15 Ways to Tailor Event Education to Your Audience


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Client Spotlight: McCallum Theatre Education Program Registration


They use Regpack to help manage their educational programs as well as their Festival registration every year. I work in the education department. I’m an education program coordinator. Why would you recommend Regpack to other educational program directors and coordinators?

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5 Edgy Ideas for Educational Seating

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Just as educators are constantly looking for better ways to communicate, p lanners are always looking for new educational seating ideas. 5 New Educational Seating Ideas. The post 5 Edgy Ideas for Educational Seating appeared first on Connect Association.

Four Personalization Strategies Conferences And Associations Can Adopt From Education

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They have to ask the tough questions that any vendor makes,” says Bart Epstein, CEO, Jefferson Education Accelerator, a University of VA network of researchers, educators and entrepreneurs.

EventMB & TISOH to Bring You the Best Education for #eventprofs


We are excited to announce an exclusive partnership with our friends at The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) to bring you the best education in the event industry. Since I started this blog ten years ago, ‘Where should I get my education?’

Four Lessons from MPI’s World Education Congress

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To be more accurate, a lot of parties took place up and down the Las Vegas Strip when Meeting Professionals International gathered there for its annual World Education Congress June 19-22. The post Four Lessons from MPI’s World Education Congress appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Ninja Moves for Improved Conference Session Marketing

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48 percent of the 120 conference/education professionals who responded said they always or frequently re-write some or all of their speaker session submissions (e.g. Better session copy helps put butts in seats!

Eventex 2017: A unique educational, networking and entertainment platform

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Every year, Eventex attracts hundreds of attendees from a variety of countries around the world with its unique mix of awards ceremony and educational and networking platform for event professionals.

We Must Stop Promoting Conference Fast-Track, Artificial, Butt-In-Seat, Surface Learning

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We’ve got to confront the ineffectiveness of our conference education approaches! How Does Your Conference Education Compare? If you promote audience response polling systems in your conference education sessions to assess understanding and application of important content….

I Am an Eventprof, but Nobody Taught Me How


Whether it is through education or an internship, somewhere along the lines you get your foot in the door and start your journey into this rollercoaster ride of a career. Event Management career education event management learning Networking skills

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Meet Today’s Overwhelmed, Distracted, Impatient Modern Learner [Infographic]

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Education & Adult Learning adult learning InfographicView original here. The post Meet Today’s Overwhelmed, Distracted, Impatient Modern Learner [Infographic] appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

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20 Things Event Planners Say and What They Really Mean


Lifestyle communication education event management Transportation Venue volunteersAs an event professional here are 20 things you have probably said many times over and what you actually really mean. Being an event planner comes along with many highs and lows.

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What If Attendees Remember Nothing From Your Event?

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Conference Planning adult learning adult learning principles adult learning strategies conference educationYes, what if they remember nothing from your event?

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Event Tech Live announces packed educational programme

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Education is a key focus at Event Tech Live (ETL) and this year is no exception. The post Event Tech Live announces packed educational programme appeared first on Event Industry News.

Re-Imagining Medical Education for Tomorrow’s Doctors

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” First, Dell’s team-based approach to medical education, which emphasizes students working in groups to solve problems as opposed to operating at the center of a doctor-focused hierarchy. There’s a lot of education happening around that now.”

Successful Conference Professionals Understand, Design And Offer Deep Learning Experiences To Attendees

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The education opportunities abound. Traditionally, the goal of conference education is to deliver as much information as possible as fast as possible to as many people as possible. We’ve treated the learning process as a byproduct of sitting in a conference education session.

How to Improve Your Call for Presentations Process

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Widely used by associations as a tool for crowdsourcing the meat-and-potatoes education content for annual conferences, the call for speakers and sessions doesn’t need to be an arduous process.

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11 Ideas for Shifting Your Event Career Path


Tips business career education event management Networking social mediaAre you feeling pigeon-holed into a specific career path and want to realign? Or feel that your services offered are too broad and need focusing more clearly? Either way, here are 11 ways to get on track.

New Board Members and Best Ideas Recognized During 2016 DMA West Education Summit

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Best Idea Program Achievement Award winners at the 2016 DMA West Education Summit. Destination management organizations celebrated their best ideas of the year during the annual Destination Marketing Association of the West (DMA West) Education Summit, held Sept.

3 Hands-On Ideas to Steal from National Art Education Association

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Hands-on activities are a great way for attendees to roll up their sleeves and do something they might not ordinarily do at home,” says Krista Brooke, visual communications and creative strategies manager at National Art Education Association.

How Is Your Association Using Learning Technologies?

