What’s Next for Virtual Event Technology?


Virtual event technology has accelerated more in the past six months than in the past six years. What can you expect to see in virtual events in the near future? At our latest event, I argued with a few of our speakers. The post What’s Next for Virtual Event Technology?

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The Current State Of Event Technology Labor

Endless Events

Between the brain drain in the events industry and labor shortages, the event technology labor has transformed dramatically. And not for the better: event planners are finding it increasingly hard to hire reliable and experienced vendors at a reasonable price.

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How Event Technology Will Benefit Your Events

Endless Events

Event technology has finally become an integral part of our event strategies. It’s taken us many years, even though many event profs have been preaching about numerous benefits of event technology for ages. Event Technology Provides Analytics & Data.

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Why Event Technology Companies Lack Pricing Transparency

Endless Events

Pricing transparency in event technology companies is lacking, to say the least. Many event platforms offer no pricing structures at all while others only give ballpark estimates. Costs depend on the size of the event and the features planners want to implement.

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Download Now: 2022 Virtual + Hybrid Event Platform RFP Template - Enterprise Edition

Download 200+ new RFP questions for hybrid and virtual event technology success. After 10,000 downloads, the SpotMe Virtual + Hybrid Event Platform RFP Template is the ultimate procurement tool for event technology.

10 Event Technology Trends: Hot Or Hype?

Endless Events

Today’s episode of the Event Tech Podcast was inspired by a recent Event Leadership Institute summit where Brandt and Will did a fast rundown on ten event technology trends. Most of the trends have gotten their own standalone Event Tech Podcast episode already.

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The Onsite Event Technology Guide


This guide was developed to help event planners around the world make better, more strategic decisions when it comes to onsite event technology. Discover what technology to use and how it will help to improve attendee satisfaction and event ROI.

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Hybrid Event Technology to Put You a Step Ahead

Picatic by Eventbrite

As restrictions on in-person events are being lifted in certain communities, live events are becoming a possibility again — but not everyone will be ready to return to in-person gatherings just yet. Hybrid events, which can […].

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The New Era of Event Technology


A new era has officially started in event technology. I am not sure if you noticed, but things are changing pretty fast in event technology. The post The New Era of Event Technology by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. Event Technology #eventtech startups event technology innovation event industry investment event innovation technology event technology funding

Event Technology Awards – The People: Finalists Announced!

Event Industry News

The first ever finalists for Event Technology Awards (ETA) – The People have been announced today (17/05/22). The popular Event Technology Awards spin off celebrates the people behind the tech and has seen a great uptake for its first edition.

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Event Technology That You Can Use To Enrich Your Attraction

Eventbrite UK

Although we were unable to visit attractions during COVID-19 lockdowns, technological advancements have opened up new opportunities for creators to explore. The post Event Technology That You Can Use To Enrich Your Attraction appeared first on Eventbrite UK.

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Eventbrite Layoffs Are A Turning Point for Event Technology


What does it mean for the delicate balance of the event technology sector? The post Eventbrite Layoffs Are A Turning Point for Event Technology by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. Event Management

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The 2021 Onsite Event Technology Guide


This guide was developed to help event planners around the world make better, more strategic decisions when it comes to onsite event technology. Discover what technology to use and how it will help to improve attendee satisfaction and event ROI.

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Ten Criteria for Vetting Event Technology Solution Providers (Updated)

Velvet Chainsaw

Over the past decade, there have been significant upgrades and newcomers in the event technology space. There are several hundred event technology providers competing to win your business. Before you take a look under the hood or consider test driving a core technology that you’re going to make part of your event and business processes, consider these ten criteria for vetting: 1. It’s never a good idea to be on the bleeding edge with any technology.

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9 Emerging Trends Shaping the Future of Event Technology


In-person gatherings and events are returning, but the most forward-thinking venues and event planners know that things aren’t going to return to what they once were any time soon. Event Technology featured

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Event Technology: Mythbusting Common Misconceptions

Special Events

Technology has been ushered in as the way to do business, and it is here to stay. It’s what Millennials and Gen Z demographics want, and it’s ultimately what is best for business

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2Heads in the running for four Event Technology Awards

Event Industry News

Renowned for creating merging the limits of live and online, 2Heads were nominated in four categories at this year’s Event Technology Awards. It is going to be exciting to see what the next year brings in terms of immersive content and hybrid innovation for both live and online events.

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The Hidden Costs Of Using The Wrong Event Technology (Or None At All)


We’ve talked to a lot of corporate event planners who’ve gotten stuck using clunky, outdated software. We’ve also talked to corporate event planners who are still using spreadsheets to project manage and keep track of their event analytics (if you’re making the scream emoji face, we are too).

Event Technology Awards Winners Announced

Event Industry News

Konduko, the ‘global provider of Kontactless Smart Event technologies’ was the big winner at the Event Technology Awards (ETA) 2020’s virtual ceremony last night, taking home – or staying at home with – three: Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction (B2B), Best use of Wireless Technology and Best Exhibition Technology. The full list of winners is on the Event Tech Awards website HERE.

2020 Event Technology Trends


How to leverage event technology to elevate your next event. What is Event Technology? Event technology is any kind of software that improves the event process for both event planners, and/or attendees. event experience

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Vii Events’ team – Winners at Event Technology Awards – The People

Event Industry News

Vii Events’ team has won several nominations from Event Technology Awards – Best Product Team and Best Start-Up Founder/Co-Founders. As they say themselves: “I t’s not the technology, but the people that make our business tick.”

