Food and Beverage Trends for 2018

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Looking to the year ahead , we are all eagerly anticipating the new food and beverage trends that will emerge. There’s been an emphasis on the desire for experiential outings, whether in travel, food or shopping. As far as food and beverage, in 2018 there will be more businesses capitalizing on this, showing how food is made before it reaches the customer. The better the food, the better the Instagram photo? Food Walls.

Infographic: 11 Enticing Food and Beverage Trends for 2017

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Food and beverage is one of the most important variables in meeting and event planning. 6 Inventive Food Trends. In 2017, interesting new food and beverage pairings , from oysters and gin to sherry and fries, will emerge to compete with wine and cheese.

Convene TV: Food and Beverage Cost Challenges

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In this video, Michael Dominguez, CHSE, senior vice president of and chief sales officer for MGM Resorts International, outlines just how closely food costs and environmental impact are aligned. Food & Beverage TipsHow does a drought in China affect your bottom line?

Most Appetizing Food & Beverage Ideas of 2016

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The world of food and beverage is one that allows planners to get really creative. Let’s look back at some of the year’s best food and beverage ideas for events. 6 Brain Food Snacks that are Office-Friendly. Serving Up 2016 Food Trends.

20 Ways to Keep Costs Down At Your Next Food and Beverage Event

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A cost-effective food and beverage event takes hard work, attention to detail and careful planning, but it can be done. Choose reasonably priced beverages. The beverage industry is packed with affordable, high-quality beverage options.

Top Food Beverage Trends For 2017

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Selecting your food and beverage menu is one of the most important aspects of designing your event’s guest experience. They are expecting, or rather demanding, thoughtful, delicious gourmet food and savvy imaginative beverages at the events they attend.

10 Ways to Wow with Event Food Appeal


Food and beverage have long been a critical element in events. The post 10 Ways to Wow with Event Food Appeal by Québec City appeared first on [link]. Event Inspiration food foodies event food f&bThis is a sponsored post from Québec City Business Destination.

9 Nibble-Worthy Food Tours

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Columbus Food Adventures offers a wide variety of additional themed tours, including taco trucks, meat-lovers and dessert. The progressive meal takes guests to between three and five stops for food and drinks. The post 9 Nibble-Worthy Food Tours appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Dietary Expert Urges Group to Eat Real Foods

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“ Eat real foods ,” she said. She outlined three major benefits to eating real foods. “And never eat foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce—except quinoa.” The post Dietary Expert Urges Group to Eat Real Foods appeared first on Smart Meetings.

The FOMO-Inducing Highlights of the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen


While Food & Wine's mission is to present on-trend stories about food and beverage personalities, dining and imbibing hot spots

Does your Event Food and Beverage Pass the Boring Test? It’s More than Just the Menu


We have all been to the corporate party – serving good, and sometimes great food via passing, stations or small plates. Here are five things to think about to see if your event passes the Boring Food Test. The post Does your Event Food and Beverage Pass the Boring Test?

10 Food Festivals Bringing Flavor to 2017

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Food festivals deliver celebrity chefs, cooking demonstrations , and virtually unlimited food and beverage options to hordes of hungry attendees in cities across the United States. South Beach Food and Wine Festival: February 22–26, 2017.

3 Things Planners Need to Know About Food Allergies


Keeping your menus safe and inclusive for those with food allergies and sensitivities isn’t as overwhelming as it may at first appear. Food & Beverage

3 Easy Ways to Meet All Your Attendees’ Food Needs


How you can accommodate your attendees’ food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences with some proactive planning. Association Meetings Resources Food & Beverage Resources and Reports

10 Sweet Ideas to Reduce Food Waste and Food Miles at Your Events


Here's a menu of actions that can help you send a lot less good food to the landfill. Association Meetings Green Meetings/CSR Food & Beverage Corporate MeetingsHow much are you doing to incorporate sustainability into your F&B programs?

Feeding the Food Truck Frenzy in California

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Although the fast food chain is conveniently located all over the state, if you’re busy in meetings, wouldn’t it be way easier for the restaurant to set up shop at the convention center? Food trucks have become synonymous with California culture.

Bring the Latest in Food and Beverage Tech to Your Event with These Automated Offerings


Some of the latest tech can also make managing food and drink service at your next event easier, allowing attendees to enjoy their preferred snack or beverage without hiring substantial amounts of extra staff to make it happen.

Local Food Vendors in Washington, DC – 3 Ways to Discover Food for Your Next Event

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More often than not, food is the main attraction for event attendance. Click around, and embrace the food wormhole. . Our ever-growing database has 225+ food and beverage business owners from the DC and Baltimore metro areas.

Serve Brain Food at Your Next Event

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When the afternoon hits and we reach for that third, nay fourth cup of coffee , it’s easy to overlook the full impact of the foods we choose. Here are the best foods for reinforcing focus, memory, energy and an upbeat mood.

Airline Food: An Around-the-World Comparison


Food & Beverage Global EventsCheck out these meals served by 15 global airlines on their 2016 flights. Best bet: The dessert from Qantas! read more.

6 Brain Food Snacks That Are Office-Friendly

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Studies have shown that people tend to select healthier foods for themselves when purchasing them in advance, versus when selecting food they plan to immediately eat. Finding foods that accomplish all of the above aren’t as difficult as you might think.

U.S. Hotels Join Pilot Program to Prevent Food Waste

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Food production has the largest environmental footprint of any human activity, according to data from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 40 percent of food is wasted through the supply chain, including the hotel industry.

