4 Treatments for Medical Meetings

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Patient-facing health-care professionals will need to improve their ability to explain complex medical terms, diagnoses, and treatments to patients and their families, so they can do their part in improving their health. What does that mean for professional medical conferences? If these waves of change haven’t affected your medical meetings’ business model yet, it’s just a matter of time. Forward Thinking Medical Meetings TipsA ccording to the U.S.

Medical Meetings Embrace Wellness

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They’re issues that people in every industry report suffering from, but for those in the medical field, they can be especially severe. Our attendees are cancer nurses,” said Jen Krause, the Oncology Nursing Society’s (ONS) director of national conferences and meetings. They’re administering medication that can truly be life-or-death. It’s a problem in the medical profession.”. So where do annual meetings fit in among all that stress and burnout?


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Rethinking Certification at Medical Meetings

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Physicians don’t stop learning about the human body after medical school. Okay, if you’re a meeting professional who works for a medical or health-care organization, it’s not actually a problem for you to imagine any of this. How is it different from standard continuing medical education (CME)? Board certification in the United States dates back to 1917 and the country’s first medical-specialty board, the American Board of Ophthalmology. MEETINGS AS MEDIATORS.

Is This the Future of Medical Meetings?

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While the majority of PCMA Education Conference participants were at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland on June 11, a collection of medical meeting professionals made a quick trip to explore the future of patient care at the Cleveland Clinic. If that proves to be true, medical meeting professionals will be forced to revamp their education programs to help their attendees navigate the complexities of caring for an older population. Photo by Jacob Slaton.

Webinar Provides Tips for Boosting Medical Meetings


Important insights into health-care professionals (HCPs) and tips on how to host an event that will attract and retain them were among the highlights of Jocelyn Cote’s recent Smart Meetings webinar. Cote, global managing director of strategic meetings management for American Express Meetings and Events, hosted the webinar “ Drive Attendance at Your Medical Meetings ” on June 13. Quality content is the most important aspect of a medical meeting.

Medical Meetings Propel Philadelphia Tourism


The fifth annual Global Pharmaceutical Medical Meetings Summit will take place at Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown from Jan. A direct beneficiary of this activity has been the medical meetings industry , helping propel hospitality and tourism to Philadelphia’s third largest industry. Currently, the life sciences account for more than 50 percent of the bookings at the Pennsylvania Convention Center , with 266 related meetings generating an estimated $370.8

6 Ways Medical Meetings Are Proving Their Value To Exhibitors

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The financial health of a medical association often depends on whether its annual convention exhibit floor is sold out. Orders for medical devices are no easier to trace, considering the lengthy purchasing timelines for costly equipment. As a result, medical meetings are finding other ways to demonstrate their value to current and prospective exhibitors. ATS and RSNA may be frontrunners in this tech among medical events. “We

MANOVA Global Health Care Summit Redefines the Medical Meeting

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In August 2018, when Mark Addicks was in the midst of planning his first-ever event, the MANOVA Global Health Summit, he was determined to make it a dramatic departure from the typical medical conference. “We Rather than featuring the tried-and-true combination of abstract posters, continuing-education credits, and miles-long corridors of medical-device exhibition booths, Addicks wanted to mold MANOVA — a three-day program at the Minneapolis Convention Center from Oct.

How Will The EFPIA Disclosure Code Change Medical Meetings?

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The aim of the code was to provide patients with insight into dealings between pharmaceutical companies and physicians, including details on when companies would foot the bill for doctors to attend medical conferences. At the time, meeting planners prepared for the worst, fearing that physicians would shy away from attending meetings altogether. But the Disclosure Code ultimately had no significant impact on participation at medical meetings.

This Is What Medical Meetings Will Look Like in the Future

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attended his first medical conference more than 20 years ago, when he was a neurology resident at the University of California, San Francisco. Today, Johnston thinks there are more innovative, engaging ways to deliver medical education. And not just in medical school. Dell Medical School is trying to fix that with a curriculum that emphasizes team-based problem-solving, creativity, and leadership. Somehow we’ve got to bring more of that into all of our meetings.”.

What Physicians Will Want out of Your Medical Meeting

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Claiborne “Clay” Johnston, inaugural dean at the University of Texas at Austin’s new Dell Medical School, told the audience at PCMA Convening Leaders 2017 in January. So Dell Medical School is changing the way medicine is practiced by changing the way medical students are trained. At Dell Medical School, students are taught team skills and collaboration along with anatomy and physiology. The U.S. health-care system is broken, Dr. S.

Medical Meeting Challenge: Health-Care Providers are Tough Crowd

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Health-care providers have high standards for the meetings they attend, according to a recent report by American Express Meetings & Events. What’s most important to physicians when they consider whether or not to attend a medical meeting? In November, American Express Meetings & Events published research based on interviews with 12 physicians who practice in specialties across North America and Europe. In meetings, it’s handouts, handouts, handouts.