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Engaging attendees with engaging event technology

Gallus Events

Engaging attendees is a trick that the most successful events are able to pull off. Event technology plays a major part! And here is how…… One of my favourite phrases in the world of events was uttered to me by Jeff Hurt, a brilliant event professional based in Texas: he described his hot take on events: “Participants, formally known as the audience” he said to me. Since that conversation, that’s how I approach my events. .

Shortlist for Event Technology Awards 2020 announced

Event Industry News

Revealed today, the shortlist for Event Technology Awards (ETA)’s eighth edition highlights the role technology has played in helping to adapt the industry to serve new demands post-Covid-19.

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Event Technology Awards & Evessio – Case Study

Event Industry News

Event technology specialist Evessio’s platforms play an integral part in the delivery of the Event Technology Awards (ETA). It is a natural fit that Evessio works with the Event Technology Awards, two industry leaders always striving for excellence and first class service.

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The Essential Event Technology Dictionary


From ARS to chatbots, beacons, and heat maps, the event industry has a distinctive language of its own – especially when it comes to digital and event technology. Bookmark this page as your go-to guide for the most common event technology terms. Analytics: The process of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting all data associated with your event. Request a list of systems your event provider has developed APIs for.

Event Technology Awards and ETA The People – judges revealed

Event Industry News

The judges for this year’s Event Technology Awards (ETA) and ETA – The People have been announced. Fifteen names steeped in experience and invention ready to order what’s expected to be a record number of submissions.

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Leverage Event Technologies to Achieve Corporate Goals

Special Events

To harness the power of event technology, it is important to understand how different event technologies can be applied to make your event soar.

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Event Technology: 25 Solutions for Your Virtual Tool Bag


The brand experience agency Cramer’s 2018 Event Technology Landscape includes a whopping 245 event technology providers. Even more impressive is

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Event technology how things haven’t really changed

Gallus Events

(This post and the slides are taken from my session at the UK Association Congress which took place in London in December and covered event technology. I’ve amended it to make it more general and this post relates to every type of events business). Can you believe that the world of technology moves so quickly? You would be forgiven for thinking “yup, it’s impossible to stay on top of technology, sometimes I wonder why we even try?”. event apps.

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Events team launch next generation of event technology

Event Industry News

This month, a dynamic team of event professionals are looking to disrupt the future of event technology by launching a brand-new virtual event platform to the global events community.

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How to Use Event Technology to Host a Killer Event


Event technology can improve efficiency and attendee engagement so why are you hesitating? Jump in with this guide on how you can implement the right tech for your event with the most return on investment. Event technology encompasses a lot of areas. The post How to Use Event Technology to Host a Killer Event by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Event Technology #eventtech event technology technology eventtech adoption

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How Event Technology Increases Attendee Engagement: Insights from GMID Mexico


I had the opportunity to celebrate the GMID Mexico event in Leon, Guanajuato – the very heart of Mexico. There, I met more than 300 event professionals who came from across Mexico to celebrate together. . Behind every meeting, conference, and incentive trip, there are event organizers making an impact on businesses, economies, and communities. During the event, I participated in a panel about technological innovation in the meeting and event industry.

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Event Technology Awards 2022 – Judge’s Spotlight: Sina Bunte

Event Industry News

Sina is a Certified Meetings Professional (CMP) with extensive knowledge in organizing hybrid, online and in-person events. After working for seven years with ICCA, she has started her own digital events consultancy company, DigitalMind.events.

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More Event Technology Awards’ judges revealed

Event Industry News

Pauline Kwasniak from Female Event Planners, MCI’s director of onsite services, James Kelley, and Kathryn Frankson, director of event marketing at Informa, are some of the latest judges to be announced for Event Technology Awards (ETA) 2021.

Vote for your favourite Event Technology Supplier

Event Industry News

The vote is open for event professionals to choose their favourite event technology supplier to win the People’s Choice at the Event Technology Awards (ETA) 2020. . Winners will be revealed in November as part of Event Tech Live’s virtual event week.

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5 Key Benefits of Event Technology

Meeting Application

If you have any experience with organizing any scale of events, you might already know how important engagement and interactions with the attendees are. But in instances when their attention spans are getting smaller at a fast pace and most people are distracted, you need to go the extra mile to reach the goals of your event. This is where event technology comes into the picture. The term event technology is getting more common within the event industry.

Event Technology Awards nominee EventsAIR

Event Industry News

Driving engagement, ROI and an enhanced event experience are high on the agenda for creating successful events. Being a fully integrated software, EventsAIR enables virtual , hybrid and in-person events to be created and managed from a single secure platform.

The New Event Technology Formula (2018 Edition): Strategies, Tactics and Tools That Work


A comprehensive guide to understand how event technology is used in events. Strategy, intelligence, free resources and ideas to make technology work for your event. Much has been written about using technology to run better events. The post The New Event Technology Formula (2018 Edition): Strategies, Tactics and Tools That Work by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. Event Technology #eventtech event technology technology

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Event Technology As We Know It Is Over: Here’s What’s Next


Eventtech never kept its promise to change events forever. Now that events are only happening online, we are witnessing a seismic market shake-up. The post Event Technology As We Know It Is Over: Here’s What’s Next by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link].

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Event Technology Awards 2022 – Judge’s Spotlight: Andrew Harrison

Event Industry News

Andrew is the director of ESSA a trade association for the very best suppliers and service providers to the business events world. How long have you worked in the events industry? What do you love most about the Event Industry? What was the last event on which you worked?

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