Presenting at Webinars: What Speakers Should Know


Whether it’s your first time presenting to an audience, or you’re a seasoned in-person speaker, presenting virtually can introduce challenges. Sometimes, deferring to a speaker training expert is the most effective way to prepare for a speaking engagement.

Invest in Your Speakers to Grow Your Value Proposition

Velvet Chainsaw

Keynote speakers and main-room experiences are pivotal for bringing the community together and sharing key messaging, but attendees expect—and deserve—transformational learning (change in ideas, attitudes and behaviors) from curated, relevant and problem-centric educational sessions.


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How To Find The Perfect Speaker for Your Event


Speakers can easily make or break an event. Conversely, if you have a speaker who has a compelling topic and knows how to deliver it with clear takeaways, you’ll have a happy crowd who will leave positive reviews for your event, and tell others. Look for speaker accreditation.

Presenting at Webinars: What Speakers Should Know


Whether it’s your first time presenting to an audience, or you’re a seasoned in-person speaker, presenting virtually can introduce challenges. Sometimes, deferring to a speaker training expert is the most effective way to prepare for a speaking engagement.

Expert Impact Speakers

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Expert Impact Speakers provides impactful speakers for any kind of event. We find the best speakers for event organisers. Customers can book television presenters, comedians, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and activists through Expert Impact Speakers.

How do you find speakers that are a great match for your virtual event?


Virtual speakers totally differ from in-person speakers. In-person speakers tend to be more personable and more engaging with the audience. If there is a technology glitch, most in-person speakers can transition to another topic while keeping the audience engaged.

Recap: Finding the perfect speaker.

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“I love seeing speakers that change the way we think […] They are experts, they have thought about something, they bring their own view of the world – to you – and it changes how you think about the world.”. It also helps to connect personally with potential speakers.

Expert Impact launches speakers agency for social and environmental change

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Mentoring charity aims to take a slice of the growing speaker market and launches with varied mix of social entrepreneurs, entertainers and thought leaders. We know there is a fertile market for engaging and inspiring speakers.

Are Your Speakers Speaking to Speakers?

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We refer to these conferences as meetings of speakers speaking to speakers. If your conference has the “speakers speaking to speakers” model, the primary avenue for growth has been to make room for more speaking slots or add to the poster-board footprint. The post Are Your Speakers Speaking to Speakers? I wonder about the future of peer review for conference abstracts.

How to Treat Event Speakers

Skift Meetings

Skift Take: Speakers are tired of being treated like babies and they do not want to have to promote their own sessions as that is the event planner’s job.

Crowdsourcing Speakers


Are you ready to crowdsource your speakers or learning sessions at your next event? The post Crowdsourcing Speakers by Christina Green appeared first on [link]. Event Management crowdsourcing speakersPeople know what they want. Or do they? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you do. We have an ego problem. Maybe not you. Maybe not me. But other people do. One of the positive benefits of this […].

Guest Blog: Keynote & Motivational Speakers – There’s nothing like word of mouth

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For both IRL and virtual events, keynote sessions – and the speakers that deliver them – still play a vital role in creating engaging B2B experiences. There’s no soft-launch or slow-burn campaign build: a speaker has to hit hard and hit home from the off.

How to Write a Speaker Bio That Will Attract Attendees

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If speakers contribute to the draw of your event, then their bios are essential components of your promotion. Fact is, it’s not enough to simply include educational and background information and point people toward your speaker’s latest projects.

[Webinar] INFLUENCE 2020, National Speakers Association Virtual Experience

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Meet the brains behind the design of the highly successful National Speakers Association’s INFLUENCE 2020 Virtual in August. The post [Webinar] INFLUENCE 2020, National Speakers Association Virtual Experience appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

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The ultimate virtual event speaker brief

Gallus Events

So we have created the ultimate virtual event speaker brief. If you are an organiser who has never organised an online event before and you are worried about briefing your speakers then this article is for you! Our ultimate guide to briefing speakers to deliver virtual sessions.

