Acing the Post-COVID Contract


If there’s one thing coronavirus has done, it’s shone a spotlight on the importance of having a rock-solid contract to protect you from legal action. Before the coronavirus, many venue contracts didn’t feature force majeure clauses , and too many planners may not have seen a need for it. The post-COVID contract , it goes without saying, will put greater emphasis on epidemic-like scenarios. When it comes to events and their contracts, there is no one-size-fits-all.

Your Post-COVID Planner Contract Questions Answered


In the latest Smart Meetings Accelerator “ Top Planner Contract Questions Answered ,” Lisa Sommer Devlin, an expert in contract law at Devlin Law Firm , answers those very questions (and more) for planners. If a planner wants to make a change to a contract, is it necessary to sign a whole new contract? Or can some of the wording in the original contract be changed? An addendum is something you add to a contract that is already signed to clarify something.

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COVID-19 Considerations for Meetings Contracts


attorney at Devlin Law Firm, explained in a recent Smart Meetings Accelerator webinar “ COVID-19 Considerations for Meetings Contracts ” that the answer is complicated. The facts are that the Centers for Disease Control says that the risks of [contracting] COVID-19 are very low in the United States,” Devlin said. The first step is to read your contract,” Devlin said. Many contracts are negotiated with special or different or hybrid clauses.

Venue Contract Negotiations: A Primer for Eventprofs


Are you negotiating a venue contract for the first time or need a refresher on getting a better deal? The post Venue Contract Negotiations: A Primer for Eventprofs by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Venues negotiation venues venue contract negotiationHere’s what you need to know. Negotiating is something you either love or hate. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt or you wish the “money talk” never had to happen. But while you may get […].

How to Create an Event Contract


Creating event contracts can be intimidating. Don’t fret, this article will help you create a basic event contract that will include clauses to help protect your event business. Before going into the meat of what a contract should contain, it is important to know that you should never agree to provide event services without a contract. Your contract is a tool that will protect your time, reputation as well as your bank account.

Should presenter contracts include a no brown M&Ms rider?

Conferences that Work

Van Halen ‘s 1982 World Tour performance contract contained a provision calling for them to be provided backstage with a bowl of M&Ms from which all the brown candies had been removed. If the group arrived at a venue and discovered brown M&Ms present, they knew they needed to immediately check all contract stipulations — including important matters like whether the stage could actually handle the massive weight of the band’s equipment.

Master Win-Win Negotiations for Your Contracts


Contracts are legally binding agreements between two parties that help ensure services are performed, eliminate miscommunication and spell out options in the event of a disagreement. In a recent Smart Meetings webinar, “ A Legal Guide to Partnering with Suppliers ,” Lisa Sommer Devlin, a 25-year veteran hospitality contracts lawyer, shared key insights into negotiating win-win agreements with suppliers. Following are her tips for mastering contracts.

Extraordinary matters: mia launches contract guidance

Event Industry News

The Meetings Industry Association (mia) has launched guidance to the sector to assist contract negotiations and to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on trade. Entitled ‘Extraordinary matters: Contract Guidance’, the best practice provides information on reducing the impact of cancellations and managing postponements and is designed to help keep everyone in business while making health and wellness a top priority.

6 Best Ways To Save On An Event AV Contract

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I will break down the best ways to save money in an event AV contract without compromising your event. Through the extremely valuable web session conducted by Jon Trask, I will break down some key savings opportunities in an event AV contract. Although specific policies vary between companies, this will always be a section included within your event AV contract. Many times event av contracts bill by hours or days.

7 Critical Tips for Contract Clauses


Writing contracts and negotiating terms with suppliers can be tricky. In a recent Smart Meetings webinar, veteran hospitality contracts attorney Lisa Sommer Devlin shared some tips for creating win-win contracts. Here are the contract clauses you shouldn’t do without. Avoid using the name of the event as the contracting party; it is not a legal entity, and therefore cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong.

Common Contract Mistakes

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Register now for “Common Contract Mistakes” Sometimes little errors can cause big problems. Lisa Sommer Devlin, an attorney who has represented hotels regarding event contracts for over 25 years, will highlight some of the most common contract mistakes that she sees in her practice and gives you tips on how to avoid legal disputes. Learning Objectives: Learn common contracting mistakes that are most likely to lead to disputes.

Post-Pandemic Event Contracts: A New Approach


One of the best-attended sessions of the 17th annual Pharma Forum conference for medical-event planners, held virtually this year from June 15-19, was “Meetings Contracts in the Post-COVID Era.” Joshua Grimes, principal attorney at Grimes Law Offices LLC in Philadelphia and a meetings-contract expert, laid out the areas where event agreements now require new wording in order to protect the host organization both legally and financially.

