Conference Innovation While Traveling at Warp Speed

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The post Conference Innovation While Traveling at Warp Speed appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw. Navigating change during a crisis is not for the faint of heart.

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Time Travel For Events

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If you read time travel for events, and your mind immediately went to Back To The Future… not quite. How many times in your life have you wondered what you would do if time travel was possible? What would happen if time travel for events existed? If you’re excited for this meta episode of Event Tech, then waste no more time – press play and let’s time travel! Time Travel For Events: The Travel.


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How Travel Changes Us


A newly released Incentive Research Foundation 2019 Trends Study showed that incentive travel is an increasing priority in a world where acquisitions are creating bigger companies, and getting teams producing together quickly is essential to making the deal pencil out. The Incentive Travel Industry Index powered by SITE, IRF Outlook and FICP, and conducted by Oxford Economics, found that despite a year of record U.S. The post How Travel Changes Us appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Never Stop Traveling, Report Says


Travel is good for you, and good for the USA. Travel Association, Travel: America’s Unsung Hero of Job Creation , uses data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to show the economic might of the travel industry in America —particularly the quality of the industry’s jobs, and the large number created by small businesses. Nearly 40 percent of workers who begin their career in travel reach an annual career salary of more than $100,000. Travel Association.

How Digital Disruption Happens in Industries, the Travel Industry Edition


Corporate Travel Digital Meetings & Events Travel Services southwest airlines

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How Likely Are Attendees to Travel to Your Next Event?


When you are finally able to plan an event, will people be willing to travel to it? The post How Likely Are Attendees to Travel to Your Next Event? Events being given the green light is only part of the puzzle when it comes to the recovery of the industry — the other part is getting attendees to show up. Germany and China were the first […]. by Victoria Copans appeared first on [link]. Event Management EventProfs eventindustry eventmanagement

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Here’s the Quote That Will Shake the Multi-Billion Dollar Corp Travel Market Out of Its Stupor


Skift Take: That whooshing sound in the corporate travel sector's ear. Corporate Travel Meetings & Events Travel Services business travel coronavirusRafat Ali Read the Complete Story On Skift.

American Express Global Business Travel Goes Mobile-first


American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is taking the mobile-first approach, expanding its messaging capabilities and enhancing its Amex GBT Mobile platform to enhance the experience for business travelers and planners. Travel Vitals is key to the company’s mobile-first strategy.

IRF Survey: Prospects for Resumption of Incentive Travel Optimistic


The forecast for incentive travel over the next two years is mostly sunny with a chance of tighter budgets and an abundance of hand sanitizer. More : What Does a COVID Vaccine Really Mean for Travel and Meetings?

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Palatable Progress: The Power of Culinary Travel Experiences

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Earlier this year, the World Food Travel Association published a list of the top 10 predictions for the food tourism industry in 2020, drawn partly from changes brought on by COVID-19.

How can blockchain technology improve the travel and tourism industry?


According to robust data, the travel and tourism industry is the second-fastest-growing sector in the world, after manufacturing. The World Travel and Tourism […]. The post How can blockchain technology improve the travel and tourism industry? Future General Technology Uncategorized airports blockchain cryptocurrency digital currency technology tourism transactions travel

53 Travel Industry Statistics Planners Should Know


Did you know that the travel and tourism industry , which is comprised of 25 subsets including hospitality, air travel, and food and beverage services, generates $7.6 of all global travel and tourism revenue is accounted for by business travel? To help meeting and event planners stay up to date on all that is happening in the travel and tourism industry, we’ve curated a list of the top 53 statistics you should know. Travel & Hospitality featured

How Changes in Business Travel are Affecting Event Professionals


How different is the world travel map in 2017? Recent changes to immigration policies and international relations have left many people wondering where, when or even if they can travel at […]. The post How Changes in Business Travel are Affecting Event Professionals by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Venues event management event planning meetings event planning international brexit international conference worldwide travel world travel travel ban

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2017 Travel Predictions Unveiled


An uncertain upcoming presidential election , sluggish global expansion, low inflation, weak investment and choppy geopolitical conditions continue to shackle business travel volume and spending growth, according to the GBTA Foundation’s latest business travel forecast for the United States. Total business travel volume is expected to advance 1.0 The report also cites three critical macro drivers of business travel that continue to provide mixed signals.

10 Reasons Why Travelling is Hurting your Eventprof Career


Taking time out to travel is what many people dream of but travelling could in fact, be hurting your eventprof career. Plastered all over Instagram and social media are incredible pictures from those travelling the world and taking time out from the day to day struggle (doesn’t it make you sick!). The post 10 Reasons Why Travelling is Hurting your Eventprof Career by Editorial Team appeared first on [link].

