How do you find speakers that are a great match for your virtual event?


Virtual speakers totally differ from in-person speakers. In-person speakers tend to be more personable and more engaging with the audience. If there is a technology glitch, most in-person speakers can transition to another topic while keeping the audience engaged.

Best Virtual Speaker Kits: The Video & Lighting Edit!

Endless Events

A couple of weeks ago, we began our mini-series on the best virtual speaker kits. What are the best microphones speakers can use to deliver top-notch presentations? And in order to correspond to said expectations, planners must support their speakers as well as possible.


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9 Tech Tools Professional Speakers Should Master


Standing out as a professional speaker is about more than just presenting good info. Speakers today are charged with a lot of interactive and social media […]. The post 9 Tech Tools Professional Speakers Should Master by Evenium appeared first on [link]. This is a sponsored post by Evenium. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. These technology tools can help you become a more effective, engaging and dynamic presenter.

Speaker applications now open for Event Tech Live USA & Canada

Event Industry News

The first Event Tech Live USA & Canada – a content rich virtual show – opens on Tuesday June 8th and organiser Event Industry News is calling for speakers to join an already illustrious line-up. Speakers applications are open now and close March the 31 st.

Virtual Speaker Gear: The Backdrop Edit!

Endless Events

The Event Tech Podcast is back with its third and final installment on the best virtual speaker gear. All this and more on today’s Event Tech Podcast. Take it away, tech-nerds! Virtual Speaker Gear: Watch Your Back!

Best Speaker Kits: The Audio Edit!

Endless Events

You asked and the Event Tech Podcast delivered – it’s time to talk about the best speaker kits! Our lovely hosts have years of experience as podcasters, speakers, and technical producers. And explain what are our best speaker kits at this point”, he adds.

Tips for Preparing Virtual Event Speakers


Setting up your speakers for success will further your partnership and ensure you host a high-value virtual event. We can’t expect our speakers to be tech experts. Securing your speakers is just the beginning of the conversation. Tech Check/Dress Rehearsal.

Top 98 keynote speakers every event planner must know about

Hubilo Blog

Why have a keynote speaker at your event? This where you need keynote speakers at your event or conference. Often event planners find it difficult to find an easy reference list of keynote speakers or guest speakers for various industry segments.

New Year, New Ideas: Event Tech Predictions For 2022

Endless Events

And what better way to kick off a new year than with an event tech predictions episode? Will and Brandt are joined by a regular guest on the Event Tech Podcast: Endless’ very own Kyle Kocinski. Event Tech Predictions For 2022: A Note On The Pandemic. Can you believe it?

2022 89

Top 99 keynote speakers every event planner must know about

Hubilo Blog

Why have a keynote speaker at your event? This where you need keynote speakers at your event or conference. Often event planners find it difficult to find an easy reference list of keynote speakers or guest speakers for various industry segments.

UK’s first diversity-focused speaker bureau launches, led by industry expert

Event Industry News

The first UK Speaker and Entertainment Agency dedicated to booking and developing diverse speakers, who don’t just speak about diversity launches this month. Brand & Agencies News UK and Europe Diversity Diversity in events Event Industry News speaker bureau speakers SPECTRUM

Can a conference speaker measure audience interaction?


There are different triggers that assist in the completion of this task, for instance, an expressive speaker or a physical trigger. This trick assists the speaker in guaranteeing a smooth flow of communication with the participants. Please note that these low-tech solutions are suitable for stirring up the genuine interest of your guests. The post Can a conference speaker measure audience interaction?

A2IM Reveals New Panels, Additional Speakers for Let's Get Digital Tech Summit

Exhibitor Magazine

The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) has revealed additional panels and speakers for its second annual Let's Get Digital summit. The t. Shows and Events

2021 53

Our Best Tips to Finding Engaging Conference Speakers

Endless Events

We all want to create an event that is full of uniquely engaging conference speakers, but how do we do that? Most events no longer want basic conference speakers. A speaker standing in front of the crowd talking at them with slides is no longer enough. When you find an engaging conference speaker, you are finding someone that will connect with your attendees from the beginning to the end. Below you will learn: What makes for an engaging speaker.

