Symphotech ensures Equalities Act 2010 compliant concerts

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The post Symphotech ensures Equalities Act 2010 compliant concerts appeared first on Event Industry News. Symphotech has collaborated with Blue Multimedia Ltd to provide concerts with two innovative and cost-effective signing solutions to aid the deaf and hearing impaired, in a bid to ensure both inclusivity and compliance with disability access legislation. Concerts & Tours News

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Event Design Rebels 2018: Adam Sober


In 2010, Square Design (@squaredesigninc) began in a garage in Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The group of designers, led by creative director

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Event Trends Watch: The Largest Trends Database of 2018


Since 2010, we have […]. 100+ event trends transforming the industry. This is your insight platform to navigate 2018 and access the latest ideas changing the way we plan and execute events. If there is one thing that event planners from all over the world love EventMB for it would be current trends in event planning. The post Event Trends Watch: The Largest Trends Database of 2018 by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link].

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Making large scale change happen

Conferences that Work

given at EventCamp Twin Cities on September 9, 2010? I recently came across some principles for “ making large scale change happen “ I think they’re worth sharing. Here’s the text version: Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Making large scale change happen appeared first on Conferences That Work. Related posts: Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design!

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Case Study: 3% Conference


Dedicated to promoting diversity in the advertising industry, the first 3% Conference in 2010 took place when three percent was the percentage of women in creative director roles.

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Can you hear me now?

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Image attribution: “2010 IACA Conference – evening reception at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum” by Corvair Owner is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. I do not have a magnetic personality.

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How CMOs should prep for the new event world

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Cleary also looks at in-person sponsorships and how the event marketing landscape has changed over the longer term – from 2010 on.

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Feedback Frames—a low-tech tool for anonymous voting

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tool Idea Rating Sheets in 2004 (originally called “Dotmocracy”) to “make it easier to find agreements in large groups” He has been a Senior Public Consultation Coordinator for the City of Toronto since 2010, and is working to crowdfund his invention. Jason Diceman is developing a novel tool for anonymous voting — Feedback Frames.

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Facilitating change: The power of sharing our experience

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given at EventCamp Twin Cities on September 9, 2010? Sharing our experience of others directly with them can be incredibly powerful. Let me tell you a story…. Not long ago, I was working at a multi-day workshop with a 6-person group that included someone I’ll call D. D self-described themself as mentally ill, bipolar, and with psychological issues. They spoke slowly, and described themself as not emotionally available, and often confused about what they said.

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Adrian Segar Speaker Tips Interview

Conferences that Work

given at EventCamp Twin Cities on September 9, 2010? After a one-day Participate! workshop for Dutch professional moderators, I was interviewed by Otto Wijnen about speaker and presentation tips for making presentations more effective by incorporating active learning. Apart from a brief introduction and closing in Dutch, the 13-minute interview is in English. Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: Participate!

Designing conferences to solve participants’ problems

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Here are three session-based examples: At the 2010 edACCESS conference, Joel Backon designed an incredible experiment to explore the use of online collaborative tools , which at the time were in their infancy. What makes attending conferences worthwhile?

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Design your meeting BEFORE choosing the venue!

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given at EventCamp Twin Cities on September 9, 2010? I love my meeting design clients, but there is one mistake I see them making over and over again. Clients invariably ask me to help design their meeting after they’ve chosen a venue! Here’s why they do it, and why it’s a mistake. Read the full article at Conferences That Work. Related posts: Help Wanted—Venues for my participation techniques workshops! Please help me (and hopefully yourself)!

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The best events are created together

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ShowGizmo has created awesome event apps since 2010, making them one of the first companies to serve the conference, tradeshow and wider events industry with a mobile experience. With their headquarters stationed in Wellington, New Zealand, ShowGizmo has been the number one event app in the Australasian region for several years. To date ShowGizmo has […]. The post The best events are created together appeared first on Event Industry News. Brand Marketing

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Children shouldn’t sit still in class — and neither should adults

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” Michelle Obama ’s 2010 “Let’s Move” initiative works to increase movement and healthy eating in schools. It’s amazing that established research on ways to improve children’s learning is ignored when designing adult learning environments. Some examples. We know that kids shouldn’t sit still in class. Short bursts in physical activity are positively linked to increased levels of attention and performance.

