Cvent’s Revamped Event Marketing and Management Platform [Review]


Cvent’s event marketing and management platform is getting a makeover designed to streamline and simplify the planning process. Cvent is rolling out what it is currently referring to as a “new experience” for users of its event management platform.

2021 124

The complete guide to event management software for corporate events


Finding the best event management software for your objectives. It’s now on event professionals to source event management software that’s capable of delivering the intended experiences for both in-person and online audiences.

2021 304

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Job Opportunity: Marketing Manager

Event Industry News

That courage, that conviction, that nous – EIN delivered on its big promises with a quality product delivered at quantum speed that convinced the market to contribute and to advertise – has led the Event Industry News’ team to a number of other successful launches.

Tips and Takeaways from the 20th Experiential Marketing Summit

Event Marketer

More than 30 brand-side experiential marketers took the stage at the 20 th annual Experiential Marketing Summit, April 27-29, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, presenting best practices on a range of topics, from hybrid strategies to career and mentorship to building multi-year campaign platforms.

2022 106

Dominate Your Local Market With These 4 Reputation Management Strategies

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Lindsay Harrison, and Erin O'Brien

Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers use local search and 88% use smartphones for those searches? With that in mind, I think it's safe to say your online presence is the silver bullet of your business. Think about the revenue you could be missing by not prioritizing local search optimization. Fortunately, there are a handful of steps you can take right now that will immediately impact your business's pace in local search, and we're happy to share them.

Meet a simplified solution to manage multiple events


After listening to dozens of organizations seeking the perfect event technology solution to manage their portfolio of events, we found out one thing: there is a gap in the market and no one is addressing this one simple concept.

2022 196

Top 5 features to look for in event management software


With so many changes happening to the meetings and events space, you might be on the hunt for event management software to help you adapt to new demands while you create and manage a large number of events. . Strong email marketing automation tools .

2021 195

Kind Snacks Promotes its Nutrition Philosophy with a Free Farmers Market

Event Marketer

The market offered a range of shareable moments, including a 360-degree video activation. 23-24 with a Secret Farmers Market experience in New York City. The not-so-secret farmers market was designed to be shareable.

2022 102

Job Opportunity: Marketing Project Manager

Event Industry News

Are you an experienced marketing project manager ready to create global marketing campaigns? WHAT YOU WILL DO: Own marketing projects and supervise processes. Develop, execute, measure, report, and check for quality parts of the marketing strategy.

2021 56

Case Study: How Hanapin Marketing Used Attendee Feedback to Increase Engagement & Retention


The event provides over 600 marketers with professional development and education related to paid search and advertising, and networking opportunities with the biggest and brightest in the industry. Hanapin Marketing. Hanapin Marketing is a leading US-based advertising agency.

2022 195

CMOs Pivot to Virtual Engagements to Drive Business in the COVID Economy

Speaker: Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads

Business as we know it is never going to be the same. Working from home has become the norm, conferences and meetings are going online, marketing budgets are being shifted, reduced or put on hold – it's time to adapt. Join this insightful and informative webinar with Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads, who will discuss how businesses can be resilient during these challenging times.

Why marketing managers secretly hate marketing conferences


Conferences, summits, meetups – marketing managers’ calendars are bursting at the seams with the mass of industry events. However, it’s hard to miss the impression that more and more often, marketing conferences are like a sad duty for the marketing managers. With the challenges in event management , often it’s the lack of the organizer’s knowledge on how to handle an event that caused that problem.

2018 60

Event Manager Podcast: Events as the Business of Inspiration


Episode #38 of the Event Manager Podcast focuses on the exciting world of destination marketing and features Stephanie Cheung, Director of Strategy & Insights at MarketID. Podcast virtual events destinations technology engaging attendees metaverse destination marketing NFTs

2022 125

6 Event Management Shortcuts Every Corporate Event Planner Should Know


A corporate event marketer’s purview often includes a wide spectrum of events across the enterprise, with assorted attendee profiles, scale and objectives. A repeatable, scalable event process is the holy grail for enterprise event managers.

2019 296

10 Traits of Highly Effective Event Marketing Managers

Eventbrite UK

The Event Marketing Manager arguably has one of the most important jobs in events. The post 10 Traits of Highly Effective Event Marketing Managers appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Marketing Event Promotion Featured Marketing November Productivity Adwords Analytics Event marketing manager SEO Ticket SalesHere are the qualities you'll need to succeed.

