Introducing Eventbrite Boost, Your Event Marketing Superpower

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Events are coming back – now’s the time to stand out. Take your events to the next level with Eventbrite Boost — the all-in-one event marketing platform built to save you time and handle all your marketing challenges. Event Marketing Eventbrite Boost

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Are NFTs the future of event marketing?

Conferences that Work

The TLDR version: in my opinion, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not the future of event marketing. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Are NFTs the future of event marketing?

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Your Event Marketing Secret Weapon: The Sales Curve

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What if you could strategize your event marketing? If you had an event marketing plan based on data from your event history (i.e., You could time your event promotion with their buying […]. Event Marketing Eventbrite Boost

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What is the Future of Event Marketing?

Endless Events

Marketing has changed significantly over the last 10 to 15 years. Content marketing has seen a boom in activity. Twenty years ago, content marketing was what people wanted to be doing. What’s next for the future of event marketing?

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Download 7 Exceptional Event Email Templates for Driving Attendee Engagement

Write winning event emails in minutes! Relying on decades of social science research and more recent behavioral data, we’ll show you the science-backed methods to creating a wildly successful event-marketing email campaign for almost any situation. Download the eBook today!

Event Marketing Strategy: The Best Recipe For Event Success

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Every event professional understands that events are a form of marketing – especially in a B2B and B2C world. A Splash study shows that it might be the most powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal! WHAT IS EVENT MARKETING? Multi-event strategy.

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Creative Event Marketing Ideas


An event is only as great as its audience — specifically, the turnout. Event Marketing

Event Marketing Strategies That Cut Back on No-Shows

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For event planners, ticket sales are a basic measure of a successful event, making it all too easy to get wrapped up in watching your sales numbers. Event Marketing June Event Promotion Ticket Sales

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5 Key Event Marketing Strategies That Work

Event Planning BluePrint

As an event planner, you’re competing for business. So your event marketing strategies need to resonate with the right audience to effectively market your services to them. . The best event marketers know where their target audience ‘live.’. Email Marketing.

The 2019 Guide to Event Marketing

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Event marketing draws on the same principles and strategies as other types of marketing. Use this guide to event marketing to discover the best way to market your event. The post The 2019 Guide to Event Marketing appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Email Marketing Event Marketing Social Media Event Marketing

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The Future of Event Marketing: How Format Will Influence Function


Thanks to vaccine rollouts, in-person events grow more viable by the day. How will these different formats affect an event’s position within a marketing funnel? Not all events are created equally — a reality that has been […].

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Post-event marketing explained.

Expo Pass

After organizing any kind of event, the first thing you should do is take a well-earned break. Post-event marketing can wait for a day. Good… Now let’s talk marketing. There have never been more ways to stay connected with attendees after your event.

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Pre-event marketing, explained.

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Pre-event marketing is all about two things: boosting registration, and creating real, organic interest in the event. But in this ever changing event world, we find ourselves asking — What’s really the best way to do this? Try a super-creative event kit.

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Five Ways to Land the Event Marketing Jobs of the Future

Event Marketer

Nearly a year and a half has passed since the pandemic irreparably altered the world of experiential marketing. Ready to flex those post-pandemic marketing chops? More Career Inspiration: Introducing the 2021 Dream Team…The Sharpest Minds in B-to-B Events.

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Event Peeps: Mid-year Event Marketing Industry Pulse Check

Event Marketer

Erin McElroy, Head of Innovation for Global Events, IBM. In our inaugural episode of Event Peeps, we discuss how the industry is doing and feeling in a mid-year update on the back-to-live with Erin McElroy, head of innovation for global events within IBM’s event and experience marketing group.

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How to Simplify Event Marketing (and Not Drown in Facebook Ads)

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Save time and money with Eventbrite Boost If you’re an event creator who thinks about how to promote events, you’ve probably heard of Facebook Ads Manager. Even if digital marketing is your full-time gig, Ads Manager has a reputation for being complicated […].

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Essential Event Marketing KPIs to Measure Success

Endless Events

With so many events vying for your attendees’ attention, an intentional, targeted event marketing strategy can be an essential way to help your event stand out from the crowd. RSVPs to the Next Event. Post-Event Surveys. Build Your Event KPI Toolkit .

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Event Marketing Plan: Checklist


If no one heard about your event, it never really happened. Event marketing is your lifesaver when you need to explain to the world why you haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep for the last few months. But it’s obviously not the only reason you should fall in love with event marketing. A strong event promotion strategy will help you drive event registrations, establish brand recognition, and build a contact base. Post-event sales estimations.

Event Marketing on TikTok: 8 Must-Try Ideas

Social Tables

Event promotion and social media have always been a match made in heaven. Event marketing on TikTok is no different. Whether you’re just getting started on TikTok or are brushing up on TikTok event marketing techniques, we have ideas for every skill level.

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4 event marketing strategies to boost your attendance today

Event Industry News

It’s the day of your virtual event, people have started to log in, and the show’s about to start. The hype of virtual events has worn off, people’s calendars are jam-packed with back-to-back virtual meetings, and having to attend another event can sometimes feel exhausting.

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Why do Event Marketers Receive More Credit and Respect Than Event Planners?

Endless Events

She asked, “Why do event marketers receive more credit and respect than event planners?” . Event marketers and event planners do, in fact, often receive credit, financial support, and recognition differently, which makes this an excellent question.