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These are the events we’ll be watching (and learning from) in 2022

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Brandlive, one of the original virtual meeting companies (founded in 2010), is pairing up with Toldright , a group of award-winning producers, to create marquee in-person and hybrid events in 2022.

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Podcast: Shindig platform spurs spontaneity at online events

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Steve Gottlieb, founder of TVT Records, the independent label that gave a big leg-up to the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Ja Rule, Lil Jon, Pitbull, Sevendust, Brian Jonestown Massacre and KMFDM, launched online events platform Shindig in 2010.

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Harry Murray MBE steps down as chairman of Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa

Prestige Events Magazine

He became Chairman in 2010, the year the hotel won ‘Independent Hotel of the Year Catey ‘and the ‘AA Independent Hotel of the Year’.

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Silent Noize Events – The loudest sound you’ll never hear

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Just ask the guys at Silent Noize Events… The company is the UK pioneer in silent audio for events, having supported major music festivals, live events, conferences and exhibitions since first arriving on the scene in 2010. When you need to be heard at your event, sometimes louder is not necessarily better.

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Lessons from Anguilla — Resilience in the Face of Disaster

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given at EventCamp Twin Cities on September 9, 2010? 8AM (AST) UPDATE: Eye of #Irma directly on #StMartin , northern eyewall pounding #Anguilla , coms going down. It’s at its worst #HurricaneIrma — (@anguillabeaches) September 6, 2017 On September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma tore across the tiny island nation of Anguilla. Every power pole was destroyed. Roofs were torn off schools, government buildings, and the hospital.

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Time for Recess…

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Launched in 2010, Recess is tech designed to marry brands with perfect match live events and venues efficiently – without all the searching/emailing and calling. Jack Shannon is CEO and co-founder at California-based experiential growth marketing platform Recess.

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Event Design for live…

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A self-confessed ‘tech nerd’ at heart, Anthony Vade worked in AV and event production Down Under before moving to Canada in 2010, initially for more of the same.

An innovative conference competition format

Conferences that Work

given at EventCamp Twin Cities on September 9, 2010? My Dutch friend and expert moderator, Jan Jaap In der Maur , recently shared an innovative format for an in-conference pitch competition he devised for the Conventa Crossover Conference , in Ljubljana, Slovenia: “There were also the Conventa Crossover Awards. Traditionally, this kills the dynamics of every conference: there were 16 finalists, who all had to be given the opportunity to pitch.

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ExCeL London secures approval for expansion to its world class venue

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It is an extension of the expansion phase launched in 2010 which supports our goals of meeting the needs of our partners and providing flexible spaces for hosting mega events.”.

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2Heads Present VX at Event Tech Live

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In constant development since 2010, brands such as BBC, Bombardier, Airbus and Scientific Games use EventHive to connect their brand communication campaigns to their clients. Creating Meaningful Experiences, virtually anywhere.

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Conference Care gains ECOsmart certification in drive towards more sustainable meetings and events

Prestige Events Magazine

Chris and the team have been passionate long-term advocates of a more eco-friendly approach to events and have operated as a carbon neutral company since 2010.

Westminster Venue Collection partners with Paje Consultancy to manage their marketing and central enquiry service

Prestige Events Magazine

Paje Consultancy formed in 2010 and have worked on over one hundred independent consultancy projects for hotels and venues during this time, plus they operate a first class Learning & Development academy providing online and classroom training for the hospitality industry.

Events operate by stories

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given at EventCamp Twin Cities on September 9, 2010? Events operate by stories. Our species doesn’t operate by reality. It operates by stories. Cities are a story. Money is a story. Space was a story, once. A king tells us a story about who we are and why we’re great, and that story is enough to make us go kill people who tell a different story. Or maybe the people kill the king because they don’t like his story and have begun to tell themselves a different one.”

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The Celtic Collection appoints Davies Tanner for M&E PR launch

Prestige Events Magazine

Host venue for the 2014 NATO Summit and 2010 Ryder Cup, The Celtic Manor Resort is one of Europe’s finest business and leisure destinations.

