The Ever-Changing Landscape of Meeting and Event Design


Designing meetings that connect and transform people requires clear thinking and an unwavering focus on human needs. Event Design collaboration DEI event design event tech events experience design hybrid events inclusion meeting design meetings neurodiversity

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Event design changes society

Conferences that Work

Event design may be more important than you think. I’m going to argue that event design changes society. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Event design changes society appeared first on Conferences That Work. Lab at The EVENT MPI, April 4-6, Montréal I’m excited to present my Participate! Lab at The EVENT, April 4-6, Montréal! Event design Alan Kay communication Marshall McLuhan society


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2021 Event Design Trends With Nick Borelli!

Endless Events

That’s right, Endless Events is back at it with the best content to help you navigate the 2021 landscape. Now that the new year has rolled in, event profs are eager to know the trends that will shape the months to come. Defining Event Design. New year, new trends!

2021 118

Event Design for live…

Event Industry News

A self-confessed ‘tech nerd’ at heart, Anthony Vade worked in AV and event production Down Under before moving to Canada in 2010, initially for more of the same.

Where Next For Event Design?


Event Planning Featured Opinion Thought Leadership

2022 83

4 Ways to Leverage Virtual Event Design to Increase Engagement


High production value — including quality event design — is incredibly important when it comes to matching live engagement online, which almost half of eventprofs struggle with when sourcing virtual tech. Virtual events have become more and more common amid worldwide […].

2020 164

35 Event Design Accounts We Love on Instagram

All Seated

When it comes to event design , even the most creative event planners can find themselves looking to broaden their ideas. And if you’re looking for even more event design inspiration, join us for the upcoming Pinterest in the Off Season webinar with Julianne Smith on November 16.

2022 39

Q&A on Fixing Broken Event Design


“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” Adam Judge, The Little Black Book of Design. Author, Event Design Handbook. What is event design? Event design is a nascent discipline.

2021 90

The creative event design tool that all #eventprofs should use

Conferences that Work

Here’s a powerful tool you can use to generate creative event designs. You can use this tool for every aspect of event design. Stylists working on the look and feel of an event often use it to stimulate fresh thinking about the venue, the décor, the lighting, the food and beverage, entertainment, and so on. Rarely, however, is this tool used to design events that creatively incorporate, illuminate, and support core desires and outcomes for the meeting.

2018 209

Everything You Need to Know About Event Design

The Planner's Lounge

Some planners are logistics-focused, others are planners/designers, and then some are event designers exclusively. You might be wondering what exactly an event designer does for their clients? What is the Main Job of an Event Designer?

2021 56

The 2018 Design Issue: Event Design Rebels


Event design can be staid and safe, with the same tropes repeated over and over again. Or it can be

2018 120

Getting Serious About Sustainable Event Design

Convene by PCMA

Event organizers can decide which of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals Decide which of those 17 goals are most within their reach to accomplish and aligned with the mission of their organizations. You are a business event designer.

The 2020 Event Design Trends That Will Define The New Year

Endless Events

The trends keep on coming, and today we’re tackling 2020 event design trends! Design is always one of the most exciting topics we cover on the show. And we can guarantee you that the conversation about the future of design in the industry will keep up that pace.

2020 94

Event design in 2019

Event Industry News

As technology maintains its seemingly unstoppable march and the millennial generation officially becomes the largest demographic at work, 2019 promises to deliver a year of transformation for event design, but also of opportunity. The third is often overlooked and it is by far the most relevant when we have conversations around event design for 2019. Event Sommeliers. This means we must start thinking like they do and understanding their event priorities.

2019 69

6 Things You Need to Know About Hybrid Event Design

Event Age by Swapcard

We've seen the events industry adapt to COVID-19, lockdown, the ban on gatherings and travel restrictions. One of the most prominent trends to come out of this crisis is hybrid events. 2020 is all about innovative solutions to unprecedented problems.

2020 143

Brand Experience can be Sustainable: 2Heads talk through the secrets to sustainable event design

Event Industry News

Your schedule of events needs to meet public consciousness and you want to make positive decisions in line with your CSR commitments. Creating events with a green conscious is all about steps. Bombardier asked 2Heads to push experiential boundaries for this key event.

30 Movies to Watch for Event Design Inspiration


Keep the creative juices flowing with a work-from-home lunch break that includes one of these movies boasting event inspiration

2020 146

Behavioral Science In Event Design: #EventIcons Episode 165

Endless Events

We’re about to get down to the nitty and gritty of behavioral science in event design! This topic will probably send every event professional into overdrive. At the end of the day, events are all about people. Events are about changing behaviors. As such, knowing these things can be a true game-changer when it comes to event design. And to help us dive deep into behavioral science in event design, today we welcome Nick Borelli.

2019 81

Event Designers Answer: What's Your Favorite Statement Decor Piece?


