The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Event Planning Business

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There are a million and one things to think about if you are considering starting your own event planning business. Whether it is a distant dream or almost a reality, here are 22 steps you need to take to set up a successful event management company.

Embracing the Dark Side of Event Planning

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Take a look at the trend of “dark” event planning. The post Embracing the Dark Side of Event Planning by Editorial Team appeared first on [link]. Meeting Design dark event planning event planningDeath and destruction don’t have to be bad things.

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18 Interview Questions for your Next Event Planning Job

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Don’t flounder in front of a new potential boss, instead brush up and get your dream job in event planning. The post 18 Interview Questions for your Next Event Planning Job by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

100 Virtually Free Event Planning Ideas

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We have all worked on events with a great vision but no budget to match. Here are 100 ideas to help you create an amazing event that cost next to nothing when funds are limited. The post 100 Virtually Free Event Planning Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

101 Event Planning Ideas For Under $100

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For limited budgets here are a variety of event planning ideas that you can accommodate for under $100. When the budget is running out, or you don’t have that much to begin with, low-cost ideas can be just what you need to ensure your event is a success or add some special touches.

The Client is Not Always Right: Confessions from an Event Planning Agency

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In this new series we present real-life confessions from people working in the event industry. As an account manager within an event planning agency, here is […]. These uncensored, frank insights tell it “like it really is”.

Event Planning In The Hotel Of The Future

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Fast forward to 2060 as we analyse how the changes in event technology will impact events and in particular, how they are planned. As one of the strongest drivers for change in the event industry, technology plays a prominent role in the planning and management of events.

14 Reasons Why Event Planning Steals People’s Hearts

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Event planning might not be every youngster’s first career choice but it can easily steal your heart and get the endorphins pumping. The post 14 Reasons Why Event Planning Steals People’s Hearts by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

6 Reasons Why Event Planning is the Worst Job on the Planet (and The Best)

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While this is nice to hear other people say, we all know that the event industry also has its downsides and that an event planner job isn’t perfect. The post 6 Reasons Why Event Planning is the Worst Job on the Planet (and The Best) by Kelli White appeared first on [link].

The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Event Planning

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From superstitions to platitudes, event planners hear all kinds of advice. The post The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Event Planning by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. Event Management advice EventProfs

6 Ways to Use Mind Maps in Event Planning

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Looking for a way to organize your events differently? The post 6 Ways to Use Mind Maps in Event Planning by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. How To Articles Event Design mind map mind mapping doodleWant a tool that plays to the visual person you are?

Because You’re Worth it. How To Charge More For Your Event Planning Services

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Are you struggling to make ends meet or do you need to increase fees in your event planning business because you haven’t done so in years? Securing clients is always the first challenge for an event […]. How To Articles tips fees rates event planning rates increase rates

12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Love Event Planning

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They say Hollywood is glamorous and we often see celebrities walking the red carpet and attending events but how much do they actually get involved in the planning side? The post 12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Love Event Planning by Editorial Team appeared first on [link].

Top 5 Event Planning Challenges.Solved


The best part of being an event planner can also be the worst. Tips for Event Planners StrategyThe variety, excitement and increasing responsibility of your job is what you love, but it also can keep you up at night.

Event Planning Proposals. How Do You Handle Rejection?

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The post Event Planning Proposals. schema done Planning A Conference Planning An Event event planning proposals eventplanners eventplanningHow Do You Handle Rejection? appeared first on

What is Event Planning?

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When you’re first deciding how to be an event planner there are many things you need to do. First, decide if event planning is right for you. Many newbies love the idea of planning events but they don’t ask themselves, “What is event planning?”.

Event Planning: The 6 Skills of Successful Event Planners [Video]

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In this new video, we talk about the six skills event planners need to be successful. What is the secret of successful event planners? Everyone can become a successful event professional. Videos event planning career event planner EventProfs event career skills

The 5 Busy Phases of Event Planning

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Meeting and event planning is a highly stressful, fast-paced occupation. Time frame: eight weeks prior to event. Incoming—you’ve got a meeting or an event to plan! Time frame: six to seven weeks prior to event. Time frame: four to six weeks prior to event.

Event Planning for Millennials


A few months ago, I shared this blog post about Event Planning – for millennials – on When it comes to events, there are simply things that work better for this audience. So, what do you need to know about planning events for millennials?

8 Hot Event-Planning Buzzwords of 2017

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Predictably, big trends impact all industries—including event planning. These are some of the hottest event-planning buzzwords of 2017. Virtual reality (VR) can be used during the course of event planning. Each year brings a new collection of buzzwords.

How Not to Get Fired From Your Event Planning Job

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A job in the event industry requires event planners to juggle a lot of plates. When you are first starting out in the event industry you might feel like you are just trying to keep your head above water.

