Preparation is the Key to Risk Management

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Risk management is a dedicated preparedness rather than simply a mental exercise, according to Lisa Sommer Devlin, the most recent Smart Meetings webinar host. Your job, when dealing with risk management, is to protect your organization,” Devlin said. Financial Risks.

The Importance of Risk Management in Events Planning


This is why risk management is crucial for event planners. CRAFTING A PLAN Risk planning sessions should always occur in the early stages of planning, with new ideas and insights added as the event draws near. THE RISK FACTORS TO CONSIDER Risk management involves a lot of aspects. Some risk factors include: Partner compensation, ranging from partner organizations to suppliers.

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Risk Management 101 with Jordan Atherton, 1st Global

Connect Your Meetings

With today’s headlines, risk management is on every event professional’s radar. The best way to take steps toward protecting your attendees in the case of emergency is to have a clear emergency management plan for each event you host.

Are You Minding These 5 Risk Management Gaps?


While a new report finds meeting risk management much improved over the past three years, these areas still need attention. Association Meetings Risk Management Corporate Meetings

Into the Wild(erness Risk Management Conference)

PCMA Convene

While these questions might sound like the premise of the latest action-adventure blockbuster, for the outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who attended the 2017 Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC), they are the daunting — and very serious — considerations they have to prepare for.

The 3 “A”s of Risk Management


Today’s planners need to know how to effectively anticipate, assess, and address potential security concerns from hostage situations to natural disasters. read more. Association Toolbox Corporate Toolbox Incentive Meeting Planning Safety & Security

MeetingsNet Debuts New Conference Dedicated to Risk Management


MeetingsNet, the meeting industry’s premier resource for news, business intelligence, ideas and more, today launched Risk360, a new one-day conference focusing on risk management for meetings and events professionals.

Five Risk Management Tips For Your Holiday Event

Event Leadership Institute

The answer is two words: risk management. Event organizers and hosts are responsible for the safety and well-being of their guests and the risks associated with events, in particular the serving of alcohol can be especially daunting. But in addition to alcohol there are many other potential risks that an event planner needs to plan for and mitigate in order to stay in Santa’s good books. Alcohol Management. Event Management

MPI Announces New Courses to Address Security, Risk Management


Less than 50 percent of meeting planners have risk management plans in place for their events, said Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), in remarks given at WEC 2017 on Tuesday.

Why Risk Management Is an Essential Part of Planning an Event


Risk management is an essential aspect of project management and, more specifically, in planning an event. Risk” can be defined as any unwanted event or situation that can lead to the failure of your project or event.

7 Tactics Event Planners Can Borrow from Project Managers


technology technology tools project management risk management strategic meetings management strategic planning events industryA great event is the result of smart planning and a thoughtful, creative, and organized approach.

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Protected: What You Need to Know about KRACK to Help Keep Your Attendees’ Data Safe

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To view it please enter your password below: Password: Apps AV + Connectivity Event Design Logistics Risk Management TechnologyThis content is password protected.

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How to Send Texted Emergency Alerts During Events

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Meeting or Event Design News Junkie Risk Mass alerts about an emergency situation might actually incite panic at an event. Here’a a more strategic way to send text notifications. pcma ). Read More.

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Facial Recognition Offers Advanced Security for Events Into 2019

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Once primarily used for security purposes, facial recognition has found its way into events, whether it be in attendee management or facial mapping for behavior. ( News Junkie Risk Management

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3 Cybersecurity Questions You Need to Answer Now


Association Meetings Resources Resources and Reports Risk ManagementNow that even hacker conventions are being hacked, you need to shore up your cyber defenses to keep your data, and your attendees’ data, safe. read more.

2016 113

Guests Want Smart Technology, But Security Concerns Remain

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Hotel Management ). Risk Management Technology Industry Trends News Two new reports explore the impact of new technology trends, evolving guest preferences, and voice-technology security concerns. Read More.

20 Global Meeting FAQs


Association Meetings Risk Management Corporate Meetings Event Planning Global Events

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Are You Prepared for a Cybersecurity Breach at Your Next Event?


Association Meetings Tech News/Trends Risk Management Corporate MeetingsTake this survey to help the CIC’s new APEX cybersecurity task force develop ways to help combat this growing threat to the events industry. read more.

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Planning a Safe Event: Back to Basics

Endless Events

Have a risk management plan in place for each event. It’s time to refresh your practices with regards to risk assessment plans ! To identify those risks, consider the different people involved and their roles in the setup, running and participating in the event.

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Event Security & Logistics 101: Best Practices for Minimizing Risk

Social Tables

Below, we’ll dive into recommended practices for managing crowd control and keeping the logistics spot on. Either way, you’ll still need an organized plan for checking attendees in and managing crowd control. Step 2: Gauge Attendee Risk. Want more crowd management tips?

