Building vs. Buying an Event App


Nowadays, it’s become second nature for people to use mobile apps when accessing information and conducting daily life activities (e.g. For event planners, this channel is an easy and convenient way to engage an attendee because access to their attention is literally in their hands. Apps account for over 80% of time spent on mobile (Global Digital Future in Focus, ComScore 2018 ). Investing in new event tech is often a challenging experience for planners.

The Best Event Apps for Every Type of Event: 2020 Edition

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Mobile event apps are no longer a nice to have for big events — they’re expected by attendees. Here are the best event apps to go with. Resources and Tools Aloompa Entegy Event Apps Eventbrite Guidebook

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The Future Is Now: The Case Of Event App Design

Endless Events

Before the pandemic hit in 2020, the events industry was a well-oiled machine. Virtual and hybrid events were nowhere near as common. While every big event already had its own event app, event app design was something only a few businesses dealt with.

8 Event App Features on Your Attendee’s Wishlist


As an event planner, you’re well aware that event apps have become common practice at any type of event experience. Chances are, you’ve used an event app yourself; whether it was an event you attended or one you executed as part of your event marketing strategy. Some event app features are so seamlessly incorporated into the event experience that you may not even be aware! Image source: Event MB. Event agenda.

Socio Event App [Review]


Socio is a multi-purpose event app that can be bundled with a supplementary Lead Retrieval app and Live Display platform. Socio is an event app with both a container version and fully branded, white-label option. The container app comes at a lower price point, but the […]. The post Socio Event App [Review] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

The Role of Event Apps in an Age of Change


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. In the last decade, event apps have evolved into a versatile tool for planners and attendees that is now indispensable. They make event visits more productive, raise the ROI for all stakeholders, and […]. The post The Role of Event Apps in an Age of Change by Conference Compass appeared first on [link]. Event Apps #eventtech event apps #eventprof eventmanagement

The New Event App Bible is Out!


2017 is a pivotal year for event apps. Grab your free copy of the Event App Bible now and find out how new event apps and chatbots are innovating the event planning space. The 5th edition of the Event App Bible has a lot to cover. The post The New Event App Bible is Out! Event Apps event apps mobile apps event mobile apps event app bible

What Role Will Event Apps Play in Keeping Events Safe?


Mobile technology is sure to play a critical role in our much-desired return to in-person events, yet event apps are currently not top of mind. The post What Role Will Event Apps Play in Keeping Events Safe?

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Your Event App is Like March Madness Basketball


Your Event App is Like March Madness Basketball. Sort of like the components that go into creating and managing a successful event app! To make your event app a slam dunk, you need to consider some key factors that can make it a winning success. Here are the top tips event organizers should consider as they put together. It takes time and expertise to build an event app that will score the right points with your audience.

How to Design an Event App that Matches Your Event Brand


So you’ve decided to invest in event app technology at your next event and are excited that you get to check off one more thing from your endless list of to-do’s leading up to your event. But as time ticks on and your event gets nearer, you realize, ’Wait…now I actually need to build my app!’ You’ll be able to design an event app that matches your event brand in no time. Design an Event App that Matches Your Event Brand.

Virtual Event Apps vs Webinars vs Video Meetings

There’s a global pandemic that makes in-person events all but impossible in the near future. However, to give up on events altogether is clearly not an option. Event managers are looking for reliable, scalable solutions to host virtual events.

QuickMobile: The Security-focused Event App [Review]


QuickMobile by Cvent is an event app with 50 configurable features and enterprise-grade security. QuickMobile offers feature-rich, fully-branded event apps for meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. The event apps are built on a highly secure, enterprise-grade platform that aligns with any corporate mobile strategy. The post QuickMobile: The Security-focused Event App [Review] by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Event App Integrations—Basic Info, Examples and Answers To Commonly Asked Questions


Event software and event app integrations can help event planners improve their workflow and save lots of time when it comes to managing their technology. But understanding the technical side of setting up an integration can be intimidating for an event planner. The following questions will be addressed: What is an event app or event software integration? What are the benefits of setting up event app software integrations?

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New Research Reveals What You Should Look For in Event Apps [Free Report]


We are happy to present some of the most comprehensive research on event apps ever released. If you have ever downloaded a copy of the Event App Bible, you want to get a hold of the 2019 edition. We researched 120 apps to bring you the […]. The post New Research Reveals What You Should Look For in Event Apps [Free Report] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

How to Determine if You Need a Multi-Event App


Our Customer Experience team works with clients of all sizes across a wide variety of event portfolios. While some organizations may only plan a single, stand-alone event once a year, many have an event portfolio that includes a variety of events throughout the year. To increase efficiency, many organizations are opting to publish a multi-event app. Many events still measure their event success by the number of attendees they are able to register.