2016 126

A Master's Guide to B2B: How Listening to Your Customers Can Grow Your Business

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate

Improved marketing conversion, happy customers, and faster growth - that’s only three things that can be accomplished by just listening to your customers. Customer feedback is an extremely invaluable tool to keeping retention high, attracting new business, and improving the general operations of your business. The question is - how do you capture all this? Join Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate, for this essential discussion on the ins and outs of brokering the optimal customer interaction.

Experiential Events: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Endless Events

Events are one of the most powerful marketing tools because they center around an intentionally designed experience. It’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing. What Is Experiential Marketing? . That’s why it’s also known as engagement marketing.

2022 91

Five Ways to Land the Event Marketing Jobs of the Future

Event Marketer

Nearly a year and a half has passed since the pandemic irreparably altered the world of experiential marketing. Ready to flex those post-pandemic marketing chops? Embrace Integrated Marketing.

2021 111

Best Event Management Podcasts


Event management podcasts can certainly come in handy. Top 10 event management podcasts. While it has only been produced for a few years, during that time, guests such as the vice president of Eventbrite, the marketing director from Event Manager Blog, and Michelle Wyatt from CadmiumCD have spoken into the microphone. Conversations from this podcast are highly relevant today for all event managers.

Online Marketing and Advertising for Event Managers: A Practical Guide

Eventbrite UK

Learn how search engine marketing, display advertising, and retargeting campaigns can help you promote your event more effectively than traditional methods. The post Online Marketing and Advertising for Event Managers: A Practical Guide appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

Download 7 Exceptional Event Email Templates for Driving Attendee Engagement

Write winning event emails in minutes! Relying on decades of social science research and more recent behavioral data, we’ll show you the science-backed methods to creating a wildly successful event-marketing email campaign for almost any situation. Download the eBook today!

How to Communicate Effectively in Event Management


Being successful in event management is multifaceted, it is much more than just communicating with the people on your team as there are many pieces to the puzzle when pulling off an impeccable event. Knowing just how to speak and communicate with people well is a skill that takes time and practice, and it is one of the most useful traits in the realm of event management. Meetings Management Event Management Event Marketing

2018 149

Event Management Platforms: Technology and The Experience of Planning Events


Learn about the top event management platform that event planners are using to save time and effort when managing their meetings and events. The big challenge that no one is talking about is the experience of planning events and managing the complexity of these ever-growing event management software tools, not to mention the enormous amounts of valuable event data that gets consumed and generated. Difficult event management integrations. E.g. IT, Marketing, etc.

2018 231

Product Marketing Manager

All Seated

We are looking for a Product Marketing Manager to lead our outbound marketing activities. You should be familiar with various product marketing techniques, like email campaigns and pricing strategies. Work with design, engineering, and marketing teams to implement and build new product features that deliver great solutions for customers. Uncover new opportunities to expand our reach through co-marketing, partnerships, events, and more. Remote – US.

These Cause Marketing Activations Were Built to Align with Consumers’ Evolving Priorities

Event Marketer

And it can’t just be about optics—the young consumers driving cause marketing’s modern evolution are particularly adept at seeing through flowery language and empty promises. . More Cause Marketing Activations: Common Ground: Stand Together Talks Immigration On National Pop-Up Tour.

A Masterclass in Restaurant Digital Transformation

Speaker: Jay Coldren, Alex Barrow, and Greer Kimsey, Street Sense Team

Behaviorists say it takes 21 days to solidify a habit. 365 days of quarantine later, it's safe to say that our customers will be keeping some quarantine habits. At the center of these habits is the digital world: online ordering, advertising, booking, reviewing, etc. It will become essential for restaurants to create omni-channel experiences for customers, and to market them effectively. Join Jay Coldren and his team in this masterclass to learn the tactics for dominating the digital restaurant sphere.

The Top 11 Free Event Management Software

Capterra Event Management

Free things brighten anyone’s day, whether it’s the snacks stocked in the Capterra fridge or event management software. Here’s our list of the top free event management software out there: Free/Freemium Options. Data management. Event management on the EB Basic level is completely free. Data management. Whether you want to host offline native software or run your event management system online, Jolly Tech has you covered with its free edition of EventLeaf.