AV Contracts Explained

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As an event planner, you need to sign a lot of contracts and let’s face it, some of them can be confusing, particularly the AV contracts. Luckily, Jon Trask breaks it down what you need to know to get through a long and complex AV contract. . The deposit is due when you sign the contract and its purpose is to ensure you follow-through with your agreement. Many times vendors state that you are responsible for the items both in and out of the contract.

5 Critical Things You Need in an Event Planner Contract

Capterra Event Management

Before those expectations are met, they must be clearly defined in an event planner contract, not only to establish certainty between you and your client, but to protect you from the ramifications of any obstacles that may come up. Here are the five things every event planner must include in their event planner contract. Unless you are running your event planning services as a charity, it is important to set up all the payment details in your event planner contract.

Contract trends: What’s old may be new again

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percent of respondents claim contract negotiations are becoming more complex. Today’s hotel meeting contracts are getting longer and longer and that would certainly indicate more specificity, if not more complexity. What does your contract say about safety and security protocols?

GL events extends Royal International Air Tattoo contract to 2024

Event Industry News

The extended contract will see the overlay specialist continuing to deliver bespoke temporary infrastructure across Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). GL events UK has agreed a five-year partnership with Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprises (RAFCTE).

2024 80

What to Always Include in Your Event Planning Contract

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In any type of contract work, miscommunication can arise between the contractor and client. You need a written contract to outline the terms and conditions of your service. A contract will be the go-to source in the event of a dispute. So be sure to always include these features in your event planning contract. Verbal agreements are not enough: an event planning contract will outline specific terms. A contract is your safety net.

Meetings Industry Association provides contract guidelines to the sector

Event Industry News

The Meetings Industry Association has developed contract and cancellation guidance to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on future bookings and ensure all parties are protected.

6 Strategies for Large Event Contract Negotiations


While some event professionals may gleefully embrace the prospect of negotiating contracts for large events, many would rather run for the hills. You would be surprised at how many people do not actually read every line in a contract. Some vendors give unreasonably short time frames to review a contract. Negotiating event contracts is a great exercise in compromise. The post 6 Strategies for Large Event Contract Negotiations appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Interforce wins Henley Festival contract

Event Industry News

Security and enforcement specialist Interforce, formerly TSG, will provide uniformed patrols to ensure public safety and the prevention of crime and disorder at Henley Festival this summer. . Production manager, John Harris, met Interforce at Event Buyers Live and brought the company into Henley Festival’s restructured security model, designed to maintain its acclaimed customer service provision.

Protecting Your Event with Contracts and Insurance


Thorough and appropriate contract coverage is a must. Negotiating & ContractsHannah Kinnersley. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. read more.

Negotiating the Perfect Multiyear Contract


Long-term contracts —three, five or even ten years—can save you money, especially if you book during a hotel or resort’s slower times. “A A three-year contract can mean a 10 percent savings,” says John Berglund, CEO of Mira Smart Conferencing , a management software firm in Clayton, Missouri. With a careful eye to the details, a multiyear contract can be your friend. The post Negotiating the Perfect Multiyear Contract appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Danco secures Latitude contract

Event Industry News

The post Danco secures Latitude contract appeared first on Event Industry News. Celebrating what could be considered the best aspects of music, film, culture, poetry, theatre and everything in between, Latitude Festival began its journey in 2006. Now in planning for the 12th edition, Danco are pleased to have recently been confirmed as the primary marquee hire contractor. With over 70,000 sqft of temporary structures awarded in […].

Know Your Rights: Contracting for AV Service


Ever been hit with fees for using an outside partner after you have signed a contract? Not sure how to contract for WiFi service? There are many in-house audio-visual organizations throughout the country that have a very good reputation for being fair in contract negotiations with their clients. Too often, our clients report that these stipulations and fees were disclosed to them after a contract had been signed. Disclose and Contract Early.

10 Essential Points to Include in Your Venue Contract


Risk 360: The Contract


The best way to do this is to know your legal responsibilities and liabilities and make sure the contract is suited to the type of venue, location, and event. Unless your event is in the same venue in the same location during the same season, tailor the contract for every single meeting you plan. • Force majeure is when your meeting becomes “impossible, illegal, or impracticable.” For instance, travelers may be afraid of the Zika virus, but it won’t get you out of a contract.