6 Tips for Increasing User Engagement on Your Event App


The success of an event when it comes to attendee satisfaction is mostly based on people’s opinion of it. Hence, increasing user engagement on your event app is vitally important for the event to be truly successful. The event app industry is on the rise, both in terms of revenue and significance. Once upon a time, event organizers would have to create their own app that would help participants understand, connect, and enjoy the events they attended.

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How to Design an Event App to Achieve Sponsorship Goals


The design of an event app is a powerful tool that is often underutilized. Through design, you can not only leverage your event brand, but you can also increase your event app adoption, attendee engagement, and overall ROI through sponsorship. When you consider sponsorship as a major influential factor in your event app design, it forces you to be more purposeful in building your event app. Identify your sponsors’ event goals .

Event App Security: Access & Data Privacy Best Practices


If there’s one phrase that causes event planners to lose the most sleep—besides “The speaker dropped out!” —it’s it’s probably “data protection”, especially when it comes to event app security. Due to heightened sensitivity around data breaches and privacy, event planners are having to pay special attention to how their technology vendors—like event app providers such as EventMobi—are using and storing their event data.

Beyond Event Updates: Rethinking Your Strategy for Event App Notifications


Event app notifications, alerts, messages – your event technology likely has different ways you can communicate to and update your attendees. Here are some ways the EventMobi Support Team is seeing event app notifications being used by clients: Preset and Forget. Depending on the event technology you are using, you likely have the ability to pre-schedule your event app notifications and alerts.

How to Get Approval for your Event App in 2019


As an event planner, you already know the benefits when it comes to incorporating event technology into your events*. Increasing attendee engagement, reducing printing costs, increasing event revenue through sponsorships, and collecting attendee feedback are just a few examples of how it can help your team achieve your goals. If you need a refresher on the benefits of using event technology at your events, read The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Event App Adoption.

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Event App Bible 2020 [Free Report]


Events are facing unprecedented times, and the guidance and leadership of the tech community has never been more important. Event app vendors are stepping up to deliver features and functionality that are conducive to virtual events.

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Event Apps and Brand Activations


The busy fall conference, trade show and event season is about to be in full swing! We know event organizers are anxiously waiting to try new things and to see what their colleagues are up to with technology and beyond. One big movement in the event space right now is part technology, part creative execution and part budget…of course! We’re talking about a recipe for experiential brand activations, and it’s the future of all events. Use In-App Alerts.

The 6 Best Event App Designs of 2018


What’s clear is that brand recognition and simple, sophisticated product design matters more than ever across all industries, and the event technology space is no different. We asked our Customer Experience team to reflect on some of the amazing clients and app designs they’ve seen this year. Here are the top 6 best event app designs of the year. ” Overall, our favorite feature on EventMobi’s event app is the widget layout.

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131 Event Apps Compared: (Quickly) Choose the Best App for Your Event


131 event mobile apps reviewed. Quickly choose the best mobile app for your event. In this article you will also find tips, templates and workflow to make sure your event app is a success. Event planners that rave about their event apps and how much it added to their event generally do […]. The post 131 Event Apps Compared: (Quickly) Choose the Best App for Your Event by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link].

Benefits of Launching Your Event App Way Before the Event


The phrase, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, couldn’t be more applicable to event apps. Essentially, the earlier you launch your event app, the better. Many event apps get left to the last minute as there are a million other things on an event profs mind leading up to the day of the event. By launching your event app well before the event, you give attendees early access to your event. Event App Best Practices

How to Get Event App Sponsorship


In the last two years, the SHOT Show increased their event app sponsorship revenue by 169%, and then achieved another impressive doubling after that! They changed their entire sponsorship approach , bundling booth sales with event app and digital packages that are a winning combination for organizers, exhibitors and sponsors. Why Event App Sponsors are Attractive to Organizers. By securing event app sponsors, organizers benefit.

