How To Use Twitter Advertising To Get In Front Of Attendees

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Here is why Twitter Advertising is a great option to get extra bums on seats. The post How To Use Twitter Advertising To Get In Front Of Attendees by Michael Chidzey appeared first on [link]. Social Media advertisement analytics marketing social media twitter

How to Master Facebook Advertising and Sell More Tickets


By using Facebook Advertising effectively, you can really grow your ticket sales in no time. The post How to Master Facebook Advertising and Sell More Tickets appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Arts, Culture & Entertainment Britepaper Conference Consumer Event Promotion Family Featured Festival Food & Drink June Marketing Music Social Media Ticket Sales facebook advertising Sell More Tickets Social media

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Online Marketing and Advertising for Event Managers: A Practical Guide


Learn how search engine marketing, display advertising, and retargeting campaigns can help you promote your event more effectively than traditional methods. The post Online Marketing and Advertising for Event Managers: A Practical Guide appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

Advertising Week Europe announces European Roadshow

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Advertising Week Europe, the continent’s largest annual gathering of marketing and communication leaders, today announces the first details of its 2017 Roadshow series, which will visit four of Europe’s leading advertising, marketing, creative, and technology hubs.

Facebook Advertising: How to Create the Perfect Campaign Structure


The post Facebook Advertising: How to Create the Perfect Campaign Structure appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Marketing Event Promotion Featured July Marketing Social Media Ticket Sales facebook advertising paid social mediaThere are multiple elements you need to consider in order to create a successful Facebook ad campaign, with the campaign structure being one of these.

Why Event Branding Matters

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Business & Branding Advertising branding Canadian event planners canadian special events design MarketingWhat is it about planning an event that throws even the most confident entrepreneur right back to childhood fears? All of our insecurities tend to pop up. What if no one comes?

Why a 9-Foot-Tall Genie Predicted Straphangers' Vacation Plans


As part of a live tie-in to its “Found in Miami” advertising and marketing campaign, the Greater Miami Convention &

Event Marketing With Facebook Ads


That side is what makes the wheels of Facebook turn: the advertisements. This makes the system useful to both large events with huge advertising budgets and a small bar crawl with only a couple hundred to spend. Feed the Advertisement Machine!

4 Secrets to Boost Event Promotion

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Event promotion can come in the form of paid advertising, word-of-mouth, public relations, social media […]. This is a sponsored post written by Kristen Carvalho, Sr. Content and Social Media Manager at etouches. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts.

4 Best Practices for Successful Online Hotel Advertisements

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Hotel advertisements should be an important part of any hotel’s digital marketing plan. But, if you want to maximize your return on your investment, follow these four best practices for hotel advertisements. What’s your formula for great hotel advertisements?

Why Amazon Used Hair Dryers and Headbands to Advertise a New Show


5 Insider Tips Hoteliers Should Know Before You Advertise on Facebook

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Or, do you want to know insider tips before you advertise on Facebook? Instead of swinging in the dark, try out these five tips that can help you advertise on Facebook like a pro. Try to focus your efforts and really pick apart who you want to sell to when you advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Versus Snapchat for Events with Young Audiences


April Consumer Event Promotion Event Technology Featured Marketing Music Social Media Ticket Sales Advertising Event Marketing facebook Gen Z marketing Millennials snapchat Social media youthFacebook may be a behemoth, but can ephemeral messaging app Snapchat give event organisers a leading edge when connecting with a younger audience? The post Facebook Versus Snapchat for Events with Young Audiences appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

3 Experiential Events That Challenged Audience Thinking

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In an age where we’re bombarded by advertising, consumers have […].

Time to Retire Your Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsorship Levels

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Another challenge with most sponsorship-level models is that the majority of their activations aren’t true sponsorship at all — they’re promotion or advertising. The most effective sponsorships are all about the attendee — the fan, the sponsor’s target market.

Why Creating Targeted Facebook Ads Is Essential for Your Event


Arts, Culture & Entertainment Comedy Consumer Event Marketing Event Promotion Featured Festival Food & Drink July Marketing Music Social Media Ticket Sales facebook advertising paid social media social media tipsIn order to create Facebook ads that truly turn your online audience into actual ticket buyers, you need to set up highly targeted ad campaigns. Here's how. The post Why Creating Targeted Facebook Ads Is Essential for Your Event appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

Ninja Moves for Improved Conference Session Marketing

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Ultimately, they’re the ones that need to deliver a learning experience as advertised. How do you help presenters deliver on the content as advertised? Better session copy helps put butts in seats!

Google AdWords basics


Keywords are the conduit between what potential leads are searching for and your advertisements. As we can see, there are two search terms that aren’t relevant to Arlo, but may in fact display our advertisement. Keywords made easy.

Increasing Presentation Value


Whether it is pop-up advertisements, billboards we walk past or even the social interactions we have, everyone is trying to present their offering, opinion or idea to gain some reaction.

