Best Event Marketing Tools


Promotional tools for event marketing are powerful assistance for your event marketing. They help to save time and efforts during the event promotion. Reasons to use event marketing tools. Top 12 best event marketing tools for 2019.

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How to Measure Event Marketing Performance and ROI


Events are often one of the biggest marketing expenses. According to Event MB , 85% of event planners use event registration software, 61% use event marketing tools, and 54% use survey tools. Attaching Metrics to Event Goals. In-event surveys.

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Event Marketing: The 2019 Guide


Welcome to your guide to event marketing in 2019 and beyond. Below you'll find best practices on selling out your event, leveraging event data and more. What Is Event Marketing? Why Is Event Marketing Important? Types of Events.

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Event Marketing Trends For 2019 (And Why Businesses Should Care)


2018 was another milestone year in event marketing, especially when it came to spending and event technology. According to AMEX : Event Marketing featured

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2019 Event Marketing Benchmarks and Trends


Learn what 1000+ marketers have to say about the events industry in this landmark report. Featuring insights on event marketing budgets, tactics, team sizes, technology and more. This year, we decided to launch the largest report on professional events yet.

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Event Technology: The 2019 Guide


Welcome to your 2019 event technology guide. Here you’ll find information and examples of popular event tech tools like event management software, event marketing software, and even event planning software. What is Event Technology?

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2019 Event Technology Trends eBook

Expo Logic

Advancements in event technology have created more opportunities for organizers to integrate it into almost every aspect of an event. Technology is being utilized to enhance event registration, create engaging experiences for attendees, and much more.

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How to Boost Attendance using Event Technology

Hubilo Blog

Events Industry has undergone a vast amount of changes for the betterment of attendees and also improved upon them, raising the standards and adapting to the latest event technology as well. Business Networking is nothing new in the events industry.

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How to Evaluate Event Technology


Are you using the right tools to achieve event success? In this blog post we’ll review how you can evaluate your event technology stack. Odd as it may seem, there was a time when event technology didn’t exist. Evaluating Event Technology.

InEvent win ‘Best Event Technology Start-Up’ at the Event Technology Awards 2018

Event Industry News

is the current highest growth event technology integrated platform. We provide a white label event management platform and we have already improved more than 4,000 events with over 950,000 attendees. Event Technology Featured NewsInEvent, Inc.

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2018 Event Marketing Trends

Endless Events

2018 event marketing trends point to video becoming this year’s content marketing juggernaut. Speaking of traction, Facebook’s revamp of their newsfeed has got many event marketers reeling (including us here). Three Event Trends to Boom This 2018.

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A Guide to Personalizing the Event Experience with Event Technology

Hubilo Blog

“With the overwhelming number of conferences, panels and happy hours taking place in a given event cycle, the personalization factor is a marketing must. Events are no longer a social gathering. lies in two words; event technology. Thus it’s their own event app.

ABM and Event Marketing Webinar: Recap


Your event campaigns are about to get a lot more precise. See how marketing leaders from InsightSquared and Bizzabo fit events into their account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. What is account-based marketing? How ABM goes Hand-in-hand with Events.

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How to Build an Event Marketing Channel—And Why Marketers Need Events

Event Farm

As a marketer, if you’re asked to develop an email marketing campaign to help your company achieve a specific goal (more leads, MQLs, and/or pipeline, for example) and show how that campaign performed, you’d probably feel comfortable doing so. achieve marketing and sales alignment.

Enough Clickbait: Here's Why Event Marketers Need Data

Event Farm

Businesses and organizations that once existed exclusively online—retail stores like Warby Parker and media sites like Mashable —have created real-life experiences by either opening brick-and-mortar stores or by fully embracing events and experiential as part of their business strategy.

Event technology beyond the registration app


Most planners first experience with event technology is the implementation of a registration and event check-in app. Event technology has however evolved tremendously in the past few years to make the lives of all event stakeholders easier, more engaging and productive.

Top Event Technology Tools for Social Media Engagement


Photo courtesy of rawpixel on Unsplash It’s time for your company’s next big event. Social media is an important tool to utilize not only for your event’s content but also for the content your attendees will create. Schedule posts to go out at specific times during the event.

6 Ideas For Event Marketing on Budget


Hello, trade shows, exhibitions, and live events!) According to the report, most marketers (31%) believe that events are the single-most effective marketing channel. If you are a marketer, check out this post to learn six ideas for event marketing on a budget.

The Top Event Technology Trends for 2019 — According to 27 Event Experts

Event Industry News

By Tom Pick, a digital marketing consultant with event management platform developer G2Planet. When you ask more than two dozen top events industry professionals for their insights on technology trends, the answers (no surprise) are fascinating.

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Enterprise Event Marketing: The Definitive Guide


In this guide, we will review how enterprise organizations can approach event marketing with actionable tips and concrete examples. What is Enterprise Event Marketing? How an Event Technology Stack Enables Enterprise Event Marketing.

4 Technical Questions to Ask When Researching Event Marketing Software


There are plenty of event marketing platforms out there. At the end of the day, event marketing platforms share a lot of functions in common. No event marketing platform exists in silo. Having an event website is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.

BOGO Event Technology Sale


Eventinterface MAIL invites planners to manage unlimited subscribers, create visually stunning emails and track event marketing campaign progress. We are a group of people passionate about events and creating meaningful and long-term relationships for attendees.

Event technology isn’t the future. It is the now

Event Industry News

When I first started in exhibitions about 15 years ago, event technology was in its relative infancy. In fact, the IT depart-ment was still in the basement, data managers looked at spreadsheets and event technology sourcing and purchasing decisions were made by the events teams. Event technology was often seen as a ‘nice-to-have’, justifying spend was a struggle and it was constantly under threat from budget cuts.