7 Tips to Keep Your Event Speakers Coming Back


Event speakers are essential to a successful event marketing strategy. And, for attendees to learn, they need someone to learn from, aka — your speaker! When sharing her event management tips, Cathy stresses the importance of relevant and engaging speakers, saying, “Speakers are critical to the event. If we can’t deliver on speakers, we’re not doing our job right.”. Happy speakers lead to happy attendees. How do you keep your event speakers happy?

The Truth Dilemma: What to Do When Speakers Make Stuff Up

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Motivational speakers aren’t always who they say they are. The post The Truth Dilemma: What to Do When Speakers Make Stuff Up by Vincent Alonzo appeared first on [link]. Event Management speakers selection event speaker speaker management speaker vetting process ethics sxsw SXSW 2022

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6 Strategies to Find Your Conference Keynote and Other Speakers

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Are you struggling to find conference speakers? Working out how to find speakers for your event is one of the biggest challenges for event creators. Check out these industry-leading strategies from Eventbrite for finding great public speakers.

Getting More Value from Conference Keynote Speakers

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Not long ago, becoming a professional speaker was a third step in a thought leaders career path. Keynote speakers should be chosen wisely. From a conference design perspective, we believe the current best practice is to bookend your conference by opening with a strong-thought provoking speaker and closing with inspiration. Five boxes you should check before selecting a keynote speaker: Relevant – Content must align with a major problem or opportunity facing your profession.

Solving for Digital Speakers

PCMA Convene

Because event organizers need to consider all kinds of scenarios in their speaker selection and contracts for digital speakers, PCMA has created a complimentary tool that covers all the bases —a downloadable speaker agreement template.

The perfect speaker briefing

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There is a direct correlation between how well a speaker is briefed and how good the conference will be. So how do you design the perfect speaker briefing? How are you briefing your speakers. Over half of those have been conferences (or smaller content led events like seminars and workshops) but I don’t often talk about my role as a speaker. How an organiser briefs a speaker will be one of the most important elements of any conference.

Contracting Conference Speakers

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So perhaps, on average, let’s say half a dozen speakers at each event. That makes roughly 3000 speakers. Contracting conference speakers just wasn’t something I did. I know I am not alone I think it’s common that organisers don’t get round to formalising agreements with speakers. In fact, I haven’t come across ANY formal speaker contracts in the score or more organisations in which I’ve completed event consultancy.

Speaker Trends in the New Business Environment


The head of a major speakers bureau provides insight on hot topics, interesting formats, and rising cost concerns for keynoters and other featured speakers. And today, our speakers on diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as environmental, social, and governance are in great demand.

Best Virtual Speaker Kits: The Video & Lighting Edit!

Endless Events

A couple of weeks ago, we began our mini-series on the best virtual speaker kits. What are the best microphones speakers can use to deliver top-notch presentations? And in order to correspond to said expectations, planners must support their speakers as well as possible.

How To Choose The Right Speaker For Your Next Conference

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Would you like a keynote speaker that is engaging, inspirational and entertaining, while being knowledgeable in their field and relevant to your audience? There are many things to consider when looking for a speaker for your next event. The post How To Choose The Right Speaker For Your Next Conference appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog. Helpful Event Tips branded events event marketing event speaker events guest post Speaker

Adrian Segar Speaker Tips Interview

Conferences that Work

workshop for Dutch professional moderators, I was interviewed by Otto Wijnen about speaker and presentation tips for making presentations more effective by incorporating active learning. presenting speaker tipsAfter a one-day Participate! Apart from a brief introduction and closing in Dutch, the 13-minute interview is in English. Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: Participate! The key to successful 21st century conferences Attend Participate!,

Speaker Engage Event Management Platform [Review]


Speaker Engage consolidates event planning tasks, speaker and sponsor curation, and communications in one place. Speaker Engage: What Is It? The post Speaker Engage Event Management Platform [Review] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

28 Rewarding Speaker Gift Ideas


##abovethefold## Give your speakers a little something extra with some of these thoughtful gift ideas to show your appreciation. Don’t just give your speakers another paperweight, consider offering them something more meaningful that doesn’t have to cost a lot. Excellent speakers can be a big motivator to attracting attendees and those that work hard on […]. The post 28 Rewarding Speaker Gift Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Our top tips when finding event speakers. 

