Next Markets May Include Leveraging Opportunities Of Perennials

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Frequently, when we think about next markets, we mention Next-Gen, Millennials or Gen-Z audiences. One of the growing markets that is often overlooked is the Perennial Market—people of all ages, sometimes over 50 and sometimes in their 30s.

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The Market Shifts That Led to Commission Cuts

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Only time will tell what impact these reductions will have on these chains’ market share. In my opinion, the two underlying market shifts that led to making this move are: Growing cost of sales beyond commissions; and.

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67 Event Marketing Tricks for Event Professionals


Want to market your event like a marketing pro, bringing in your largest crowd yet? Marketing has become less costly but […]. The post 67 Event Marketing Tricks for Event Professionals by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Ninja Moves for Improved Conference Session Marketing

Velvet Chainsaw

Today’s conference professional needs the savvy know-how from an education and attendance marketing perspective to craft the very best session title and description—one that will ultimately not only attract attendees, but also get the presenters to laser focus on delivering the promised outcomes.

9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media for Events

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

Event marketing – the misunderstanding


Reading Time: 5 minutes Event marketing is often wrongly explained as all the actions promoting the event. Especially that these years event marketing is becoming more and more popular. Even so, the term became popular after Philip Kotlera’s book entitled simply ,,Marketing” came out.

The best event marketing campaigns


Reading Time: 6 minutes It all started with passing samples of products on the streets… Experimental, engaging marketing has gone from the edge to the great player in marketing. Event marketing – the right definition and meaning.

Building a Data-Driven Event Marketing Strategy? Start Here.

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As I outlined in the first post of this series , event marketers need to ensure that they have processes in place that will make them smarter today and simultaneously set them up for success in the future. Planning for the future and collecting data is especially difficult for event marketers.

Influencer Marketing – #EventIcons Episode 112

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Influencer marketing can be a powerful way to attract more attention to your events. Many brands and events use influencer marketing that are looking to become more well known or position themselves with a certain audience. snöball event influencer marketing.

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

3 in 5 marketers can't. Can you measure event ROI? Learn how with this free ROI model

The Event Planner’s Guide to Experiential Marketing


What are the key components of a successful experiential marketing campaign and how can event planners use live brand marketing to its full advantage without it costing the earth? Experiential marketing is live event marketing that engages an audience with a brand like nothing else.

Content Marketing Tips: Marketing to Millennials, FTC Influencer Rules and More

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This week, we’ve selected a few content marketing tip. These will help you navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing. There are also a few new rules back home since the FTC released their guidelines for influencer marketing. GDPR and Marketing: Does It Affect You?

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20 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Next Event


Guerrilla marketing involves low-cost options that make bold statements and make you memorable so that you don’t have to worry about splashing out big to be trending on social media. You are not alone, marketing can […].

10 Experiential Marketing Trends Shaping Effective Events in 2018 [Webinar]


In this webinar we’ll examine strategies, approaches and technologies that can be deployed to help meet business, brand, sales and marketing objectives for your events, while building stronger relationships with your audiences. ##abovethefold## […].

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Is paid influencer marketing ethical in the event industry?

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Paid influencer marketing is spreading to the event industry, and I doubt that it’s an ethical practice. This is classic paid influencer marketing via social media, a marketing trend that has been rapidly growing since 2014.

25 Event Marketing Phrases No Attendees Believe Anymore


In event marketing, you want to ensure all of your words resonate with your audience. To use words that have lost their power due to overuse or over exaggeration makes your marketing ineffective. Marketing event marketing marketing

Introducing The B2B Marketing Attribution Maturity Framework


At Bizible we often get asked, “What are the levels or phases of marketing attribution?”. Because we’re the #1 B2B marketing attribution provider, we’ve been able look across our customer base and a number of reports from SiriusDecisions. Furthermore this covers all marketing channels.

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The Rise of Moment Marketing in Events [Free Report]


Moment Marketing is one of the most important trends shaping events in 2018. Moment Marketing is the latest trend taking the event industry by storm. The post The Rise of Moment Marketing in Events [Free Report] by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link].

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The Future of Event Marketing [New Report]


We are very glad to announce the release of our latest report, The Future of Event Marketing. Event marketing is the hot topic of 2017. The post The Future of Event Marketing [New Report] by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link].

Beef Up Your Event Marketing and Convert More Attendees


Marketing isn’t just something that happens organically. It all starts with a strong marketing plan. Marketing has become more complicated lately. The post Beef Up Your Event Marketing and Convert More Attendees by Christina Green appeared first on [link].

5 Unique Audience Segments For Hyper-Targeted Event Marketing


This is a sponsored post written by Natasha Morgan, Vice President of Marketing with Umbel. Audience segmentation is essential to any event marketer, but those segments should go beyond demographics like age and gender. Audience data has been allowing marketers to personalize […].

