September, 2019

Five-Step Framework for Effective Collaborative Design

Velvet Chainsaw

Your conference strategy should include a plan to inject fresh content or experiences each year as part of an ongoing improvement process. There are a million ways to make these improvement plans. Some work and many don’t.

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Why switching to active learning is hard — and worth it

Conferences that Work

A September 2019 research study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences clearly illustrates why switching to active learning is hard — and worth it! Lecturing has been the core modality in our education systems for centuries.

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Ask An Eventbrite Expert: 3 Strategies to Make More Revenue Upfront

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Growing your revenue is no easy feat. Beyond covering your basic expenses, if you plan to grow your event, you need to make sure that you are making enough to scale — without compromising quality and potentially losing future attendees.

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The Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing Event Management Software


To help event planners and industry professionals better understand the path to purchase for event management software, we conducted a survey this year asking about the common challenges faced during this process.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

What It Took to Produce the San Francisco Symphony's Biggest Gala Yet


For its 108th season, the symphony paid tribute to longtime conductor Michael Tilson Thomas with playful details and surprise and delight moments. Here's how producers Blueprint Studios pulled off the seven-hour affair

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How the GEVME cashless token system works


When organisers look for a solution that allows visitors to help themselves with the purchase of coupons by going online, GEVME comes in handy! Check out how GEVME acts as a cashless token system to create a positive experience for all users on a single event platform.

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You can’t make people change. But…

Conferences that Work

“You can’t make people change. But you can create an environment where they choose to.” ” —Seth Godin, Leadership. Change is hard. And you can’t make people change. However, meetings have tremendous potential to change lives.

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30 Unique and Instagram-Worthy Party Theme Ideas

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Creating an event with a strong visual theme that will inspire attendees to whip out their camera phones is a surefire way to spread like wildfire on Instagram.

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The Intersection of Augmented Reality, Social Media and Events is Finally Here


Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

18 Clever Ways to Render Logos at Events


Eye-catching logo displays are not just a good way to please sponsors and brand execs—they can also double as event decor and a creative photo op

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Why your event MUST make a good first impression

Gallus Events

Our brain is wired to remember certain moments above others. This is why your event must make a good first impression. The start and the end of something, for some reason that goes back 100,000s of years, mean more to us than other parts of the same event.

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Announcing Our Newest Acquisition: EventMB Is Now Part of the Skift Family


The leading online resource in the events industry, EventMB, is now part of Skift's growing family of travel media platforms.

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I am crazy… but I’m not alone!

Conferences that Work

“I am crazy but I’m not alone.” ” —participant evaluation comment. Someone wrote “I am crazy but I’m not alone” on the paper evaluation form for the first edACCESS peer conference in 1992.

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5 Ways Event Managers Can Increase Event Registration

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Of all your responsibilities as an Event Manager, ensuring your event is well attended is top priority.

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How TEDxMileHigh Increased Attendee Engagement with Mobile App


How the Denver-based TEDx organization sparked new levels of engagement while saving thousands on printing costs. The Denver-based TEDx organization, TEDxMileHigh, brings audiences together throughout the year to spread big ideas and elevate inspired citizenship in Colorado.

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Emmys 2019 Preview: See This Year's Colorful 'Brilliance in Motion' Theme


The Television Academy's official after-party will have a dramatic ceiling installation, a menu of small plates, and a new philanthropic mission

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5 Free B2B Events Listing Sites that you should know


Ever tasked to reach out to a much wider audience but not equipped with the necessary budget? Event listings is a great way to reach out to a much wider audience, without the associated costs, that is if you know where to look for such event listings sites.

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Wellness for Business Travel Is an Uphill Slog


Hilton Singapore introduced wellness options for meetings and events. Hilton Skift Take: It only makes sense that business travel — including meetings and conventions — would incorporate more aspects of the wellness movement.

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Guest blog: Why hotel developers are turning to event professionals to design their spaces

Event Industry News

By Lauren Grech, CEO, LLG Agency & Adjunct Professor, New York University.

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3 Tips to Write Better Event Descriptions

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Your event description is often the first (and only) chance you get to grab potential attendee’s attention online. And thanks to modern consumer behavior, you have only 5.59 seconds to do it before they abandon your webpage and move on to the next thing.

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How to Calculate If You’ll Make Money From an Event

Event Planning BluePrint

Does it feel like you’re doing everything right, but you struggle to make money from an event – or not enough money? You have clients and you’re gaining momentum. But it still doesn’t feel like you’re making monetary progress. You reach out to potential clients. Set up meetings. They hire you.

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7 best event floor plan software apps to create gorgeous event designs

Planning Pod

Summary: Learn about the top event floor plan software applications used by event professionals. Understand what to look for in these event design tools. Event floor plan designs have been a fact of life in the events industry for decades, and for a few good reasons.

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7 Ways to Boost Attendance at Free Events

Brown Paper Tickets

If you’ve ever planned a free public event, this will sound familiar. You promoted your event, got over 60 “yes’s” and the total attendance ends up to be about 5, including yourself and your dog.

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Meeting Planners Weigh In on Trump’s Idea to Hold the G7 Summit at His Miami Resort


The Trump National Doral resort in Miami. Trump has proposed the property as the venue for the upcoming Group of Seven Summit. Trump Hotels Skift Take: The property is definitely large enough, and is located near an international airport.

2019 102

Guest blog: The benefits of virtual conferences

Event Industry News

By Jose Antonio Tejedor, CEO and founder, Virtway Events. We are seeing many areas of our lives become digitalised; from the way we interact with our friends and colleagues to how we manage our finances.

Your Complete Guide to the Event Evaluation Process

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After your event has ended, and attendees are singing your event’s praises on social media, you probably feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment. You did it! But personal satisfaction isn’t a true measure of success.

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See a Black-Tie Gala Inspired by Megawatt Performer Jennifer Hudson


Ravinia, the Chicago music institution, featured the hometown performer at its gala for the first time, and planned an evening that put her on center stage in more ways than one

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Socio Event App [Review]


Socio is a multi-purpose event app that can be bundled with a supplementary Lead Retrieval app and Live Display platform. Here is our review. Socio: What Is It? Socio is an event app with both a container version and fully branded, white-label option.

INBOUND19 Recap: New atEvent Mobile App Gets Battle-Tested


atEvent’s latest mobile version was battle-tested at INBOUND 2019 and then some! We’re proud to say that for the second year in a row, atEvent was the featured lead capture solution at INBOUND and more than two thirds of the exhibitors used atEvent as their event lead management solution.

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The Events Industry Is Heading Toward a Digital Turning Point


Event attendees meet at company booths. IMEX America 2019, Sands Expo, Las Vegas. Travel management companies are overdue for tech disruption. Isaac Carey / Skift Skift Take: A widespread tech upgrade is just what the industry needs, and it might be right around the corner.

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Guest blog: Why do cyber criminals target our events?

Event Industry News

By Jose Bort, CEO and co-founder, EventsCase. EventsCase has spent the last year delivering workshops, presentations, roundtables and resources on the event industry’s growing problems with cyber-crime.

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Corporate Event Management Best Practices

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Taken from a survey of over 800 event professionals, these three trends are shaping the competitive landscape of conferences and corporate events. The post Corporate Event Management Best Practices appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.