10 Trends in Corporate Events

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Offering the hottest trends to clients sets you apart from other event planners. Are you ready for the latest trends in corporate event planning? Here are a few ways you can incorporate them into your event events and event planning company.

6 Confessions of a Corporate Event Planner

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In this new series we present real-life confessions from people working in the event industry. As a corporate event planner within a large company, here is […]. The post 6 Confessions of a Corporate Event Planner by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

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The 5 Hottest Trends in Corporate Events [Video]

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In this new video, we talk about the latest trends in corporate event planning. Check out our previous videos which have discussed: whether event planning is for you the questions event planners always get asked […]. Videos corporate events event trends trends vide

8 Best Practices for Planning Corporate Events


Planning a corporate event brings its own challenges. Karen Shackman, Founder of Shackman Associates New York, shares top tips you need to keep in mind when planning your corporate event. Getting attendee input prior to planning your event will pay off considerably.

15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas


We’ve scoured the web for the most innovative corporate events ideas on the block. Be inspired and make your next event really stand out from the crowd. The post 15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Marketing Featured January Marketing corporate events event ideas ideas and inspiration

Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events: Mixed Reality, Innovations, and More


Sometimes your mind draws a blank when thinking up of entertainment ideas for corporate events. Or maybe adding some competition into your event will spark some life into the leaders in the crowd? Just make sure you avoid creating an event disaster.

Event Lighting Guide: How to Light up Your Corporate Event to Create Impact


Follow these 12 expert tips on event lighting to create real impact for your next product launch or corporate gathering. The post Event Lighting Guide: How to Light up Your Corporate Event to Create Impact appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

Designing Corporate Events With Sales Professionals in Mind

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We tend to focus on corporate marketing events in terms of their value to attendees and exhibitors, but there’s another important stakeholder group: a company’s sales team. How can you design an event that makes their jobs easier?

Sports anyone? 5 ways to build excitement at corporate events

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Sporting events are a huge draw. Yet, corporate event and conference planners rarely incorporate sports into their events. The majority of event planners are women. Sporting events may be off the radar for some of them. Sporting Events: 5 Ways to Play.

5 Great Catering Software Options for Corporate Events

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Doing all of this is much easier with the right catering software , especially if you are catering to the corporate world. In order to maintain your business while feeding these white collar eaters, here are five great catering software options for corporate events.

100 Pinterest Boards Every Eventprof Should Follow

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This is a bumper list of 100 must-follow Pinterest boards to inspire all event planners. There is something here for every event professional to appreciate, covering all event types, size, budgets and ideas! Pinterest is a great social media platform for events and […].


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In a world dominated by technology and social media it can be hard to pull millennials away from their screens and engage them at a corporate event. At Event Creative we strive to break the conception that corporate events are tedious and generic by organizing events that ‘wow’ guests and have them raving all about it in the office on Monday. Here are 5 ways to engage millennials at your next corporate event.

Corporate Event Planning Ideas: Event Wifi, Free Event Reports, and Event Trends [Einsteins’ Favorites]


Corporate event planning is set to explode this 2017. So to help you prepare for your coming events, we’ve collected a few articles for you. We have everything in our list from (free) event reports and books to read, to event trends and productivity tips.

How Facial Recognition Made This Event Check-In 5 Times Faster [Case Study]

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More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. Lines and queuing don’t create a great impression at your event entrance. The post How Facial Recognition Made This Event Check-In 5 Times Faster [Case Study] by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

The Ultimate Pinterest Strategy Guide For Events

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There are massive opportunities for event planners. The post The Ultimate Pinterest Strategy Guide For Events by Nick Borelli appeared first on [link]. Social Media corporate events marketing pinterest social media

28 Tips For Planning A Corporate Retreat

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Regardless of your budget, plan the best corporate retreat to find the perfect combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies. The post 28 Tips For Planning A Corporate Retreat by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

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Corporate Event Ideas: Adobe MAX to Comic-Con [Einstein’s Favorites]


Racking your brain for corporate event ideas? Get inspired by how Adobe runs its long running creative events to how Comic-Con is revolutionizing exhibitions. Learn the right way to hire an event marketer as well as peek into future careers in the events industry.

10 Best Ideas of the Week: a Doughnut Wall Twist, Hanging Lobster Traps, a Produce Photo Backdrop


This week's roundup includes a twist on the standard doughnut wall at a corporate event in Atlanta, hanging lobster traps

17 Refreshing Event Bars and Drink Service Areas

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Quench attendee thirst with some of these amazing event bars that will have attendees talking in no time! The post 17 Refreshing Event Bars and Drink Service Areas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

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Employee Events are Good for Business


EMPLOYEE EVENTS ARE GOOD FOR BUSINESS. Events serve many important functions when it comes to business. Trade shows produce leads, marketing events increase awareness and educational seminars ensure your team stays competitive. Events can restore morale.

