The Top 11 Free Event Management Software

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Free things brighten anyone’s day, whether it’s the snacks stocked in the Capterra fridge or event management software. Here’s our list of the top free event management software out there: Free/Freemium Options. Data management. Data management. Data management.

Are You An #EventProf Micro Manager?

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“I am a micromanager,” said no event manager ever! The post Are You An #EventProf Micro Manager? Event Management Event Team management micro management micro manager team work

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Confessions From a Venue Event Manager

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I am a manager at a popular event venue, here is […]. The post Confessions From a Venue Event Manager by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Venues event venues venues confessions event venue manager

12 Ideas to Help Attendees Manage Information Overload at Events

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The post 12 Ideas to Help Attendees Manage Information Overload at Events by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. Protect your attendees from information overload, which can cause mental paralysis and lack of focus. Don’t allow too much of a good thing to ruin your event.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The need for early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches is driving the expansion of new and existing SIEM deployments

6 Event Management Tips for Every Event Planner

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This is a guest post from Sarah Hill, a professional blogger and creative content writer at Group Se7en Events , a leading event management and event planning agency in London. Keep reading for top event management tactics for every event planner out there.

15 Excel Tricks to Manage Your Event

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The post 15 Excel Tricks to Manage Your Event by Editorial Team appeared first on [link]. Microsoft Excel is a must for most event professionals, but do you REALLY know how to get the most out of it?

Design-Driven Project Management for Event Planners

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It’s time to embrace design-driven project management. The post Design-Driven Project Management for Event Planners by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. Meeting Design project management project manager meeting design

5 Tips for Envelope Management #Oscars

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The post 5 Tips for Envelope Management #Oscars by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. The Oscars 2017 will go down in history for the wrong coronation of the Best Picture award.

Eventtia: Event Management Software Committed to Better B2B Networking [Review]

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Eventtia event management software is designed for those who want to have full control over their events. The post Eventtia: Event Management Software Committed to Better B2B Networking [Review] by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

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6 Ways Event Planners Can Manage Payment Security Breaches


Poken: Manage Your Event 360° [Review]

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Poken offers a cloud-based event management platform, mobile apps and NFC products, primarily built to encourage richer experiences for attendees and stakeholders. The post Poken: Manage Your Event 360° [Review] by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

The Top 10 Books Every Event Manager Should Read

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While I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I noticed an advertised shirt that said “Event Manager: Because ‘miracle worker’ doesn’t sound professional on a résumé.” This list was curated out of the most frequently suggested event management books on Amazon and Goodreads.

How AI Chatbots Can Improve Event Management and Guest Experience


Case Study: Deploying Sciensio’s EventBot to improve and enhance a major industry trade show. In March of 2017, BizBash, a leading

Managing Bandwidth Costs

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The connection to the internet is not free,” said Michael Owen, managing partner for EventGenuity LLC , in “Managing Bandwidth Needs,” the latest video for The Intersection , presented by PCMA and PSAV.”Did ” Tips for Managing Bandwidth Needs.

Managing Risk, From Multiple Angles

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Listening to Guignard’s GloPro session in Paris was Stuart Ruff-Lyon, CMP, DES, vice president, events and education for the Risk Management Society. Pierre-Henri Guinard’s Tips for Managing Event Risk. Event Design Risk Management

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The Top 20 Most Popular Event Management Software

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Today, we launched a new infographic: The Top 20 Most Popular Event Management Software Solutions. Thankfully, Event Management Software has kept up with these trends, and there are many solutions out there to lend a hand for your next event.

Most Innovative Meetings 2016: #7 Marriott Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, and Event Management Conference


2016 57

8 Tips to Effective Email Management for Event Professionals


Below we’ve listed 8 tips on how to (re)gain control of your Inbox and to get effective email management. The post 8 Tips to Effective Email Management for Event Professionals appeared first on Endless Entertainment. Related posts: 4 Productivity Tools to Better-Manage Your Mondays.

10 Things that Event Managers Will Never Get Right


The post 10 Things that Event Managers Will Never Get Right appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Management Event Planning and Management Featured October Operations / Logistics #eventprofs event managers experiencesIt's a cliche that you can't please everyone, but when you're an event planner that can be a daily headache. Here are 10 things you'll just never get right!

MeetingHand: 365 Degree Event Management Software [Review]

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MeetingHand is an all-in-one event management platform. Increasingly online registration platforms are offering more features and evolving into 365 degree event management tools which offer much more than just selling event tickets.

Swoogo Event Management Software

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They watched existing products’ back-ends consistently fail to adapt to the changing needs of event managers, understanding the challenge legacy software providers face in modernizing the solution’s […]. The post Swoogo Event Management Software appeared first on Event Industry News.

10 Event Management Statistics and Facts You Need to Know in 2017 and Beyond

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Event managers are confronted with the same reality when making decisions for their future events. To help you stay in the know, I’ve compiled a list of ten important statistics that will help every event manager prepare for the rest of 2017 and into next year.

