The production line approach to meeting design

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I have always used the metaphor of a production line to explain the need for meeting design. The production line approach to Meeting Design. The post The production line approach to meeting design appeared first on Gallus Events.

How venues can support meeting design

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I was recently referred to a hotel in Barcelona as a “meeting design expert” I popped along and had a look at a good (if rather too traditional) meetig space. I met with a couple of their senior team and tried to get handle on their interest in meeting design.

Meeting Design: Trends, Technology and Tactics to Plan More Effective Events [Free Report]


Meeting Design is the next biggest thing in the event industry. Download our new report with new research into how event planners design their meetings and events. Meeting Design design free report report meeting design free resources

New Research Considers Human-Centered Meeting Design

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That observation is at the heart of a new study that Sperstad, program director of the meeting and event management degree at Madison College, is writing with Amanda Cecil, Ph.D., Meetings and events are the strongest way to influence someone, because 95 percent of communication is nonverbal.

Five reasons NOT to use a Conferences That Work meeting design

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I’ve been promoting the Conferences That Work meeting format for so long, that some people assume I think it’s the right choice for every meeting. two meeting types and three situations when you should NOT use a Conferences That Work design: — Most corporate events.

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16 Inevitable Ways To Make Event Attendees Happy


Meeting Design attendees event planning customer service EventProfs user experience meeting design event attendees attendee satisfactionAs event planners we strive to make our event attendees happy and make a long lasting impression.

12 Ideas to Help Attendees Manage Information Overload at Events


Meeting Design attendees meeting design information overloadProtect your attendees from information overload, which can cause mental paralysis and lack of focus. Don’t allow too much of a good thing to ruin your event. Here are a few ideas to keep that from happening.

Design-Driven Project Management for Event Planners


It’s time to embrace design-driven project management. The post Design-Driven Project Management for Event Planners by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. Meeting Design project management project manager meeting design

The Next Biggest Thing In Events


Meeting Design Event Design future meeting design next big thing trendsWhat’s the next biggest thing in the event industry? Hint, it may not be what you are thinking about. I get this question at every event, interview, webinar, guest post I participate in.

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Eventprofs Share: 4 Encompassing Trends in #EventDesign


Are you wondering what’s on the horizon for event and meeting design? Meeting Design design Event Design meeting designEvent professionals take a look at the future by applying their experiences and sharing their thoughts.

Can You Come to the Front Please?


Meeting Design conferences meeting design engagement Layout seating front row event problemsYou’ve heard it time and time again at a conference near you. Nobody wants to sit on the front row. Why is that and why it does not happen at other events? Picture this.

More, More and More: How The Event Industry Got it All Wrong


Meeting Design #eventtech choice event industry event marketing meeting design sponsorshipThe event industry is simply amazing. The constant strive for excellence and the obsession to be at the top of the game makes our environment unique.

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Architecting Your Event For Success. Better Experience = Better Events [Webinar]


Join us for this free webinar to learn how to better design your events for success. In today’s experience-driven world, engaging and motivating your meeting and incentive guests is essential. Meeting Design Event Design experience meeting design Webinar

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How to Navigate the Dreaded Design by Committee Event


Yet some organizations and clients insist upon a ‘design by committee’ approach, which possibly compromises your reputation. The post How to Navigate the Dreaded Design by Committee Event by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Meeting Design design meeting design design by committe

Event Trends Watch: The Largest Trends Database of 2018


Event Trends #eventtech event technology event marketing marketing trends event trends event venues venues destinations DMCs meeting design technology decor styling100+ event trends transforming the industry.

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10 Tips to Get Started With Event Design


Join us for this free webinar to learn more about event design and why it matters for your events. More and more people in the event industry are talking about the importance of event design. The post 10 Tips to Get Started With Event Design by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

How to Know if Gamification is Right For Your Event


Meeting Design attendees gamification engagement motivationThis is a sponsored post written by Grace Cheung, Marketing Coordinator at QuickMobile. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Gamification is big.

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25 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal


Ideas event planning EventProfs event ideas meeting design event sponsorship event branding corporate event planner corporate event corporate corporate event ideasBusiness environments need to be navigated differently so here’s some ideas for planning your next corporate event.

Finding a creative venue and what to look for

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Too many venues, especially hotels, are still designed and to house traditional conferences. If you want to run a creative conference, one that uses Meeting Design you have to find a venue that will really support your conference. Meeting Design Venues

Five Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Annual Conference

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As the understanding and awareness of how attendees learn and engage with content, as well as the importance of the design, venue, atmosphere and environment, event organisers should be open to asking for some specialised help. Innovation Meeting Design Uncategorized Venues

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16 Event Room Layouts That Scream Success


Event Management meeting design floor plans floor layout furniture rental chair rental wedding floorplan eventfloor plan

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Embracing the Dark Side of Event Planning


Meeting Design dark event planning event planningDeath and destruction don’t have to be bad things. Some crowds actively seek these thrills out, at least historically speaking. Take a look at the trend of “dark” event planning. It’s not a scary as you think. Or is it? Zombie runs.