Event Apps: How to Save $30K in Printing [Case Study]


More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. This case study investigates how the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals achieved 97% engagement with their event app, an increase of 51% over four years. The post Event Apps: How to Save $30K in Printing [Case Study] by CrowdCompass by Cvent appeared first on [link]. Event Apps #eventtech eventapps eventapp eventmanagement eventtechnology

Boost Your Association?s Membership Value Through Your Event App


And 85% of the time spent on phones was spent in apps, not in the browser! The post Boost Your Association’s Membership Value Through Your Event App by Conference Compass appeared first on [link]. Event Technology #eventtech event apps event technology event app event app strategy associations association membership mobile apps for associations membership value

4 Ways Event Apps Improve Attendee Engagement


Imagine the scene: an event with dozens of sullen acquaintances staring down at their drinks quietly. Is this the event of your dreams? And while there are numerous ways to do so, incorporating an event app is one of the most effective methods for getting attendees to take an active interest. No, an event app is not just an agenda on your phone. Event apps offer so much more, and are customizable to your event’s theme and needs.

Event Apps Best Practices: Increasing Adoption Rates – Event Tech Podcast

Endless Events

Event planners everywhere now have the power of harnessing the immense potential of event apps. These handy platforms are great tools to help attendees engage with each other and make the most out of what you’re offering, but doubts on how to increase the adoption rates, and how to successfully implement the apps still loom over the industry. In this week’s Event Tech Podcast, Will Curran and Brandt Krueger are joined by Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey of Pathable.

5 Event App Examples from Different Organizations


QuickMobile has done so many events, and so many event apps, that we thought it would be interesting to review 5 event app examples that we’ve encountered in past years. Here’s how each unique mobile event app (powered by QuickMobile ) helped these organizations overcome the event’s specific challenges: Event App Example 1 : Catering to Hosted buyers for IMEX Frankfurt. Event Apps and you.

6 Questions Your Attendees Will Ask When Using an Event App


Ever since the company began, our Support Team at EventMobi has been attending client events to help provide onsite support and ensure their success. But not everyone has the opportunity to invest in the many types of professional services we offer, so we’ve compiled a list of questions most asked by attendees to ensure you are prepared and can provide a seamless experience using an event app. Top 6 Questions Attendees Will Ask When Using an Event App.

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Event Apps: 14 Ways to Make Money in 2019


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Your event app is an engagement engine, creating all kinds of new interactions between attendees. But planners often overlook another opportunity created by their app: monetization. Sponsors are one of the cornerstones of your event. […]. The post Event Apps: 14 Ways to Make Money in 2019 by MeetingPlay appeared first on [link].

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The Top 3 Event App Mistakes


We all know there are a million moving parts to every event. And sure, the pressure of having things go exactly right on the day of the event is enormous. Despite a generally-amazing attention to detail, many event planners make some common mistakes when providing an event app for their attendees. Promote the Event App. It is a KPI that helps answer the question “ Was the event app worth it? Event App Best Practices

5 Things to Double Check Before You Launch Your Event App


Reviewing your content and ensuring it’s ready to share with your audience is definitely a best practice and something that you should always exercise before you launch your event app to your attendees. As our clients’ events approach, we take the time to review each event app with great care. 5 Checkpoints Before You Launch Your Event App. Event Time Zone. Usually upon initial setup, you’ll indicate the time zone of the event.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Apps


Planning an event is extremely time-consuming and stressful. Because of this, sometimes the last thing on a meeting and event planner’s mind is event apps. This short list of event app do’s and don’ts should make creating your event app easier. When building your event app, you get the option of choosing which features you’d like to include. DON’T: Wait last minute to build the app. Event App Best Practices

Event App Due Diligence

Velvet Chainsaw

Editor’s Note: This article was originally penned for PCMA’s Convene in the beginning of August, early on in the discovery that the Apple App Store’s change in guidelines could affect branded mobile event apps. Much has been written since, including evidence that Apple is taking action with some event app providers. Have discussions directly with your provider and request recent proof of Apple Review Board app approval from them. Event Technology

3 Reasons Why Using a Promo Video Will Increase Event App Adoption


Having worked at EventMobi for close to two years, I’ve had hundreds of strategy conversations with my clients on how best to utilize their event technology to engage and connect with their audiences, specifically when it comes to event app adoption. On these calls I like to start by asking my client, “What are the event goals for your app this year? Event App Adoption. The Event App Promotional Video.

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Why You Need an Integrated Mobile Event App for Your Next Event


mobile app integration mobile event app event planning app

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How to find the best event app in 2019 for me?


The paradox of choice – Too many event apps. Did you know that there are over a hundred different types of event apps currently available in the market? Typically, having a lot of choice is great, but with this much choice, the life of an event planner gets much more complex! This article aims to help you get through the event tech noise and find the event app that’s best for you. To meet the newest demands of your event guests.

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