The Top 8 Conferences Event Professionals Have to Attend

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I just love to travel, even if it’s for events or business trips. If you’re an event manager, wedding planner, or someone with a passion for the event industry, it’s time to get your flights booked and pack your bags! IMEX America isn’t a general event management exhibition.

Planning The Christmas Party: 18 Steps to Organising the Perfect Celebration


corporate events create, plan & manage events Christmas parties Christmas party theming venue findingThe job of planning the company Christmas party can often seem something of an unwelcome and scary prospect.

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Five reasons NOT to use a Conferences That Work meeting design

Conferences that Work

two meeting types and three situations when you should NOT use a Conferences That Work design: — Most corporate events. Many corporate events have a tight focus. Special events involve a mixture of entertainment, celebration, and raising money.

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How to Do Brand Activation at Events


If you need to generate leads for your business, brand activation at live events is one of the best ways to do it. The post How to Do Brand Activation at Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Marketing Event Planning Event Sponsorship Featured January Marketing Trade Show brand activation corporate events lead genLearn how to get started.

4 Event Mobile Apps to Increase Attendee Engagement

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What does this mean for event management? It means that mobile apps are the future of event planning and attendee interaction. Even now, event planners embrace mobile technology through livestreaming on social media , attendee tracking, event fundraising , and live data tracking.

The Best 2017 Event Trends You Need to Know

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Last year was a watershed moment for event planning. Traditional events rapidly gave way to experience planning as more event planners and organizers started recognizing that events need to be more than just a series of workshops and speakers. Event Tools will Flourish.

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Technology for Measuring Event ROI – #EventIcons Episode 27


Measuring and Managing Events with Technology – What technology are you currently using for measuring event ROI? As event planners, we need the ability to measure and manage events with ease and accuracy. Sh*t Event Planners Say – #EventIcons Episode 26.

Video Trends in Events: Mixed Reality, Camera Robots, and Projection Mapping


One event tech trend that’s gaining significant traction lately is video. We’ve discovered articles about record-breaking projection mapping, how to use immersive mixed reality in events, and the Grammys autonomous robotic cameras taking center stage.



Holiday events are here to stay – but who says they have to be during the winter holidays? 5 REASONS WHY A HALLOWEEN EVENT COULD BE A BENEFICIAL ALTERNATIVE TO YOUR TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY PARTY. Consider adding a costume contest to your event if your guests are the competitive type.

How to Make Thousands from Events as a Side Business or Hobby


Organising events as a side business can bring in significant profit and many other benefits besides, as these 8 success stories show. The post How to Make Thousands from Events as a Side Business or Hobby appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Entrepreneurship Featured February Meet The Organiser Small Business corporate events event ideas event-planning Launch an event New event Small business events

How To Boost Productivity With a 23-Minute Ritual, How To Find ANY Email Address, And The Secret For Headache-Free Scheduling [Einsteins’ Favorites]


There are two things every event planner needs: fresh ideas and everyday productivity. It’s normal for global companies to conduct their own marquee events every year. But this year, Google went to a whole new level for their developers on their Google I/O event.

Food for Thought

Canadian Special Events

They used their event, to bring awareness to a critical issue affecting Canadians. This is an example of a growing trend in corporate business events; using gatherings as opportunities to give back, create exposure and build philanthropy.

The New Generation of Photo Booths

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It’s no wonder photo booths are one of the all time most popular interactive entertainment at almost every event. Here are some of the coolest and most high tech models you can rent for your events. Our culture is currently obsessed with photos like never before.

CSE Partners with Paradigm on Event TV

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Canadian Special Events Magazine has partnered with Paradigm Events as the exclusive distributer for Event TV. I am so excited to be sharing venues, designations, tips and trends with the event industry. Click here to subscribe and view more Event TV episodes.

OneWest Events Gets Freaky For Winsport

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Calgary’s OneWest Events produced their version of a ‘Cirque’ show for Winsport’s Annual Legacy Gala. To give guests a one of a kind experience, the OneWest team took them back in time and recreated a vintage ‘freakshow’ circus enviroscape.

Event Planning Do’s and Don’ts: 10 Tips to to Avoid Name Badge Nightmares

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Mona is a project management professional with a load of love for event planning. She is contributing a column for us, sharing tips and tricks she has amassed during her years of planning business events in Europe and the US. Welcome to the field of event organizing !

Calgary Stampede Creates Rodeo Style Dinner Theatre

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They had three goals: a WOW event for their client; a Stampede experience for guests and to showcase the Agrium Western Event Centre , the only indoor rodeo arena in Canada. Design was handled by One West Events with production of load in/out and tech drawings by Production Canada.

From The Cold to The Fold: One Way Corporate Event Marketers Can Earn The CMO's Respect


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From The Cold to The Fold: One Way Corporate Event Marketers Can Earn The CMO's Respect


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Unconventional Conference Ideas to Make Your Programs POP

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Check out how this event plans to fire up their programming and grab a spark of inspiration for your own events. Use Event Technology to Your Advantage. Predictable locations are big contributors to the overall “sameness” of events and can lead to declining attendance.