Guerilla Marketing for Events. 15 Brands We Can Learn From


Think guerilla marketing is just for big brands with deep pockets? That is the basis for all good guerrilla marketing. The post Guerilla Marketing for Events. Marketing event marketing marketing guerilla marketing

Marketing Is Broken. We Want to Fix It.

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Digital marketing has drawn marketers into a cycle where we increasingly focus on quantity over quality. Here's what that cycle looks like: When a new digital channel emerges, a handful of marketers experiment with it and their audience often rewards them with attention.

7 Inspiring and Outrageous Experiential Marketing examples


There is no small experiential marketing. Experiential marketing combines […]. The post 7 Inspiring and Outrageous Experiential Marketing examples by Editorial Team appeared first on [link]. Marketing event marketing experiential marketing marketing

Little and Often – Social Media Marketing for #Eventprofs


Yes, social media marketing requires tons of time. The post Little and Often – Social Media Marketing for #Eventprofs by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. Marketing event marketing marketing social media for events social mediaWho has a lot of time?

More Brands Opt For Experiential Marketing While Ad Budgets Shrink


Experiential is one of the hottest trends in marketing right now. Brands are shifting more marketing dollars away from traditional advertising into experiential marketing and agencies are adapting to this paradigm shift.

4 Reasons to Use Experiential and Interactive Marketing

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From the rise of inbound marketing to the advent of account-based tactics , organizations are trying to find a balance between the wide reach of online marketing and the personalized strategies that more successfully convert prospects to customers. Event Experience Event Marketing

Using Experiential Marketing to Rethink Branding

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With the advent and ubiquity of social networks, search engines, and smartphones, the past decade has seen a major shift in marketing strategy. In other words, a marketer’s focus used to be the product, and now it’s the consumer. The American Marketing Association still.

11 Ways to Market Your Event with No Money


There are many no-cost marketing solutions. Market your event for free (or nearly so) with these ideas. You can host a spectacular event with no money in your marketing budget but you can’t host an event with no marketing. If your event budget is tight, don’t fret.

The shift towards experiential marketing


…Involve me and I learn”, Benjamin Franklin’s quote can be adapted to the experiential marketing scene. This is why I think that more and more event planners should be prepared to host experiential marketing events. What is experiential marketing?

4 Marketing Mistakes Event Planners Make [Video]


In this new video, we talk about the major mistakes people are making when it comes to event marketing. A well thought out marketing campaign is essential to being able to sell tickets and engage with your audience before, during and after your event.

3 Possible Problems with Your Event Marketing Metrics

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In today’s data-driven marketing world, wouldn’t it seem crazy to devote the largest portion of your marketing budget to the channel that you're most poorly measuring? While events are the biggest spend in B2B marketing budgets , they are notorious for having the the worst data.

3 Examples of How to Use Moment Marketing


Moment marketing can be an incredible way to reach a very large audience. Promotional marketing companies print up sports […]. The post 3 Examples of How to Use Moment Marketing by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Marketing event marketing marketing moment marketing

3 Actionable Ways Events Can Influence Your Marketing Strategy

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This is a guest post by Amelia Ibarra , Demand Generation and Customer Marketing Manager at BrightFunnel. We know that event tracking can be tough, so we’ll run down four actionable ways events can influence your broader marketing strategy. Event Marketing

4 Ways In-Person Events Cut Through the Marketing Noise

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The world of online marketing becomes more crowded every day. With the vast majority of marketing taking place online for every type of business, the average person is being marketed to via email, ads, direct messages, and other online channels—and it all starts to become noise.

The Rising Battle for Ticket Second Market


If you’re an event organizer, it’s hard to decide whether the ticket second market is a bane or a boon to your existence. This article sheds some light on what was once a rather shady practice and how it currently affects the market. Tips economy ticket second market ticketing

Tips for Corporate Event Planning, Enterprise Marketing, and Getting Event Sponsors

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You also need to do enterprise event marketing and take your management, analytics, and execution to a higher level. Secure Your Sponsors through Marketing. However, recruiting sponsors requires an entirely different marketing campaign. Getting Experiential Marketing Right.

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3 Steps to Escape the Trap of Reactive Event Marketing


This is a sponsored post by Dana Tom, Product Marketing Specialist at Eventbrite. The post 3 Steps to Escape the Trap of Reactive Event Marketing by Eventbrite appeared first on [link]. Marketing event marketing marketing ticketing marketing tips marketing strategies

Enough Clickbait: Here's Why Event Marketers Need Data

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And with today’s rapidly-evolving event marketing technology , there’s more opportunity than ever for organizations to build innovative and disruptive marketing strategies that leverage the power of experiential. What does this mean for event marketing tech?

Your Event Marketing Emails Go To Junk? 23 Tips to Stop It


It stinks when a beautiful piece of event-planning marketing gets thrown into the spam folder never to be seen again. Today’s marketing can be incredibly frustrating. The post Your Event Marketing Emails Go To Junk? Hate those blasted spam filters?