Learner- And User-Design Key To Next-Gen Audiences

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Wikipedia defines design as the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction (as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns). Fashion Designers?

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Evolve into a Caretaker of Content

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Imagine designing your next conference or annual meeting from scratch around content instead of picking up the template you’ve been using for years and tweaking it. Please stop designing content for events and start thinking about designing events for the content.”

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Hit the Road for Your Next Meeting in the Midwest’s Coolest Venue

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Conference Design SIte Inspection Notes

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5 Awesome Ways To Use Facebook Live At Your Association’s Next Conference

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Conference Design Event TechnologyFacebook Live is an awesome tool that was launched in 2016 and has quickly become a valuable video resource for businesses and associations.

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Conference and Event Sponsorship Guide

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Conference Design SponsorshipIf money appeared out of thin air, then there wouldn’t be a need for sponsorship. Of course, building sponsorships is a reality and part of the business if you routinely host events.

Tips for Safe Conference and Event Travel

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Conference DesignStephenie Rodriguez knows a thing or two about traveling safely. The CEO of Mighty Media Group Pty Ltd and founder and CEO of JOZU for WOMEN spends a considerable amount of time on the road amassing a wealth of travel experience traveling as a woman.

A Quick Guide to Conference Badging


The post A Quick Guide to Conference Badging appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. At the Event Conference Design Event Management Featured February IT / Technology Operations / Logistics badges badging onsite registrationWhat's the right badging solution for your event? We run you through the 3 main options to help you make the right choice.

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Adrian Segar Speaker Tips Interview

Conferences that Work

Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: Participate! The key to successful 21st century conferences Attend Participate!, Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design! After a one-day Participate!

The Conference Arc — the key components of every successful participation-rich conference

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Traditional conferences focus on a hodgepodge of pre-determined sessions punctuated with socials, surrounded by short welcomes and closings. Such conference designs treat openings and closings as perfunctory traditions, perhaps pumped up with a keynote or two, rather than key components of the conference design. This arc creates a seamless conference flow where each phase builds on what has come before.

An innovative conference competition format

Conferences that Work

My Dutch friend and expert moderator, Jan Jaap In der Maur , recently shared an innovative format for an in-conference pitch competition he devised for the Conventa Crossover Conference , in Ljubljana, Slovenia: “There were also the Conventa Crossover Awards.

Design your meeting BEFORE choosing the venue!

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I love my meeting design clients, but there is one mistake I see them making over and over again. Clients invariably ask me to help design their meeting after they’ve chosen a venue! Read the full article at Conferences That Work. Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design! Want to see my 6 minute 40 second Pecha Kucha presentation Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design!

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Lessons from Anguilla — Resilience in the Face of Disaster

Conferences that Work

Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: A birthday present for you on the 21st anniversary of Conferences That Work What a long strange trip it’s been The first Conferences That Work event was held June 3–5, 1992, at Marlboro College, Vermont. Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design! Want to see my 6 minute 40 second Pecha Kucha presentation Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design!

We are biased against truly creative event design

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A “creative” event design is one with a novel venue and/or decor and lighting and/or food and beverage. Consequently, planners restrict the entire focus of creative event design to novel visual and sensory elements. Can we overcome bias against truly creative event design?

Five reasons NOT to use a Conferences That Work meeting design

Conferences that Work

I’ve been promoting the Conferences That Work meeting format for so long, that some people assume I think it’s the right choice for every meeting. two meeting types and three situations when you should NOT use a Conferences That Work design: — Most corporate events.

How to change an organization’s culture

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Read the full article at Conferences That Work. Related posts: Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design! Want to see my 6 minute 40 second Pecha Kucha presentation Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design! Is it possible to transform dysfunctional corporate culture like that of United Airlines into the employee engagement of Southwest or the indifferent customer service at Kmart into the customer-first approach of Wegmans ?

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How to help meeting design clients figure out what they really want and need

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Recently, a client asked for help designing a new conference. The needs assessment trap Conference design clients who “know what they want” have already decided on their “ why? It’s an honor to work on a classic Conferences That. Conferences That Work goes to Japan! The first Conferences That Work peer conference held in Japan begins today! Great — a client who doesn’t know what they want!

The Conference Debt You Cannot Afford

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There is one debt every conference organizer must face and vanquish. It can cripple a conference. Anyone striving to build a 21st century sustainable conference needs to understand organizational debt, how it impacts their event and how to prevent it.

Three better alternatives to the conference lecture

Conferences that Work

Ah, the ubiquitous conference one-hour lecture. As an example I’ll use a three-day conference I’m currently designing. Here are three session formats we’re using for the middle of the conference arc. In my experience, each of them is far more effective than a traditional conference lecture. Image attribution: Marisha Aziz Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design!

Designing 21st Century Conference Learning Experiences And Spaces

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Our conference learning spaces affect our audience. We must learn to think like designers. Then we can focus on changing our conference participants’ learning spaces with the right goal in mind—nurturing their learning. Think About These As You Plan And Design.

If You Design Conference Experiences, Read This!

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We design experiences for our customers. So why don’t we design experiences for ourselves? As conference organizers, why can’t we also have a fun, fulfilling, and collaborative experience planning and designing the conference? Six Ways To Design Your Experience Too.

Cloth Hall Court to host sell-out cyber security conference

Event Industry News

The newly AIM Gold awarded Cloth Hall Court by Well Met will welcome around 300 delegates tomorrow, Friday 26 January, for the very first dedicated conference designed for cyber security experts. Conference News

Getting More Value from Conference Keynote Speakers

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How your audience responds will have a direct impact on your conference’s brand image and credibility. From a conference design perspective, we believe the current best practice is to bookend your conference by opening with a strong-thought provoking speaker and closing with inspiration.

