101+ Fundraising (Event) Ideas


Fundraising is essential to many events, but it can feel daunting to find new ways to raise money. Here are the most original ideas and 60 apps to raise more money for your event. This list of 101+ ideas for fundraising can help get those magical juices […].

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Company Event Ideas for Employees


Undoubtedly, this puzzle has a huge number of pieces, with corporate events being one of them. We’ve put together a list of ideas for employee engagement events that can make a corporation more successful. Why you should organise corporate events.

Creative Corporate Event Ideas


If you’re in the event-planning industry, you probably know how rewarding corporate event organisation can be. To make a corporate event journey truly fascinating, you must be a powerhouse of ideas. Do you think the team will enjoy a high-speed event?

Creative Event Ideas

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Creative Event Ideas. This one was entitled 15 Creative Ideas. 15 Creative Event Ideas. My aim was to help attendees (and viewers of the session) see that innovative events all share one or more of seven distinct themes.

10 Event Ideas to Raise Brand Awareness


One that I particularly like and find most effective is event branding. The goal of event branding is quite simple: to put your brand in the spotlight while creating a more personal relationship with your prospective customers and even potential partners. Interactive or expo events.

10 Charity Event Ideas That Could Change Your Fundraising

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In order to host a successful charity event, planners need to keep honing their business practices. Things like event ROI, brand recognition, and clever partnerships are just some of the things you need to execute or monitor. With a little creativity and some skill, a great charity event is well within reach. Here’s how to engage donors, support causes you love, and win over clients with ten amazing charity event ideas.

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25 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal


Business environments need to be navigated differently so here’s some ideas for planning your next corporate event. A successful corporate event consists of several elements but it often has a strong underlying message or purpose which it is important to convey in a professional manner.

20 Thought Leadership Event Ideas


Build your brand, showcase potential, and engage your community with these thought leadership event ideas. This event type can include VIPs or focus more on general admission. Panel-style thought leadership events are especially helpful for this event type.

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30 Team-Building Event Ideas


Use these creative team-building events as inspiration for your own engaging and fun company event ideas. Team-building events are an essential part of a company’s overall health. They can also be a staple to any company’s event strategy. Team-Building Event Ideas.

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20 Workshop Event Ideas


Build relationships, provide real value, and help attendees achieve their most important goals with these workshop event ideas. Workshop events allow businesses to target a variety of specific audiences in order to gain or maintain their patronage quickly and effectively.

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22 Christmas Event Ideas


Throw the perfect festive party this season using some of these Christmas event ideas to bring holiday cheer to all your attendees. Mix up the clichés, keep it classy and ensure the perfect Christmas event (or themed event if you’re reading this post-December.)

16 Health Conscious Event Ideas


Many attendees are becoming more and more health conscious and event planners are keen to offer healthy ideas and alternatives that appeal to them. The post 16 Health Conscious Event Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

8 Uncommon Fundraising Event Ideas


You’ve been tasked to plan a fundraising event but you’re stuck with the same ideas – cocktails, ambient jazz music, and long speeches that end with asking the audience to donate. Organizing unique fundraising events can help your donors.

20 Sales Acceleration Event Ideas


Nurture leads, generate pipeline and close deals with these sales acceleration event ideas. Sales acceleration events allow businesses to tackle various segments of their sales pipeline in order to convert more prospects faster and with greater efficiency. Host a virtual event.

Eco-Friendly Event Ideas

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The post Eco-Friendly Event Ideas appeared first on mastertheevent.com. Planning An Event Tools & Resources eventprofs events going green Green green events Green meetings meetings planning sustainablilty

16 Illuminating Neon Event Ideas


The neon theme is being incorporated into various events, from corporate to kids parties so it’s time to get on board. If you’re looking to create an event with an illuminating pop of color, a […]. The post 16 Illuminating Neon Event Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

20 Impressive VIP Event Ideas


Learn how to impress customers, prospects and other stakeholders with these impressive VIP event ideas. Making people feel special is a great goal for all event types but especially for VIP events. What is a VIP event? Add a VIP lounge to any existing event.

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15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas


We’ve scoured the web for the most innovative corporate events ideas on the block. Be inspired and make your next event really stand out from the crowd. The post 15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Marketing Featured January Marketing corporate events event ideas ideas and inspiration

20 Powerful Product Launch Event Ideas


Discover product launch event examples from leading brands like Google, Moz, and Magento and more. One of the most successful ways to release a new product is through an event. But don't worry, product launch events don't have to be scary. What Is a Product Launch Event?

20 New Year Corporate Event Ideas


Bring your corporate event to the next level with these inspirational ideas for a memorable new year. Here are some inspirational ideas to make […]. The post 20 New Year Corporate Event Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

3 Unique Fundraising Event Ideas for Non-Profits and Associations

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Having a tough time coming up with fundraising event ideas? Consider these three fundraising event ideas or use them for inspiration to come up with your own unique event. Galas and silent auctions have become boring and aggravating for event attendees to endure.

17 Creative DIY Event Ideas


Have you tried creating new concepts at your event by making things yourselves? Add the personal touch to your event by trying your hand at some of these creative DIY event ideas. The post 17 Creative DIY Event Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

15+ Event Ideas to Help You Wow Attendees on a Budget

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Events serve an important business purpose. Luckily, as important as events are, they don’t have to break the bank. Here are some tried-and-true event ideas to help you wow attendees and bosses on a tight budget. Event Ideas for Themes.

