Crowdsourcing Speakers


Are you ready to crowdsource your speakers or learning sessions at your next event? The post Crowdsourcing Speakers by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. Event Management crowdsourcing speakersPeople know what they want. Or do they?

Getting More Value from Conference Keynote Speakers

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Not long ago, becoming a professional speaker was a third step in a thought leaders career path. Keynote speakers should be chosen wisely. Current – The speaker’s expertise must be fresh; not the same shtick they did 10+ years ago. Invest in Professional Speakers.

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12 Engagement and Presentation Ideas To Give Your Speakers


Speakers have an important role at conferences because they not only need to share learning, we need them to connect, interact and engage with attendees to make a strong impact. The post 12 Engagement and Presentation Ideas To Give Your Speakers by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

The Art of Speaker Selection. Who Does it Right?


Are you struggling with the magic sauce when it comes to speaker selection? Speakers are often the entertainment for events. The post The Art of Speaker Selection. Tips Speaker speaker selection keynote speaker speakers keynote choosing a speaker

The Ultimate Collection of Great Speaker Websites


Whether you want to hire a speaker, be inspired or get some ideas about what a great speaker can do for your events, this comprehensive collection of great speaker websites can help.

How to Ensure Speakers Hit Your Deadlines


If you have speakers at your event you know how difficult it can be to get everything you need from them ahead of time. This is compounded when the speaker is famous or an executive at your company. Event Management speakers deadlines

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Speakers


In this new video, we’re talking about speaker management at conferences. The way you handle content has become one of the most important factors in how we evaluate conferences and the relationship you have with your speakers defines the outcome of your event.

5 Key Requirements for Speakers

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I t wasn’t too long ago that becoming a professional speaker was the third step a thought leader took in his or her career. In the digital age, thought leaders establish a following by cultivating an online presence, thereby skipping a step on the path to becoming a qualified speaker.

Sleuthing the right speaker

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Schwarzkopf and had the opportunity to attend one of his speeches delivered to thousands of people for a motivational symposium that featured eight speakers designed to incentivize sales professionals. We sat down with Forte to get his advice on sleuthing the right speaker.

Giving speakers feedback total transparency is the key

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Not every conference (or similar event) bothers with giving speakers feedback. Not doing this, is to take a liberty of the time and effort that speakers take to deliver their presentation. Giving Speakers Feedback – total transparency is the key.

Should planners engage speakers for free?

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There are a number of instances in which engaging speakers for free makes sense and few would object to it. Waiving their fee is one way in which speakers can give back to the community as part of these initiatives. Obtain sponsors to underwrite speaker fees.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling Another Keynote Speaker

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Not every meeting has to revolve around words of wisdom delivered from a keynote speaker behind a podium at the front of a room. Meetings have included keynote speakers for the last 20 years, let’s try something new to better engage today’s audiences,” Wigston says. “In

Welcome to the Farm! Meet Ryan Speaker and Steph Shuff

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There have been a lot of exciting changes at the Farm recently, and we'd like to introduce two of the newest additions to our DC office: Ryan Speaker, Customer Support Specialist, and Steph Shuff, Sales Development Representative. RYAN SPEAKER 1) What drove you to Event Farm?

Supporting conference speakers

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Supporting conference speakers. Julius asked me to do a session that would help planners better understand and better support their speakers. The conference organiser impacts the content as much as the speaker. You get back the time, resources and effort you invest in a speaker.

Why We Need More Female and Minority Conference Speakers

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Convene podcast host Ashley Milne-Tyte talks to Katie Orenstein, the founder and CEO of The Op-Ed Project, about why it can be a struggle to get diverse speakers and why it’s worth the effort. . She understands everyone wants brilliant speakers at their events.

6 Tips for Getting the Best Speaker Possible at the Best Price

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You’ve decided to get an outside speaker or two, and you want to make sure you get the right speakers for your meeting, at the right price. From experience, you know that some speakers will lower their price at the drop of a hat—others, not so much. Share a Speaker.

A Step by Step Guide to Make the Most Out of Your Speakers


A disorganized approach to your event may be causing your speakers more work and making your content less effective. The post A Step by Step Guide to Make the Most Out of Your Speakers by Christina Green appeared first on [link].

6 Ways Meeting Planners Can Get More Value from Their Speakers


A professional speaker offers tips on how planners can optimize the experience for both speakers and attendees. Speakersread more.

Important Clauses You Need To Know in Speaker Agreements


Although you have access to the top presenters within your company, you knew it was time to book an outside speaker. If you work with a speaker’s bureau, expect to pay 2-3x the speaker fee you would pay if you… Click To Tweet. Venue Restrictions in Speaker Agreements.

5 Ways to Help Your Speakers Be More Persuasive

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Author and speaker Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSP, is known for her dazzling presentations. Here, she offers five strategies that you can share with speakers to help them shine. They know that the speaker cares,” she said, “so they care more.” Speaker Prep.