5 Event Planning Magazines to Inspire Your Next Event

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The inspiration for your events can come from just about anywhere: event planning magazines, colleagues, other events, or social media. These event planning magazines, both digital and print, can help inspire your next big event idea. Event Marketer.

An Introduction to The Event Planning Cycle


Check out this infographic showing the typical event planning cycle - and lots of resources to help you with each stage! The post An Introduction to The Event Planning Cycle appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. At the Event Event Management Event Planning Event Planning and Management Event Promotion Featured Free Resources Infographic July Post Event event planning cycle

SXSW Without Uber And Lyft Is a Lesson In Event Planning

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Imagine a monster event that takes place in multiple locations around a big city but not enough transport to get attendees from place-to-place. The post SXSW Without Uber And Lyft Is a Lesson In Event Planning by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

What Stranger Things and Event Planning Have in Common

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For event planners, you may be surprised to learn that planning an event has more in common with the Netflix hit Stranger Things than you might think… Netflix has been on a roll recently with its popular original TV shows […].

5 Digital Event Planning Problem Solvers

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As meeting planners increasingly rely on technology to coordinate conferences and events , new solutions and tools are essential to optimizing every step of the planning process. The post 5 Digital Event Planning Problem Solvers appeared first on Smart Meetings.

6 event planning mistakes that will destroy your budget

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Yet, many organizations continue to make event planning mistakes that explode their budgets. Here are six common event planning mistakes that can negatively impact your budgets…and tips on how to avoid them. Solution: Contact event planners, facilitators and hotels early.

11 Things about Event Planning I Learned from New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week is an event to behold and offers a number of great ideas and tips for event planners. Here, the event is secondary to what’s going on behind the scenes and in the audience. Event Management Event Design event management fashion week new york nyfw takeaways

5 Steps to Perfect International Event Planning

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International event planning outside your home country is highly likely to take you outside of your comfort zone. So, let’s say you are tasked with planning a small conference in a foreign country perhaps on another continent. Better events, less stress.

10 Step Event Planning Business Plan

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Business advice and creating an event planning business plan can be booooring, and IMO you want to create a business so you’re having fun. If a traditional event planning business plan works for you, great – go balls out and get ‘er done.

Event Planning Inspiration from Coachella 2017

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Considering the festival’s consistent and major success, event planners can take a few tips from its many unique event ideas. Neon Carnival was sponsored by Levi’s and Tequila Don Julio, and conceived by event producer Brent Bolthouse.

Time-Saving Tech Tools For Event Planning – #EventIcons Episode 73


Event planners have a lot going on. Will Curran of Endless Events ( @itswillcurran ). Ingo (Event Growth Software). Eventuosity (Event Management Made Easy). Event Tech Tribe. Often, you find yourself feeling like you are running against the clock. But fear not!

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What Navy SEAL Training Can Teach You About Event Planning


If you Google “the most stressful jobs in the world” you’ll find event planning in the top five. It’s no secret that this is a hard job, and we often look to other event organizers and business gurus for motivation and advice. Before the Event.

10 Roller Coaster Emotions of Event Planning


Events can be full of ups and downs, highs and lows; and we bet you'll recognise these 10 roller coaster emotions of event planning. The post 10 Roller Coaster Emotions of Event Planning appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Management Event Planning Featured Infographic October #eventprofs emotions

13 Event Planning Tools to Make You More Efficient


"Work smarter, not harder" and get more done, more efficiently with these brilliant event planning tools that will boost your productivity. The post 13 Event Planning Tools to Make You More Efficient appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Content / Production Customer Service Design Entrepreneurship Event Planning Event Technology Freelance IT / Technology Leadership / Management Marketing November Operations / Logistics Owner Productivity email Technology Tools

Event Planning – the Worst and Best Job in the World [Video]

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Our first vlog discussed whether event planning is for you. The second video shared the questions event planners always get asked. The third one disclosed the reasons why people really attend events. The fourth revealed the secret formula to event swag.

5 event planning traditions that will always be in style

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Are you interested in educating yourself on some of the best traditions in event planning so that you can improve your approach? A lot of event planners have their own style, but sticking to a proven formula is a good recipe for success. Plan the event socially.

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7 Easy Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning

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Thanks to video streaming services , companies can achieve virtual event planning without geographical constraints. Virtual events can be a standalone venture or accompany a live event. Are they more inclined to partake in virtual event planning?

Hidden Event Planning Fees – 20 Items that Planners Forget to Budget

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Your budget needs to be catered to from the beginning of an event to the end. Planners need to account for everything possible within the initial budget so that the starting point is representative of how the event is tracking financially. How Hidden Event Planning Fees Occur?

4 Major Event-Planning Lessons from the Fyre Festival Disaster

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However, the event was abruptly cancelled at the last minute—after guests had already traveled to the festival site, which just happened to be a remote island in the Bahamas with one small airport. However, at least some valuable event-planning lessons have emerged from the rubble.