How the Sunshine Act Affected Medical Meetings

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Seven years after the Sunshine Act first lit up the health-care industry, the legislation is having a widespread impact on medical meetings. Physicians are scrutinizing every interaction they have with vendors,” Michael Sullivan, DES, director of client services at Vector Health — which manages pharmaceutical, medical-device, and diagnostics events — told Convene. “It’s We’re not changing the basic principles of medical edu-cation,” Sullivan said. “We’re

How Do You Solve the ‘Manel’ Problem for Medical Meetings?

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Of the top 12 excuses given by conference organizers to explain why female speakers are underrepresented in — or absent altogether from — their meeting programs, the leading one is this: “We know we have no women. For organizers of scientific meetings, the answer to that question, resoundingly, is yes. Inclusive Meetings: Where to Start’. As part of her work at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Pendergrass organizes about 30 meetings a year.

Why This Medical Meeting Simulated a Crisis

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Imagine walking into a major international medical meeting and finding your afternoon session transformed into an intellectual, public-health version of a murder-mystery dinner party. The simulation concept was suggested by Hande Harmanci, medical officer for WHO’s global hepatitis program and WHO’s representative on the summit’s program committee. Innovative meeting experiences are about engagement, Richardson said, and about storytelling.

How Patients Have Transformed a Medical Meeting About Breast Cancer

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npr.org. At the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, the world’s largest annual breast cancer conference, hundreds of patient advocates are actively involved in the event’s daily programming. ( NPR ). Read More. Places & Spaces News Junkie

How Medical Meetings Can Help A Broken U.S. Healthcare System

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” – Clay Johnston, dean of the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. Johnston has some ideas for how to address that, beginning with the way in which phycisians are trained and receive continuing medical attention. This time on the podcast we meet Clay Johnston, dean of the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. He says medical conferences are ripe for an overhaul, but change is happening slowly.

The Right Prescription for HCPs to Attend Medical Meetings


When choosing the events to attend, HCPs are looking to stay up to date on the latest trends for their specialties, meet with experts or key opinion leaders, and network with colleagues. At Cvent CONNECT, Ashfield Meetings and Event’s Katie Koziol shared results from its recent global survey of HCPs to better understand their perceptions of medical meetings, while Cvent’s Abby Fogarty discussed how these findings help maximize a Cvent solution.

Patient-Centered Care Conferences

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If these waves of change haven’t impacted your medical meeting’s business model, it’s just a matter of time. Continuing Medical Education Eligibility. Education & Adult Learning conferences healthcare reform medical meetingsMost healthcare professionals are career motivated by saving/improving lives. They make a commitment to lifelong learning to be the best that they can be.

Have You Created a Medical Contingency Plan for Your Event Yet?


Many meeting planners and are looking to someone else to tell them the right way to plan a successful and safe event. However, as a meeting organizer and expert at your craft, you’ll deliver a better and safer experience if you have the confidence to take the lead and instruct your venue, hotel and vendors with your own individual COVID-19 contingency planning requirements. For charts and graphs, see : Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medical Contingency Plan Version 2.0.

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How to Write Force Majeure to Protect Your Meeting from the Next Pandemic


One of the serious side effects of the wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases across the world was a sudden rush to learn a foreign language—or at least two words that had largely passed under many meeting professionals’ radar for years: force majeure. Smart Meetings asked veteran attorney John Foster, Esq., from Foster, Jensen & Gulley, for tips on crafting force majeure clauses to protect meeting planners if there’s another coronavirus-type situation.

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Fewer International Doctors are Attending U.S. Medical Meetings. Here’s Why.

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may be spilling into the events industry, including attendance to medical meetings. From the Trump administration’s “America First” agenda to new medical meeting regulations, a number of issues are being blamed for keeping international doctors from attending medical meetings in the United States. medical meetings is sponsored by pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. The overall decrease in international travel to the U.S.

Surveys: Med/Pharma Meetings are Growing

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The impact and importance of meetings for medical and pharmaceutical industry attendees is not only increasing, but the complexity of the events and what is expected of planners is more demanding as well, according to a new report from American Express Meetings & Events and a survey conducted by Smart Meetings. Showcasing similar results, the Smart Meetings survey highlighted the trends forming among med/pharma planners in response to the competition.

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Risk Management: Addressing Meeting Emergencies When the Industry Resumes


How will meeting professionals address risk post-COVID-19? In our latest Smart Meetings #HospitalityStrong webinar, “ Preparing to Address Meeting Risk When the Industry Resumes: A Guide For Meeting Planners and Hotel Sales Professionals ,” Kevin Coffey , senior travel and meeting risk consultant at GoldSpring Consulting, addressed what both meeting planners and hoteliers should be asking when we all begin meeting again. Meeting Risk Checklist.

How to Host a Safe Event: Advice from Emergency Management Experts


To help you make sure you’re prepared for an emergency, Smart Meetings asked experts John Whitney IV of Emergency Concierge International and Joseph Veneman of StaffMate Online their top tips for emergency planning. From a grill fire, disgruntled exes, tornadoes and structure collapses to hazmat and medical situations; the list is as daunting as it is endless,” Veneman said. Each worker’s emergency contact and medical information.

