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Fostering a Winning Conference Culture

Velvet Chainsaw

I have been struck by the disparity in how an association’s organizational culture translates (or doesn’t translate) to the on-site implementation or planning of its live events. There are many associations that tout their open and supportive cultures.

Leverage Technology to Drive Event Sponsorship Revenue


Traditional sponsorships—placing company logos and messages on banners, window clings, signage, badge stock, and lanyards or underwriting lounges, meals, and parties—differ in many ways from technology-based event sponsorship opportunities.

#SaveMezzanine and Why Independents Matter

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Last year, Eventbrite helped 795,000 creators host nearly 4 million events across the globe—meaningful and shared experiences that enriched relationships and cultivated a sense of community.

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I am the second sort of escapologist

Conferences that Work

I am the second sort of escapologist. “I read once that the first time they put an escapologist in a tank of water, he or she will have one of two reactions, and which one determines the course of their life. The first sort of escapologist is an ordinary person who has come to the trade organically, by whatever curious sequence of opportunity and happenstance—and that sort will panic.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Is Your Marketing Data Missing Your Most Powerful Data Set?


Interactions with prospects and customers before, during, and after an event don’t just offer a chance for engagement, but also a unique opportunity to further customize your follow-up, communications, and their next event experience, which in turn helps accelerate impact, velocity, and conversion.

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8 Reasons the Summer Solstice Is Event Planners’ Favorite Holiday

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Between venue visits, sponsorship outreach, and catering tastings, there never seems to be enough hours in a day for event planners. But the longest day of the year — the summer solstice — is almost upon us.

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Ticket Tailor: More Control Over Event Ticketing [Review]


Ticket Tailor is an online ticketing platform that focuses on delivering “low fees and no fuss.” It’s designed for event planners who are disenchanted with paying high ticket fees and for those who simply want more control over their events. Here is our review: Ticket Tailor: What Is It?

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Welcome Phil Graham, New VP of Customer Success and Partnerships


I'm excited to share that Phil Graham is coming onboard as our new Vice President of Customer Success and Partnerships! At Hubb, we pride ourselves on delivering a stellar customer experience and Phil will be tasked with ensuring that we remain committed to that mission. Hubb news

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The Advent Of Meeting Automation For Events

Endless Events

Turn your mics on, it’s time to explore meeting automation for events! We live in the golden age of automation. There’s a lot of discussion going on about this issue.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Ridesharing Trends & Statistics: Why Millennials Love Lyft for Events

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Every generation had its signature mode of transportation. In the ’70s, hitchhiking symbolized freedom. The ’80s heralded conspicuous status in the form of Porsches and Beamers. And in the early aughts, the first wave of hybrid vehicles arrived, as the focus shifted to environmental awareness.

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7 Experiential Activities on a Low Budget


Event Planning

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10 Daily Habits to Help You Increase Productivity


Is your daily routine leaving you tired and burnt out? Do you find it hard to build up the energy to get even the smallest tasks done? Well, you’re not alone.

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How to Reduce Risk at Your Event Using Volunteers


No matter how much you prepare for your event, the unexpected always happens. But by providing safety procedures, well-trained volunteers, emergency planning, and direct communication, you'll easily reduce risk of an emergency. So, here are five ways to reduce risk at your event using volunteers: 1.

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Unique Photo Experience That Drives Engagement at Events (Sponsored)


Forget the traditional photo booth setup that you have seen time and again. Photoboxx creates user-generated content, boosts engagement on social media channels, drives on-site engagement at the event, and creates branded content to be used for future

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How to Boost to Attendee Engagement with an Event App


As an event planner, you know that attendee experience is key to the success of your events. In addition to meeting business goals, your focus should be on ensuring attendees have the best experience possible.

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Making the F&B Experience a Theatrical Event

PCMA Convene

The Holy Charcuterie – It’s Raining Meat station includes meat and cheeses that practically fall onto attendees’ plates. Courtesy MCEC). It’s a challenge to provide attendees with new dining experiences year after year.

Why Your Mobile App Should Fully Integrate With Your Event Management Software


The event mobile app has become a necessary tool for event planners and attendees alike. It acts as an information hub for an event, and can be a source for engagement, networking, gamification and more; all of which is easily accessible on the devices attendees already have.

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23 Unusual Venues that Will Wow Your Guests


Space is everything. From boosting your attendees' mood and increasing their engagement to stirring their creativity, the venue is key to your event’s success

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How to Harness Creativity to Improve Results

Connect Your Meetings

What is creativity? So much has been written about it and there’s probably no other topic, which is as mystified and glorified as creativity. Finnish creative director, Saku Tuominen, defines creativity as the ability to see and the desire to do things better.

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36 Corporate Team Building Event Ideas


As long as teamwork remains essential to corporate success, team-building activities are here to stay. Corporate team-building events are a tricky business because they have to strike the right balance between professional development and recreational ice-breaking. For a team to function optimally, it is not just about matching each employee to their ideal role, but […]. The post 36 Corporate Team Building Event Ideas by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

7 Ways Technology Can Make Experiential Marketing Easier to Track


In recent years, with the help of virtual and augmented reality , experiential marketing has become one of the top ways to market a brand across industries.

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How To Find The Best Event Destination – #EventIcons 169

Endless Events

How much of a headache is finding the best value and best event destination? Every single event planner out there knows the importance of choosing the right place to host an event. And more often than not, you’re met with endless (pun intended) conflict and worries.

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The Best of Louisville: Sites to See

Connect Your Meetings

Louisville, Kentucky, is recognized as an international destination for festival events—most notably the Kentucky Derby—and conferences like Connect 2019.

Quickly Capture Conference Attendee Feedback with These Tips


As the event planner, it can be easy to forget that conferences can feel extremely busy for attendees, too. A few days of bouncing in between sessions, grabbing quick lunches, networking, etc. is a lot of work! That’s why you want to be strategic about how you gather feedback.

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Design a Unique Networking Experience with Your Event Mobile App


B2B matchmaking

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How Organizations Build Ties Through Community Service

PCMA Convene

Members of PCMA’s Capital Chapter create dog toys from 146 T-shirts that members donated for the Humane Rescue Alliance. Courtesy Capital Chapter). As a Washington, D.C., native, Jennifer Bond, CMM, CMP, has always been involved with her community.

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8 Remarkable Perks of Event Gamification

Hubilo Blog

Event planners and organizers keep coming up with creative ideas that indulge the audience providing a unique experience that attracts more attendees in the next event. Gamification enhances the event experience of attendees at meetings and corporate events.

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The “Why” Is the Most Important Aspect Of Event Design


Post authored by Jeff Fugate, SVP Sales and Marketing. There is a core truth that we may sometimes forget: people come to your events for their own reasons, not yours.

StartCo. A Powerful Platform for the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Colombia


Interview with Juan Gabriel Arboleda Ramírez, Administrative and Financial Director, Advanced Prosthetics SAS and founder of StartCo. Event Planning


Event Industry News

Uplift your event with webMOBI new generation AI-powered all-in-one event management software. webMOBI is the world’s leading all-in-one event management software with an attendee CRM. We offer event apps, website, registration, live polls, survey, lead generation services & attendee engagement.

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Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Inviting the Press to Your Event


Let me ask you a quick question: Would you rather appear in the morning paper or be mentioned by two industry influencers on their social media platforms

Generational Blending: An Event Attendance Growth Strategy to Seize


Post authored by Donna Kastner, Founder of Retirepreneur. Tribalization (aka “Take Me to My Peeps”) has ruled supreme at many events. And let’s face it – our brains are hard-wired to prefer mingling with like-minded people.

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