The Business Centre Goes Live

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The Business Centre is a Wellington-based provider of services that offers; Direct business advice and support. Access to Business Coaches and a wide range of Industry Experts. Financial and Accountancy services that are affordable yet provide the relationship and support small businesses need to succeed. Channels to help small businesses advertise and promote offers to one another.

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Xero and SaaS

Arlo Training & Events Software

Recently Software as a Service (SaaS – see here for a great explanation of the term) in New Zealand got some fantastic validation with Xero , the online accounting application, releasing some fantastic sales figures, along with news that they’d successfully raised another $23million in funding. On a personal level we’re really happy with Xero’s success – they’ve been something of an inspiration to us, showing how successful software businesses can be built from New Zealand.

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A Guide to Serving F&B on the Exhibit Floor

PCMA Convene

During the Alzheimer’s Association 2009 International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease in Vienna, discarded cups became such a nuisance that AIM chose to ban F&B samples at all of its future shows. During the Alzheimer’s Association 2009 International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease in Vienna, one of the exhibitors served heavily garnished, nonalcoholic fruit drinks. “We

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Slowing Hotel Growth Could Be Worst in 10 Years

PCMA Convene

hotel industry is cooling off, data tracker STR forecasts, setting the stage for the lodging industry’s worst stretch since 2009. Wall Street Journal. Growth in the booming U.S. Wall Street Journal ). Read More. Industry Trends News Junkie

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Creating The Highly Energized And Engaged Conference Participant

Velvet Chainsaw

2009 ; Hidi & Baird, 1996 ; and Mitchell, 1993 ). Too often our conference programming fosters helpless patterns of attendee responses ( Dweck & Master, 2009 ). Are 50%-80% of your conference attendees in your programming at any given time? Or are they filling the hallways, hotel spa and lounge, local restaurants, coffee shops and bars conversing with others? Or are they visiting the local tourist attractions?

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zkipster: Custom Event Invitations with Style [Review]


Since launching in 2009, the Swiss company has grown to offer a fast, reliable, and secure suite […]. zkipster event management software has just launched new event invitation features to add to its current functionality. Here is our review. zkipster: What Is It? zkipster started when they created a guest list app for their own event. The post zkipster: Custom Event Invitations with Style [Review] by Becki Cross appeared first on [link].

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Ryans Cleaning: Working hard to keep venues litter free and in perfect condition

Event Industry News

Ryans Cleaning are event cleaning specialists with offices in Birmingham and Ireland and they have been cleaning Hyde Park since 2009. The company’s first gig at Hyde Park was none other than the 2009 British Summer Time Event and since then have worked a whole host of vibrant and diverse events. 2012 was an especially […]. The post Ryans Cleaning: Working hard to keep venues litter free and in perfect condition appeared first on Event Industry News.

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Monetizing Your Virtual Conference When Competing with Free

Velvet Chainsaw

The dynamics that we’re seeing impact conferences and their business models are very similar to the Freemium movement we experienced way back in 2009. If you’re inbox is anything like mine, you could spend a good portion of our day consuming webinars, virtual events and networking in Zoom or Facebook Messenger Happy Hours. We’re on content overload and it’s only going to get noisier as the pandemic lingers.

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SpotMe to open new office in New York City

Event Industry News

Image: New York, New York, United States – October 9, 2009: People walk past Noguchi’s Red Cube in front of the HSBC bank building in New York. This is the place, where the movement “Occupy Wall Street” starts again with spring occupation on July 13 of 2011 SpotMe, the leading technology and service provider of […]. The post SpotMe to open new office in New York City appeared first on Event Industry News. Editor's Choice Event Technology News

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DES Spotlight: Victoria Fanning

PCMA Convene

Victoria Fanning is a senior manager of online event production with MGMA and has been planning digital events since 2009, with a current focus on medical meetings. The DES Spotlight highlights a specific Digital Event Strategist graduate that has been transforming digital and hybrid events to benefit not only their organization, but also their audience.

