corporate events can actually be quite boring as well. To ensure you make the best use of your corporate event budget, check out this list of exciting activities we’ve compiled for you. Key reasons to use entertainment activities at corporate events.

The Top 6 Tips for Optimizing a Corporate Event Budget


You won’t believe how incredibly flexible an event budget can be. Throughout our experience, we’ve seen quite a few strategies related to corporate event budget optimization. What is a corporate event budget? How to build a corporate event budget.

25 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal


Business environments need to be navigated differently so here’s some ideas for planning your next corporate event. A successful corporate event consists of several elements but it often has a strong underlying message or purpose which it is important to convey in a professional manner.

The Top 10 Most Common Types of Corporate Events


When looking for new ways to engage employees, corporate event professionals experiment with multiple event formats. From fun incentive trips to spectacular galas, you can align the goals of an organisation with a huge variety of corporate meeting types. Charity events.

Onsite Check-in Capabilities for Corporate Events


Whether it’s a conference or a trade fair, most types of corporate events rely on technologies that help reduce wait times and eliminate hardware errors on the ground. How do you find the technology that caters to your corporate event needs?

Advanced Corporate Event Planning Guide (2018 edition): Ideas, Checklists and Tips to Plan Successful Corporate Events


Would you agree that planning corporate events is not an easy beast to tame? Seriously, how can you get advice on planning events for the most demanding audiences out there? Yet the world is not perfect and attendees, especially corporate event attendees, get bored very easily.

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5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Corporate Events are Unforgettable


This means that, under normal circumstances, most corporate event announcements are met with a less than enthusiastic […]. The post 5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Corporate Events are Unforgettable appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog.

6 Confessions of a Corporate Event Planner


In this new series we present real-life confessions from people working in the event industry. As a corporate event planner within a large company, here is […]. The post 6 Confessions of a Corporate Event Planner by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Four Ways to Capture Valuable Data at Corporate Events

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Corporate events have been a vital marketing channel, particularly for B2B enterprises, for decades now. Live events, including conferences and trade shows, remain one of the top lead generation sources for B2B marketers

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Plan A Well Attended (And Well Liked) Corporate Event


Planning a corporate event is no small task. Your theme and location set the tone for the rest of your event. The post Plan A Well Attended (And Well Liked) Corporate Event appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog.

Corporate Event Planning: Showcase the Agenda on a Website


Are you willing to spend your money and time on an event you know nothing about? A clear, comprehensive agenda is the backbone of an event that provides invitees with a worthy value offer. Reasons to publish the event agenda on your website.

20 New Year Corporate Event Ideas


Bring your corporate event to the next level with these inspirational ideas for a memorable new year. The post 20 New Year Corporate Event Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

19 Corporate Event Entertainment and Experiences


Corporate events can be used to spark creativity, innovation and productivity in your team, by choosing exciting experiences or activities that all of your guests can enjoy. The post 19 Corporate Event Entertainment and Experiences by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

10 Trends in Corporate Events


Offering the hottest trends to clients sets you apart from other event planners. Are you ready for the latest trends in corporate event planning? Here are a few ways you can incorporate them into your event events and event planning company.

The Corporate Event Planning Playbook [Free PDF]


If you plan corporate events this is the only PDF you need in 2018 to make your event successful. abovethefold## Our mantra for 2018 is that corporate event planners are facing a tough 2018. Event Management Corporate Event Planning corporate

6 Corporate Event Branding Ideas

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Since you already went through all the trouble to plan a corporate event , you might as well get the most out of it by optimizing the venue to make your company name known. We’ll introduce six ideas that go beyond the typical branding that every event planner is already familiar with.

5 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal Now [Video]


This video looks at 5 cool and simple ideas you can use at your next corporate event and really make an impression with your guests. abovethefold## It’s very easy to be boring when planning corporate events.

4 Team Building Ideas for Corporate Events


Ultimately, your team building event ‘only’ needs to help employees foster teamwork and cooperation—a taller order than it seems, especially when its taking place as a part of a corporate event. If you’re tasked with coming up with an activity for your next corporate event, check out some of these team building ideas: 1. These include scavenger hunts, puzzle solving games, or even just gamifying your event.