Affordable Art Fair awards Neptunus new contract

Event Industry News

Neptunus has secured a new contract to continue to supply temporary structures to the Affordable Art Fair held each May on London’s Hampstead Heath. Following next year’s fair, organisers have agreed a new contract with Neptunus through to 2023. Neptunus has been providing the temporary infrastructure for the popular event since 2013.

What Is Inefficient Risk Transfer? The Use of Indemnification in Construction Contracts


In parenting, there is no written contract between the adult and to child to transfer the responsibility for the loss or damage. In construction, there should be a written contract to transfer the risk when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Construction Law 1), Andrew Wallace and Victoria Merritt give a contractor’s perspective to contractual indemnity provisions in construction contracts.

Showsec signs five-year contract renewal with SMG

Event Industry News

Showsec have renewed their contract with venue management group and the UK’s biggest arena operator, SMG Europe. Showsec’s dedication to developing the marketplace and continual focus on training played a key part in SMG’s decision to renew the contract. Showsec Managing Director, Mark Harding, says: “We’re delighted to renew our contract with SMG, a company Showsec has grown up with, and to continue refining and delivering a contemporary customer service across the SMG portfolio.

TicketQuarter wins new music contracts

Event Industry News

TicketQuarter has won a series of new contracts for a range of musical events. The post TicketQuarter wins new music contracts appeared first on Event Industry News. The ticketing agency is the primary ticketing partner for the British Music Experience which is set to open in Liverpool on March 9. The permanent exhibition, dedicated to the history of popular music in Britain, will use state of the art […].

Did the FAR Lose Its Mojo in the Government Contracts World? Depends.


In Lockheed , the Army awarded two separate indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity, time-and-materials (“T&M”) contracts to Lockheed for various support services. Following various audits, the Government filed a complaint against Lockheed seeking more than $115 million in reimbursement based upon a claim of breach of contract. Both contracts expressly incorporated FAR provisions, including 52.232-7 addressing T&M and labor-hour contracts.

Win-Win Venue Contracts Mean Identifying These Planner Personas

Event Leadership Institute

Most event planners want a venue contract in which everybody wins. The Latecomer believes that the real negotiation begins when the contract is ready to sign. One is very accepting of the venue’s contract terms. Smarticle.

Why You Need a Contract as an Independent Professional


Contracts are an essential part of a successful independent consulting project, creating a sense of professionalism, encouraging communication, and ensuring a streamlined process

Warrington Wolves sign security contract with Showsec

Event Industry News

Showsec has signed a new two-year contract with Warrington Wolves to provide security services for all upcoming home games. However, this is the first time a permanent contract has been in place. The post Warrington Wolves sign security contract with Showsec appeared first on Event Industry News.

Event Contract Template


Gather’s contract template keeps you organized while providing all the event, guest, and venue details you and your customer need. Our contract template helps your private events program run smoothly while saving time, impressing clients, and keeping important event info all in one place.

Star wins Ramblin’ Man contract

Event Industry News

The contract comes on the back of a successful sophomore year for the 15,000 capacity event, which Classic Rock magazine described as ‘the best new festival […]. The post Star wins Ramblin’ Man contract appeared first on Event Industry News. Star Events will supply stages, support structures and seating to the third edition of Spirit of Rock Productions’ Ramblin’ Man Fair next July, at Mote Park in Maidstone, Kent.

3 Ways to Market Yourself as a Contracted Event Planner


If you’re a contracted Event Planner, whether it's for colleges, weddings, or associations, you know that marketing yourself is 50% of the job. Your clients won’t just come, you have to put in marketing efforts to attract your target clients.’s s time to ask yourself: are you utilizing all marketing outlets to ensure your success as an Event Planner? We’ve put together 3 ways to drive interest, establish relationships, and ultimately secure your dream clients.

Renegotiating Live Event Agreements When All Parties Are Innocent Victims

Velvet Chainsaw

However, from past experience, any time that there has been a shift from a seller’s to a buyer’s market, those contracts signed during a seller’s market just flat out had to be updated.

2020 249

Marriott Hawaii Employees Ratify New Contract, Ending Strike

PCMA Convene

Marriott International’s 2,700 workers in Hawaii have ratified a new contract, ending a nearly two-month-long strike. ( USA Today ). Read More. Places & Spaces News Junkie

Swapcard secures 3-year contract with Dubai World Trade Centre

Event Industry News

Swapcard, a leading event app and matchmaking platform powered by AI, announced that it has secured a three-year agreement with Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), three months after opening its office in Dubai. Swapcard will work with the DWTC event teams to help them become more data-driven, while increasing attendees’ on-site efficiency and better measure exhibitors’ ROI.