Building vs. Buying an Event App


Nowadays, it’s become second nature for people to use mobile apps when accessing information and conducting daily life activities (e.g. For event planners, this channel is an easy and convenient way to engage an attendee because access to their attention is literally in their hands.

8 Event App Features on Your Attendee’s Wishlist


As an event planner, you’re well aware that event apps have become common practice at any type of event experience. Chances are, you’ve used an event app yourself; whether it was an event you attended or one you executed as part of your event marketing strategy.

Interactive Training Ideas You Can Use with an Event App


At a corporate training or education event, that’s just too high of a margin. There are plenty of interactive training seminars and tools that can be purchased to help with your next training event. Social learning is a great way to for attendees to be interactive at your event.

QuickMobile: The Security-focused Event App [Review]


QuickMobile by Cvent is an event app with 50 configurable features and enterprise-grade security. QuickMobile offers feature-rich, fully-branded event apps for meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. Event Technology #eventtech event technology mobile event apps event ap

4 Ways Event Apps Improve Attendee Engagement


Imagine the scene: an event with dozens of sullen acquaintances staring down at their drinks quietly. Is this the event of your dreams? No, an event app is not just an agenda on your phone. So how exactly does an event app create this interaction and commitment?

Event App Integrations—Basic Info, Examples and Answers To Commonly Asked Questions


Event software and event app integrations can help event planners improve their workflow and save lots of time when it comes to managing their technology. But understanding the technical side of setting up an integration can be intimidating for an event planner.

Event Apps: How to Save $30K in Printing [Case Study]


More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. This case study investigates how the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals achieved 97% engagement with their event app, an increase of 51% over four years.

Event Apps: 14 Ways to Make Money in 2019


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Your event app is an engagement engine, creating all kinds of new interactions between attendees. But planners often overlook another opportunity created by their app: monetization.

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The 6 Best Event App Designs of 2018


What’s clear is that brand recognition and simple, sophisticated product design matters more than ever across all industries, and the event technology space is no different. Here are the top 6 best event app designs of the year. 2) Love Mexico & Beyond Event.

2018 130

The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Apps


Planning an event is extremely time-consuming and stressful. Because of this, sometimes the last thing on a meeting and event planner’s mind is event apps. This short list of event app do’s and don’ts should make creating your event app easier.

How to Design an Event App that Matches Your Event Brand


So you’ve decided to invest in event app technology at your next event and are excited that you get to check off one more thing from your endless list of to-do’s leading up to your event. You’ll be able to design an event app that matches your event brand in no time.

Event App Security: Access & Data Privacy Best Practices


If there’s one phrase that causes event planners to lose the most sleep—besides “The speaker dropped out!” —it’s it’s probably “data protection”, especially when it comes to event app security. The Top Event App Security & Access Features.

5 Event App Examples from Different Organizations


QuickMobile has done so many events, and so many event apps, that we thought it would be interesting to review 5 event app examples that we’ve encountered in past years. Event App Example 2 : Tools for meeting management professionals at Pharma Forum.

131 Event Apps Compared: (Quickly) Choose the Best App for Your Event


131 event mobile apps reviewed. Quickly choose the best mobile app for your event. In this article you will also find tips, templates and workflow to make sure your event app is a success.

The New Event App Bible is Out!


2017 is a pivotal year for event apps. Grab your free copy of the Event App Bible now and find out how new event apps and chatbots are innovating the event planning space. The 5th edition of the Event App Bible has a lot to cover.

Event Apps and Brand Activations


The busy fall conference, trade show and event season is about to be in full swing! We know event organizers are anxiously waiting to try new things and to see what their colleagues are up to with technology and beyond. Use In-App Alerts.

Beyond Event Updates: Rethinking Your Strategy for Event App Notifications


Event app notifications, alerts, messages – your event technology likely has different ways you can communicate to and update your attendees. Here are some ways the EventMobi Support Team is seeing event app notifications being used by clients: Preset and Forget.

Benefits of Launching Your Event App Way Before the Event


The phrase, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, couldn’t be more applicable to event apps. Essentially, the earlier you launch your event app, the better. By launching your event app well before the event, you give attendees early access to your event.

The Top 3 Event App Mistakes


We all know there are a million moving parts to every event. And sure, the pressure of having things go exactly right on the day of the event is enormous. Despite a generally-amazing attention to detail, many event planners make some common mistakes when providing an event app for their attendees. Promote the Event App. It is a KPI that helps answer the question “ Was the event app worth it? Event App Best Practices

25 Ideas from Event Apps We Loved [SlideShare]


Subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on event tech trends and best practices, or contact us to see how event apps can support your next event. Because event apps have pretty much become a staple , it can be pretty difficult to make one that stands out.

How to Get Approval for your Event App in 2019


As an event planner, you already know the benefits when it comes to incorporating event technology into your events*. Increasing attendee engagement, reducing printing costs, increasing event revenue through sponsorships, and collecting attendee feedback are just a few examples of how it can help your team achieve your goals. If you need a refresher on the benefits of using event technology at your events, read The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Event App Adoption.