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The Conference Big Idea Road Less Traveled That Harvests Success

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They are the conference planning road less traveled that harvests success! Big Conference Ideas On The Road Less Traveled Part 1. The post The Conference Big Idea Road Less Traveled That Harvests Success appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw. Most conferences are stuck in a rut! The experience has not changed in three, five and even ten years. They are predictable and often commoditized. So how do you create a conference experience that is not like all the others?

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Uncertain European Travel Spells Trouble for Popular, Hosted-Buyer Trade Shows


The post Uncertain European Travel Spells Trouble for Popular, Hosted-Buyer Trade Shows by Victoria Copans appeared first on [link]. With cases on the rise around the world, the ramifications of a second wave are threatening European hosted buyer events.

7 Trendsetting Travel Apps


These seven new travel apps stand out because they cater to a modern audience. Travelers are paid once the package is picked up at the destination airport. Travelers can earn up to $300 per flight. As You Stay gives travelers the ability to customize arrival and check-out times, and more importantly, only pay for those hours used. The app does this by matching travelers with locals who can provide unique insights on area attractions.

Wellness for Business Travel Is an Uphill Slog


Hilton Skift Take: It only makes sense that business travel — including meetings and conventions — would incorporate more aspects of the wellness movement. While industrywide changes are happening, it’s debatable whether they’ve made a real impact on the lives of business travelers yet. Meetings & Events Skift Wellness business travel corporate travel hilton meetings wellnessHilton Singapore introduced wellness options for meetings and events.

Hotels Using Virtual Tours to Woo Corp Travel Managers


Matterport Skift Take: Whether it's Zoom, FaceTime or VR, it's essential that hotels continue offering site visits to travel managers and meetings planners to plan for growth in the coming months. Corporate Travel Meetings & Events choice hotelsThe Cambria Hotel Nashville Downtown, as viewed on 3D platform Matterport.

5 Smart Celebrity Travel Tips


Just like meeting and event planners , celebrities constantly travel , and during the course of their journeys, pearls of wisdom sometimes emerge. Here are a few travel tips from A-listers. "When If there was a single cure for jet lag, we’d all have it stashed in our travel bags. Planners are faced with a specific obstacle while traveling—being presentable just moments after stepping off the plane. Tips & Tools tips and tools Travel travel tips

Spirited Travel: Pernod Ricard Launches Partnership With JetSmarter


With JetSmarter, travel is no longer just about getting from point A to point B. It's a luxury affair from

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Eliminate Packing from Travel


It is the bane of many travelers’ existence. Packing is very time consuming , and can cause some travelers to feel stressed or anxious. Even if you travel often for meetings and conferences, you may still not have perfected the art of packing. Westin Hotels & Resorts encourages guests to stop making excuses to avoid exercising while traveling. The company says this concierge service saves travelers an estimated three to five hours per round-trip.

8 Top Travel Predictions for 2018


Travelers in 2018 will rely more on artificial intelligence and digital technology before booking a trip, and will increasingly emphasize health and wellness during their stay, according to a study by The study, which was based on customer insights from more than 1 million guest reviews as well as research from some 19,000 travelers across 26 countries around the world, resulted in eight major travel predictions for 2018.

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6 Helpful Travel Apps Worth Downloading


More sophisticated apps are also in the marketplace, and can help solve travel woes and unlock a world of special experiences. Service, which is available to individuals and businesses, handles tens of thousands of claims monthly and saves the average traveler $300 annually. In May, Service partnered with the travel search engine Kayak. Business travelers are on a tight budget and pressured by employers to keep expenses as low as possible.

13 Travel Refreshers Every Woman Needs


However, when your profession involves business travel , long hours and schedules packed with events , sometimes there are only a few minutes to freshen up before heading to a meeting. But leaving a favorable impression is crucial, so it’s well worth it to find an travel routine that works for you. It’s especially relevant to planners , who work in a fast-paced profession that typically involves a lot of travel and in-person interaction.

How Much Will the Travel Ban Really Affect Business Travel?

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When you look at the data, international travel to the U.S. ” TravelWhen it comes to the U.S. executive order issuing a 90-day temporary ban on new visas from six countries, “we have to separate political theater from political reality,” Michael Dominguez, MGM Resorts International senior vice president and chief sales officer, told CNTV. is actually on the upswing, Dominguez said.

Most-Used Travel Apps by Business Travelers

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According to Okta’s new “Business @ Work” report, the Southwest Airlines and Starwood Hotels travel apps were the most popular among business travelers in 2018. TravelPulse ). Read More. Industry Trends News Junkie

Planning The Perfect Incentive Travel Event: Learnings from APSC 2018

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By definition , an incentive travel event is meant for businesspeople to motivate their employees and help them reach a specific goal. Different from a corporate event such as a conference or a seminar, an incentive travel event is a trip, conference and at times an award ceremony all rolled into one. The Incentive Travel Event App: Engagement, Fun, Work & More. The post Planning The Perfect Incentive Travel Event: Learnings from APSC 2018 appeared first on Hubilo Blog.