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Smart Moves in South Carolina, Missouri and More

Smart Meetings

With more than ten years of hotel management experience, Grande began his hospitality career at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts before becoming director of housekeeping at Jackson Hole resort in 2010. Beth Shaffer, CMP and Danna Lilly.

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The Celtic Collection unveils new luxury hotel in the heart of Cardiff at The Meetings Show

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The flagship Celtic Manor Resort hosted the 2014 NATO Summit and 2010 Ryder Cup and houses the 1,500-delegate Caernarfon Suite with 24 additional syndicate and meeting rooms, as well as three championship golf courses, luxury spas, a range of restaurants, and team building and family activities.

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Liberty Media sure to keep British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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Silverstone signed a 17-year contract to host the British Grand Prix from 2010, but spiralling […]. The threat to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone is likely to be resolved by new F1 owner Liberty Media, which will complete its takeover deal by the end of March this year, according to BBC Sports writer Andrew Benson. The post Liberty Media sure to keep British Grand Prix at Silverstone appeared first on Event Industry News. Festival & Outdoor #featured

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Conference Compass

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Conference Compass is a leading app provider and was founded in 2010. We have a passion for knowledge and aim to share it in the most convenient way possible; mobile apps. By providing powerful event and society apps we assist our clients in keeping their attendees and members fully informed and engaged with their organisation […]. The post Conference Compass appeared first on Event Industry News.

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Childcare Expo set for record year of growth

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Since Childcare Expo started its Midlands Show at the Ricoh Arena in 2010, visitor numbers have gradually doubled from 735 to 1,419 over a seven-year period, while exhibitor numbers have also risen by 30 per cent. A childcare exhibition is set for its seventh consecutive year of growth in the Midlands.

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7 Tips for Driving Attendee Engagement at Virtual Events

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He was the first president and CFO of Shutterstock from 2005 to 2010. As we move into pandemic recovery, virtual and hybrid events will remain top of mind for many marketing teams, with 92 percent of companies planning to host a digital event, conference or meet-up at some point in the year.

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How to Move a 2,000-Person Expo to an MLB Stadium in 3 Months

Smart Meetings

Since 2010, she has been vice president of global accounts at HPN Global. Editor’s Note: Meeting professionals are still pivoting on the regular and can learn a lot from the experiences of their peers.

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4 Cool Beacon Use Cases to Inspire Your Next Event

Meeting Application

Bluetooth low energy beacons are relatively new devices with the technology facilitating their development being released in 2010. Since then, they’ve proved to be useful in a variety of contexts, including retail, events, restaurants, museums and galleries, healthcare, logistics, and many others. What’s great about beacons is that they’re affordable and can really help you spread the wings creatively. Get ready for the best beacon use cases that will inspire your next event.

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Crowd Dynamics: How to Prevent Crowd Crush Through Proper Planning

Decibel Management

” At the time, we were reviewing the New Year’s Eve stampede in Shanghai, and the Germany Love Parade disaster of 2010 to learn how best to plan for and avoid these types of tragedies at events. Typically when you notice an old blog post of yours trending, it’s a good thing.

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Since 2010, ID&C have pioneered RFID technology at live events and have grown to be the leading supplier of […]. ID&C is leading supplier of wristbands and passes for the festival, sporting and live event industries. Over the past 17 years, the company has worked with over 5000 live events, becoming a trusted and well-respected supplier. The post ID&C appeared first on Event Industry News. Admission Control Directory Lanyards Passes Wristbands

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Point of View: Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still


Dr. G. Keith Still. Director at Crowd Risk Analysis Ltd. link]. As part of our commitment to championing the industry, we are talking to people about their careers and what IEM means to them.

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Tech Tuesday: Finding Event Venues on Pinterest


Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a virtual pin-board where users can research different topics, upload photos, and manage their own photo boards. Unlike other social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a network that drives consumers and professionals to business through photos. In fact, pins are 100x more spreadable than a tweet, since pins continue to receive traffic for weeks and months after they are posted.

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