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Marriott Takes Steps to Help Guests Affected by Data Breach

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News & Trends Trending Now Risk Management Data & AnalyticsThe Marriott International hotel chain says it is taking steps to help the up to 500 million guests whose personal information may have been compromised when the chain’s Starwood reservation system was hacked.

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Convene TV: Cyber Security Measures for Your Meetings

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Event Design Risk Management TipsThese simple precautionary measures will drastically improve the safety of your attendees’ and your organization’s most-sensitive data.

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Are You Prepared for a Cyber Security Breach at Your Next Event?


Association Meetings Tech News/Trends Risk Management Corporate MeetingsTake this survey to help the CIC’s new APEX cyber security task force develop ways to help combat this growing threat to the events industry. read more.

2016 92

What Should Be Haunting You This Halloween


Association Meetings Resources Resources and Reports Risk ManagementGhosts, goblins, haunted conventions—and what you really need to worry about. read more.

2016 77

Know Your Meeting’s Soft Cyber Underbelly


Association Meetings Resources Resources and Reports Risk ManagementHow staff, attendees, speakers, and vendors can make an association vulnerable to a cyber attack. read more.

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Convene Survey: Sexual Harassment in the Meetings Industry

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Ethics Risk ManagementConvene invites readers to participate in our survey about harassment in the meetings and events industry. The results of the survey will be used in an upcoming story in Convene ‘s January issue.

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Conference Associations Aim for National Guidelines for Conference Security


Here's what the newly formed Industry Security Council wants to do to safeguard meetings and conventions from terrorism and other risks. Association Meetings Risk Management Corporate Meetings

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5 tips for evaluating safety during site selection

Plan Your Meetings

Planners are used to being guided around a property by sales staff, banquet folks and conference service managers. Risk management Vendor and site selection safety security site inspection site visitSafety is a big topic and covers a lot of different elements.

Help Build a Strong Defense Against Cyber Threats

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AV + Connectivity Event Design Risk Management ToolsCybersecurity and event security threats are on everyone’s mind lately.

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GDPR Stage Two Lessons from Implementation (PCMAAC18 Session)

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Data & Analytics Risk Management Strategic Planning

How Strong is your Crisis Communication Plan (PCMAAC18 Session)

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APAC Communique Risk Management Strategic Planning

5 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Communication Plan


Association Meetings Risk Management Corporate Meetings Medical MeetingsBy Kelsey Dixon, davies + dixon. Whether you’re dealing with a small glitch or a major crisis, social media should be an integral part of your strategic communication plan. read more.

Soft targets: 8 steps to protect participants

Plan Your Meetings

Conduct security audits and risk assessments. Risk management contingency risk managementIt started with the Bastille Day attack in Nice almost a year ago. Eighty-four people were killed when a driver deliberately drove his truck into the crowd of revelers.

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Dealing with Risks and Threats

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Steff Berger is managing director of VOBE — Inspires People GmbH , which organises events of up to 20,000 people for mainly European associations. Here the conference consultant and event planner shares her expertise in crisis management. From Our Partners Risk Management

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Lack of planning won’t avert an emergency

Plan Your Meetings

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 60 percent of Americans are neither prepared nor practicing for disasters of any kind, be they natural or manmade. 4 phases of risk management. Prioritizing risks is part of your assessment process.

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Are Your Attendees in Danger of Being Hacked?


Association Meetings Tech News/Trends Risk Management Corporate MeetingsA company set up bogus hot spots to see how easy it would be to hack Republican National Convention attendees. Spoiler alert: It was really, really easy. read more.

2016 74

The Night the Lights Went Out in Boston


Association Meetings Resources Medical Meetings Resources Resources and Reports Trade Shows Risk ManagementHow one association struggled with whether or not to cancel its convention and expo when disaster struck. read more.

2016 71

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Event from Business-Sucking Suitcasers


Sponsorships Trade Shows Risk ManagementSuitcasers can hurt your bottom line, tick off your legitimate exhibitors, and syphon off valuable attendee attention. Don’t let them. read more.

2016 61

Could a Landmark Piece of U.S. Legislation Intersect With GDPR?

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While it may take some time to see a case connecting the dots between discrimination and data policies, Stern believes the risks of giving one political body stronger rights than others are quite high. Big Ideas Global Meetings Risk Management Technology

2018 70

What’s the Worst Thing that Could Happen at Your Meeting?


Association Meetings Risk Management Corporate MeetingsIt’s not enough to just hope something awful won’t happen at your meeting—you have to prepare for every contingency.

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