Designers and producers from throughout the U.S. and Canada share how they create eye-catching focal points for galas, weddings, corporate events, and more

2019 163

5 Event Design Trends From Award Season's Coolest Parties


Get inspired by the color schemes, floral decor, and other design trends that have emerged from the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Emmy Awards

2019 162

The 7 Elements of Beautiful Event Design

Eventbrite UK

The look and feel of your event can have a big impact on the experience of your attendees. Discover the seven core elements of beautiful event design. The post The 7 Elements of Beautiful Event Design appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Design Event Management Event Planning October design Event Design

Virtual Event Designs for Planning Inspo from Kristin Banta

All Seated

A year of virtual events and webinars has left many planners – and attendees! Instead, everyone is longing for fresh creative designs and environments that virtually take them to new locales and destinations. Out-of-this-world Virtual Event Design: Ramon Foundation.

2021 61

#EventCanvas: Taking Event Design To The Next Level – #EventIcons Episode 163

Endless Events

This week’s #EventIcons continues on the topic of event design. Last Wednesday we dove into design thinking and its impact on events. Now, as everyone knows, designing an event is stressful. Ruud is a Switzerland based entrepreneur, who has been an innovator and game changer in the Hospitality and Meetings & Events Industry since 1994. Their #EventCanvas has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we look at designing events.

2019 87

Event design ideas inspired by my visit to Art Basel 2022

The MICE Blog

In recent years I’ve developed an interest in art, architecture and design. Through site visits, interviews and conversations, I was able to familiarise myself with prominent names and works in the architecture and design world. Sustainable stand design by Expomobilia.

2022 52

#ThrowbackThursday: 12 Event Design Ideas from Past Summer Benefits


While this summer's philanthropic galas and balls were taken off the calendar, that doesn't mean we can't revel in the steal-worthy design ideas of past events

2020 113

7 best event floor plan software apps to create gorgeous event designs

Planning Pod

Summary: Learn about the top event floor plan software applications used by event professionals. Understand what to look for in these event design tools. Event floor plan designs have been a fact of life in the events industry for decades, and for a few good reasons. And event planners have used them to ensure proper spacing and flow at their events and make sure the event design and layout are perfect for the occasion and type of event.

2019 110

How to Shake Up Tradition With Innovative Event Design

Planning Pod

As an experienced event planner, you know that good gatherings and parties don’t just “come together.” The key elements of successful event design. Give people great stories to relay by making plenty of small, memorable moments throughout your event.

2020 92

Top Event Designers Are Creating Jaw-Dropping 'Quarantine Tables' From Items Around Their Homes


While live events are on hold due to COVID-19, Ed Libby started the #DreamersAlwaysDream Instagram challenge as a way to keep his skills sharp—and to reconnect with his love for design

2020 175

2019 Event Design Trends – #EventIcons Episode 143

Endless Events

As event profs it’s critical we stay on top of trends. From design and pop culture to global trends we are expected to know them all. These trends influence the events industry. Our clients expect us to stay current with trends and know how to implement them at their events when it comes to event design trends and so much more. . In todays episode we will be discussing all about event design trends.

2019 85

13 Event Design Ideas for a Roaring '20s Revival Theme


As we enter a new decade, here’s how you can take inspiration from that other '20s era

2020 114

Top 40 Event Designers 2017: Marc Hall


2017 117

A Look Back at Event Design Ideas From Winter Benefits


Get inspired by these ideas for decor, activities, and more from fund-raising events that took place this past season around North America

2020 111

The “Why” Is the Most Important Aspect Of Event Design

Maritz Global Events

There is a core truth that we may sometimes forget: people come to your events for their own reasons, not yours. Even if you have the latest and greatest bells and whistles, your event won’t reach its full potential if it fails to focus on the value to the individual and their “why.” ” Understanding “why” they want to come can help you design an experience that will get them there and keep them coming back year after year.

#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Steal-Worthy Event Design Ideas from the Met Gala


While fashion's biggest night of the year has been postponed due to COVID-19, we're still celebrating with a look back at 10 of the event's most steal-worthy event design moments over the years

2020 119

Top 40 Event Designers 2017: Tony Schubert


2017 110

6 Things You Need to Know About Hybrid Event Design

Event Age by Swapcard

We've seen the events industry adapt to COVID-19, lockdown, the ban on gatherings and travel restrictions. One of the most prominent trends to come out of this crisis is hybrid events. 2020 is all about innovative solutions to unprecedented problems.

2020 95

Event Design Lecture Series: Tech Trends on a Budget

Event Industry News

The last lecture in the University of Westminster’s second edition of the Event Design Lecture Series takes place on Monday 9 th December. His session for the Event Design Lecture Series keeps budget in mind while suggesting technologies that are affordable for most events.

2019 63

Top 50 Event Designers 2019: Jes Gordon


The New York-based Gordon on designing nonprofit events

2019 80

Top 50 Event Designers 2019: Melissa Andre


The Los Angeles-based designer on her ethereal design aesthetic

2019 80

Top 50 Event Designers 2019: Edgardo Zamora


The Los Angeles-based Zamora on designing his anniversary party

2019 80