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Top Travel Ideas for 2018, Survey Says


To that end, global luxury travel network Virtuoso has issued its annual trend-spotting report. According to Virtuoso’s “comprehensive survey of the network’s travel advisors worldwide,” top travel trends for 2018 will be: Multigenerational travel. Food and wine travel. Celebration travel. “ No activity is too unusual for the clients of Virtuoso travel advisors, as some of the more surprising requests show,” the report says. Top Travel Motivations.

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Avoiding Tainted Alcohol While Traveling


It’s not a pretty travel story. These troubling, even tragic, events prompted the State Department this week to post to its health and safety page about travel to Mexico: “There have been allegations that consumption of tainted or substandard alcohol has resulted in illness or blacking out. Travel Skills offers these suggestions for minimizing your risk when traveling abroad: Smell your drink.

10 Fun Facts About Incentive Travel


In celebration of Global Meetings Industry Day on April 6, Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) compiled 10 incentive travel facts to help planners orchestrate their next incentive excursion. Considering employees prefer travel and experiences to cash when selecting a large-scale award, an opportunity is bound to present itself. Incentive travel is used to motivate employees and partners at 38 percent of U.S. Meeting Planning Travel incentive travel

Bleisure Travel Raises Travel Policy Questions


Over the past year, more than a third of North American business travelers mixed work with play by extending a work trip for leisure. According to a new study by GBTA Foundation (the research arm of Global Business Travel Association), millennials led the way in so-called bleisure travel. Forty-eight percent of millennials who participated in the study said they had been bleisure travelers, while only 33 percent of Gen-X and 23 percent of Baby Boomer travelers did so.

Niche Luxury Travel Boom Creates Demand for Exclusive Trade Shows


The Duco Travel Summit marketplace takes place in grand surroundings, like the St. Duco Travel Summit Skift Take: Luxury travel during the past decade has taken off exponentially, driven by growing wealth around the world. Luxury Luxury Travel Meetings & Events Duco Travel Summit luxury new luxury PURERegis Florence. It's a natural progression that niche trade shows are popping up to cater to the demand. Laura Powell Read the Complete Story On Skift.

How The New Travel Ban Will Affect Meetings And Events


We take a look at the new travel ban, what’s changed, what hasn’t and how it will affect meetings and events. The latest iteration of the travel ban, signed by the president yesterday, removes Iraq from the ban and drops a provision that protected religious minorities. The post How The New Travel Ban Will Affect Meetings And Events by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Tech Tuesday: 13 Travel Gadgets Under $50 You Need in 2019


Whether you’re a meeting or event professional , a business professional, or someone who just likes to travels a lot, you know traveling can be messy and unpredictable. But, with the help of some innovative technology gadgets , traveling doesn’t have to be so hard. Travel & Hospitality featured

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5 Most Popular Travel Emojis


Whether hitting the road for meetings or pleasure, many travelers share their adventures and whereabouts on social media and through text messages within 24 hours of arriving. In an effort to bring these travel emojis to life, launched a petition on to try to convince Unicode to add them to keyboards. Over the course of three weeks, the travel site collected a whopping 170,000 votes to determine which emojis would be assigned to which cities.

10 Futuristic Travel Tech Products


Meeting and event planners are all too familiar with travel. Aware of how unpleasant long hours of travel can be, tech companies are working to alleviate the discomfort, inconvenience and general frustration. This scarf is a must for those suffering from allergies or traveling to heavily polluted cities. SF-717 Travel Steam Iron by Steamfast. Business travelers know it can be a struggle to keep suits and blouses wrinkle-free during travel.

Business Travel Trends: The Keys to Keeping Travelers Happy


According to a new survey, most business travelers are upbeat about work trips. 73 percent of those surveyed were satisfied with their overall business trip experience over the past three months, compared to 71 percent in 2015, according to the Global Business Travel Association ‘s Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ Global Report, in partnership with American Express. Company Travel Policies Are Evolving. Social Media Keeps More Travelers Connected on the Road.

Business Travel Sector to Take a $820 Billion Virus-Related Revenue Hit: Survey


The coronavirus outbreak has caused a sharp slowdown in global business travel as more companies suspend or cancel travel due to Covid-19 concerns. Kim Hyun-tae / Associated Press Skift Take: While China accounts for nearly half of the losses in the global business travel sector to date, the coronavirus impact on the sector is likely to deepen as more companies in the U.S. and Europe nix travel in the days ahead.