5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Event Speakers for an Interactive Session


An easy way to achieve this is to introduce live polls or allow attendees to submit questions to the speakers through an event app. However, this approach means you have to get buy-in and prepare your event speakers on how to execute these tools. Depending on the speaker’s familiarity with these event app features, there may be some resistance in adopting the tools as an additional way to further engage the audience. Step 4: Communicate Best Practices to Your Event Speakers.

2018 167

Tech Meets the Future


From around the world, announcements of dates and places for bringing tech minds together F2F have started to trickle in. Initially, Stevens turned all the planned speakers into webinars. Is the speaker interesting? The post Tech Meets the Future appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Tech 78

The Ultimate Hacks For Successful Virtual Event Speakers

Endless Events

?? The Best of the Best: Engaging Your Audience: Virtual Event Speakers – The Ultimate Hacks For Success. One of the posts that I am sharing today is about speakers and the critical role that they play during events. Then, the first speaker takes the stage, and… they suck.

WomenPresent to reverse speaker gender disparity

Event Industry News

Inspired by the lack of female voices at industry events and conferences, WomenPresent , a new tech platform, has launched to connect public and private event organisers with the wealth of talented female speakers that exists. On average only 30% of speakers at industry events are women, according to the IPA. The post WomenPresent to reverse speaker gender disparity appeared first on Event Industry News.

Good Event Tech…Gone Bad Event Tech

Endless Events

You better make sure your phone is working, because it’s time to talk bad event tech! And more specifically, good event tech that ended up going bad. Our favorite nerdy and tech-savvy hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger will guide you through this rocky road. So, are you ready to talk about good event tech gone bad event tech? Bad Event Tech – The Apps. “You should never just buy the tech and implement it right away.

Tech 63

Looking into the Future of Event Tech

Velvet Chainsaw

As the event-tech space continues to evolve with a number of mergers and acquisitions, I see four changes coming for larger annual conferences. #1. While there are many associations that successfully process meeting registrations using their AMS, there are very few that have a highly integrated exposition- or speaker-management system. Which of these event tech predictions surprises you? The post Looking into the Future of Event Tech appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

2019 221

Virtual Event Speakers: The Ultimate Hacks For Success

Endless Events

You’re either a planner eager to learn how you can set your virtual speaker up for success, or you’re a speaker looking to be trained in the art of virtual presentations. For The Speakers. #1 6 It’s All About The Tech. 1 Coach Your Speakers.

9 Creative Ways to Find Great Event Speakers

Expo Logic

Speakers are a vital component to any event - and can be one of the most difficult. Finding enough speakers to fill your agenda is one thing; finding the right speakers is another. In this guide you’ll discover: 9 great sources for finding conference speakers.

9 Creative Ways to Find Great Event Speakers

Expo Logic

Speakers are a vital component to any event - and can be one of the most difficult. Finding enough speakers to fill your agenda is one thing; finding the right speakers is another. In this guide you’ll discover: 9 great sources for finding conference speakers.

Event Tech Live 2019 Preview


Event Tech Brief is a proud media sponsor of Event Tech Live. All the stages will host top keynote speakers who will present content-rich talks or partake in panel discussions with industry peers. Its highly praised roundtable sessions offer visitors an engaging setting to connect with tech providers. eventtech 2019 conference etl Event Tech Live

2019 100

Accessibility of Event Tech

Endless Events

It’s Monday, so you know it’s time to talk event tech! And today, we’re diving headfirst into the topic of accessibility of event tech. But what happens when we bring forth the issue of accessibility of event tech? Together, the three will walk you through everything you need to know about accessibility of event tech. Press play and join us on today’s tech journey! Web Standards For Event Tech Accessibility.

Event Tech Live opens speaker applications

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live (ETL) is accepting speaker applications for the 2018 show which takes place 7-8 November in London, UK. Priority will be given to speakers that offer diverse global perspectives, have expert facilitation skills, promote delegate interaction and provide content aligned with at least one of the following event sectors: Brand / Corporate. The post Event Tech Live opens speaker applications appeared first on Event Industry News.

The CCD – A Tech Friendly Venue

Event Industry News

The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) is located in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands, otherwise known as ‘Silicon Docks’, as the area comprises of many of the world’s top tech multinationals including Facebook, Google, HubSpot, LinkedIn and Twitter.

10 Event Tech Trends for 2018

Hubilo Blog

With the technology industry at its peak, 2018 has also seen a lot of updates in event tech trends that have gained widespread acceptance and are expected to last and grow further in the coming years. Here are some of these trends that are literally ruling event tech world this year. While smartphones have already started making good use of facial recognition for security, event tech is also following suit now. That is what the tech trend of social media walls is all about.

