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We are told that our choice is between free markets and state control, when most adults live their working lives under a third thing entirely: private government [emphasis added]. How civic discourse frames our actual structure and governance conditions what we think is ethical.

A Checklist for Handling Security Measures at Government Events


In the case of a government event, it should be a top priority. If it’s a government event of global importance like the Trump–Kim meeting, well, you will have to take it to the next level. Government event organisation: A security checklist.

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Tactical Or Strategic: Which Best Describes Your Governing Nonprofit Board

Velvet Chainsaw

To be an effective governing Board, there must be a clear definition of strategy, defined expectations of their leadership role, resources, and finances. The post Tactical Or Strategic: Which Best Describes Your Governing Nonprofit Board appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

Confessions of a Government Special Events Coordinator


As a Government Special Events Coordinator, here is my confession. The post Confessions of a Government Special Events Coordinator by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. In this series we present real-life confessions from people working in the event industry.

Top Expert Tips on Government Event Management: DPRK-USA Summit Perspective


Because politics is all about communication and debate, it makes sense that government is so strongly tied to the industry of meetings and events. Have you ever wondered how organising a trade fair is different from setting up a government event?

The Guide on Government Event Management from the Official Partner of the DPRK-USA Summit 2018


Organising a government event that is not only the talk of the town but the talk of the world could be either your worst nightmare or a knee-trembling opportunity that you can’t miss. Crafting a government event of global importance step by step.

The Top 6 Tips if You Are a Technical Event Partner at Government Events


Planning a government event. Simply meeting minimum security standards doesn’t work when it comes to government event planning. Review recovery planning policies, and add the related scenarios you might need to address at a government event.

Scottish Government issues advice to event organisers

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Following its advice to cancel or postpone all mass gatherings that attract 500 or more people, the Scottish Government has released official guidance to the event industry. The Scottish Government is announcing new updates on the coronavirus every day at 2pm.

Government Shutdown: Strategies for Planners

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The government shutdown is causing headaches in the business events industry at conferences where government employees who were set to attend or speak are no longer allowed to do so. Then came the partial government shutdown. Government Shutdown Starting to Impact Air Travel.

Deal Reached to Temporarily Open Federal Government

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An agreement was reached Friday to temporarily reopen the federal government, which will help to alleviate the increasing problems caused by staffing issues at airports across the country. The post Deal Reached to Temporarily Open Federal Government appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Government Shutdown Leads to Longer Airport Security Lines

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The government shutdown is leaving airports cross the United States with understaffed security checkpoints and long lines as some Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents are refusing to work after weeks of not being paid. Massive lines at NYC airport amid worries about government shutdown, TSA callouts [link] Houston Airport shuts down a TSA checkpoint amid government shutdown [link]

How to Take the Risk out of Planning Events with the Federal Government


Up until 2012 when the media broke the Muffingate story and the scandal of the GSA Western Regional Conference changed everything, government meetings were considered a relatively recession proof base of business. Government Shutdown. Government sequestration.

The Business of Government Meetings

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In case you haven’t had your fill of politics during this election season, let’s talk about government meetings. How much of your meetings and events business is government-based? Way back in our earlier history, government was a little bit stronger out in this area.

Planners Navigate the Government Shutdown

PCMA Convene Five strategies for preventing the current shutdown and any future shutdowns from derailing your event. pcma ). Read More

Furloughing Pledge to the Events Industry, Let’s all respect the Government’s support

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We are all benefitting greatly from this support from the Government, which allows us to cut our salary bill in line with the reduced current need, whilst keeping as may people employed as we can.”. “We Sam Gill, Founder of Story Events and Venue Search London leading the initiative.

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Travel Industry Reacts as a Second Government Shutdown Now Unlikely

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Several travel industry associations and organizations say they are continuing to monitor developments of the latest potential government shutdown.

ExecSpace secures 4 year contract with Scottish Government

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The venue-finding agency has secured sole supplier status on the Scottish Government Framework for the Provision of the Sourcing and Booking of Meeting Rooms and Conference Venue Service. The Edinburgh-based agency has secured the contract for the next four years and, under this agreement, ExecSpace will continue to provide a booking service to the Scottish public sector for meeting, event and conference requirements.

Federal Guidelines Free Funds for Government Meetings

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A five-page memo from the Office of Management and Budget released in late November should mean a growth spurt for government meetings. The post Federal Guidelines Free Funds for Government Meetings appeared first on Connect Association.

Government Shutdown Caused Serious Pain for Event Organizers

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Weeks after its end, the effect of the recent 35-day government shutdown on the business-events industry is starting to become clear. Skift ). Read More. Industry Trends News Junkie

Government reaffirm commitment to grow Britain’s business events sector

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Joss Croft, Managing Director Marketing DIT VisitBritain and key government partners have reaffirmed their commitment to grow Britain’s business events industry to senior leaders today. Image: From left: Simon Hughes, MC. Giles Smith, Head of Tourism, Heritage & Cultural Diplomacy, DCMS.

