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3 Event Contract Trends in 2022


If you thought event contracts were tricky before the pandemic, buckle up for even more complications. In 2020, executing the force majeure clause in a contract was fairly straightforward. Performing the activities stipulated in the contract had been made impracticable. A lot of contracts don’t specify that.

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Event Contract Negotiations in 2022 Are a Whole New Game


Crafting the right attrition and cancellation clauses in event contracts is more important than ever. Contract experts share their advice on how best to negotiate in the current climate. The post Event Contract Negotiations in 2022 Are a Whole New Game by Maria Lenhart appeared first on [link].


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Disney’s $1-an-Hour Raise Contract Offer Turned Down


Skift Take: The Service Trades Council Union has rejected Disney’s latest contract offer, saying a $1-an-hour raise is not enough. The historic minimum wage increase at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, is what unions want as the new standard. Andrea Doyle Read the Complete Story On Skift Meetings

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Before You Sign That Contract: 5 Hotel Contract Tips For Novice Planners

Endless Events

Let’s take the skill of hotel contract negotiations ; novice planners tend to feel overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty details of hotel contracts and often learn as they go. To prevent them from signing a bad contract, we’ve put together five tips to help them navigate the surprisingly complex world of hotel contracts.

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WEC23: Adapting to market conditions in contracting, negotiations


​Tyra Warner, CMP, PhD, JD (MPI North Florida Chapter), chair of the department of hospitality, tourism & Culinary Arts at the College of Coastal Georgia, offers an advanced glimpse into her WEC23 session “Just in Time Planner’s Contract Workshop – It’s All About You.”

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Contracts, Negotiations and Financials


A Breakdown of Post-Pandemic Contract Clauses. New Contract Essentials in an Ever-Changing Environment. Contracting in the current Covid climate is complex—everything feels unsettled, so it’s hard to know how to plan. Contracts and Negotiations Amid Covid: Best of What’s Worked in 2021.

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20 Terrible Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Event Planning Contract

QC Event School

As an event planner, your contract is one of the most important documents in your business. Writing a solid event planning contract helps ensure that everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities, as well as what they can expect from the event itself. So, let’s get started!