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2017 is a pivotal year for event apps. Grab your free copy of the Event App Bible now and find out how new event apps and chatbots are innovating the event planning space. The 5th edition of the Event App Bible has a lot to cover.

Militant App Store Policy Already Damaging Event Apps


Apple has begun rejecting white label event apps, confirming developers’ worst fears. An undisclosed source has confirmed developers’ worst fears to Event Manager Blog. eventtech event apps event technology apps app store

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Branded Event Apps Are Changing: Are You Ready?


Apple just rerouted the future of branded event apps. There’s an app for that” has—now revised their Apple App Store guidelines. Depending on certain guidelines and regulations there may be an app for that.”. The Rise of the Branded Event App.

Everybody Agrees: Event Apps are Alive and Well


Following our feature from yesterday on Event Apps and Apple policing templated apps, it’s time to make one thing clear, event apps are alive and well. The post Everybody Agrees: Event Apps are Alive and Well by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link].

Solution-centric tools enhance Mobile Event Apps

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Since 2001, the global SpotMe team has been delivering apps and interactive capabilities for thousands of events around the world. The post Solution-centric tools enhance Mobile Event Apps appeared first on Event Industry News.

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How to Choose Your First Event App – #EventIcons Episode 75


When it’s time to choose your first event app, it can feel like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Jump into the video below and watch to learn how using an event app will benefit you! . Will Curran of Endless Events ( @itswillcurran ).

Has the Event App Bubble Burst?


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Smartphone app downloads worldwide are slowing down considerably. In an industry battling to raise app adoption and engagement levels is this the beginning of the end for event mobile apps too?

Could a Chatbot Replace the Need for an Event App?


How to Increase Engagement with your Event App by 350% [Case Study]


More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. If you invest in a mobile app for your event you want to be sure that people will download and use it. This case study outlines how one exhibition increased engagement with their event app by 350%. […].

Event Apps – The Good, The Bad, And The Future! – #EventIcons Episode 72


Event apps are a fantastic piece of tech with a remarkable purpose – but some might say they can make for a challenging user experience. Stay tuned to for an interesting discussion and find out how you can utilize event apps to their fullest potential!

Event Apps of 2016

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In 2015 the combined total of app downloads for iOS and Android devices was over 75 billion, emphasising just how integral they have become to the way people live and work. The post Event Apps of 2016 appeared first on Event Industry News. Editor's Choice Event Technolog

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Event App Due Diligence

Velvet Chainsaw

Editor’s Note: This article was originally penned for PCMA’s Convene in the beginning of August, early on in the discovery that the Apple App Store’s change in guidelines could affect branded mobile event apps. Apple may have moved our native event app cheese!

The 7 Event App Trends for 2017


Everything You Need to Know About Event Apps for 2017 A mere eight years ago, Apple officially introduced “there’s an app for that” into our vocabulary with the launch of the App Store. million apps in the Google Play store and 2 million apps available in Apple’s. Read more » The post The 7 Event App Trends for 2017 appeared first on Core-apps.

Appageddon: Will Apple’s App Store New Guidelines Trouble Event Apps?


Apple’s latest efforts to clean up the App Store by rejecting templated apps is making app developers and event professionals nervous. Here we look into what these changes (if any) mean and how they will affect the event industry.

Eventbase powered IBM Events App wins at Event Technology Awards

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Eventbase took top honours at the Event Technology Awards for “Best Use of Technology at a Brand Event” for their partnership with IBM’s InterConnect conference. When IBM needed a partner to create a premium branded event that showcased […].

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What’s Your Event App Missing?


. What Attendees Are Looking for in an Event App. Events play an important role in any marketing effort and a successful event means higher ROI and an increase in attendee engagement. But what’s an event’s best friend? An Event App.

The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Mobile Event App


The Need for a Mobile Event App. It’s hard to believe because we’re so reliant on them now, but mobile apps

3 Reasons Planners Will Love Facebook’s New Events App

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According to Facebook, every day more than 100 million people use the social media platform to discover, share and keep track of events. Now, a new standalone Events app will make those tasks easier and more effective for planners. Event promotion gets a boost.

Your Event App May Become Harder to Find

PCMA Convene

The Apple store recently updated its App Store Review Guidelines and rule 4.2.6 — “Apps created from a commercial template or app generation service will be rejected.” ” — has created some concern and confusion among event organizers.

CrowdCompass Mobile Event Apps—Giving you a Competitive Advantage

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Your attendees are demanding more personalised and engaging experiences at your events. Part of delivering these enhanced experiences is providing them with a leading-edge mobile event app. Event Technology News

Try These Methods of Re-Purposing Your Event App


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Event apps can – and should – be more than just a paper program replacement. Using some creativity and collaboration, you can repurpose your event app for your specific needs to save on budget […].

Noodle Live launch first ever NFC enabled event app

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Earlier this year, Apple finally announced that NFC capability on the iPhone (currently used primarily for Apple Pay) was being opened up to third-party app developers in the iOS 11 update. The post Noodle Live launch first ever NFC enabled event app appeared first on Event Industry News.