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Renegotiating Live Event Agreements When All Parties Are Innocent Victims

Velvet Chainsaw

The previous low for occupancy was during the financial crisis in 2009 when occupancy was 55 percent. This is the third in a series of blogs posts, written collaboratively by our team, which uncover lessons learned in advising dozens of our clients on their events in the time of COVID-19. Although each situation has its own unique issues, we hope you find nuggets to help you with your disruption response and planning. The U.S.

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Event Technology Awards 2016 judge’s spotlight: Alex Barbero

Event Industry News

Passionate for consumer technology, Alex has been linked to the events industry since he was 18, in Grupo eventoplus since 2009. Joining the Event Technology Awards judging panel for 2016 is Alex Barbero – Technology Evangelist & Senior Sales Executive at Eventoplus. From 2012 he has combined his business with technological diffusion in the industry, […]. The post Event Technology Awards 2016 judge’s spotlight: Alex Barbero appeared first on Event Industry News.

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Warrington Wolves sign security contract with Showsec

Event Industry News

The crowd management and event security company has already worked at The Halliwell Jones Stadium since 2009, and has been the Wolves’ primary security supplier for much of that time. Showsec has signed a new two-year contract with Warrington Wolves to provide security services for all upcoming home games. However, this is the first time a permanent contract has been in place. The post Warrington Wolves sign security contract with Showsec appeared first on Event Industry News.

Which meeting design books should I buy?

Conferences that Work

I wrote Conferences That Work , published in 2009, because in 1992, after decades of convening and running traditional conferences, circumstances forced me to invent a new kind of meeting. Here are five meeting design books I especially recommend.

Royal College of Physicians achieves BDRC VenueVerdict Gold Standard Accreditation

Event Industry News

Having first achieved the prestigious accreditation in 2009, The RCP has once again achieved the gold standard for the VenueVerdict Event Planner Feedback module in 2016 after consistently providing customers with an exceptional experience when visiting […]. The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) today announces that the venue has been awarded BDRC’s VenueVerdict Gold Standard Accreditation.

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Casablanca Catering Hire

Event Industry News

Casablanca Catering Hire was formed in 2009 and is now one of London’s biggest and busiest catering hire companies. We have a very large stock of catering equipment from glasses to cutlery, crockery and linen. Our dishwasher is state of the art ensuring all our glasses and cutlery are delivered sparkling clean and table ready. […]. The post Casablanca Catering Hire appeared first on Event Industry News. Catering Directory

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WRG promotes Maddy Allen to management team

Event Industry News

Allen joined the agency as a project co-ordinator in 2009 and has worked her way through the ranks in production and client services. WRG has promoted Client Director Maddy Allen to its management team. This is the first senior placement made by Russ Lidstone since he joined WRG as CEO earlier this year. As Client […]. The post WRG promotes Maddy Allen to management team appeared first on Event Industry News. Brand Marketing

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The job you’ll be doing in the future hasn’t been invented yet

Conferences that Work

I decide to write a book about it, and in… 2009: I self-publish Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love. “The job you’ll be doing in the future hasn’t been invented yet. ” This is old news. The story of my professional life 1977: I earn a Ph.D. in applied elementary high-energy particle physics. Get a post-doc position and move to the United States. Work at major U.S. particle accelerators for a year. Leave academic research forever.

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New MD to spearhead event management firm’s UK expansion

Event Industry News

Stadium was formed in 2009 and provides traffic management, event services and training, as well as rental of security barriers, the hiring of stewards and SIA security staff for events.

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Apple’s App Store Policy for Event Apps


We’ve Been Riding Shotgun with Apple Since 2009. We’ve been riding shotgun with Apple since 2009, as the first native app developers in the event space. As mobile app developers, we understand that our products must work with another company’s technology and processes. So it’s just good business to recognize who is in the driver’s seat. It’s always been our strategy to stick with their policies and best practices, and to work on our client’s behalf to maintain compliance.

