The Best Virtual Event Platform for 2021: Introducing the New EventMobi Virtual Space


The post The Best Virtual Event Platform for 2021: Introducing the New EventMobi Virtual Space appeared first on EventMobi. Over the past ten months we have witnessed the complete digital transformation of live events.

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[Webinar] Rethink, Restart, Refresh Your Panels: Advice for 2021

Velvet Chainsaw

The post [Webinar] Rethink, Restart, Refresh Your Panels: Advice for 2021 appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw. Ring in the New Year with advice from two renowned experts on speaker coaching and panel improvement, Kristin Arnold and Sarah Michel.

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2021 Event Design Trends With Nick Borelli!

Endless Events

That’s right, Endless Events is back at it with the best content to help you navigate the 2021 landscape. And while there’s a lot to cover, we figured that there’s no best way to start January than by outlining the 2021 event design trends that will define the industry.

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How Will Hybrid Meetings Hit 2021 Budgets?


But how will it affect 2021 budgets? The post How Will Hybrid Meetings Hit 2021 Budgets? Who could have predicted a year ago that Zoom would be a major disruptive influence in the meetings industry?

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Restrictions Into Opportunities: How to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Speaker: Patrick Cottrell and Joe English

Whether your state allows outdoor dining, takeout only, or a little bit of both, we're here to help. Join Patrick Cottrell and Joe English from Sculpture Hospitality, for a webinar on Jan. 26th, and get your restaurant to thrive in face of pandemic restrictions

What Risk Factors Are Top of Mind for Association Event Organizers?

Velvet Chainsaw

Three primary risk categories are emerging as organizations weigh their options for major conferences in 2021: Mitigating financial risk. As optimism grows for business events returning later in 2021, hotels are testing the waters more aggressively on signed agreements.

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12 Event Trends and Shifts for 2021


In the last five years Pantone has made this interesting, including ‘ultraviolet’ and ‘greenery’ and for the complexities of 2021 they have addressed it with two colors. This eloquently sums up what 2021 will need as we return to live events.

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Breaking: SXSW 2021 Goes Virtual with Swapcard

Event Age by Swapcard

SXSW is taking its 2021 event virtual and has chosen Swapcard , the leading AI-powered engagement and matchmaking platform for premium events, as the official event platform

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Creamfields 2021 SOLD OUT

Event Industry News

Creamfields 2021, Daresbury, Cheshire, UK, 26th – 29th August Bank Holiday weekend. Creamfields, one of the world’s leading electronic music festivals is the first UK festival to announce sell out when it makes its return this Summer, becoming its fastest selling show to date.

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2021 Event Email Marketing: The 5-Email Roadmap to Success


When leveraging your event email marketing strategy, there are five types of emails worth sending to maximize your event’s potential and create a proper channel of communication. Think of each email as an opportunity to promote your event , even when attendees are already confirmed.

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10 International Women’s Day Event Ideas

Picatic by Eventbrite

The 2021 theme for International Women’s Day is […]. Since 1911, International Women’s Day has celebrated the achievements and strength of women around the world.

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Audience Engagement: The 2021 Guide


Read on to learn the ins and outs of audience engagement in 2021 and beyond. In our 2021 Virtual Event Benchmarks , we pooled data from 1850 virtual events taking place from July 1, 2020 - October 31, 2020, and found that attendees watched 61% of a 60-minute session.

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Hybrid Event Best Practices: A Virtual-First Approach


After a year of adapting to virtual-only formats, many within the events industry are eagerly predicting that 2021 will be the year of hybrid events. Planning Hybrid Events in 2021. Hybrid Event Best Practices for 2021: The Key Takeaways.

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Your 2021 Guide to Successful Event Promotion

Python Events

2021 is here. It’s rare to see a physical billboard or poster out and about in 2021 considering most events are streamed online. Get this: 320 billion emails are estimated to be sent around the world every day in 2021. Want to be a savvy promoter in today’s digital age?

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Events Powered by Glisser - 2021


Event Planning Featured Event Marketing Thought Leadership

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2021 Virtual-Conference Big Ideas

Velvet Chainsaw

In 2020, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors were more forgiving of our virtual conferences than they will be in 2021. So the big question to ponder for 2021 and beyond is: Will those — especially global and non-members — who’ve attended virtual events this year return?

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Beyond Hybrid: Repackaging Your Conference Content

Velvet Chainsaw

Over the past nine months, many industry experts have proclaimed that meetings and conferences are forever changed and hybrid is here to stay. While I agree in principle, I think the future is so much more than hybrid.

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Your Seminar Planning Checklist: 16 Steps to Success

Picatic by Eventbrite

Planning a seminar? Use this list of 16 seminar planning tips to reduce stress, put on a successful event, and make sure no detail is forgotten! Resources and Tools Agendas Event Budgets Event Websites Facebook Retargeting Ads Speakers and Panelists Ticketing or Registration Venues

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How Virtual Event Platforms Can Help Measure Event Success


2020 helped to accelerate the rapid development of enhanced virtual event technology, and adoption rates have never been higher. Despite this progress, many still aren’t taking full advantage of what may be event tech’s greatest asset — hard data, or the information behind informed decision making.