Event Tech Tips for Corporate Event Planners


Event Tech Tips for Corporate Event Planners. Forget talking about event technology, it’s time to take action!”. That was the rallying cry from our power-packed panel of event insiders on our recent webinar, “Event Tech Tips for Corporate Planners.”. Christy Lamagna , CEO and Master Strategist, Strategic Meetings & Events; Danalynne W. Just because you purchase event technology doesn’t mean your audience will embrace it.

Corporate Event Management Best Practices: 2018 Guide


Looking to build a corporate event management plan but not sure where to begin? Check out this article to learn the top best practices that lead to a strong corporate event management strategy. Standardize metrics across events - Establishing metrics isn’t always enough.

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The 5 Hottest Trends in Corporate Events [Video]


In this new video, we talk about the latest trends in corporate event planning. Check out our previous videos which have discussed: whether event planning is for you the questions event planners always get asked […]. Videos corporate events event trends trends vide

10 Terrific Themes for Corporate Events


Whether you’re planning business meetings, brainstorming sessions, galas, or teambuilding, the right theme will set the tone for corporate events. Here are 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing next time you’re the one picking the theme for your next corporate event: 1.

7 Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

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There are so many brilliant ways to engage team members during a corporate event. But how can the next event you organize be the best yet? Using these seven event ideas as inspiration, start jotting down your thoughts in a notebook as they come to you.

Corporate Event Planning Ideas: Amazing Social Spaces, Be Family-Friendly, and More

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Corporate event planning can be a daunting task, especially if it’s on top of your already jam-packed schedule. If corporate events are your thing, check out this week’s roundup of corporate event planning ideas for a few tips for organizing these kinds of occasions.

Video: How to Make Balloon Decor Work for Corporate Events


Long a favorite of social events, balloons can be appropriate decor at corporate events as well. Event Leadership Institute president

15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas


We’ve scoured the web for the most innovative corporate events ideas on the block. Be inspired and make your next event really stand out from the crowd. The post 15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Marketing Featured January Marketing corporate events event ideas ideas and inspiration

The Top Benefits of Corporate Events


George Taylor from LS4 Events examines the top benefits of running corporate events. The post The Top Benefits of Corporate Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. April Conference Event Management Event Marketing Event Planning Leadership / Management Marketing Membership/Association Operations / Logistics Owner Trade Show corporate events event-planning

Corporate Events as a Way of Increasing Employee Motivation


And, one of the simplest and the most powerful ways to do so is to organize corporate events. Here are several corporate event ideas you might find useful when it comes to your team. How do you use corporate events to boost your team’s morale?

Attendease: A Solid Event Management Platform for Busy Corporate Event Planners [Review]


Attendease is a cloud-based event management software and automation platform for corporate event teams running multiple events. The Attendease event management platform is an all in one tool to manage face-to-face and online events.

How to Organise Corporate Events


Running an corporate event is a great way to get started as a event planner. Kate Conway, Event Manger at Hyundai, explains how. The post How to Organise Corporate Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Management Event Marketing Event Planning Featured February Operations / Logistics Career corporate events event career event organiser How To

Corporate Events expand events team

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This month Corporate Events have welcomed Events Executive, Laura Bowles to their Wiltshire based team. The post Corporate Events expand events team appeared first on Event Industry News.

The Best Way To Organise Corporate Events

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Corporate events are a key part of the marketing process and can bring organisations many benefits including brand awareness, brand loyalty, increased revenue and media coverage. However to receive these benefits the corporate event planner has to ensure that their event is a success. The post The Best Way To Organise Corporate Events appeared first on Event Industry News.

3 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Event at Cirque du Soleil


Whether you want to treat your clients or plan a teambuilding activity, Cirque du Soleil offers unforgettable corporate V.I.P. experiences. Exclusive

50+ Meal Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event or Retreat


Corporate event planning can be extremely stressful logistically, especially when it comes to meal planning for the event. Trying to find food that is acceptable to everyone without being overly 'bland' or 'corporate' can feel impossible. But, fear not--we have gathered 50+ meal ideas to help you plan meals for your next corporate event or retreat that are not boring. Event Experience

8 Best Practices for Planning Corporate Events


Planning a corporate event brings its own challenges. Karen Shackman, Founder of Shackman Associates New York, shares top tips you need to keep in mind when planning your corporate event. Getting attendee input prior to planning your event will pay off considerably.

5 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Corporate Event Coordinator

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Whether you’re looking to fill an open event coordinator position, or you’re building your corporate events team for the first time, it takes quite the individual to make it in the events industry. 5 traits of a successful corporate event coordinator.