Three Core Conference Planning Tenets To Master And Skillfully Apply

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Does your conference committee practice organized abandonment and avoid no-bottom-line-mindsets? How are they at focusing on the purpose, goals and target market of the conference when making decisions? These three principles are vital to maintaining a healthy, strong conference.

When Your Conference Planning Process Eclipses Your Purpose

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When Conference Plans Land On Chutes. So many conference leaders, organizers and planning teams are obsessed with details, logistics and planning. Their plans actually obscure their conference’s vision. Putting The Planning Process Before The People.

Common, Yet Hazardous, Conference Planning Thinkholes That Inhibit Uniqueness

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Why do so many people rate the conference experience as stale, predictable and average at best? Why do conference leaders miss the mark at preparing their own unique DNA conference experience? We have lost our way to discovering our own conference DNA!

Avoid These Hazardous Conference Planning Thinkholes [Part 2]

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Just like potholes, conference planning thinkholes can be an expensive problem for your event. They can create some major cavities and damage to your participants’ conference experience. Defining Conference Planning Thinkholes.

10 Reasons Why Conference Planning Software is A Boon for Event Planners

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Conference planning is a no easy job. Event planning overall, for that matter, is a stressful job. There is a wide range of conference planning tools in the market that make life much easier for conference planners juggling 10 tasks at a time.

Conferences Can Foster And Reclaim Authentic Conversations, Deep Connections And Transformational Community

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As a conference organizer, you can seed your annual meeting with experiences that nurture authentic conversations, deep connections and community. You can design, structure and facilitate conference experiences that foster and reclaim meaningful dialogue in an age of digital disruptions.

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The Conference Owner’s Guide: From Conference Touchpoints To Journey Experiences Part 1

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Too often conference and meeting professionals assume that their role is best suited to planning and executing the conference. I get that from the education section or the conference technical teams.”. They own designing the conference customers experience journey.

Conferences Can Serve As Friendly Frontiers For The Insatiably Curious To Play

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Your conference could be a place for your customers to experience unrestricted curiosity and play. Curiosity and play are necessities you can’t afford to avoid at your conference. Creating Conference Spitball Shooting Participants.

Is Your Conferencing Treating Its Customers As Tourists Or Explorers?

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How does your conference treat its participants? Are your conference customers more like tourists? Seeking conference swag, amenity room drops, welcome bags and quick ideas? The Tourist Conference Experience. These conferences aim to top previous year’s events.

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What If Attendees Remember Nothing From Your Event?

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Ultimately, if there are no job improvements, then you, your company and the conference organizers have just experienced learning scrap. The Conference Copycat Critter: Quick Just Give Me The Highpoints So I Can Copy Them! Those copycat conference critters become victims of mimicry.

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Blow-The-Bugle-Awesome 21st Century Conferences Emulate These Core Beliefs

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Your conference-slip is showing! Well conference professionals, your conference-slip is showing. Six 21st Century Conference Core Beliefs. Here are six core conference beliefs we must begin to embrace to help our stakeholders succeed in the future.

What Participants Expect From 21st Century Conference Experiences

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Everything we take for granted about conferences, and planning them, faces disruption. Participants from all generations and cultures increasingly expect conferences to mirror their work and personal lives. Savvy conference organizers meet these disruptions head-on.

Learner- And User-Design Key To Next-Gen Audiences

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Wikipedia defines design as the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction (as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns). City planning?

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Creating The Highly Energized And Engaged Conference Participant

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Are 50%-80% of your conference attendees in your programming at any given time? One thing is certain, if your conference attendees are not fully engaged in the experience you provide, there is little, if any, chance that they will leave your event with any real ROI.

Designing 21st Century Conference Learning Experiences And Spaces

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Our conference learning spaces affect our audience. Then we can focus on changing our conference participants’ learning spaces with the right goal in mind—nurturing their learning. Are You Putting Lipstick On Outdated Conference Education Models And Calling It A Success?

Are We Creating The Wrong Type Of Conference Experiences?

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It’s as if Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s Experience Economy is just now hitting its stride—for conferences at least. The word is out: we’ve got to create conference experiences, not just conferences that feel like a patchwork quilt of our great grandmother’s dresses.

Our Increased Distrust Of Institutions And What It Means To Your Association, Conference

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Big business, conferences, education, government, medicine, membership associations, nonprofits, professional societies, religious organizations, trade organizations, etc. Yes, your conference and your membership organization are customary, standard institutions. “I’m done with !”.

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Embracing Otherness for Conference Uniqueness [Webinar]

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The future success of your conference will depend on changing your culture to be one of inclusiveness. Want to know more on how you can infuse your conference culture with Radical Hospitality? However, conference radical hospitality welcomes all people, just as they are.

The Conference Owner’s Guide To Customer Experience

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Who owns the overall experience that customers have at your conference? Who oversees and manages the conference customers’ journey? Or perhaps no one is considering the holistic experience of your conference customer? Do you know what your conference target market customer wants?