Best Food-Truck Catering for Your Next Event

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Food trucks are fun, convenient, serve delicious food at a fraction of the cost of a sit-down meal, and are a great addition to any event. Koi Fusion offers Korean food with a twist. Koi Fusion offers the option of a hosted truck event, where the host covers the cost; or, alternatively, an option where the guests pay for their own food. The post Best Food-Truck Catering for Your Next Event appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Getting to the Root of Food Waste

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That’s because Calgary participated in a Feeding the 5000 event, a global initiative to serve up meals made entirely from perfectly edible food that otherwise would have been sent to landfills, largely because it doesn’t meet aesthetic standards.

Battling — and Bottling — Potential Food Waste

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So the name they’ve given themselves — the Basement Chefs — seems to fit, especially when you consider their creative and “underground” approach to potential food waste. . ” CSR Event Venues F&B Food & Beverage

Play With Your Food. No, Really

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UNconventional was woven throughout the event, from the venue to programming to food, seating, and drinks,” said Dawn Norman, president of Normand Productions and treasurer of the Southwest & Pacific Chapter. Food & Beverage Room Set

Food trends for events - local, healthy and experiential


Meeting and event planners are now at the forefront of food and beverage trends, providing event attendees with unique gastronomical experiences. Today we share some of the top food and beverage trends shared by planners, venues and caterers around the country. Foods without anything artificial, clean eating based snacks such as jelly beans and gummy bears without artificial colors or dyes. Alternative beverages are hot.

Bespoke Food Symposium Tackles Tough Issues in Food

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In the meetings industry, many conversations about food and beverage center around food allergies , healthifying menus and working with your venue’s catering team to develop a delicious meal while staying on budget. Robert McKeown.

Color, Culture and Comfort Food Power F&B Trends for 2017

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Each year a new crop of buzzy ingredients and culinary novelties lands on food and beverage menus to tempt diners eager to try the hippest new dishes and drinks. The post Color, Culture and Comfort Food Power F&B Trends for 2017 appeared first on Smart Meetings.

2017 67

Break Foods that Boost Energy


For your next refreshment break, instead of the typical buffet of pastries, cookies, and cakes, try a balance of whole, colorful, fresh foods. Association Meetings Resources Food & Beverage Resources and ReportsThese will help keep your attendees focused, and productive—and they boost the immune system, and provide the body balanced nourishment for all-day energy. Consider these three tips when creating your break menu: read more.

Meeting Dietary Requests

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Food & Beverage Research Tips Trends

2016 71

Small Meetings: F&B Insights from a Supplier

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Food and beverage costs are increasingly taking a bigger slice of the meeting budget. Patrick Berwald, vice president of food and beverage for Benchmark Global Hospitality , offered some, ahem, food for thought about F&B for small meetings.

Your First Event: Planning Food + Drink Quantities


We’re here to show you how to get those little details and quantities right for the food and drink at your first event! Food Preparation. As an event planner you should always have food on hand especially if people will also be consuming alcoholic beverages at your event. Definitely serve buzzworthy food that will get people talking. Most importantly, never serve mediocre food that will leave a bad taste in your guests mouths…quite literally!

Visit San Jose Makes Adventurous Food a Star at Convention Center

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The team brought in three other Michelin-rated chefs from New York and Portugal to cook with chef-owner Jessica Carreira and chef David Costa for some 50 food writers and dignitaries. The post Visit San Jose Makes Adventurous Food a Star at Convention Center appeared first on Smart Meetings.

8 New Year’s Eve Drinks to Replace Champagne

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It is the go-to beverage for toasting the new year. Food & Beverage Meeting Planning alcohol alcoholic alternative apple beverage celebration champagne cider cocktails cognac drinks food gin holiday mocktails mojito new non party planning plans rum tequila year

Food trends for events – local, healthy and experiential


Meeting and event planners are now at the forefront of food and beverage trends, providing event attendees with unique gastronomical experiences. Today we share some of the top food and beverage trends shared by planners, venues and caterers around the country.

Dishing 2019’s Hot F&B Trends for Groups

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No big surprise, but hotels will double-down on bringing local culture to the ballrooms and conference centers, in everything from pop-up action stations and food trucks to curated experiences led by local chefs and producers. The Lakehouse at W Bellevue.

2019 95

What is Your Group’s Pizza Personality?

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Food & Beverage Meeting Planning chicago chicago-style deep deep dish dish F&B food food and beverage food and beverage trends foodie fruit fruits illinois neopolitan personality pizza pizza city pizzas roma roman sicilian style tavern vegetable vegetables west loop

5 Dessert Trends For a Decadent Delegate Experience


Trends & Event Ideas event venues venues food and beverage food desserts event food f&b event dessertsThis is a sponsored post written by Christophe Luzeux, Executive Chef with the Halifax Convention Centre.

PDQ F&B Success


(Pretty Darn Quick) The food and beverage industry isn’t easy. Do you want to know the secret to pretty, darn quick food and beverage success? Food & Beverage SuccessIt takes people who have experience and extensive knowledge. It’s easy! The quick answer is Caterease and here’s why: 1. Management & Reporting Great management is the cornerstone of making. The post PDQ F&B Success appeared first on Caterease.

4 Tips for Planning a Local, Affordable Menu

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You know how powerfully the food and beverage experience can shape the overall tone and success of a meeting. As attendees are seeking more unique and distinctive food experiences , below are my top recommendations for the most important elements to keep in mind when developing your next menu. Buying from suppliers in the area rather than shipping in packaged food helps lessen the carbon footprint of an event.

Protected: Female Culinary Leaders Take the Stage in Calgary

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To view it please enter your password below: Password: Destinations Event Design Food & Beverage Knowledge Hubs Places + SpacesThis content is password protected.

2017 83

7 Sweet and Savory Late-Night Hotel Snacks

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Related : 9 Nibble-Worthy Food Tours. The sun set hours ago, the clock keeps ticking and you’re still tapping away on the keyboard in your hotel room until the wee hours. Then, your stomach starts growling. The internal battle begins.