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10 ½ Creative Event Marketing Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales

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You have countless event marketing options. The thought of spending your marketing budget for naught sends you into a panic spiral. The post 10 ½ Creative Event Marketing Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event MarketingAnd with that comes a paralysis of choice. Where to focus your attention and efforts? And how to come up with new ideas beyond basic social posts?

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Best Event Marketing Tools


Promotional tools for event marketing are powerful assistance for your event marketing. They help to save time and efforts during the event promotion. You are welcome to look them through and pick the most effective apps for your marketing needs from our top 12 marketing tools list. Reasons to use event marketing tools. Top 12 best event marketing tools for 2019. GEVME Email Marketing.

What is event marketing?

Event Farm

On the surface, event marketing sounds fairly straightforward: you host an event to promote your business. To help marketers think through (and potentially explain to others) what a successful event is, we created this guide. So what is event marketing?

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Hopin Makes 5th Acquisition of Past Year, Buying Events Marketing Platform Attendify


Virtual events platform Hopin announced Wednesday that it purchased Attendify as part of its plan to expand its event marketing suite. Attendify, an integrated event marketing platform founded in 2011 by Michael Balyasny, represents […].

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Event Marketing Supercharged: Eventbrite Joins Forces with ToneDen

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We know that reaching new customers and building your community of ticket buyers is crucial to your events business. Our suite of event marketing tools has made it easy for thousands of creators to publish and promote their events all in one place.

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Event Marketing Association announce partnership with IMEX

Event Industry News

The Event Marketing Association has partnered with the IMEX Group to deliver learning, networking and business opportunities for their members. Conference News Exhibition News Featured News UK and Europe US and Canada EMA Event Marketing Association IMEX IMEX America

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Event marketing – the misunderstanding


Reading Time: 5 minutes Event marketing is often wrongly explained as all the actions promoting the event. Nothing could be further from the truth , as the term itself indicates, these are all the actions somehow connected to events, all done in order to promote the brand and increase company’s marketing. 2) the job of advertising different events so that people will go to them. But event marketing has so much more potential!

New Year, New Approach: Four Ways AT&T is Upgrading its Event Marketing Tactics in 2022

Event Marketer

The new year offers organizations a chance to reset and reevaluate, and AT&T has wasted no time in reshaping its approach to experiential marketing to meet the needs of the modern COVID-era consumer. Embrace the widespread adoption of event technology.

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4 Forces Shaping Event Marketing in 2020


According to a recent survey we conducted with Demand Gen Report, 54% of companies are increasing their budget for in-person events this year. But with bigger investments comes the need for smarter marketing. Event Industry Insights Event Marketing

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Event Marketing in the "New Normal"

Event Age by Swapcard

The past 18 months have been a challenge for the events industry, but the ability to pivot and adapt to a "new normal" during these trying times is something the events world can be proud of. Event Experiences Event Community Virtual Events Hybrid events In-person events

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From the Metaverse to NFTs: How Event Marketers Can Tap into the Power of Emerging Tech

Event Marketer

The rise of new-era digital platforms and tools offers event marketers a fresh engagement opportunity. The million-dollar question is: What happens to face-to-face marketing if we’re spending all of this time in virtual environments? It could be private events for them.

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11 Actionable Virtual Event Marketing Ideas

Endless Events

In the COVID-19 era , it becomes increasingly important to discuss the ins and outs of virtual events. But today, we’ll be jumping into the realm of marketing. And most importantly, virtual event marketing ideas. Create A Facebook Event & Promote It.

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End Game: How Event Marketers are Keeping Attendees from Leaving Early

Event Marketer

Breaking down the psychology of event engagement. Over the years, event marketers have relied on traditional tactics to sustain event engagement, like wrapping the event with a concert by a Grammy Award-winning artist or offering major incentives like free travel.

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Producing In-person Events Post-COVID: Nine Resources for Event Marketers

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As the number of Americans vaccinated for COVID-19 increases and the country begins to reopen businesses, more marketers are beginning to consider producing live, in-person events again. 2) Event Planning Guide for COVID & Social Distancing.

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How to Measure Event Marketing Success


Knowing how to measure event marketing success has long been a key factor in determining the degree of success of any event or enterprise. The development of event technology has led to new and more effective ways to monitor ROI. Reasons to measure event marketing success. Thorough research in the event industry field has allowed us to develop event marketing ROI metrics and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of events.

The Latest Event Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2022


In many ways, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic marked a profound and dramatic change to the events industry. In this article, we’ll explore some of the biggest trends to help event marketers plan for an uncertain future. Event Marketing featured

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European River Cruises Set Sail in Meetings and Events Market


The company’s ships are currently being purpose-built to accommodate the needs of business events meeting. Sandy Biback, a planner with over 30 years of experience in meetings, conferences, and events, is a huge fan of river cruising. “A

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Introducing Eventbrite Boost – Your Event Marketing Superpower

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Events are coming back – now’s the time to stand out. Take your events to the next level with Eventbrite Boost — the all-in-one event marketing platform built to save you time and handle all your marketing challenges. Event Marketing Eventbrite Boost

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Event marketing strategies for tough economic times (UPDATED)

Plan Your Meetings

It’s no secret that the economy affects the events industry. When event budgets are slashed, event attendance drops, attendees are less willing or able to travel, and those attendees who do show up feel the effects of the economy. Even in good economic conditions, exhibitors are being forced to scrutinize every detail to prove the value of their events. Expect CEOs, CFOs and managers to ask you to justify the expense of every event, if they’re not already.

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