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En Route For Next-Gen Conference Audiences

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This is the first of two posts that are intended to be a helpful resource for conference organizers as they develop their attendee succession-plan strategy. Key Indicators For Most Conferences. The post En Route For Next-Gen Conference Audiences appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

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The Conference Big Idea Road Less Traveled That Harvests Success

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Most conferences are stuck in a rut! So how do you create a conference experience that is not like all the others? Start by considering one or more of these conference big ideas. They are the conference planning road less traveled that harvests success!

Mediocrity Is Your Biggest Conference Competitor

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Your real conference competition is not that event held six months after yours. Today’s technology driven, hyper-connected, instant gratification, real-time world puts you as a conference organizer in a difficult position. It runs smoothly as planned.

The Conference Owner’s Guide: Steps 2-5 To Transition From Conference Touchpoints To Journey Experiences

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Once you’ve observed the conference through the lens of your target customer and gained insights from conference data, you can move to the next steps. These steps are critical for you and your conference planning teams to embrace, enlist and employ.

Configurable and Personalized Conference Experiences

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The mass-personalization wave that is dramatically changing what and how we buy as consumers has application to conferences. Application to Conferences. In my opinion, the first item — individualizing a conference experience for every attendee — isn’t scalable today.

Why Your Conference Needs An Intrapreneur

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Are you making some changes to your annual conference? If you are, you need a conference intrapreneur! More than just one intrapreneur, you need a conference planning culture of intrapreneurship. Ultimately, you’ll want to develop a conference team of intrapreneurs.

20 Ways to Modernize an Annual Meeting – Part 1

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If you want to breathe new life into your conference, and increase relevance for next-generation attendees, start with this kill/change list. Conference Planning annual meeting changes conference improvement conference sacred cows

Your Conference Needs To Focus On Providing 4D Experiences

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Conferences need 4D experiences: deep learning, deep play, deep reflection and deep connections. Your conference needs more than the gimmick of 3D glasses. Too many of our conference experiences lack depth and authenticity.

Why Your Conference Should be Target-Audience Obsessed

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In order to design relevant education and networking experiences at our conferences, we need to be focused to the point of obsession with our target audience. Over the past 18 months, we’ve carefully scrubbed and analyzed the attendance of 20 major conferences.

Great Questions Define Great Conference Experiences

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It is much more effective to provide opportunities for conference participants to solve their own problems, then telling them how to solve it. Conference organizers automatically assume that if someone is attending their event, they expect the conference to help them solve their problems.

Creating A Customer-Centric Conference Strategy

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Established, successful conferences have leadership that are usually adept at incrementally improving their event each year. Conference organizers must focus on both their customers’ needs—their pain points and problems to solve—and their aspirations—their wants and professional goals.

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The 21st Century Meeting Professional: Act Strategically, Think Both Functionally And Strategically

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What’s the role of the 21st Century meeting and conference professional? Perform very straight forward, transactional, functional tasks related to the logistics of conferences, meetings and events. Conference Customers Demand More.

Event Planning Proposals. How Do You Handle Rejection?

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The post Event Planning Proposals. schema done Planning A Conference Planning An Event event planning proposals eventplanners eventplanningHow Do You Handle Rejection? appeared first on

A Cautionary Word From Research About Personalization

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Personalization—it seems to be the 2017 buzzword for nonprofit associations and conferences. Data and technology can help make your conference more configurable. Personalization of a conference experience is a much deeper and complex ambition than making it configurable.

Attract With Content; Keep Them With The Experience

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And your conference audience does. Technology Disrupts Traditional Content-Driven Conferences. So why should someone pay a registration fee, book a flight and hotel rooms, and take a couple of days off from their normal work to attend your conference?

Flourishing Conference Professionals Lead With Purpose

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As a conference organizer, how purpose-driven are you? Successful conference organizers are purpose-driven! They design conference experiences that become meaning-making opportunities for their participants. And they make their planning teams’ work important.

Becoming A Conference Possibilist And Foster Mind-Share Collaboration Event Experiences

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What is the breakthrough you most want to see happen in your conference in the next year? What do you imagine could be possible if you were truly collaborating with your conference planning team, leadership and volunteers? Become A Conference Possibilist!

These Conference Big Ideas Are Not For The Trendy Meeting Professional

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This list of conference big ideas just doesn’t belong to the traditional, average conference planning process. Big Conference Ideas On The Road Less Traveled Part 2. Forming Teams Of Conference Culture Mavens. They have a role and place at a conference.

The High-Impact Strategic Conference Revolution

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For too long we have settled for too little from our conferences and annual meetings. We have allowed our past planning procedures, our structures and outdated traditions to hinder and handicap our conference creativity, innovation and uniqueness. Let’s face it!

What Type Of Learning Experiences—Shallow, Advancement Or Deep–Are You Serving Customers?

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But most conference experiences have changed very little, if at all. So what type of conference education are you serving your customers—shallow learning, advancement learning or deep learning? What will it take to plan and provide deep learning approaches at your events?

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Four Personalization Strategies Conferences And Associations Can Adopt From Education

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Let’s separate reality from fiction regarding personalized conference experiences and personalized learning. Fact: Meeting professionals and conference vendors frequently confuse personalization with configurable conference experiences. So what is conference personalization?