Elevate Your Conference Education

Velvet Chainsaw

There’s never been a better time than right now to reimagine your education programming for your first in-person conference in some time, for many—in over two years. Now is the time to take a fresh approach to modernizing and refreshing the main course of your conference.

Focus on learning, not education

Conferences that Work

For better meetings, we need to focus on learning, not education. Yes, sometimes, cultural or professional “requirements” mean we have to provide education. That’s so we can “certify” that we’ve educated attendees to some prescribed standard.


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Deliver Superior Conference Education Value

Velvet Chainsaw

Here’s what hasn’t changed: Education continues to be essential to a participant’s experience. Here’s what has changed: I’m convinced that “something for everyone” programming — including basic content for the novice or intermediate practitioner — is no longer the right strategy for positioning your conference as a can’t-miss experience. How Conference Sessions Can Deliver on Wisdom. The post Deliver Superior Conference Education Value appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

The top educational meeting format

Conferences that Work

Smart conference producers incorporate participatory sessions into their events. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post The top educational meeting format appeared first on Conferences That Work. Related posts: Designing Participation Into Your Meetings No, that’s not me up on the stage, and that’s not the kind of session I’ll be leading next Tuesday, May 22, at the MPI New England 2012 Northeast Education.

CMOs Pivot to Virtual Engagements to Drive Business in the COVID Economy

Speaker: Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads

Business as we know it is never going to be the same. Working from home has become the norm, conferences and meetings are going online, marketing budgets are being shifted, reduced or put on hold – it's time to adapt. Join this insightful and informative webinar with Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads, who will discuss how businesses can be resilient during these challenging times.

Education Committee: More Advising and Curating, Less Slotting

Velvet Chainsaw

Most meeting organizers invest a significant amount of time creating the educational programming for their annual conference. Models vary, but most include a 15- to 20-person conference committee (slotters) and army of reviewers (graders). Progressive organizers are shifting to a blended model, where conference committees act more like content curators and advisors and less like graders and slotters. Conference program committee responsibilities are shifting.

Something is rotten in the state of meeting industry education

Conferences that Work

Over the last five years I’ve heard increasing concern from the meeting professionals community about the deterioration of the quality of our national industry conferences. I’ll illustrate with the area where I have most experience: providing education at these meetings. Meanwhile, it’s clear from a review of industry conference programs that large numbers of presentations are accepted from employees of sponsors or trade show exhibitors.

Six fundamental ways to make a better conference

Conferences that Work

The other day, a client booked an hour with me to discuss how to make their conference better. Thinking about our conversation afterward, I realized that all my recommendations involved six fundamental processes that, when implemented well and appropriately, will make any conference better.

2022 227

2018 Education Conferences: The #1 Education Events Guide


One of the best ways to network and learn about the latest trends in education is to attend an educational conference. Here's a look at some of the top 2018 education events. However, some summits function just like conferences. 2018 Education Conferences.

2018 78

CHS Birmingham announces Educational Programme

Event Industry News

Leading creatives, commentators, event designers and brands will headline the educational programme at this years’ inaugural CHS Birmingham Show, taking place 26th October at the ICC Birmingham. The educational strategy was created with two main questions in mind; ‘What do I need to know?’

LightFair 2021 Conference Sparks Innovation and Education

Exhibitor Magazine

NEW YORK  Lighting design and innovation education continues at this year's LightFair conference with 35+ sessions presented by industry thought l. Shows and Events

2021 63

SGMP to Hold 2023 National Education Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota

Exhibitor Magazine

The Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) announced its 41st National Education Conference (NEC) will take place in Blo. ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Shows and Events

2023 63

Empowering Conference Registrants To See Learning As A Journey Not A Finish Line

Velvet Chainsaw

Do your conference learning opportunities—from the general session to networking to breakouts to deep dive workshops—empower registrants to participate in their own learning journey? Or do your conference education sessions motivate participants to see the finish line? Authentic learner-centered conferences foster a connection between the participant and the learning taking place. So exactly how do conferences promote learning as a finish line?

2019 232

Monetizing Your Virtual Conference When Competing with Free

Velvet Chainsaw

The dynamics that we’re seeing impact conferences and their business models are very similar to the Freemium movement we experienced way back in 2009. Go ahead and read Seth’s post and then come back for the linkage to conference monetization.

2020 281

Cadmium Reveals Innovations in Events and Education at Annual Conference


CADMIUM REVEALS INNOVATIONS IN EVENTS AND EDUCATION AT ANNUAL CONFERENCE. July 29, 2022) — Cadmium concluded their annual conference this week at Nationals Park. NEWS RELEASE. Hundreds of learning and event technology professionals convened for two-day hybrid event, Cadmium Spark. WASHINGTON D.C.

Conferences Need More Sharing

Velvet Chainsaw

One of the strongest intangible attributes of a healthy conference is how much sharing takes place. Professions that deliver conference sessions with a high level of sharing – not diluted or generalized from the stage – are often in fields linked to prevention, healthcare, education and philanthropy. Conversely, conferences that have a higher deal-making quotient tend to hold their cards closer to their chests.

2018 218

4 Essential Educational Tracks You NEED for Your Next Conference


When you begin thinking about how you want to organize your next conference, it’s important to consider how you are going to attract a variety of attendee demographics. One easy way to start is by curating varying educational tracks that could interest a range of professionals to your event.

2021 Virtual-Conference Big Ideas

Velvet Chainsaw

In 2020, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors were more forgiving of our virtual conferences than they will be in 2021. Use this opportunity to beta test changes that can be carried over to the next in-person conference.

