Meetings.2029: Envisioning Gatherings of the Future… Today

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We didn’t ask for predictions, but for aspirational visions of what could be possible in the year 2029. Are the meetings you are planning today different from the agendas you printed out five or 10 years ago? How much different will they be in another 10 years? If technology changes everything, will those innovations result in more productive engagements?

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Lessons from Upcoming Pivot Virtual Summit


Look down the road to 2029. What do you do when everything changes in the blink of a pandemic? Liz King Caruso , CEO of Liz King Events and Ignite, has a suggestion: Pivot. That is what she named the virtual summit she has planned for 10 days in June. The Pivot Virtual Summit is billed as a way of “visioning a new future for the events industry through self-care, innovation and community.”.

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