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etouches, One of the Best Event Management Softwares – #EventIcons Episode 56


bradlangley A good technology solution should help planners manage the miracles they pull off. bradlangley We market, manage, and measure your events. On today’s episode of #EventIcons, we are joined by Brad Langley, Vice President of Global Third Party Markets at etouches!

CATALYST® by Omnipress: Manage Event Abstracts and Content [Review]

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CATALYST® by Omnipress is an online abstract and speaker management system, to collect, manage and share valuable event content. It is easy for submitters, reviewers and administrators to use, making managing abstracts, […].

5 Venues That Need Event Management Software


Whether you don’t have a designated events space or just aren’t sure if investing in a software program will be worth it for your business, it can be hard to know where to begin when looking into event management software.

How an Event Automation Platform Helps You Avoid Event Management Issues


Event marketers are inevitably stretched for time, with never-ending To-Do lists and limited resources. Under these intense conditions, it’s no surprise that issues arise. Unfortunately, in the running of a successful event, there’s little margin for error.

Cvent, Eventbrite, or neither? An Event Management Software Showdown

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These two software options sit atop our list of the Top 20 Most Popular Event Management Software based on their number of customers, social media followers, users, and market score. Consider this comparison to be akin to the Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed matchup in event management software.

How To Set Up an Event Management Company from Home [Video]

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The post How To Set Up an Event Management Company from Home [Video] by Editorial Team appeared first on [link]. Did you know EventMB has a Youtube Channel? Here is the fifth video from our brand new series. Our first vlog discussed whether event planning is for you.

The Event Manager’s ‘Survival Kit’ Checklist


Through my job I’ve come across loads of Event Managers on events and I’m always intrigued (and surprised) by the random objects they pull out of nowhere that can literally save the day – a bit like Mary Poppins and her bottomless handbag! When something goes wrong, I’ve noticed how experienced Event Managers will just […]. create, plan & manage events event tools Event Manager Event Survivial Kit Checklist Events Management

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How Much Does Event Management Software Cost?

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You’re ready to trade in the excel spreadsheets, scribbled to-do lists, and room reservation Tetris for event management software. You want this: And definitely not this: Event Management Software Cost. Most event management software follows the pay-per-registrant model.

Meet The Team: Gather Training Managers


Check out this fun, behind-the-scenes interview at Gather HQ with our team of training managers to hear how they help make sure new Gather users are set up for success. The post Meet The Team: Gather Training Managers appeared first on Gather

Preventing Volunteer Management Burn-out


That's a lot of people for you to manage, even if you have an assistant or two. Volunteer ManagementLarge events can require hundreds or even thousands of volunteers if you want to do it up right (and of course, you do!). In a case like this, a little strategy goes a long way to prevent burn-out and avoid falling behind. Luckily, we live in the digital age, so today's event planners can take advantage of certain tools that weren't available to those pioneering planners.

Q+A with INBOUND's Senior PR Manager, Laura Moran

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We were lucky enough to chat with Laura Moran, who recently made the shift from working as a Media Relations Manager for HubSpot in general to focusing on PR for INBOUND specifically. HubSpot’s INBOUND doesn’t need much of an introduction.

What the Internet of Things Means for the Future of Event Management

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The Internet of Things provides a treasure trove of information for event managers and you may be surprised how prevalent the Internet of Things already is at your events. This is what the Internet of Things will mean for the future of event management. Automated Attendee Management.

The Waste Management Open, The Greatest Show on Grass – #EventIcons Episode 76


We are joined by two of the key powerhouses that help pull off the Waste Management Open (WM Open), also known as The Greatest Show on Grass. Join us as we delve into the behind-the-scenes happenings of this awesome event – The Waste Management Open.

The 3 Worst Habits Every Event Manager Should Avoid

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The best event managers plan ahead for problems. However, some event management habits lead to problems. These are the three habits every event manager should strive to avoid. In most industries, micromanaging is a sign of an insecure and weak manager.

The Top 10 Qualities of Successful Event Managers


Successful event managers are a unique mix of hard and soft skills that let them navigate complex, stressful projects and still deliver amazing experiences. The post The Top 10 Qualities of Successful Event Managers appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. December Event Management Featured Leadership / Management Operations / Logistics Productivity

Client Spotlight: St. Helen Parish Community and Church Membership Management Software


Read on to find out why streamlining their communication and centralizing their data via a church membership management software has helped St. Our whole setup was difficult to manage and track data. Today’s client spotlight post is shining the light on the parish community of St.

Bosses, Clients, and Co-workers…Oh My! 5 Ways To Manage Expectations

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Here are some tips to manage and maintain those high expectations from bosses, clients and co-workers. 5 Ways To Manage Expectations by Jeannie Power appeared first on [link Do you find yourself constantly creating “miracles” or stressing over unrealistic expectations?