Event Tech Spotlight: DelegateManager

Event Industry News

Company name: DelegateManager Founded: 1 st January 2009 Web address: About: DelegateManager is a customisable event registration system, allowing event hosts to format their registration process and fields, all in their own branding. It offers a range of features, including customisation, email campaigning, on-site check-in, audience feedback capture, data exporting and host announcements.

Apple App Store Approval Updates


Core-apps has been one of Apple’s top developers since we started in 2009 and we know Apple’s guidelines very well. This notice is to make all of our current and future client’s aware of some information that is being circulated in the events industry by various mobile app developers regarding Apple’s app store. Many of these mobile app developers have been getting their apps rejected by Apple.

2009 60

The Unlikely Lads: The story behind Burberry’s “Dirty Great Scaffold”

Event Industry News

Artist Graham Hudson, 41 and Matt Bowler, 36, first met at MK Gallery in 2009 where Graham was commissioned to install his work titled ‘A Considerable Extension in Time and an Insignificant Extension in Space’ which consisted of a multi-levelled framework of scaffolding and pallets. Graham Hudson’s considerable extension in time and an insignificant extension in space, MK Gallery (2009). Graham Hudson and Matt Bowler in Milan (2009). Featured Image: Matt and Graham, 2018.

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Event Industry News

Becoming a Community Interest Company in 2009, we have been organising conferences, events, dinners, meetings, exhibitions and network events. We’re different. Unlike most event management companies, we are a not-for profit organisation. We look after more than 7500 delegates every year. Whether you plan a small event or a major conference, our team can handle it. We can take the strain of planning, logistics and on-the-day support.

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What You Need to Know about Apple’s New App Approval Rules


We started in 2009 and have produced thousands of apps. Have you heard the news? Apple has updated their app store regulations and many event apps are being rejected because they fail to meet the new guidelines. Apple’s new rules specifically target spam apps to keep them from filling up the app store. The additions they added to their rules ban “cookie cutter” or “template style” apps. Sometimes these are also referred to as “white label apps”.

How to implement participant-driven breakouts in Zoom — Part 2

Conferences that Work

Conferences That Work [2009] (Chapter 25, pages 260-265). Part 1 of this series of posts gave an overview of what’s involved in implementing participant-driven breakouts in Zoom. Read it before diving into this post! In this post (Part 2) I’ll cover most of Step #1 of the previous post: preparing for The Three Questions using Zoom breakout rooms. If necessary, get familiar with Zoom, including breakout room functions, before proceeding.

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What’s the Economic Impact of the Meetings Industry?

PCMA Convene

These are among the takeaways of “The Economic Significance of Meetings to the US Economy” report, which updates the 2009 report by the same name, from Oxford Economics, the Events Industry Council, and the Meetings Mean Business Coalition, released in February. Sacks compared the 2016 findings with data from 2009 when the report was first conducted. If we go back in time to 2009, there were experts that were foretelling the death of the meetings industry.

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Silent Conference

Event Industry News

Since 2009, we’ve been making a lot of noise in the conference industry, without making a sound. When we started, the concept of using headphones at a conference was barely feasible. Pioneering early event organisers were forced to choose between either expensive and complicated stage monitoring systems or domestic silent disco headphones with limited functionality.

Dave Beachnau Is Detroit’s Good Sport

Connect Your Meetings

An avid sports fan, Beachnau counts scoring the 2009 Final Four—at the height of Detroit’s financial problems—as his biggest accomplishment. Dave Beachnau is the Detroit Metro CVB’s new vice president of sales, marketing and sports. That’s about all you can say is new about the Motor City veteran. Beachnau has spent almost the last quarter-century promoting Detroit in various roles within the DMO.

