Reading Association Financial Statements


Our team is often helps volunteer association leaders understand their organization’s financial statements. The post Reading Association Financial Statements appeared first on Strauss event & association management.

Budget Financial Meetings: Doing More with Less


Meetings in the financial and insurance sector require outside-the-box thinking. The economy was humming along before the coronavirus hit, but even then the majority of meeting planners in the financial and insurance industries were keeping their budgets in neutral.


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What are the Financial Responsibilities of an Association Board?


Specifically, overseeing the financials can be a barrier to a fully engaged board. Some may feel uncomfortable reviewing financial information and providing the required oversight to the financial affairs of an association. Boost Your Association’s Financial Knowledge.

How to reach your financial goals through Gamification


The post How to reach your financial goals through Gamification appeared first on Economy as a Service Technology Uncategorized budget competitive financial goals gamification savings social money transparent

The 5 Secrets To Thriving in a Post-Pandemic World

Speaker: Kevin Tam, Sculpture Hospitality Consultant

This webinar is about creating the mindset necessary to navigate a post-pandemic world. The last year and a half of the pandemic has wounded all of us, mentally, emotionally and financially, especially being in one of the hardest hit industries. To thrive, we have to learn how to accept it, face it, deal with it and strategize around it.

Financial Meeting Planners Face Special Challenges During Crises


When the going gets tough, the tough cut costs—at least in the financial and insurance conference sector, where budgets often are more likely to come under the scrutiny of regulators. More : Budget Financial Meetings: Doing More with Less.

Why should you start a Financial Coaching Business for millennials?


population in 2020, up from 50% in 2014 thus opening up a new market for financial advisors. Financial coaches view generation Y as the clients for the future as there is a huge […]. The post Why should you start a Financial Coaching Business for millennials?

7 Considerations: Financial and Insurance Planners Plot the Return to Productive Meetings


The financial and insurance industry is based on relationships, and the more you can engage your clients, the more you can strengthen the relationship. The post 7 Considerations: Financial and Insurance Planners Plot the Return to Productive Meetings appeared first on Smart Meetings. Hybrid meetings may be the bridge to bringing corporate gatherings back. Not everyone is going to be comfortable attending a meeting in person just yet, or anytime soon.

Event Financials 101: Building a Budget and Pricing Your Event


Event planners are often in charge of their event’s finances — which can be overwhelming at first, especially for those who don’t have much experience with managing money! That said, having a firm grasp on your event finances also gives you a lot of power and freedom.

Why This Financial Summit Had Its Own Roller Coaster


A daylong conference about financial volatility doesn’t typically feel like a day at the beach. But that’s exactly the atmosphere

Financial Planning for Your Association Event | Q&A Guide


Event Technology event tech integration event manager event planning skills events financial plans association events

Creating a Financial Plan: 8 Tips for Your Association Event


Event Technology event tech integration guest post event manager corporate events event planning skills events financial plans association events awareness

Emirates returns record financial results ahead of coronavirus impact

Event Industry News

million) for a First-Class County in its annual financial report for the year ending 31 December 2019. Clearly, these are now tough times as the Club navigates its way through the current COVID-19 pandemic, but these results at least help relieve that financial burden.

8 Clues that Your Meeting Hotel Is—or Isn’t—Financially Strong


While meeting pros have contractual issues to consider (Read “ Can You Protect a Meeting if the Venue Goes Bankrupt? ”), there are also common-sense questions to ask and things you can do to check up on a hotel’s financial stability.

What Risk Factors Are Top of Mind for Association Event Organizers?

Velvet Chainsaw

Three primary risk categories are emerging as organizations weigh their options for major conferences in 2021: Mitigating financial risk. Mitigating Financial Risk. Financial predictions. Financial challenges continue to be at the forefront for many associations.

2021 266

How to Make Realistic Financial Projections for Your Event

Eventbrite UK

For owners of new events it can be incredibly challenging to make realistic financial projections. The post How to Make Realistic Financial Projections for Your Event appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Here's how to get started. August Event Management Featured Growth Leadership / Management Owner Small Business Ticket Sales Event Budget Event finance Event growth event-planning

Having a Heart for Financially-Challenged, International Attendees

PCMA Convene

For health-care professionals with limited financial resources, though, getting access to the latest research and insights can be challenging, so HRS decided to eliminate registration fees for self-paying attendees from countries that the World Bank classifies as lower- and lower-middle income. The Heart Rhythm Society’s scientific sessions get underway in San Francisco.

NEC Group strategy drives significant financial growth

Event Industry News

The NEC Group (“the group”), the Birmingham-based operator of five of the UK’s leading live events venues, has filed its second set of financial results since being acquired by LDC on 1 May 2015. The post NEC Group strategy drives significant financial growth appeared first on Event Industry News.

David Miles appointed as Chief Financial Officer at ExCeL London

Event Industry News

ExCeL London has announced the appointment of David Miles as Chief Financial Officer. His breadth of experience, as well as his solid financial accounting and audit experience, will support our plans to continue to grow, develop and create an even stronger business. David worked at Big 6 accounting firm BDO, for 21 years, 15 of which as an Audit and Advisory Partner, where he specialised in strategic consulting with high growth, entrepreneurially-led businesses.

Organizers Created a Custom Space for a Growing Financial Summit—and Then Fully Transformed It


Ashfield Meetings & Events announces 2016 financial results

Event Industry News

Ashfield Meetings & Events, a full-service global event management company that specialises in serving the healthcare sector and part of UDG Healthcare PLC, has announced its results for the financial year ending September 2016. The post Ashfield Meetings & Events announces 2016 financial results appeared first on Event Industry News.