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Event speakers have the unique ability to inspire attendees and transform your event into a truly memorable experience. But how can organizers actually go about finding the perfect speaker for their event? If you put out an inspiring call for proposals the best speakers will find you.

Our top 5 tips for speakers.

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But after Zoom and WFH, what message do speakers need to bring to inspire attendees right now? For more about how to do that, here’s our top 5 tips for speakers. People like a speaker that feels accessible, and the virtual world can bring more people into your orbit faster than before.

TED Unveils New Speakers Bureau


TED, a non-profit organization that describes itself as “dedicated to discovering and spreading ideas that spark imagination, embrace possibility, and catalyze impact,” has launched its own speakers bureau for the corporate, association, and for-profit events market.

Supporting conference speakers

Gallus Events

Supporting conference speakers. Julius asked me to do a session that would help planners better understand and better support their speakers. My five main points (which, when you watch the session you will see why that’s the maximum number of points any session should aim for) are: EVERY single speaker (almost without exception) needs the support of the conference organiser. The conference organiser impacts the content as much as the speaker.

Creating an Agenda for Event Speakers


To run an event successfully, you need to prepare a good event program and an event speaker’s agenda—a schedule or protocol for speakers about what they will say and how they will act on the stage, etc. Before every event, it’s important to think over the agenda, determine the list of participants, and read the reports of all the speakers and other relevant materials. Reasons to create an agenda for event speakers. Prepare briefing materials for the event speakers.

rsvpBook Speaker Management Portal


rsvpBook is proud to announce the addition of the Speaker Manager to the Event Organizer toolbox. In addition to being able to see what workshops your speakers are currently assigned to, you also get some powerful new features for the day of your event. You can now add custom agenda items to each speakers schedule, […]. The post rsvpBook Speaker Management Portal appeared first on rsvpBOOK Blog.

The Ultimate Collection of Great Speaker Websites


Whether you want to hire a speaker, be inspired or get some ideas about what a great speaker can do for your events, this comprehensive collection of great speaker websites can help. Every great speaker adds depth and dimension to an event and an incentive for your attendees to book (in some cases making it […]. The post The Ultimate Collection of Great Speaker Websites by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Engagement Tips For Speakers and Planners at Hybrid Events

Event Age by Swapcard

Virtual Sapiens’ Rachel Cossar delivers her four top tips for maximum engagement that speakers and organizers at hybrid events won’t want to miss. This week’s guest post comes from an expert in all things visual communication, video content, and audience engagement.

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Reach Out and Get Results with this Conference Speaker Checklist

Eventbrite UK

When you offer the right lineup of business conference speakers, people will travel far and wide to attend your event. Finding and securing premium speakers enhances your reputation as an event organiser, and lends credibility to your conference.

Virtual Speaker Management Guide


While speakers scramble to ready their bios, headshots and presentation drafts, you pull out your hair trying to get your speakers to deliver great content on time. virtual events Speaker Management Tips

Conference and Event Speaker Collateral: 5 Things to Ask For


Speakers are a BIG part of many events — especially conferences. That said, you want to leverage your speakers to the best of your ability in order to attract your audience and drive registration rates. To do that, it’s important to ask your speakers for a few key marketing materials.

Virtual Speaker Gear: The Backdrop Edit!

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The Event Tech Podcast is back with its third and final installment on the best virtual speaker gear. Virtual Speaker Gear: Watch Your Back! ” And how does this translate to the video edit portion of the best speaker kits ?