The Meeting Planning Industry Needs a Lasting Strategy


On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with Christy Lamagna, Founder and Chief Strategist of Strategic Meetings and Events. Our discussion focuses on the need for the planning industry, and meeting professionals to be more strategic to insure long-term success.

Five Top Meeting Planning Trends for 2017


The new year has landed and its time again to explore the top meeting planning trends and considerations. Food and Beverage Trends. It is now easier than ever to brand beverages at events. We are not talking about a signature cocktail.

2017 130

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Eventinterface Launching Event and Meeting Planning Master Class


Many events and meetings are run by volunteers or people whose primary job is not planning events. Anyone who has been made responsible to plan a meeting, event or conference can benefit from this series. Event and Meeting Planning Master Class series presented by

Top trends in meeting planning by trend expert Daniel Levine


On this episode of event TALK we are speaking with Daniel Levine about trends in the meeting and event planning industry. We are speaking with Daniel about trends in the meetings and events industry. Top 3 trends every event and meeting planner should keep an eye on this year?

5 Ways New SMM Technology Simplifies and Improves Meeting Planning


Does it feel like you’re on meetings management hamster wheel with no end in sight? Meetings Management featured

8 Lessons 2016 Taught Us About Meeting Planning


Brexit Will Not Stop Innovative Meetings in London. Brexit will, eventually, have a substantial impact on European travel, but that’s not to say it will halt meetings there. Las Vegas Will Always be a Meetings Mecca and Will Always Be Reinventing.

2016 88

5 New Apps to Make Meeting Planning Tasks Easier

Connect Your Meetings

The post 5 New Apps to Make Meeting Planning Tasks Easier appeared first on Connect Association. Booking local talent just got a whole lot easier. GigTown is an app that helps you find and book local artists and bands. Post your event to the app and voila! Artists submit their interest, and you book your favorite. Building communities is priority No. 1 for Skoop , a communal app allowing event attendees to stay connected with each other year-round.

2016 75

5 Tips for Selecting Virtual Event & Meeting Planning Vendors and Platforms

Event Leadership Institute

Planners know the care and effort it takes to find the right vendors to support the design and execution of their face-to-face events and meetings. The process is no less critical when it comes to virtual events and meetings. Thoughts about how long the event or meeting will stay live.

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Podcast: Task Manager vs Strategic Planner: Using tech to streamline meeting planning

Event Industry News

Download this episode (right click and save) Joining the podcast this week are two guests with a collective knowledge of how technology can streamline the process of event and meeting planning.

Fostering a Winning Conference Culture

Velvet Chainsaw

I have been struck by the disparity in how an association’s organizational culture translates (or doesn’t translate) to the on-site implementation or planning of its live events. But when it gets to “go time,” does that culture manifest at your conferences and meetings?

[Webinar] Mission Critical: How One Association Transformed its Live Event to Virtual in Record Time

Velvet Chainsaw

The American Association of Suicidology’s annual meeting had been growing steadily in recent years. COVID-19 Uncategorized association best practices conference best practices meeting planning best practices virtual conference virtual event virtual meeting Webcast webinar

2020 195

Five-Step Framework for Effective Collaborative Design

Velvet Chainsaw

Your conference strategy should include a plan to inject fresh content or experiences each year as part of an ongoing improvement process. There are a million ways to make these improvement plans. Plan – Develop tactics to make this experience come alive.

2019 294

Time Capsules, Time Machines And Evolution Of Traditional Meeting Planners

Velvet Chainsaw

Is your annual meeting more like a time capsule or a time machine? Meeting Planning Evolves. Many conference organizers have spent their careers in the rhythms, beats and melodies of meeting planning.

2018 295

Virtual Events: Creating Content with a Wow Factor


Virtual Engagement Meetings and Events Virtual Events Virtual Meetings Event Planning meeting planning international time zonesLet’s keep it’s s been a long couple of months. The event industry is, to put it simply, different.

2020 67

Your Conference Content Has Magnetic Pull

Velvet Chainsaw

Content developed should help them design each day they attend your event, build anticipation, plan and prioritize, and, most importantly, grow their network. Content marketing has grown by leaps and bounds during the past five years.

The Essential Guide to Creating Safer In-Person Events


Is it safe to start thinking about planning live events again? Tips Industry Updates Virtual Engagement Meetings and Events Virtual Meetings Event Planning meeting planning virtual event

2020 76

5 Valuable Lessons Event Professionals Learned in 2019


Meeting and event professionals gained a ton of insights in 2019. The evolution of event spatial design is only just beginning as it moves meetings and events into the future. Crazy and Fulfilling: The Life of a Meeting and Event Manager.

2019 81

How to Master Virtual Event Time Zone Planning


Planning an international virtual event with live sessions in different time zones is a great example. Armed with these solutions, you'll become a time zone planning guru in no time flat. Have you ever thought something was simple and then, pow !

2020 67

From Virtual to Live: What is Microlearning and What Has It Taught Us?


Since the event industry was flipped upside down and turned virtual, we have had to change a lot of our ways, plan differently, and teach differently at our events. You may be scratching your head and wondering why I am talking about microlearning.

2020 67

How to Plan an LGBT-Friendly Meeting or Event


Much of the meeting and event planning industry only recently began evaluating its impact on the LGBT community. Even though you might assume that your meetings and events are free of LGBT influence, there’s always an effect.