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9 Meeting Breaks You've Got to Try


Check out these creative ideas for getting attendees past the mid-afternoon slump and through a long meeting day with energy and good humor. Financial/Insurance Meetings Association Meetings Food & Beverage Medical Meetingsread more.

Scientific Meetings That Aren’t Afraid to Experiment

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Several scientific and medical conferences are changing to meet the demand. There are those medical and scientific events whose programs are rooted in the standard practice of one-way presentations — solo speakers who rely on poorly designed PowerPoint slides with large copy blocks in tiny fonts to drive home their points. After all, these are scientific and medical events. Scientific collaboration and innovation are needed now more than ever.

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Storytellers Bring Innovative Content to AGU Meeting

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An AGU grand prize winners presents his data visualization on NASA’s “hyperwall” at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting. This case study is part of Convene ‘s April CMP Series story looking at innovations in scientific and medical meetings. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. undergraduate and graduate students, itself solves a problem — bringing both innovative content and student participants to AGU’s Fall Meeting, held in San Francisco in 2019.

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Engagement: It’s Not Rocket Science (But it Is Neuroscience)


Association Meetings Audience Engagement Corporate Meetings Medical MeetingsIncorporate these neuroscience findings into your event design when your objective is learning, collaboration, or change. read more.

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AAAS Annual Meeting Finds the Right Balance Among Disciplines

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Students are a key part of the AAAS Annual Meeting — and all attendees are encouraged to have fun with badge ribbons. This case study is part of Convene ‘s April CMP Series story looking at innovations in scientific and medical meetings. American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting. We’ve also been doing a lot in terms of making the meeting more of a celebration of science as well.”.

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‘Get Out’ Takes on New Meaning at CHEST Annual Meeting

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A participant at the American College of Chest Physicians’ CHEST Annual Meeting 2019 runs a probe over an “alien” with magnets in its chest in order to view ultrasound images revealing a cardiac condition. This case study is part of Convene ‘s April CMP Series story looking at innovations in scientific and medical meetings. . American College of Chest Physicians, CHEST Annual Meeting 2019. Event Strategy & Design medical meetings scientific meetings

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SOS on Lampedusa

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While this scenario tragically plays out all too often in real life around the tiny Sicilian island of Lampedusa, the emergency situation has been re-enacted at a simulation during a medical event — the SIAARTI (Italian Society for Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care) Academy — that has taken place there for the past two years. His starring role underscores how Lampedusa’s refugee crisis is also a medical crisis. Features Magazine Medical Meetings

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New Brands Emerge from Benchmark/Gemstone Combo


Financial/Insurance Meetings Association Meetings Site Selection/RFPs Medical MeetingsBenchmark Hospitality International and Gemstone Hotels & Resorts have merged to become BENCHMARK, a global hospitality company with a new corporate identity and three distinct hotel collections. read more.

5 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Communication Plan


Association Meetings Risk Management Corporate Meetings Medical MeetingsBy Kelsey Dixon, davies + dixon. Whether you’re dealing with a small glitch or a major crisis, social media should be an integral part of your strategic communication plan. read more.

How Will Europe’s New MedTech Guidelines Affect Your Meetings?

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Changing compliance codes in Europe regulating medical-device companies are expected to have a major effect on U.S.-based based medical conferences — and to continue to do so for years to come. Specifically, any conference with a European delegation sponsored by a medical-device company will be affected by the new EthicalMedTech regulations coming into play in 2018, according to Patricia Andrade, vice president of marketing and communications at ABTS Convention Service.

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Eagle, Parrot, Owl, Dove: What’s Your Communication Style?


Association Meetings Speakers Corporate Meetings Medical Meetings Negotiation InsightsMerrick Rosenberg urged Pharma Forum attendees to understand their own communication style, recognize the styles of others, and use that knowledge to create better relationships. read more.

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A Problem With MedTech Codes — and a Possible Solution

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The new code — which Associate Editor Casey Gale wrote about a few months ago — prohibits MedTech Europe’s member companies from directly sponsoring a health-care provider’s attendance at a medical conference or other event. Instead, companies will provide indirect sponsorship via education grants made to a health-care organization such as a medical school or association. based medical meetings. Ethics Global Meetings Medical Meetings

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Not-Your-Average Medical Conferences

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As health care and technology converges, how can medical meetings stay relevant? In addition to TED-style 18-minute talks from a variety of disciplines on topics related to health care, TEDMEDLive streams sessions free of charge to teaching hospitals; medical, nursing, and public-health schools; academic institutions; and government agencies. The post Not-Your-Average Medical Conferences appeared first on PCMA Convene.

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Two Simple Secrets to Happy, Engaged Attendees


Nearly half of attendees in a recent survey said they fell asleep or felt drowsy during a meeting. Hilton’s Meet with Purpose program gives planners plug-and-play menu and activity ideas designed to wake them right up. Association Meetings Food & Beverage Corporate Meetings Medical Meetingsread more.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Boston


Association Meetings Resources Medical Meetings Resources Resources and Reports Trade Shows Risk ManagementHow one association struggled with whether or not to cancel its convention and expo when disaster struck. read more.

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