2018 145

Register now for Event Tech Live 2021

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live (ETL) 2021 is open for registration. In its first hybrid year, Event Tech Live comes to town with a whole lot to talk about. Event Tech Live co-founder, Adam Parry, comments: “It’s great to be back!

2021 63

Presenters & Attendees: Creating A Smooth Virtual Experience

Endless Events

But people everywhere are still learning how to navigate all the tech aspects that go into it. So on this week’s episode of the Event Tech Podcast, Brandt Kruger and Will Curran are tackling this head-on. I don’t blame the tech person that was on the call.

2020 118

ExpoPlatform at Event Tech Live 2020

Event Industry News

Other Features and Benefits: Modular solutions customised for event requirements Easy integration facilities with third-party tech providers No need for additional downloads, installs or permissions 24×7 technical support and consulting services.

2020 91

AI Speakers in Events- Leading the Events Industry Transformation

Hubilo Blog

The speakers of any event surely comprise one of the most defining aspects of that event. Thus, as an event prof, it is very important for you to choose the right speakers for your event. You need to find someone who is not just a master in the concerned field, but also a celebrity that people look up to; a speaker that can fascinate, delight and inform your audience. The robot seems to have a smooth and simple conversation with the speaker here.

Keynote Speakers: Tricks of the Trade for a Seamless Speaker Experience

Coterie Spark

If you host or plan conferences and meetings, chances are you have dealt with keynote speakers. In many cases you, or a client, are paying these speakers to perform. Either way, a speaker is one part of the larger investment in your program and/or your audience. Comfortable speakers deliver in more ways than one. A frazzled and frustrated speaker is not going to give you what you are looking for, no matter how much you might have paid them.

6 Ways to Work with Remote Speakers for Virtual Event Success


The sudden shift to virtual events has created many challenges for planners – especially when it comes to managing remote speakers. But, just how difficult is speaker engagement when it comes to virtual events? And what can you do, to work effectively with your speakers?

2020 106

13 Sites to Source Quality Conference Guest Speakers

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

Sourcing conference guest speakers can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re trying to reach out to as diverse a pool of potential presenters as possible. We wanted to make that a little easier and so put together this list of resources where you can find speakers on just about any topic, from just about anywhere, to suit just about every conference. On the site you’ll find 480 speakers to choose from (at time of writing). 3) Great Black Speakers.

2019’s Biggest Event Tech Trends

Endless Events

Event tech trends are evolving faster than ever before. The event tech trends we are listing today are being used everywhere at events and behind the scenes in planning. Below you can watch Will Curran of Endless Events , Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media talk all about their favorite 2019 Event Tech Trends at GOWEST. While we are on the topic of event tech, if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in event tech be sure to subscribe to. ,

2019 88

This Is How To Do Event Tech On A Budget

Endless Events

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to talk event tech on a budget! And if the Event Tech Podcast is your Bible on all things technology related to the industry, today we bring a brand new gospel. So this week, we’re covering the hot topic of event tech on a budget. And he’s also the creator of Event Tech Live and the Event Tech Awards. Event Event Tech On A Budget: Where Are We? Event Tech: The Landscape. Event Tech Brief.

Tech 70

How Tech Conferences Are (Finally) Injecting Gender Balance Into Their Speaker Line-Ups

PCMA Convene

At tech conferences, women speakers are — finally — becoming the new normal. ). Read More. Industry Trends News Junkie

2019 40

Stepping Up The Game: Here’s Why You Need To Look Better On Camera

Endless Events

Event technology masters, such as our hosts, Will and Brandt, gave out advice on the best virtual speaker gear. The Event Tech podcast duo thinks that there’s still room for improvement. Without further ado, let’s talk tech! Role Model #2: Apple Keynote Speakers.

2021 87

Event Tech Live offers sneak-peak at top educational speakers

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to the world of #EventTech, has today revealed a list of some of its top speakers for this year’s event. Event Tech Live co-founder, Adam Parry, commented: “If we intended to pack the Old Truman Brewery with as many industry experts we could, we have certainly achieved it! “We’re Search for sessions and speakers here. Search results can be filtered by session topics, speakers, stages and dates. Event Tech.