How to Make a Snapchat Geofilter for Your Event


Event Marketing Event Promotion Featured March Marketing Advertising branding geofilters snapchat social networksEver wondered how to reach Snapchat's 150 million daily users and spread your event's brand to this huge, active and engaged audience? Here's your guide. The post How to Make a Snapchat Geofilter for Your Event appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

Best Practices for the Perfect Trade Show Follow-Up Email by @QuickTapSurvey


Instead of sending an email that reads like an advertisement for your company, send an email that focuses on actions that a company can take that benefits that firm. However, you want to make sure the message is phrased in such a way that it appears to be advice—not advertising.

4 Event Metrics You Should be Tracking

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By calculating the cost to reach those same audiences with paid advertising, you'll be able to put a dollar figure to your event’s media reach. 
. This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm 's blog and was written by Courtenay Allen.

Exhibitor Priority Points System that Rewards Loyalty

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Be sure to allow multiple ways of accruing points — points per 10’ x 10’ booth and points for sponsorship, promotion, and/or advertising spend (e.g., Your Points System Should Influence Current Spend Decisions. Like any storefront business, exhibitor booth selection is heavily influence by three factors: location, location, location.

7 Top Tips To Attract More Attendees To Visit Your Exhibition Booth


Advertise Your Appearance Beforehand. Exhibition marketing offers a unique opportunity for businesses to gain face-to-face time with potential customers.

Case Study: How Can Planners Use Social Media to Leverage Events?

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Santana Innis: “I’d say my biggest advice for event planners, whether it’s a small meeting or a large trade show, is that your current iteration of your meeting or show is the largest advertising that you will ever do for your next show.

6 Effective Ways to Promote Your Event on LinkedIn by @dancarthy2


If it’s a company conference you’re arranging, then LinkedIn of all networks is the spot to be advertising it. Promoting your event on social media is a given. However, most planners have a tendency to just stick to prominent social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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How Event Pros Can Learn from Art Basel's Success

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Art Basel has managed to attract tens of thousands of attendees, and they’ve created stiff competition among the galleries, artists, and brands who hope to land an advertising or sponsorship slot.

Professional event organisers posted missing at many events

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You can’t walk down a street or pop into a shop without seeing various flyers, leaflets or notices advertising events. Everyone seems to be an event organiser these days.

Boost Event Attendance with Facebook Ads


advertising marketingA How-To Guide Continue reading on Eventgrid Blog ».

Replace “brain training” hype with something that works

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Driving home from the post office today, I finally heard one too many promotions for Lumosity brain training on my local NPR station.

How to Use Experiential Marketing to Reach Millennials (Hint: You're Overthinking It)

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As a millennial myself, I don't agree that we're unreachable, but I do agree with a basic tenant of the article: that millennials have conditioned ourselves to ignore traditional forms of advertising—even online ads—and experiential marketing can help break through the noise.

The Top 11 Free Event Management Software

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RSVPify may be geared towards weddings, as advertised on the main page, however it is easily adaptable to any type of event. Update 5/22/2017: This piece has been updated to reflect comments and new software options discovered since the article first went live.

What’s the best learning model for conference sessions?

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Conventional conferences assume a ready supply of experts to whom we listen while they cover the learning that has been advertised at their sessions.

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‘Gram it! 5 Way To Utilize Instagram at Your Next Event

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Yay for free advertising! With 300 million users each month Instagram is now larger than Twitter and keeps growing. The time is now to tap into the social media network that breathes life into the term “a picture is worth 1000 words.”. Promote your Hashtag.

Free Ways to Market Your Event Planning Business


Are you exploring ways to grow your event planning business but don’t yet have funds to pay for advertising? When most event planners think of marketing their event business , they think of expensive advertising they can’t afford. to advertise yourself.

How to Broaden the International Appeal of Your Event Planning Business


Your event planning business’ needs are bound to change when advertising to a global market, which is why you will need a talented, flexible team who can help you overcome any cultural and language barriers.

StreetTeam #EventTech of the week

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The platform enables event organisers to harness word-of-mouth marketing and reach fans on and offline where traditional and digital advertising alone cannot. We came across StreetTeam while doing some research for a client who is running a festival next year.

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Farmer of the Year: Melissa Spitz of DigitasLBi

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Events are particularly useful for us in the advertising industry not only because they allow for face-to-face time with our customers, they also give us the opportunity to interact with our partners. Event professionals are notorious for their incredibly hectic and often stressful schedules.

Tips For Planning an Event: Avoiding Last-Minute Registrations, Preparing for Event Problems, and More


AI is still on the scene in the form of chatbots, interactive advertising, and image recognition. It’s also a subtle but powerful way to advertise webinars and future discounts for your products. When planning an event, problems are unavoidable.

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How To Hypercharge Your Events (and Personal Brand) With Experiential Marketing

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“I’ve always taken my advertising budget and put it into building unique experiences,” Earle said in the video. “And by doing that, other people do the advertising and marketing for us, and it spreads like wildfire.”