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Boost Your Association’s Membership Value Through Your Event App


And 85% of the time spent on phones was spent in apps, not in the browser! The post Boost Your Association’s Membership Value Through Your Event App by Conference Compass appeared first on [link]. Event Technology #eventtech event apps event technology event app event app strategy associations association membership mobile apps for associations membership value

A Comprehensive Walk-Through Your Mobile Event App

Hubilo Blog

We have talked about it time and again, event technology has come a long way since its inception. Introduction to a Mobile Event App. The most used technologies by event planners are photobooths (45%), event apps (44%) and live streaming tools (44%).

Yapp: The Budget-Friendly Event App [Review]


Yapp is a simple and budget-friendly event app with fast setup and immediate publishing. Yapp is a do-it-yourself platform that allows you to easily create, edit, and instantly publish mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android Devices.

The Mobile Event App Features That Ease Attendee Pain Points


Pain Point: I won’t/don’t know anyone at the event. Mobile event app components that will make this pain disappear: Like-minded Functionality: Imagine opening your event app, filling in a short survey about yourself and your interests (for example) and bam!

6 Questions Your Attendees Will Ask When Using an Event App


Ever since the company began, our Support Team at EventMobi has been attending client events to help provide onsite support and ensure their success. Review these questions and share with your team so come event time, you’re ready to go! . How do I download the event app?

MeetingPlay: Shaking Up the Event App Market [Review]


MeetingPlay offers a customizable mobile event app, designed specifically around your event objectives and offering some innovative features. MeetingPlay is a mobile event app provider offering custom event apps.

Event App Research 2017 – Calling Providers and Eventprofs


The team at EventMB are busy working on an exciting new 2017 edition of the Event App Bible. We currently want to hear from event app providers who want to be listed and event planners who can help with our research.

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The 2 Most Powerful Event App Features for Attendee Networking


One of the most common reasons we see event planners deciding to invest in an event app is to increase attendee networking. Attendee Chat and Group Discussions, in particular, are two of the most powerful features for achieving this event goal.

2019 130

How To Increase Engagement with your Event App Year-on-Year [Case Study]


More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. This case study outlines how the MBA Women’s Leadership Conference has grown their stats for connections and engagement year-on-year, since 2014, via their event app. Event Apps event apps event app engagement

How to Get Event App Sponsorship


In the last two years, the SHOT Show increased their event app sponsorship revenue by 169%, and then achieved another impressive doubling after that! Why Event App Sponsors are Attractive to Organizers. By securing event app sponsors, organizers benefit.

How to Leverage Your Event App for Sponsor Promotion?

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An event app is one of the most profitable investments for event organisers. This one resource adds multi-faceted value to your complete event. One potentially beneficial but highly neglected use of an event app is to leverage it for sponsor promotion.

Stay Connected: A Complete Guide to Conference Event Apps

Endless Events

Conference event apps are a must for any conference in today’s world. Adding conference event apps to your next event will create accessibility with content, notifications, feedback, and everything else you will need to communicate with your attendees.

5 Things to Double Check Before You Launch Your Event App


Reviewing your content and ensuring it’s ready to share with your audience is definitely a best practice and something that you should always exercise before you launch your event app to your attendees. 5 Checkpoints Before You Launch Your Event App. Event Time Zone.

How to Get Attendees to Download Your Event App


It’s rare nowadays to attend an event that doesn’t have some kind of mobile app. Mobile event apps aide the attendee journey by providing content, schedules, speaker info, attendee info, maps, and more. There is just one problem… What if no one downloads your app?

3 Reasons Why Using a Promo Video Will Increase Event App Adoption


Having worked at EventMobi for close to two years, I’ve had hundreds of strategy conversations with my clients on how best to utilize their event technology to engage and connect with their audiences, specifically when it comes to event app adoption. Event App Adoption.

Key Factors How the Era of Mobile Event Apps Shapes Events. Infographics.


The mobile app industry has become one of the biggest industries in existence. Over the past few years, it has attracted literally billions of smartphone owners, who use mobile apps daily. The post Key Factors How the Era of Mobile Event Apps Shapes Events.

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Event Apps to Enhance Events

Event Industry News

The apps we single out at the top of the year, for their impact on particular events/type of events, don’t do downtime. They’re busy before, during and after the big day(s), For audiences that might mean ticketing/registration innovations, or highlighting the news, the novelties through the doors, shaping the map around individuals, pointing out pertinent content, introducing like minds, fixing meetings and keeping the conversation going post-event. YADA Events.

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Superevent: The Freemium Event App You Can Publish Immediately [Review]


Superevent is a freemium event app, which is fast to set up and publish independently. Superevent is a self-service app you can adapt to the specifics of your event. You can preview your event app as you build it via the website CMS, then publish it […].

First Look: All-New Event App Builder by Hubilo

Hubilo Blog

Event apps have become an integrated part of maximum business events being held across the globe. Technological advancement in the events industry is encouraging the event vendors to keep on building new products and implement their ideas practically.

Why You Should Use Your Event App for Content Management


An event app doesn’t just enhance your conference experience—it also makes planning your event a whole lot easier. You just have to know how to harness the power of your app’s content management system (CMS). Event apps, content management, and you.

Fulfilling the Hierarchy of Needs using Your Mobile Event App


After reading Jonah Sachs’ Winning the Story Wars , we really started to think about who attends events and how an app impacts their experience, particularly when overlaid with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. How do you think about what attendees are looking for at your event?

Try These Methods of Re-Purposing Your Event App


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Event apps can – and should – be more than just a paper program replacement. Using some creativity and collaboration, you can repurpose your event app for your specific needs to save on budget […].