How to Choose a Speaker that will Resonate with your Audience


In this new video, we talk about how to choose a speaker that will blow your audience away. abovethefold## How To Select The Right Speaker For Your Audience The last thing in the world you want is for a speaker to get up on stage and put the audience to sleep.

7 Ways to Stop Speakers from Going Overtime


Everyone loses when speakers run long. Recently I watched a talented speaker (and friend) Patrick Henry deliver a fantastic presentation called “Be Re-memorable.” He was the fifth speaker that morning (way too many—right?), It’s easy to blame the speaker.

Call for Speakers: What Should We Be Talking About in 2017?


Holograms Put Keynote Speakers in Two Places at Once

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Have you ever wished you could clone or duplicate your keynote speaker ? They beamed in their keynote speaker and other figures in addition to giving guests a virtual tour of hotels in the Netherlands.

American Marketing Association Launches Speakers Bureau

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Sad but true, the American Marketing Association previously collected data on potential speakers for events only to have that information fall into the ether. Now, through its new Speakers Bureau , AMA believes it has the proper platform to serve its members and broader audience. “We Powered by Orate, a digital market network, the bureau already has about 2,000 established speakers in its database. Non-AMA members can also use the Speakers Bureau for their events. “It’s

Speaker & Entertainer, Scott Hammell

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This successful stunt led to numerous television appearances for Scott and the story of facing his fear helped to launch his career as a motivational speaker. By his mid teens Scott Hammell was performing in front of thousands.

Do You Care if Your Speaker Lineup Is Diverse?


The importance—or lack thereof—of having a diverse speaker lineup was the topic of a pretty lively online conversation during a livestreamed session at the 2016 Professional Convention Management Association Education Conference. Association Meetings Resources Resources and Reports Speakers

You Value Your Speakers—So Why Are You Discounting Them?


Instead of asking speakers to discount their fee or work “for exposure,” partner with them to find ways to maximize their value while minimizing costs. Association Meetings Resources Budgeting/Cost Savings Resources and Reports Speakers

6 Steps to Helping Your Speakers Succeed


If you hire speakers for corporate events, you know that choosing the right one for your audience is just the first step. Here is some of my favorite advice for ensuring that speakers have the best chance to succeed. Some speakers customize more then others.

WordCamp Behind the Scenes: Event Organizer Turns Speaker

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As an organizer of WordCamp, Peshev went from event organizer to event speaker at this year’s WordCamp Europe event, presenting on a very relevant topic in an industry: remote employees. The post WordCamp Behind the Scenes: Event Organizer Turns Speaker appeared first on Smart Meetings.

ConferencePulse: Find Conferences Sponsors Speakers Easily [Review]


ConferencePulse allows access to deep insight on conferences, sponsors, speakers and […]. The post ConferencePulse: Find Conferences Sponsors Speakers Easily [Review] by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Event organisers annual conference confirms keynote speaker

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The post Event organisers annual conference confirms keynote speaker appeared first on Event Industry News.

Keynotes Made Easy with Hotel Speaker Series

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While the former first lady may be a bit of a stretch for most conventions to land, hotels are making it a tad bit easier on planners by hosting speaker series of their own. W Speaker Series, “What She Said,” photo credit: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

5 Ways to Set Your Event Speaker Up for Success

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Finding the right speaker for your event can be difficult. Once you determine the best place to start looking for a speaker, you then have to sift through a list of potential options and determine who would best serve your event’s objective.

Fresh Picks: 18 Speakers Who Belong at Your Podium in 2017


To protect, update, and motivate your organization, the in-demand speakers for 2017 will be those who can shed light on the new administration, the changing workforce, and growing risks both online and globally. Speakers & Entertainment Association Conventions and Expos Corporate Meetings & EventsWho is apropos for your podium this year?

How Do You Find Great Speakers for Your Event?


Here's how to find great speakers for your event. The post How Do You Find Great Speakers for Your Event? Conference Content / Production Featured February Event content event speakers Keynote Speakers programmeYou don't have to spend thousands of pounds on a high profile celebrity to make your event attractive. appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

Top speakers join Academic Venue Showcase line-up

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Four leading events industry speakers have joined the education programme at the Academic Venue Showcase 2017, organiser Venuemasters today announced. The post Top speakers join Academic Venue Showcase line-up appeared first on Event Industry News.

Working with a good meeting planner versus not: A speaker’s perspective

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The post Working with a good meeting planner versus not: A speaker’s perspective appeared first on Plan Your Meetings @ Meeting Professionals International. Advice and best practices Education, content and speaker management speaker management working with speakers

July 25, 2017: Keynote Speakers for 2018 SXSW Announced, BBC to Host New Music Festival, Justin Bieber Cancels Rest of World Tour


KEYNOTE SPEAKERS FOR 2018 SXSW ANNOUNCED: On Monday, organizers of the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals announced that

How To Own A General Session Like A Boss


It starts with managing your speakers through a flawless stage experience. Tips Speaker event planning speaker management speakers event speakersThis is a sponsored post written by Trish Knox, Owner/President at TK Events Inc.