12 Event Trends and Shifts for 2021


In the last five years Pantone has made this interesting, including ‘ultraviolet’ and ‘greenery’ and for the complexities of 2021 they have addressed it with two colors. This eloquently sums up what 2021 will need as we return to live events.

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Introducing the 2021 Event Planning Playbook

Event Farm

So we set out to compile all the knowledge we’ve gathered so far this year to create the 2021 Event Planning Playbook and provide the answers you seek to give your traditional playbook a massive upgrade. The post Introducing the 2021 Event Planning Playbook appeared first on Event Farm.

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[Webinar] Rethink, Restart, Refresh Your Panels: Advice for 2021

Velvet Chainsaw

The post [Webinar] Rethink, Restart, Refresh Your Panels: Advice for 2021 appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw. Ring in the New Year with advice from two renowned experts on speaker coaching and panel improvement, Kristin Arnold and Sarah Michel.

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Why It Still Pays to Host Virtual Events in 2021

Picatic by Eventbrite

In 2021, people who are growing weary of […]. In 2020, virtual events became a necessity. COVID-19 resulted in lockdowns, closures, and strict social distancing requirements, quickly halting all in-person events.

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The 5 Secrets To Thriving in a Post-Pandemic World

Speaker: Kevin Tam, Sculpture Hospitality Consultant

This webinar is about creating the mindset necessary to navigate a post-pandemic world. The last year and a half of the pandemic has wounded all of us, mentally, emotionally and financially, especially being in one of the hardest hit industries. To thrive, we have to learn how to accept it, face it, deal with it and strategize around it.

Oscars 2021: No Zoom Allowed!

Endless Events

Oscars 2021 are just around the corner and the producers of the show have announced that attending virtually won’t be a possibility this year. Oscars 2021: The Exclusivity Of It All. The first one to share his thoughts about Oscars 2021 is Nick.

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State of the Event Industry Report: Q1 2021


In our efforts to keep track of the state of the event industry, we surveyed EventMB readers in February/March 2021 on a number of different questions related to their experience and how they see the industry developing.

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2021 Oscars BINGO Card

Decibel Management

Though we’re starting to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, most of us are still planning to tune in to the 2021 Oscars at home, and we’ve got the perfect free Oscars BINGO card to help you do just that. Click here to print your 2021 Oscar Awards BINGO Card.

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8 Event Budget Adjustments Needed to Host Safe Events in 2021

Event Farm

Part III: 2021 Event Planning Playbook. If you’re curious about the role and responsibilities of a PCA, our 2021 Event Planning Playbook provides a job description. . The post 8 Event Budget Adjustments Needed to Host Safe Events in 2021 appeared first on Event Farm.

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2021 Event Design Trends With Nick Borelli!

Endless Events

That’s right, Endless Events is back at it with the best content to help you navigate the 2021 landscape. And while there’s a lot to cover, we figured that there’s no best way to start January than by outlining the 2021 event design trends that will define the industry.

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Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

Concerts Revisited: Planning Music Events in 2021 and Beyond

Picatic by Eventbrite

For creators in the music industry, 2020 was all about agility and adaptability. In the face of canceled or postponed live events, attendees were more hungry for entertainment than ever.

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2021 Virtual-Conference Big Ideas

Velvet Chainsaw

In 2020, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors were more forgiving of our virtual conferences than they will be in 2021. So the big question to ponder for 2021 and beyond is: Will those — especially global and non-members — who’ve attended virtual events this year return?

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Discover All the Reasons to Attend Adobe Summit 2021

Marketo Events

And as we kick off Summit 2021 in the shadow of one of the most unexpected and challenging years of our lives, it’s safe to say we’ve realized the full value of this quality, as well as our our community. Event Marketing adobe summit adobe summit 2021

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How Will Hybrid Meetings Hit 2021 Budgets?


But how will it affect 2021 budgets? The post How Will Hybrid Meetings Hit 2021 Budgets? Who could have predicted a year ago that Zoom would be a major disruptive influence in the meetings industry?

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Maximize Your Profit Margins

Speaker: Shawn Imbeault and Geoff Loukes, Sculpture Hospitality

In the past year, we've learned that maximizing margins can determine whether your restaurant stays afloat when times get hard. Join Shawn Limbeault and Geoff Loukes, in this master class that will take you through the best practices of maximizing your margins, From FOH to BOH.

Virtual Event Platforms: The 2021 Guide

Event Age by Swapcard

Event Experiences Event Tech

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2021 Event Trends: The Only Guide You’ll Need!

Endless Events

We’ve been teasing it for a while, but the time has come to introduce our 2021 event trends guide! And how will the COVID-19 pandemic continuously impact us in 2021? What’s Included In The 2021 Event Trends Guide? This 2021 event trends guide was a labor of love.

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Post-Pandemic Event Insurance 2021: 5 Tips to Mitigate Risk

Event Age by Swapcard

In the events industry, changing plans and learning to problem solve on the fly are skills you need to have to run a successful event. As the pandemic unfolded, the problems facing organizers became bigger than anything that had been faced before. The industry had to adapt as a result.

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50 Virtual Event Ideas for 2021

Event Age by Swapcard

Here are the 50 best virtual event ideas for 2021. Table of Contents. First Impressions At Your Event Virtual Networking & Engagement Ideas Immersive Virtual Experience Ideas Virtual Exhibitor & Sponsor Ideas.