Mediocrity Is Your Biggest Conference Competitor

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Your real conference competition is not that event held six months after yours. Today’s technology driven, hyper-connected, instant gratification, real-time world puts you as a conference organizer in a difficult position. Have you normalized conference mediocrity as acceptable?

Hybrid Meetings Doomed to Failure? Not So Fast

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I’ll admit that in 2011, when the Virtual Edge Institute (now called the Digital Experience Institute) first co-located its conference with the Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders, the experience fell flat for me. The speaker, Sourabh Kothari, also a DES, presenting on how content should drive conference design , welcomed the virtual audience, but didn’t dwell on us.

What’s the best learning model for conference sessions?

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We don’t usually think about the learning models we employ during conference sessions, and I believe our events would be better if we did. ” —Jeff Hurt, We Must Stop Promoting Conference Fast-Track, Artificial, Butt-In-Seat, Surface Learning.

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Dear Adrian — How does group size impact process design?

Conferences that Work

Another issue of an occasional series— Dear Adrian —in which I answer questions about event design, elementary particle physics , solar hot water systems, facilitation, and anything else I might conceivably know something about. Read the full article at Conferences That Work.

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Lessons for #eventprofs from an improv and mindfulness workshop — Part 1

Conferences that Work

In this two-part article I’ll share a little of my experience and takeaways, followed by their relevance to event design ( red ). Well-designed events can change peoples’ lives through the connections we make during them and the learning and changes that result.

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Event design is not just visuals and logistics

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BizBash consistently uses the term “event design” to mean “ visual design” As an example, consider the 2016 Design Issue. The cover proclaims “What’s Next in Event Design?” 3 — Conferences That Work.

Panels as if the audience mattered

Conferences that Work

I’m in San Antonio, Texas, having just run two 90-minute “panels” at a national association leadership conference. At the conference sessions I design and facilitate, everyone is “up there” instead of “down here.”

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#FICP Just Pulled Off a Masterclass in Creating Meaningful Connections

Smart Meetings

When 50 first-time attendees showed up, the conference design team, chaired by Joe Scully, senior director of meeting and event management at John Hancock Financial Services, made sure they were given ribbons to alert others of their status.

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Tech Star: Sinead Murphy, Director of Live Events, Web Summit

Connect Your Meetings

Web Summit, an internet tech conference held in Portugal, has seen exponential growth since it launched as a meetup for 400 tech investors in 2010. The setup couldn’t work without help from event technology and the conference app, says Murphy.

2019 Marketing Conferences: The #1 Marketing Events Guide


Attending conferences is one of the best ways to stay ahead in the ever-changing marketing industry. We've compiled a list of 70+ marketing conferences, summits and other events that focus on a wide range of topics from SEO, to social media, to content marketing. January Conferences.

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40 Outstanding Event Industry Blogs to Follow

Endless Events

Meetings & conferences. Conferences That Work. Conferences That Work is the creation of conference design and facilitation legend Adrian Segar. Quick question: What’s one of the best ways to stay on top of industry trends and ideas?

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TME Top 15 Meeting, Event, and Technology Must Read Blogs

The Modern Event

Adrian Segar’s blog is for the corporate meeting professional; creating “relevant, memorable conferences.” The site acts as a resource for conference design and facilitation with tips, Q&As, and great examples. MindyWeiss.com.

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#FICP Just Pulled Off a Masterclass in Creating Meaningful Connections

Smart Meetings

When 50 first-time attendees showed up, the conference design team, chaired by Joe Scully, senior director of meeting and event management at John Hancock Financial Services, made sure they were given ribbons to alert others of their status.

Bright Lights, Big City: 2017 PCMA Education Conference Day 1 Highlights

PCMA Convene

The 2017 PCMA Education Conference kicked off Sunday at the Marriott Marquis Times Square, where attendees were quickly immersed in a distinctively New York vibe — minus the traffic. Magical technology to kick off @pcmahq Education Conference in NYC.

5 Key Requirements for Speakers

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How your audience responds to a keynote speaker has a direct connection to your conference’s brand image and credibility, so choose wisely. I t wasn’t too long ago that becoming a professional speaker was the third step a thought leader took in his or her career.

25 best Social Media conferences in 2019


It’s a commonly known fact that global conferences have numerous advantages. Conferences can equip attendees in new skills, business contacts and increase their awareness of new industry trends. We gathered a list of 25 best social media conferences you don’t want to miss out on.

2019 Tech Conferences: The #1 Tech Events Guide


The most authoritative 2019 tech conferences directory on the web. Or looking to wrap up 2018 with an exceptional conference? This carefully curated conference directory features over 200 (and growing) 2019 tech conferences across multiple industries. January Conferences.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Elevate Human Interaction

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In that future, she predicts, “very abstract things” like conferences will fulfill a growing need in society. . But if you want wisdom, you go to a conference. ” What examples of conference design have you seen that better tap into a right-brain experience?

Best in Show 2016

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Nominated by Tina Squillante, CMP, for a completely revamped American Society of Transplantation conference in 2013 “I brought in a lot of new ideas, and I was doing things in a new way in a very short period of time. Debbie Heckler, Conference Services Manager, Radisson Austin Downtown.

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How Airbnb Open Is Changing the Attendee Experience

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And just as Airbnb has redefined what it means to be a traveler, Airbnb Open 2016 created a new idea of what it means to be a conference attendee. Actually, forget conference, convention, or any of the typical terms associated with participating in business events.

How the Future of Storytelling Can Change the Way We Meet

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The underlying philosophy of the storytelling-technology conference “is to celebrate the changing nature of the audience,” Melcher said. “In We really had to blow up the conference model,” Melcher said in an interview with Convene. This is not your ordinary conference.