2017 92

9 Things Every Meeting Planner Should Carry in their Toolkit


Just about anything can happen at a meeting—a broken shoe heel, contract confusion , a sudden headache or the dreaded dead phone battery. To help, we’ve created a handy list of things meeting planners should find useful. Meeting Planning Planner Professional meeting planning

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Your Big-Name Keynote Speaker is a No Show. So Now What?


Time is of the essence – so agree to meet back in one hour with updates. There may be negative fallout, so have a plan in place to address it at that meeting. Meeting Planning cancel emergency general session keynote speaker meeting planning

2020 56

Getting More Value from Conference Keynote Speakers

Velvet Chainsaw

Engaging – If a speaker doesn’t have a plan for chunking content and infusing audience participation, don’t hire them. According to PCMA Convene’s 25 th annual Meeting Market Survey, organizers invest 7 percent of a meeting’s direct expenses into speakers and entertainment.

How to Rock Meeting and Event Planning from Home


If this is you (or some version of you), read on because we are going to share some tips from industry professionals and work-from-home veterans on how to stay healthy while successfully managing event planning, work, life, and family, all while staying at home. Warning!

2020 72

7 Tips to Stop Attendee Churn in its Tracks


Keep “value” at the forefront of your planning process. Regardless of their response, you owe it to your members to look at other meeting options. Marketing Meeting Planning ASAE Annual Meeting attendee churn communication event design meeting planning registration retention

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Eco-Friendly Event Ideas

Master the Event

Planning An Event Tools & Resources eventprofs events going green Green green events Green meetings meetings planning sustainabliltyThe post Eco-Friendly Event Ideas appeared first on

2016 99

5 TED and TEDx Talks Every Meeting Planner Should Watch


There are countless best practices TED talks for general workplace improvements , but some are ideal for meeting planners’ particular pain points and needs. How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings, by David Grady. The power of meetings by Henric Ehrenblad.

2016 105

At Your Next Meeting, Take a Tea Break


The trend toward longer, more inspired breaks at meetings —30, 40 or even 60 minutes to refresh the mind and body—can encompass many activities, or none at all. But it’s a surefire way to make your meeting break rise above the ordinary.

2017 90

Best Virtual Event Advice from Industry Experts


Search the terms “Virtual Events” or “Virtual Event Planning” in your web browser and you might hit on some sage advice. Or, alternatively, you may end up with content from someone who’s never been involved with planning a virtual event. So, how do you trust what’s out there and more importantly, how can you cut through the clutter to find the best information on planning online events?

2020 52

Try Going Back to School for Your Next Meeting


More universities than ever are including conference hotels on their grounds to accommodate meetings of the mind in academic settings. Check out some of these properties and the opportunities they represent for creating smarter meetings. of meeting space, including J.

Take the Quiz: Which City is Best for Your Next Event?


There’s a fine art to planning an event. We’ll determine the best candidate so you can start planning ! appeared first on Smart Meetings. Meeting Planning meeting destinations meeting planning quiz

2017 73

Ask the Expert, Fall Edition has Arrived

Master the Event

Tools & Resources ask the expert Conferences eventplanning events eventtips meetings planning planning eventsThe post Ask the Expert, Fall Edition has Arrived appeared first on

2016 88

5 Benefits of Holding Events at Unique Venues


For planners, leaving a lasting impression on meeting participants isn’t always easy to do, though, and can require some important strategizing. Holding an event at an interesting museum , theater or sports facility offers a unique experience that makes for a very memorable meeting.

The 5 Busy Phases of Event Planning


Meeting and event planning is a highly stressful, fast-paced occupation. Incoming—you’ve got a meeting or an event to plan! Aren’t you glad you made a plan B? If you made a plan C, you’ll be even happier.

2017 83

7 Places to Experience a Glamping Adventure for your Next Meeting


If you are looking to change it up for your next meeting, glamping is the way to go. Here are seven places you can go glamping that offer beautiful meeting spaces and luxurious lodging options. Meeting Spaces: 13. Meeting Spaces: 13. Meeting Spaces: 9.

2017 90

8 Hot Event-Planning Buzzwords of 2017


Predictably, big trends impact all industries—including event planning. These are some of the hottest event-planning buzzwords of 2017. Virtual reality (VR) can be used during the course of event planning. Each year brings a new collection of buzzwords.

2017 90

27 Ways to Avoid Burnout for Event Professionals


In such a demanding industry, it’s important for meeting and event professionals to find new ways to destress and avoid burnout. It’s not a secret: event planning is a hard career. Kaylee Piper, Meeting and Event Coordinator.

2020 82

10 Best U.S. Cities for Business Travel


Finding a host city for a key meeting can be a geographic Rubik’s cube of schedules and locations that can seem impossible to solve. Meeting space: 4.2 Brown Convention Center’s red, white and blue nautical theme offers meeting professionals 1.2 Meeting space: 5 million sq.

Quiz: Are You Ready to Add CMP to Your Name?

Smart Meetings

appeared first on Smart Meetings. Meeting Planning certification cmp conference Events exam financial management hospitality meetings music licence agreement pcma Planners planning practice professional quiz test triviaMore: How to Prepare for the CMP Conclave. The post Quiz: Are You Ready to Add CMP to Your Name?

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Hacks for Growing Your Event Attendance [Podcast]


Cohesive Plan. Marketing Meeting Planning Attendance Building attendee experience attendee growth borelli driving attendance event marketing nick organizing principle rachel stephan

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