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15 Ways to See the Future of Event Technology

PCMA Convene

What’s the future of event technology? During the event, I asked Corbin Ball, event-tech speaker and writer, to also share his thoughts. Here’s what they had to say: “The future of event apps is bright!”

Event Marketing Automation: The 2018 Guide


Learn how to increase your productivity and get more out of your events in this guide to event marketing automation. Ask any successful marketer how to promote a product or service effectively, and they’ll tell you that success starts with understanding your target audience.

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Event Technology Awards Judges’ Spotlight: Helen Moon

Event Industry News

Joining the 2018 Event Technology Awards Judge’s panel is Helen Moon, CEO & Founder of EWL Club UK. . What event have you been involved with recently and in what capacity? What type of event technology would you like to see improved or developed and why?

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Event Technology


Selecting event technology can be a daunting experience. The wrong decision can cause a lot of headaches during the planning and execution process of your conference or event. Do you want to merge your event marketing with attendee registration?

5 Social Media Event Marketing Reads to Uplevel Your Strategy


Let us help you with these 5 event marketing reads to make your life a little easier. The post 5 Social Media Event Marketing Reads to Uplevel Your Strategy appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. At the Event Event Promotion Event Technology Event Trends Marketing September Social Media Event Marketing Social mediaStaying on top of your social media game can be overwhelming!

4 Examples of Event Marketing to Inspire You


Image via rawpixel on Unsplash Event marketing is a hugely effective marketing strategy, employed by a wide range of businesses. It’s an effective and rewarding marketing strategy that lets brands get really creative. From marketing to branding, Ecommerce Tips has it all.

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Event Budgeting: The 2019 Guide for Event Marketers


Is your event budget setting you up for success? In this guide we'll look at tips, best practices and examples for creating a reliable event marketing budget in 2019 and beyond. The many moving parts of a live event strategy are bound together by the event budget.

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The Best Social Media Tools for Event Marketers


The post The Best Social Media Tools for Event Marketers appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Arts, Culture & Entertainment August Britepaper Comedy Conference Consumer eBook Event Marketing Event Promotion Event Technology Family Festival Food & Drink Marketing Music Social Media Sports social media tips Social media toolsHaving a presence on social media is no longer enough!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Superheroes of Event Marketing


Event planning has never been a straight forward task. of which are journalists (who could be promoting your next event!). The post [INFOGRAPHIC] Social Superheroes of Event Marketing appeared first on CadmiumCD.

Connect Weekly: Karl Lagerfeld’s Impact on Events, Event Marketing Trends & More


Welcome to another edition of Aventri's Connect Weekly column, where we share the top five news stories from the week that today's meeting and events planners should know. Event Marketing featured

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Event Marketing Trends for 2018


We’re taking a look at three event marketing trends marketers are going to be embracing even more in 2018. Wondering how event audiences are being affected in an increasingly technological age? There’s always lots of news about tech innovations, but the tie that binds these three event marketing trends is the continuing focus on creating amazing human-centric experiences. Trend #1 - Focus on event experiences, instead of things.

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Hubb shortlisted at the Event Technology Awards 2018

Event Industry News

All event professionals know these two things to be true: 1.) Event managers deal with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of emails every day in the run up to major events, and the amount of information that must be collected and disseminated is enormous. Enter Hubb’s event management solution. This year, Hubb was shortlisted for three Event Technology Awards: Best New Technology Product: Hubb automates the entire information gathering and updating processes.

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Bizzabo Wins the Oscars of Event Technology for the Fourth Year in a Row


Bizzabo has won the three Event Technology Awards, including the People’s Choice Award for the fourth year in a row. The Event Technology Awards is arguably the most prestigious awards show in the industry. Best Ticketing Technology.

Community Brands acquires leading event technology company Expo Logic

Event Industry News

Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for associations, nonprofits, schools and faith-based groups, today announced it has acquired Expo Logic, a global event technology company. Event Technology Featured News

Distributed Commerce: The Future of Event Marketing?


The post Distributed Commerce: The Future of Event Marketing? December Event Marketing Event Planning Event Promotion Event Technology IT / Technology Leadership / Management Operations / Logistics Owner Promoter Sales Ticket Sales Webinar distributed commerce event-planningSavvy retailers have been leveraging distributed commerce for a few years now. But what exactly is distributed commerce? Our webinar explores the concept.

Top 3 Summer Event Technology Experiences


Technology has undoubtedly changed almost every aspect of our lives, and for the event planner, the way we manage events. Technology is progressively changing the way events are planned and executed, what guests do on-site, and even how they are evaluated. Amidst the sea of music festivals, trade shows, and sporting events this season, event marketers have incorporated technology trends in some of the most unique ways to date.

The 4 Most Important Event Technology Trends for 2017

Capterra Event Management

As someone who grew up playing with Furbies and memorizing the lines to Voltron , sometimes the pace of technological development staggers me. Of course, these advancements aren’t limited to consumer technology. Take event management. Take event technology trends from 2016.

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ETL Replay: Event marketing strategy and ideas to get ahead of the game

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live is Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology. Boasting a packed educational programme across five sector-specific stages, here you can catch up with content that you may have missed from 2018’s event.

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Event Technology Companies Join Forces to Empower Events


Finding vendors for events and meetings is challenging. Meeting and event planners have countless options at their fingertips. There are numerous technology vendors, each providing a segment of the services needed, few working together. During the event. After the event.

A Beginner’s Guide to Event Technology


Technology innovations have made event planning easier by allowing for more automatic and seamless processes. Check out Event Management Technology for Dummies. Streamline Your Pre-Event Planning. Planning an event is often the most time-consuming phase.