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A Masterclass in Restaurant Digital Transformation

Speaker: Jay Coldren, Alex Barrow, and Greer Kimsey, Street Sense Team

Behaviorists say it takes 21 days to solidify a habit. 365 days of quarantine later, it's safe to say that our customers will be keeping some quarantine habits. At the center of these habits is the digital world: online ordering, advertising, booking, reviewing, etc. It will become essential for restaurants to create omni-channel experiences for customers, and to market them effectively. Join Jay Coldren and his team in this masterclass to learn the tactics for dominating the digital restaurant sphere.

50 Awesome Virtual Event Ideas for 2021

Event Age by Swapcard

Here are the 50 best virtual event ideas for 2021. Table of Contents. First Impressions At Your Event Virtual Networking & Engagement Ideas Immersive Virtual Experience Ideas Virtual Exhibitor & Sponsor Ideas.

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5 Event Trends to watch in 2021


5 Event Trends to watch in 2021 was initially published in our Newsletter on February 11th, 2021. The post 5 Event Trends to watch in 2021 appeared first on Oveit. Hello,quick question: How will the future […].

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Diversity In Events 2021 With William S. Matthews

Endless Events

Today, it’s time for something different, but just as relevant: we will talk about diversity in events as of 2021. Diversity In Events 2021: More Than Just A Trend. Next up, it’s time to talk about the topic at hand: diversity in events in 2021.

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Your 2021 Virtual Event Budget Checklist!

Endless Events

So don’t waste another minute and get a head start on your 2021 virtual event budget by downloading a free copy today! 2021 Virtual Event Budget Checklist: Download Now! Are you ready to get started on your 2021 virtual event budget?

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Restrictions Into Opportunities: How to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Speaker: Patrick Cottrell and Joe English

Whether your state allows outdoor dining, takeout only, or a little bit of both, we're here to help. Join Patrick Cottrell and Joe English from Sculpture Hospitality, for a webinar on Jan. 26th, and get your restaurant to thrive in face of pandemic restrictions

Breaking: SXSW 2021 Goes Virtual with Swapcard

Event Age by Swapcard

SXSW is taking its 2021 event virtual and has chosen Swapcard , the leading AI-powered engagement and matchmaking platform for premium events, as the official event platform

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7 of the Top Event Planning Conferences in 2021

Social Tables

While 2021 may still look a little different than normal, expect to see many conferences back and ready to help industry professionals navigate the massive changes in the way they do business. Read on to learn more about some of the top event planning conferences that 2021 has to offer.

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CES 2021: What Does It Mean For The Events Industry?

Endless Events

They have covered the CES 2019 in the past, and it’s high time they go over the CES 2021. Because of the unprecedented state the events industry finds itself in, the CES 2021 moved from Las Vegas into the virtual space. CES 2021: The Pros And Cons Of Going Virtual.

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How to Host a Hybrid Event in 2021


According to expert predictions on hybrid , hybrid events truly are the future and a critical strategy for organizers to adopt in 2021. Here’s a glimpse at what the hybrid events team will look like in 2021. Hybrid events can seem like an overwhelming topic.

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Restaurant Management Masterclass

Speaker: Harlan Scott, Founder of Harlan Scott Hospitality and Industry Restaurant

Due first to necessary staffing cuts, extreme safety protocols, and now the need to rehire against outsized government stimulus, unemployment benefits and wage requirements, managing and staffing have become the most urgent conversation in restaurants today. This, adding on to the lynch-pin management style restaurants often have, has made restaurant cultures more vulnerable and volatile than ever. If your restaurant is suffering from cut staff, low morale, or ineffective training, you've come to the right place. Join Harlan Scott of Harlan Scott Hospitality, learn how to get back in control of your restaurant and your operation back on autopilot.

Protected: Celebrating Pride Month In 2021


To view this protected post, enter the password below: Password: The post Protected: Celebrating Pride Month In 2021 first appeared on Verve.

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8 Best Free Event Registration Software for 2021

Event Age by Swapcard

When it comes to free event registration software, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Event Experiences Event Tech Virtual Events Hybrid events

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The Essential Virtual Event RFP Guide: 2021 edition

SpotMe Blog

The post The Essential Virtual Event RFP Guide: 2021 edition appeared first on SpotMe. In a hurry with your RFP for virtual events? Jump directly to the RFP template for virtual events here: Download RFP Template now. Are you running an RFP for virtual events?

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My Turbulent Love Affair With Digital-Event Networking

Velvet Chainsaw

As 2021 dawned, the reality of Zoom fatigue set in. I have been a loyal and passionate disciple of networking for all of my adult life. I have spent decades learning, speaking and writing about it.

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10 Tips That Will help You Host A Successful Digital Event in 2021


We exist in an age where it is now officially a task to keep people hooked onto their devices when hosting digital events 2021. Digital events 2021 will have to learn and adapt different ways to capture the audience’s attention and have them hooked onto the event for long periods.

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Prestige Events Magazine

Wembley Park , London’s world-famous entertainment district, is proud to announce the return of its unique 13-week sporting and culture themed summer programme called Summer of Play, launching on the 4 th June, 2021. SUMMER OF PLAY 2021: WHAT’S ON.

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Networking in-person in 2021 made easy (and fun)!

Expo Pass

To help you make real connections meeting in-person, these are our top networking trends and predictions for 2021. Which makes 2021 sound better already. The post Networking in-person in 2021 made easy (and fun)!

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The 6 Best Hybrid Event Examples of 2021 (So far)


When Texas opened up in early 2021, event organizers around the world were watching. One conference after another switched over to virtual, postponing all physical events until at least 2021. Hybrid means more than an in-person event with streaming.

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16 Event Email Templates to Drive Attendance & Increase Engagement in 2021

SpotMe Blog

The post 16 Event Email Templates to Drive Attendance & Increase Engagement in 2021 appeared first on SpotMe. The power of event email marketing remains strong.

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