The Leamington Assembly: yet another music venue closes due to financial concerns

Event Industry News

The Leamington Assembly has closed suddenly with bosses citing current rents and rates as the reason. This is yet another venue to add its name to the growing list of closures and follows reports: ‘ Are rising costs still strangling the UK music venue? ’ and ‘ Small venues struggle to survive amidst rising costs and building developments’. The owners, MJR Group, also stated that repairs and upkeep of the Grade-II listed building had made the venture unsustainable.

How to Verify Financial Need for Campers


Most camps these days offer some sort of scholarship or financial aid for campers who can’t afford your full fee to attend. What isn’t awesome, is the process you as the camp has to go through to verify financial need for campers. This post will give you a few tips to consider as you decide how to go about verifying financial need at your camp. If you ask for tax returns either to do a yes or no on a set amount of financial need, great.

5 tips for presenting financial information to company executives

Plan Your Meetings

And even more specifically, how to present at a financial meeting with executives. This one might go without saying,but going into a financial meeting with executives unprepared is a big no-no (regardless of how good you might be at speaking off the cuff). Nobody (even the most financial of chief financial officers) wants to look at slide after slide of spreadsheets. Communication strategies effective presentations financial presentations

Building a transparent economy for people in need


Economy as a Service Oveit Features Power to Community Technology Uncategorized cashless society digital tokens financial aid homeless people in need shelters transparent economyThere are as many as 500,000 people experiencing homelessness in America.

2020 88

May 23, 2017: Bombing at Ariana Grande Concert Kills 22, New Start-Up Offers Street-Food-Inspired Catering for Events, New York's Financial District Sees Influx of Movie Theaters


BOMBING AT ARIANA GRANDE CONCERT KILLS 22: An explosion at the entrance hall of the Manchester Arena has killed

2017 80

Keeping Your Teams and Attendees Engaged in Future Meetings


In the last Financial & Insurance Professionals (FICP) Chats, participants focused on innovative and creative techniques to keep themselves, their co-workers and their meeting attendees engaged and excited.

2020 102

Re-incorporating Sustainability into the Future of Meetings


While meetings professionals and the hospitality partners they work with have been understandably focused on the health and safety of event attendees since the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, both groups realize the continued importance of incorporating sustainability measures into those events, as well.

Investing for Associations: How to Handle Your Cash


As an association management company, we are interested in presenting our clients with smart financial options. They will be able to guide you with firsthand knowledge and listen to your specific needs and preferences, helping you achieve the financial goals of your association.

2021 52

Lessons for The Great Interruption from Destinations International


Destinations International ’s 2020 Virtual Annual Conference streamed over two days vividly illustrated the challenges and upside of the state of what the organization dubbed The Great Interruption—a pandemic , civil unrest , massive unemployment , a recession and a giant cloud of sand from the Sahara.

2020 98

The Future of Meetings Starts with Rebuilding Trust


Those steps, and others, will be necessary to both reduce risk and assure transient travelers and event groups that safety is everyone’s top priority, according to more than 300 participants in the first-ever virtual Financial & Insurance Professionals (FICP) Chats last week.

2020 101

The Future of Meetings Requires Flexibility and Collaboration


What this means, as discussed by more than 330 participants in last week’s Financial & Insurance Professionals (FICP) Chats, is that meetings professionals cannot solve for every potential scenario right now, and should not feel the undue stress associated with attempting to do so.

Many Questions Persist about the Future of Meetings


More than 400 participants in last week’s Financial & Insurance Professionals (FICP) Chats agreed this means that communication, flexibility and collaboration will remain the key to individuals, financial and insurance companies, and overall industry success.

2020 80

Advancing Virtual Elements in Future Meetings


Sixty percent of the 450+ participants in the August Financial & Insurance Professionals (FICP) Chats said at least 50 percent of their meetings and events through the end of 2020 will or have converted to fully virtual.

2020 79

Incorporating Virtual Elements in Future of Meetings


More than 250 participants in the May 21 Financial & Insurance Professionals (FICP) Chats agreed mastering virtual meeting tools will require new skills, flexibility and creativity from everyone involved–presenters and participants–and this education is just beginning.

2020 79

Meeting Profs Demonstrate Community and Resiliency on #MeetingsChat


In a Twitter chat hosted jointly by Financial and Insurance Conference Professionals ( FICP ) and Smart Meetings on Tuesday, participants highlighted the resiliency of meeting professionals and shared how the community is coming together during these tough times.

2020 72

Webinar: UBIT: How US Tax Rules Impact Virtual Exhibits and Sponsorships

PCMA Convene

Business of Events Digital Events Event Strategy & Design Financial Management Meeting or Event Design Strategic PlanningWhen the industry was forced to go completely virtual this year the existing tax regulations around hybrid events stayed firmly in place.

2020 52

Do You Have A Second Act in You?


Think about your upcoming retirement age—whatever that is for you—and start to look at financial numbers, most importantly, do you still need to work because of money, or can you start to focus on something that brings you joy even if there is little or no income involved in it?

2019 81

Quiz: Are You Ready to Add CMP to Your Name?

Smart Meetings

Meeting Planning certification cmp conference Events exam financial management hospitality meetings music licence agreement pcma Planners planning practice professional quiz test triviaMore: How to Prepare for the CMP Conclave. The post Quiz: Are You Ready to Add CMP to Your Name? appeared first on Smart Meetings.

2018 64

Tips for Supporting Gender Equality in the Meetings Industry


Strategy achivements bureau capabilities employees equality event experience female financial gap gender industry inequality labor male management meeting men pay planning presenters salary social societal statistics wage women

2020 74