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Education & Adult Learning Event Technology adult learning digital meetings event technology hybrid meetingsImproving digital learning and amplifying conference content to a larger audience is a high priority for many clients we consult with.

Why Rémy Martin Launched a Tour to Educate and Entertain


Podcast: Mock prosecution aims to educate event professionals

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The post Podcast: Mock prosecution aims to educate event professionals appeared first on Event Industry News. Download this episode (right click and save) The latest episode of the Event Industry News podcast focusses on the forthcoming ‘mock’ trial that has been organised by the A.C.T.

Evolve into a Caretaker of Content

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Not just your education programming, but your breaks, meals, even your exhibit hall (which we advocate for evolving into a solutions center, including changing the name).

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What Type Of Learning Experiences—Shallow, Advancement Or Deep–Are You Serving Customers?

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So what type of conference education are you serving your customers—shallow learning, advancement learning or deep learning? So what percentage of your conference education falls into each of the following three categories? The world has drastically changed in the past several decades.

10 Easy Steps to Get into Event Planning [Video]


Videos event planning career education event career event planning career event job event education coursesIn this new video, we’re talking about some of the most effective strategies and tactics to get the job you want in events.

How Can Planners Prepare for Las Vegas Massacre-Style Attacks?

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Our responsibility as planners is to educate attendees about what to look for so they can report suspicious behavior,” she said the day after the attack. News of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas that left more than 50 dead and hundreds wounded is doubly chilling for event planners.

Designing 21st Century Conference Learning Experiences And Spaces

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Hat tips Rebecca Louise Hare and Dr. Robert Dillon authors of The Space: A Guide for Educators.). Are You Putting Lipstick On Outdated Conference Education Models And Calling It A Success? Our conference learning spaces affect our audience. We must learn to think like designers.

How to Save Money on Event Rentals with These 6 Steps

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Event Planning Education Guest Author Industry Education RentalsIf you’re like me when planning a meeting or event, the rentals portion of the budget can consume all of your time and energy. Good news: it doesn’t have to.

Why Face-to-Face Events Are Critical In Today’s Complex and Changing World

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These events — which ranged from rallies, to tweet chats, to education events — helped demonstrate the measurable impact that meetings have on businesses, economies, and communities. PCMA is committed to face-to-face education events around the world, and we view them as critical ways of connecting business-event professionals beyond our borders.

10 Ideas for Improving Your Pay-to-Play Conference Presentations

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Conference-business models in this area vary greatly — from stringent rules about featuring only “education champions” — to flat-out selling keynote slots to the highest bidders. These sponsors are the true education champions your conference needs.

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Patient-Centered Care Conferences

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Continuing Medical Education Eligibility. Education & Adult Learning conferences healthcare reform medical meetingsMost healthcare professionals are career motivated by saving/improving lives. They make a commitment to lifelong learning to be the best that they can be.

Summerhouse Events appoints Event Connections to deliver registration services at The Telegraph Festival of Education

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A leading provider for events across the education sector in the UK and abroad, Summerhouse Events has appointed Event Connections to deliver registration services at The Telegraph Festival of Education 2017.

16 Eye-Catching Event Ideas & Products From BizBash Live: Los Angeles


Nearly 1,500 event and meeting professionals came for inspiration and education at BizBash Live: Los Angeles, held July 19 at

A Cautionary Word From Research About Personalization

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Pane, a senior scientists and distinguished chair in education innovation at RAND. While Pane made this statement about personalized learning in schools, his insights apply to adult education as well.

Bright Lights, Big City: 2017 PCMA Education Conference Day 1 Highlights

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The 2017 PCMA Education Conference kicked off Sunday at the Marriott Marquis Times Square, where attendees were quickly immersed in a distinctively New York vibe — minus the traffic. Magical technology to kick off @pcmahq Education Conference in NYC.

HAE EHA to elevate education in Hire industry with ILM Level Five certification

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The post HAE EHA to elevate education in Hire industry with ILM Level Five certification appeared first on Event Industry News.

Designing Experiences at MPI World Education Congress

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Following the white, circular signs held by encouraging volunteers, I made my way through the MGM Grand Las Vegas’ glitzy casino to my ultimate destination: MPI World Education Congress (WEC) 2017, held at the MGM Grand on June 19–22.

Mental Effort

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Education & Adult Learning adult learning life long learningI’ve been in this industry longer than I like to admit, during which time I’ve had the privilege to work side by side with some of the most progressive professionals in the conference business.

Welcome our newest co-host, Brandt Krueger – #EventIcons Episode 58


Brandt is not only an educator with the Event Leadership Institute (ELI) and a sought-after consultant, he is also a master of all things AV. We’ve got him! Brandt Krueger has joined our #EventIcons team and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board!