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EventsCase achieves ISO 9001: 2015 certification

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The event-tech company has reflected the potential of its all-in-one platform after earning the ISO 9001:2015 certificate as a demonstration of its commitment, effort, and daily creativity. EventsCase continues to achieve goals. In addition, the tech platform for events is in the process of obtaining the ISO-27001 quality certification.

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Inclusivity in Action: Best Practices For Making Your Online Event and Listing More Inclusive

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We were on a shoestring budget for our first conference back in 2015,” says Melinda Epler, the CEO of Change Catalyst, a consulting firm that helps tech companies build inclusive ecosystems. Even when it’s your company’s driving force, being inclusive is not always easy. “We

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SPLC Connect 2015


On May 26th, the day before the 2015 SPLC Connect, the leading SPLC purchasing members organized a buyer-supplier matchmaking event with the help of b2match.

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How Junzi Continued to Provide Memorable Dining Experiences During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Started by a group of Yale grads in 2015, Junzi is all about bringing diners thoughtfully prepared Chinese food in a fast casual setting. With a winning concept and a scrappy startup mentality, Junzi now has three popular locations spread across Manhattan.

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8 Technologies That Will Make Events Stand Out in 2019


Back in 2015, I introduced five trends I expected would have a major impact on making events stand out. A Look Back at 2015 Predictions. Back when I first wrote this article, I predicted that “it’s a good bet event apps will be the tool with the largest impact on the conference industry in 2015.” billion in 2015.”

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Playing games, gamification, and the gulf between them

Conferences that Work

Related posts: Create Your Dream Conference Collectively On This Friday’s #Eventprofs Happy Hour Join me and my special guest Bernie DeKoven on Friday, November 20, 2015 from 4 – 6 pm EST for a unique online experience where we’ll collectively create our perfect.

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Community versus audience in journalism and meetings

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These two quotes are from my posts on the parallels between the evolution of journalism and events (2015) and on the parallel missions of journalism and participant-driven and participation-rich events (2018).]

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