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PCMA’s First Omnichannel Convening Leaders: The Great, the Good and the Not So…

Velvet Chainsaw

All of them deserve kudos for a very different 2021 Convening Leaders and for the work they have done during this extremely challenging disruption in our industry. What are some of your great, good or not-so-good takeaways from PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2021?

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In The Face of Adversity, Healthcare Professionals Chose Eventbrite

Picatic by Eventbrite

Back in December, officials with the Brevard County branch of the Florida Department of Health eagerly opened their phone lines, ready to accept the first appointments for their fledgling COVID-19 vaccination program.

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Gamification makes about as much sense as chocolate-dipped broccoli

Conferences that Work

Gamification “makes about as much sense as chocolate-dipped broccoli” Education professor Amy Bruckman , coined this analogy in a 1999 paper on game software design: “Most attempts at making software both educational and fun end up being neither.

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[Guest Post] A Realistic Approach to Hybrid Events in 2021


With the tumultuous start of 2021, a slower than expected roll-out of vaccines, and some events staging in-person while other high-profile events cancel or declare they will be virtual well into Q2, event professionals are left wondering, what’s next

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Corporate Volunteerism: The Complete Guide For 2021


Customers in 2021 care just as much about the impact a company has in the world than their value by purchasing their products or services.

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Designing conferences to solve participants’ problems

Conferences that Work

What makes attending conferences worthwhile? As I described in Conferences That Work , the two most common reasons for attending conferences are to learn useful things and make useful connections. But there are numerous other ways that conferences provide value to stakeholders.

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Create Engaging and Impactful Workplace Diversity Events

Picatic by Eventbrite

Diversity pays. According to a 2020 report from What to Become, companies employing an equal number of men and women make up to 41% more in revenue than their less diverse counterparts, and 43% of companies with diverse management show higher profits.

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What the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2021 Mean for Events

PCMA Convene

based market research firm, has just published its Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2021 , which provides insights for the business events industry. Resilience and adaptability are the driving forces behind these top global and consumer trends in 2021.

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IMEX 2021 cancellation

Event Industry News

Statement from IMEX website: It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of IMEX in Frankfurt 2021, due to take place at Messe Frankfurt from 25 – 27 May. We know the timing of our announcement comes as a blow so early in 2021.

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2021 Wedding Trends You Need to Know

All Seated

Here are the key trends to be mindful of when planning events in 2021. Eddie Zaratsian of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design agrees, adding, “Outdoor, more intimate celebrations will still be the essence of 2021 events.

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Does your association’s tail wag your membership’s dog?

Conferences that Work

Who’s responsible for association culture? The association staff, or its membership? Association culture? Here’s a definition by Jamie Notter.].

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How to Wow Potential Online Event Sponsors

Picatic by Eventbrite

Securing online event sponsorship is more important than ever, but it can be a little trickier than finding sponsors for an in-person event.

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Create the Perfect Event Sponsorship Pitch Deck

Picatic by Eventbrite

Looking for sponsors for your next conference? Attract them with your stellar sponsorship pitch deck! Resources and Tools Event Sponsorship Proposal Event Sponsorships Fundraising

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8 Enticing Virtual Date Ideas for a Socially Distanced Valentine’s Day

Picatic by Eventbrite

Let’s face it: holidays haven’t been the same since March 2020, but that doesn’t mean you should let lockdown restrictions cancel your Valentine’s Day.

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The Complete Step-by-Step Festival Planning Guide for 2021


In 2021, there are so many marketing channels to choose from and it's up to you to determine what channels are best to reach your target demographics. A lot of work goes into planning a festival, from setting your goals to securing a workforce to making it all happen.

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The 2021 WFH Essentials List (UK)


There have been many lessons learned through this last year of quarantine, but decking out the home office is essential. What is your absolutely number one working from home item? Tech Tips Thought Leadership

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2021 Conference Agenda Announced!

Special Events

Save now on your registration with Early Bird pricing

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Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 23rd February 2021

Hubilo Blog

The post Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 23rd February 2021 appeared first on Hubilo Blog. Strengthening our commitment of creating a seamless experience for event organizers and other event stakeholders, we present you with the latest product enhancements: 1.

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The danger of our drive to make sense

Conferences that Work

In our natural desire to predict the future and make good decisions, we must always stay mindful of the danger of our drive to make sense. Nick Chater and George Loewenstein propose that evolution has produced a ‘drive for sense-making’. They argue that sense-making…. …is

2021 227

Control versus freedom at meetings

Conferences that Work

How can we design the optimum balance between control versus freedom at meetings? First, let’s get one misconception out of the way. As I wrote in 2010: The reality is that you never had control to begin with, just the myth of control. You’ve been kidding yourself all these years.

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Webinar Hosting 101: From Planning to Post-Production

Picatic by Eventbrite

With the rise of online events, webinars have become a hugely popular way to teach and learn. Even before the world became more virtual, many event creators were using them to reach audiences across the globe.

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