Attendee Networking Via The Event App


Your App is a Powerful Tool for Networking on the Go! At Core-apps we pride ourselves on a mobile app packed with features, all designed to enhance the user experience. Upon downloading the event app, one of the first things you will be asked to do is set up a profile. This may seem like a meaningless task, but it is the metaphorical key to myriad powerful features including in-app networking! By Patrick Carlson.

What attendees really want in a mobile event app—and how to make them love it

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Attend any event today and most likely you’ll find a dedicated mobile app. In fact, eighty-six percent of event planners expected to have an app at their event in 2016. But as mobile event apps become the norm, what capabilities do attendees really want?

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Eventtus: In Event Apps Simple Means Effective [Review]


Eventtus is a simple event app to discover, explore and network at events. Some event apps are too complex and overwhelming for your attendees, which means that the app doesn’t get used. Reviews event app review

6 reasons Goomeo won the ‘Best Event App’ award at the Event Technology Awards 2017

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On November 9, 2017, Goomeo was honoured with the ‘Best Event App’ Award at the Event Technology Awards. Goomeo has an easy-to-use mobile event app platform Goomeo is […]. The post 6 reasons Goomeo won the ‘Best Event App’ award at the Event Technology Awards 2017 appeared first on Event Industry News. Editor's Choice Event Technology News

Event App Research 2017 – Calling Providers and Eventprofs


The team at EventMB are busy working on an exciting new 2017 edition of the Event App Bible. We currently want to hear from event app providers who want to be listed and event planners who can help with our research.

PCMA Event App Empowers Attendees at Convening Leaders


This year’s event was a success from start to finish. Read more » The post PCMA Event App Empowers Attendees at Convening Leaders appeared first on Core-apps. Blog apps for events apps for trade shows branded mobile apps conference mobile app convention mobile app event app event apps event management software event technology meeting mobile apps mobile app for events mobile apps for trade shows mobile event app mobile event apps trade show apps

QuickMobile Event Apps

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Designed for today’s mobile-savvy attendee, QuickMobile’s mobile app and analytics platform creates meaningful and lasting experiences. The post QuickMobile Event Apps appeared first on Event Industry News. Editor's Choice Event Technology

How This Event App Ensured Adoption By 88% of Attendees [Case Study]


More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. An event app should be an integral part of your event, and keep users attention and interest. The post How This Event App Ensured Adoption By 88% of Attendees [Case Study] by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Looking for an Event App Provider? Here’s What You Need to Know


The high level of convenience is hard to ignore, making an event app an ideal way to connect with attendees. Additionally, most participants don’t just want a mobile app to help them navigate conferences and meetings; they expect one. Apps Android Event Planning iPhone Mobile App TipsSmartphones and tablets have become a staple in homes and businesses nationwide.

How to Get Event App Sponsorship


In the last two years, the SHOT Show increased their event app sponsorship revenue by 169%, and then achieved another impressive doubling after that! Why Event App Sponsors are Attractive to Organizers. By securing event app sponsors, organizers benefit.

Conference Compass: The Event App to Extend the Life Cycle of Your Event [Review]


Conference Compass is a mobile event app solution for year-round community engagement. Conference Compass has created an app designed specifically for scientific and medical events. Reviews event apps apps mobile event app engagement

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Event App Trend Watch: Gamification


Fast forward 10 years and say hello to the new face of in app games. . Call it what you will, getting attendees to interact with your event and your content through gamification is HOT. As your event technology partner, it’s our job to use our experience to help guide the way. Reach out to your sales representative today to learn how you can add gamification to your app. The post Event App Trend Watch: Gamification appeared first on Core-apps.

How to achieve 100% adoption with event apps

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On this webinar, co-hosted with Guidebook, you will hear how Affiliate World Conferences have successfully deployed mobile apps for their events, and achieved 100% adoption by all their attendees. Event Technology #featured featuredtech

Superevent: The Freemium Event App You Can Publish Immediately [Review]


Superevent is a freemium event app, which is fast to set up and publish independently. Superevent is a self-service app you can adapt to the specifics of your event. You can preview your event app as you build it via the website CMS, then publish it […].

An Event App That Gives Back

PCMA Convene

And for doing so, they’d be rewarded with tickets to sporting and entertainment events. There’s an app for that. In the two months leading up to the event, broadcast by MSNBC, Global Citizens completed 1.6 million actions through the app that led to $3.2

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Event management platform Peatix and event app solution EventHub form partnership

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Event management and ticketing platform, Peatix, and mobile event app solution, EventHub, today announced a global partnership that will offer customised mobile apps for large-scale events. Event Technology

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Artificial Intelligence event app specialist Grip launches industry-first API integration solution

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Grip, the company which created the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) event networking solution today announces the launch of its API (Application Programme Interface) to enable event applications to integrate its matchmaking engine into their own apps. Event Technolog

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How Is Your Event App Security – #EventIcons Episode 62


Security is at the TOP of everyone’s list of concerns these days and events are no exception. Not only do you want to keep your guests safe, but App security is also a consideration, and we have some ICONIC experts on hand today to answer all of your questions.