2017 130

How to Simplify Event Marketing (and Not Drown in Facebook Ads)

Picatic by Eventbrite

Save time and money with Eventbrite Boost If you’re an event creator who thinks about how to promote events, you’ve probably heard of Facebook Ads Manager. Even if digital marketing is your full-time gig, Ads Manager has a reputation for being complicated […].

2021 283

Master Email Event Marketing With These Expert Tips

Picatic by Eventbrite

You already know the basic principles of email marketing. Now, you want to take your event company to new degrees of success.

2020 308

Event Marketing Plan: Checklist


Event marketing is your lifesaver when you need to explain to the world why you haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep for the last few months. But it’s obviously not the only reason you should fall in love with event marketing. Event marketing isn’t only about a one-day show going viral. Successful event marketers start their journey by building a content strategy that covers a range of messages. Why do you need an event marketing plan? Marketing channel ?

Top 10 Hybrid Event Management Companies of 2022

SpotMe Blog

With the landscape of future events changing rapidly, hybrid event management companies are ensuring organizations keep pace with innovative designs and futuristic event strategies. What are Hybrid Event Management Companies? . Top 10 Hybrid Event Management Companies of 2022.

2022 141

Best Event Marketing Tools


Promotional tools for event marketing are powerful assistance for your event marketing. You are welcome to look them through and pick the most effective apps for your marketing needs from our top 12 marketing tools list. Reasons to use event marketing tools. Nowadays, marketing specialists need to learn about new tools, develop new skills, and adapt to a fast-changing environment. Top 12 best event marketing tools for 2019. GEVME Email Marketing.

Interview of a Digital Event Manager (DEM)


While many companies resort to software like zoom to have virtual conferences or meetings, how can one take an entire social group of thousands of people virtual, and how do you manage such an event? The second thing that Vishunu speaks about is managing people’s expectations.

2020 251

Marketing Tips to Help Your Theatre Event Stand Out

Eventbrite UK

The post Marketing Tips to Help Your Theatre Event Stand Out appeared first on Eventbrite UK. Event Management Event Planning Marketing Social Media Event Email Marketing Event Marketing event marketing ideas Social Media Event Marketing theatre

2022 78

Live from Chicago: Inside the 19th Annual Experiential Marketing Summit

Event Marketer

These were among the key themes that emerged during the 19 th annual Experiential Marketing Summit, Oct. The show opened with a fireside chat between Soo Young Kim, head of global programs and experiences at YouTube, and Jessica Heasley, group editor and publisher at Event Marketer.

12 Takeaways from the Spring and Summer Virtual Editions of the Experiential Marketing Summit

Event Marketer

Following a year marked by constant chaos and disruption, the experiential marketing industry came back strong in 2021. We’re talking, of course, about the 19th annual Experiential Marketing Summit. INTEGRATED MARKETING FTW.

Event Marketing on TikTok: 8 Must-Try Ideas

Social Tables

Event marketing on TikTok is no different. Whether you’re just getting started on TikTok or are brushing up on TikTok event marketing techniques, we have ideas for every skill level. Explore 8 actionable ways to take advantage of event marketing on TikTok: 1.

2022 124

Marketing Campaigns: 5 COVID-Friendly Options to Consider This Spring

Tigris Events

[…]. The post Marketing Campaigns: 5 COVID-Friendly Options to Consider This Spring appeared first on Leading the Canadian Industry in Dynamic Event Staffing & Experiential Marketing. Blog Event Management Event Marketing Event Marketing Agencies Marketing Campaign Marketing Event

2020 77

How Text Marketing Can Improve Event Management [Guest Post]


Texting is an ideal communication method for event management. It enables you to quickly and discretely send messages to attendees and staff when they can’t take a call, and also has a number of uses to organize and market your event as you plan it.

2020 72

How Can CIOs Implement Effective Change Management?

Management Events

Change management is inevitable in the era of digital transformation — at individual and enterprise levels. Over the past year, organizations across the globe experienced some form of change management out of necessity. Follow Management Events’ Clubhouse (@Managementev) today.

2021 52