12 Engagement and Presentation Ideas To Give Your Speakers


Ideas presentation video conferences meeting design engagement speakers keynote audience participation presentation formats role play ask me anything open space unconference

100 Virtually Free Event Planning Ideas


We have all worked on events with a great vision but no budget to match. Here are 100 ideas to help you create an amazing event that cost next to nothing when funds are limited. It can be hard not to be disheartened when you have a virtually non-existent event budget and still want to […].

101 Event Planning Ideas For Under $100


For limited budgets here are a variety of event planning ideas that you can accommodate for under $100. When the budget is running out, or you don’t have that much to begin with, low-cost ideas can be just what you need to ensure your event is a success or add some special touches.

17 things I learned running an online event

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As a firm believer of “meeting design” : the principle of texturising content to avoid it being stale and boring, we made sure we integrated meeting design into the programme. We chose a big, bright and well lit meeting room.

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6 Ways Coachella Is Redefining Concert Events


Meeting Design coachella concert concertsThink concerts are all the same from a hosting standpoint? Coachella Music and Arts Festival sets the bar high. Here’s how it’s redefining the concert space.

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Learn About Event Live Streaming, Event Influencers to Follow, and More


This list includes tips for event live streaming, managing event tech, content creation, and meeting design. Last year was the year was when live streaming really entered the mainstream.

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Who’s the Ken Bone of Your Event?


Event Trends #bonezone attendee engagement audience participation engagement Ken Bone meeting designKen Bone is unanimously the winner of the latest presidential debate. Do you have a Ken Bone in your event?

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Why Your Conference Should be Target-Audience Obsessed

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In order to design relevant education and networking experiences at our conferences, we need to be focused to the point of obsession with our target audience. The first heat map shows the percent of loyal attendees by region, who tend to go anywhere your meeting is being held.

30 Examples of Beautiful User Experience in Events


Meeting Design #eventprof Catering eventbranding eventcatering eventdecor events eventstyle eventwelcome userexperience UXA lot of elements go into every event and help to build the user experience. Here are 30 examples of great UX from real life events to inspire you.

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7 Steps to Align Face-to-Face Meetings with Organization Strategy


Because we’ve done it every year is not a good reason to run a meeting! The post 7 Steps to Align Face-to-Face Meetings with Organization Strategy by Eric Rozenberg appeared first on [link]. Now more than ever we need to get a greater return from our events.

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10 Conferences That Excel at Exclusive VIP Experiences


Meeting Design VIP vip experience exclusivity upgradesDo you want attendees to squeal like pre-teens at their first boy band concert? Then consider offering exclusive experiences and upgrades at your next event. Read on for examples you can apply to your events.

Try New Event Ideas For 2018: Create a Roadshow, Book Underrated Venues, Create a Unique Event Experience


Get Ready for the Top Meeting Trends in 2018. Meetings have always been more intimate affairs compared to events. But with recent trends focusing more towards personalization and customization, meetings are definitely getting a big tech upgrade this year.

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The five keys to great conference content

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3 Use meeting design to create the framework for great content. With these first two steps covered: bringing together the content expert and the programme expert, the next step was to add some meeting design. That’s Meeting Design.

Conference Programme Template

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Every programme should reflect the slight differences in the audience; those delivering the content; the physical space in which the meeting takes place; the budget, and a good few other aspects too! Add some meeting design. Designing the breakouts is definitely an art!

Professional event organisers posted missing at many events

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Festivals and outdoor Meeting Design Rallies and demonstrationsEveryone seems to be an event organiser these days. You can’t walk down a street or pop into a shop without seeing various flyers, leaflets or notices advertising events. Our industry has never been so buoyant.

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The Evolution of Apple Events


Meeting Design apple apple events marketing product launchApple is a household name and events are a massive part of their marketing strategy. Here are some key events they have hosted and how their approach has developed over the years, culminating in today’s special event.

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The UnExpo Experiment

Conferences that Work

Fun fact: the testing community often uses my term “peer conferences” for their get-togethers, due to a chat about meeting design I had with tester James Bach at the 2004 Amplifying Your Effectiveness conference.) Software testers are especially conscious of the processes they use in their work, so it’s not surprising that when they get together they experiment with meeting formats.

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Millennials: The Best Excuse For Running Awful Events


Meeting Design #proudeventprof events MillennialsEverybody is freaking out. The buzzword of the moment is scaring marketing and event professionals around the world. Who are Millennials? Should we be scared? Millennials are coming and they are going to take over the world.

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