Friends don’t let friends give away their content

Conferences that Work

As a result, this website is now the largest source of client inquiries for my consulting and facilitating services — something I would never have predicted when it went live in 2009. Friends don’t let friends give away their original content to third-party platforms. I’ve been saying this for years, but do people listen? No they don’t. Let me be clear, by all means share your content for free on any of the gazillion social media platforms available.

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Integra Planner launches new event management system for organisers

Event Industry News

The software was initially created to enable them to plan and organise Team London at the Various Voices London 2009 Festival. Two former event organisers, with over 40 years of event planning experience between them, have launched an event management system which takes the stress out of planning, organising and delivering successful events and “organises the organisers”. Integra Planner is the brainchild of Martin Brophy MBE and Chris Denning.

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Evolution Dome partners with Events in the Sky

Event Industry News

Operating in the UK since 2009, Events in the Sky is part of the global Dinner in the Sky Group with partners in 62 countries worldwide, creating extraordinary experiences by suspending a Sky Table 100ft in the air, using a mobile crane, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Image: Ravenswood wines invited bold wine lovers to take part in the UK’s first ever extreme wine tasting event – at an exclusive table suspended 200ft in the sky above London’s Jubilee Park.

2009 63

Restaurants That Are Now Open For Dine-In In New Mexico


opened in 2009, Restaurant Martin is located in Santa Fe’s Historic District in a beautifully restored house just a few blocks from the legendary Downtown Plaza.

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Event Management Platforms: Technology and The Experience of Planning Events


In 2009, having a website that could register attendees was really all you needed from your event management software. Learn about the top event management platform that event planners are using to save time and effort when managing their meetings and events. I remember the state of the meeting and events industry when we first started EventMobi about 10 years ago. Event apps were the new technology on the block for event planners.

Copper Canyon Grill


In 2009, the Copper Canyon Grill team realized the need — and opportunity — to start an “upscale casual” restaurant that served dishes all made from scratch and served in a fun atmosphere. The Copper Canyon Grill team has always offered private dining, but it wasn’t until they opened their Orlando location that they realized the real potential for events.

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Q&A with Tori Barnes on Advocating for Bold Action


automakers—and GM specifically—during the 2009 financial crisis. Name : Tori Emerson Barnes. Title : Executive Vice President for Public Affairs and Policy, U.S. Travel Association. Education : George Mason University, Miami University and Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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Embracing the Digital Opportunity

PCMA Convene

Victoria Fanning, CMP, DES, senior manager for online events with MGMA, the Medical Group Management Association, has worked in the digital meeting space, producing online content, since 2009. The last time there was a big move to digital, in 2009, meeting professionals had a lot of trepidation about the effect of virtual on face-to-face meetings, she said. “I

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Why Data Ethnography Matters

PCMA Convene

In 2009, tech ethnographer Tricia Wang spent some time in China, living with migrants, working alongside street vendors, and crashing at internet cafés. Without it, Wang argues, companies are basing important business decisions off incomplete data — like Nokia was in 2009. She was conducting research for Nokia, which at the time was the world’s largest cellphone company, when she discovered something that challenged the organization’s entire business model. “I

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Mike Dominguez’ Predictions for 2019

Smart Meetings

Since 2009, hotel room occupancy has increased steadily and is now breaking records with average occupancy at 65.5 “We have not been [here] before,” said MGM senior vice president of MGM Resorts International Mike Dominguez, in a recent Smart Meetings webinar , referring to the state of the hotel industry going into 2019. The hotel industry has seen consecutive record occupancy numbers over the last few years and it is projected to continue.

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5 Invitation Websites That are Cost-Effective and Easy to Use


Founded in 2009, Paperless Post is a design-driven online invitation company that partners with known fashion designers such as Kate Spade New York, Kelly Wearstler, and Oscar de la Renta. Not only can designing invitations be stressful, but they can also be expensive. With the resources listed below; you should be able to find a website that not only makes the process easier but also doesn’t break the bank.

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