Labor Day Event Ideas


Even though most people are off work and kids are out of school, it's a busy time for many event managers. As an event manager, your goal should be to get as creative as possible and give your event guests something memorable as. The post Labor Day Event Ideas appeared first on Caterease. Labor Day is known as the closeout holiday to the summer season.

20 Creative Fundraising Event Ideas


Create a more engaging experience and generate more ROI from your fundraising events with these creative ideas. According to Rod Arnold, Founder of Leading Good, nonprofits need to focus on perfecting business fundamentals (like increasing your average event ROI ) to keep succeeding.

Small Event Ideas That Can Bring in Highly Engaged Leads


When it comes to event ROI, it’s not the number of leads you generate, but the number of high-quality leads. Here are 3 ways to take advantage of small events for high-quality, engaged leads. Event tips and best practices ROI Event Intelligence Event Feature Featured

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24 Unique Event Ideas From Spring Benefits


From shooting fruit in Toronto to miles of ribbon in Chicago to fiber-optic trees in New York, here are the

From the Editors: What's the Most Memorable Event Idea You Saw in 2018?


From a crowd-sourced mural and trees made of balloons to innovative uses of augmented reality and a truly immersive photo

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8 Engaging Interactive Event Ideas Worth Trying


According to our Eventbrite Survey, Millennials will account for 75% of the UK workforce in a decade and spend over £419,556,233 each month on attending live events. But while this is good news for event creators, the demand for live experiences also means more competition.

How to “Sell” Your Event Ideas to Clients or Managers


When you have a great event idea, it’s incredibly frustrating if it’s immediately shot down. The post How to “Sell” Your Event Ideas to Clients or Managers appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Management Event Planning November Sales event ideas NegotiatingFollow these 10 steps to get buy-in from any stakeholder.

17 Steal-Worthy Event Ideas From PopSugar's Women's Lifestyle Festival


PopSugar isn’t completely new to the experiential marketing landscape. In recent years, the lifestyle media company has partnered with brands

7 Themed Event Ideas to Impress Guests


Sam Wright from Optima Villas provides some interesting ideas on themed events so that you can engage attendees throughout the entire event lifecycle. The post 7 Themed Event Ideas to Impress Guests appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. August Consumer Event Planning Family Festival Food & Drink Operations / Logistics Other event ideas Event Themes

Toast to Summer With These 18 Rosé-Inspired Event Ideas


Rosé has long been a summer staple, but it's been picking up steam in recent years as more and more

TOP 15 halloween event ideas to bedazzle the whole office


With the Halloween around the corner, take a look at 15 spooky Halloween office party ideas to spice your office up! Companies more and more often concentrate on the benefits of implementing event strategies to their marketing activities. One of its elements is a corporate event.

10 Valentine’s Event Ideas to Fall in Love With


Here are 10 Valentine’s event ideas to ignite your passion for event planning this February. The post 10 Valentine’s Event Ideas to Fall in Love With appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Consumer Event Trends Featured January Leadership / Management Owner Ticket Sales charity event ideas fundraising Valentine's DayGuaranteed to help fundraisers & venue owners feel the love!

10 Event Ideas & Products You Need to See from BizBash Live: New York


Event and meeting professionals gathered at BizBash Live: New York, held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October

Event Ideas for an Unforgettable Holiday Party


With the end of the year fast approaching, calendars are filling up with holiday party invites and clients are scouting out event managers to help wrap up the work year on a high note. There are plenty of psychics and Tarot Card Readers who specialise in working parties and large-scale events.

83 Event Ideas and Formats to Inspire Your Next Great Event


Check out these 83 event ideas, themes and formats then mix and match them to create a fresh, unique attendee experience for your next event! The post 83 Event Ideas and Formats to Inspire Your Next Great Event appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

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15 Unique, Unusual and Fantastic Fundraising Event Ideas


Fundraising is such a competitive market place, so the quirkier your events the better. Read on to discover 15 fantastic and unusual fundraising event ideas. The post 15 Unique, Unusual and Fantastic Fundraising Event Ideas appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Charity Event Planning Event Promotion Featured July Marketing Operations / Logistics Charity Events event-planning Fundraisers fundraising events Ideas & Inspiration Non-profits

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5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Corporate Events are Unforgettable

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This means that, under normal circumstances, most corporate event announcements are met with a less than enthusiastic […]. The post 5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Corporate Events are Unforgettable appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog.

The Best Way to Pitch Event Ideas to Executives

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NOTE: Even though this article is written for getting executives to sign off on your event idea, I have also used the 11 steps outlined below to successfully pitch event sponsorships or marketing partnerships to executives. How the event delivers value to the organization.

8 Ideas to Embrace a Wellness Culture at Events


This is a sponsored post by Maritz Global Events. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. The wellness trend began by offering healthier meal options but has now blossomed into an entire culture for events. Event Ideas event ideas #eventprof eventmanagement

5 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal Now [Video]


This video looks at 5 cool and simple ideas you can use at your next corporate event and really make an impression with your guests. abovethefold## It’s very easy to be boring when planning corporate events. Here are five ideas for you to jazz up your corporate event in 2018.