HBAA is fighting for agencies as Government plans distribution of support for the leisure and hospitality sector

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“We’re fighting for the many agencies whose businesses have recently been obliterated to be included as the Government plans the distribution of financial support for the leisure and hospitality sector,” says HBAA Chair Lex Butler. “We’re

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Did the FAR Lose Its Mojo in the Government Contracts World? Depends.


Following various audits, the Government filed a complaint against Lockheed seeking more than $115 million in reimbursement based upon a claim of breach of contract. As the government conceded in its briefs, FAR 42.202 is not a term of the contract.

Business Travel Is Taking a Hit From the Government Shutdown

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More than two weeks in, the government shutdown is already hurting business travel, and insiders expect the impact to grow more severe if the impasse continues. Skift ). Read More. News Junkie Places & Spaces

January 4, 2019: Hundreds of Scientists Are Skipping Massive Weather Conference Over Government Shutdown, N.F.L. Inks Sponsorship Deal With Caesars Entertainment, The Louvre Sets Visitor Record With Help From Beyoncé



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Sporting Federation – A Code For Sports Governance.

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The UK has achieved great things in a whole range of different sports in recent years, from having all four finalists in Europe’s premier football competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League, to a swathe of victories at cycling’s Tour de France, as well as in sports ranging from gymnastics to rowing to taekwondo. Member Based Legislative Bodies Sporting Federation

Government to host two high-level meetings on boosting Britain’s events industry

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The Government is to host two high-level roundtable meetings to explore ways of growing Britain’s events industry and ways in which events can support Britain’s export drive and industrial strategy.

‘Super Bowl of Astronomy’ Kicks Off Without NASA Amid Government Shutdown

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Hundreds of NASA employees won’t be attending the American Astronomical Society’s biggest conference of the year because of the ongoing government shutdown. ). Read More

Government to host two high-level meetings on boosting Britain’s events industry

Event Industry News

The Government is to host two high-level roundtable meetings to explore ways of growing Britain’s events industry and ways in which events can support Britain’s export drive and industrial strategy.

Assessing a Governance System


Before you begin to redesign your governance system, invest adequate time in analyzing your current system. If your current governance system isn’t performing up to par, it’s important to understand why not. Following is a list of root cause categories for governance issues.

Girl Scout Cookies and a Talking Stick: What It Takes to End a Government Shutdown


government shutdown by using an age-old meeting tool. government running again, it could have gotten ugly. Senators brokered a deal to end the U.S. When a bipartisan group of dozens of senators huddled in the office of Sen.

BVEP to coordinate event industry response on Brexit impact to inform Government review

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The post BVEP to coordinate event industry response on Brexit impact to inform Government review appeared first on Event Industry News. The Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) has been invited to co-ordinate the views and concerns of the events industry surrounding Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, as part of initial reviews being carried out by the Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS).

HBAA calls on chancellor to provide support in budget to recruit talent

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Following the government’s post-Brexit immigration plans, the shortfall of skilled staff is likely to increase still further in 2021. Conference News Exhibition News Featured Recruitment News event hospitality government HBAA Lex Butler recruitment recruitment news

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Advise : Advocate : Act. How the UK Events Industry Board is Delivering the Governments Vision for the UK’s Business Events Sector

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Bringing together representatives from across the private sector, government and VisitBritain, along with many other DMO’s and influencers, this event marked the next step in […].

August 28, 2018: SAG and P.G.A. Awards Set 2020 Awards Dates In Advance of Early Oscars, Hotels Lack Security Protections from U.S. Government, Bride Cancels Wedding After Guests Refuse to Pay $1,500 Fee



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COVID-19 Considerations for Meetings Contracts


government prohibited meetings altogether, that might be different, she said. Do meetings cancelled as a result of coronavirus concerns quality as force majeure ? Lisa Sommer Devlin, J.D.,

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Meetings on the Hill

Smart Meetings

Take it from me, someone with more than eight years experience on the Hill planning association and government relations events: avoid these top five mistakes and your efforts to book meetings on the Hill will be more successful.

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USTA Applauds End of Shutdown

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Travel Association (USTA) reacted swiftly to the announcement that an agreement has been reached to reopen the federal government for three weeks. More : Deal Reached to Temporarily Open Federal Government. But the federal government isn’t a switch that can be turned on and off.

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7 Smart Moves—at Mahekal Beach Resort, Kimpton & More

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Maria Tuttocuore Monaco Government Tourist Office’s (MGTO) senior executive of sales and marketing Tuttocuore has been named to the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association’s (IGLTA) 2018-2019 Board of Directors.

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How Blockchain Can Disrupt Financial Services


Lending Multiple intermediaries and fees for bank loans, mortgages, credit card debt, government bonds, muni bonds, asset-back securities Both loan and collateral can be stored in a blockchain. Governance Accounting for value A distributed ledger will mean real-time audit and financial reporting capabilities. This table below highlights how blockchain can disrupt various aspects of the financial services industry. Function Current Process Future Process Impacted.

Post-Election, Associations Must Act as Civil Refuge

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Starting in January, we will have a divided government, but associations can be brokers for conversation and for compromise. Voters undoubtedly had a lot on their minds as they headed to the polls Nov. 6, beyond whether candidates’ values and views on issues aligned with their own.

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