2021 198

Best Financial Educational Events You Should Attend


Still, that’s not to say there aren’t rosier times on the horizon, with conferences, workshops, and of course, the online tutorial available for those who are interested in learning something new. So here are the key financial education events you should have on your radar in 2022. Some of these businesses will hit the big-time in 2022, and you’ll learn which to invest in if you attend these conferences online or in person.

Your Conference Content Has Magnetic Pull

Velvet Chainsaw

Likewise, many conference professionals have no idea what embracing the long-tail, pull benefits of content marketing even means. Most marketing and communications teams agree that content marketing serves as the foundation to their conference marketing strategy. Still, very few have made any significant progress in creating or repurposing quality, meaningful content that attracts potential conference customers. A Poverty Of Conference Content Marketing Success.

2018 189

Do’s and Don’ts: Six Tips to Help Justify Attendance at Your Event

Velvet Chainsaw

As we progress through the event industry’s recovery to 2019 levels, conference organizers must have a laser focus on helping potential attendees make their business case for attending their events. How do you ensure you map to your attendees’ business needs at your conference?

2022 212

Top 2020 Event Conferences


The events industry has been behind some of the most innovative tech conferences in the past decade. Opening the doors for new business prospects, these conferences are places where the top professionals meet and showcase their innovative concepts and bold theories for the future.

2020 261

The Tension Between Content And Process In Facilitated Conference Learning Experiences

Velvet Chainsaw

Have you ever attended a conference education session because of the presenter and not the content? (I We need more conference facilitated experiences where time flies, everyone present is involved in the work of their own learning and everyone has the opportunity to grow professionally. Content And Conferences. Quick—name one word you hear the most regarding conference education sessions. We design our conference programming around content.

2019 215

What True Learning Is at Participant-Centered Conferences

Velvet Chainsaw

Putting the participant at the center of your conference programming by becoming more learner-centric, that is planning and offering education sessions that go beyond surface learning, is one of the biggest challenges facing conference organizers today. Conferences that are able to leverage the intellectual capital of the participants through facilitated learning experiences will deliver the greatest value. How much of your conference program is focused on learners?

2019 265

Beyond Hybrid: Repackaging Your Conference Content

Velvet Chainsaw

Over the past nine months, many industry experts have proclaimed that meetings and conferences are forever changed and hybrid is here to stay. Conference content product management requires a good deal of business acumen.

2021 232

Key Industry Partners Support beMatrix� at ESCA 2022 Summer Educational Conference

Exhibitor Magazine

ATLANTA, GA - The beMatrix presence at the ESCA 2022 Summer Educational Conference is being made possible by a duo of exhibit industry partners: Tech. Shows and Events

2022 61

Stop treating adults like children at your conferences

Conferences that Work

Please stop treating adults like children at your conferences. So, please stop treating adults like children at conferences. Though I remember a few conferences I attended where such activities would have made a distinct improvement.

2020 305

Planner-Education Conference Addresses Disinfected Venues, Safe Meetings


To open the virtual version of the annual Pharma Forum conference aimed at medical-event planners, two general sessions on Monday, June 15, focused squarely on the elephant in the room: the modified cleaning and social-distancing protocols hotels will use once in-person meetings and events resume.

Five Reasons to Change Conferences

Conferences that Work

Here’s my article “ Five Reasons to Change Conferences “ , published in the December 2018, NSA Speaker magazine. OUTSIDE IN Five Reasons to Change Conferences Peer sessions provide greater connection around content The most important reason people go to conferences is to usefully connect with others around relevant content. But our conference programs still focus on lectures, where a few experts broadcast their knowledge to passive listeners.

2018 203

Virtual Education Fairs – the next big trend for Universities and Students

Hubilo Blog

The rise of Virtual Education Fairs. The higher education sector has found sweeping ways of functioning post detrimental halt due to the pandemic. Universities and educational institutions have also managed to get global traction due to their rising demand.

Designing 21st Century Conference Learning Experiences And Spaces

Velvet Chainsaw

Our conference learning spaces affect our audience. Then we can focus on changing our conference participants’ learning spaces with the right goal in mind—nurturing their learning. Hat tips Rebecca Louise Hare and Dr. Robert Dillon authors of The Space: A Guide for Educators.). Are You Putting Lipstick On Outdated Conference Education Models And Calling It A Success? Are your conference participants guests or collaborators?

2017 198

7 of the Top Event Planning Conferences in 2021

Social Tables

Many event planning conferences were canceled or postponed, and most of those that weren’t took place virtually. Read on to learn more about some of the top event planning conferences that 2021 has to offer. Discover some of 2021’s top event planning conferences: 1.

2021 154

Live From The World Education Congress, It’s #EventIcons 170!

Endless Events

All the way from Toronto, we bring you the World Education Congress! If you’ve been paying attention, you know the World Education Congress just took place. Bringing together opportunities for networking and education, the MPI WEC is a perfect nest for industry professionals. Bob is the President and CEO of EventMobi , an expert in web technologies for meetings, conferences, and trade shows. Did you have the chance to attend the World Education Congress?

We Must Stop Promoting Conference Fast-Track, Artificial, Butt-In-Seat, Surface Learning

Velvet Chainsaw

How are your conference attendees learning? We’ve got to confront the ineffectiveness of our conference education approaches! If we want to increase conference participant ROI and loyalty, we’ve got to just stop accepting speaker proposals, assigning speakers a time slot and then offering an exam for CEs to attendees. How Does Your Conference Education Compare? You have fallen victim to trendy ineffective education methods.

2016 242

Patient-Centered Care Conferences

Velvet Chainsaw

Impact on Healthcare Conferences? Here are four questions (and tips) for your conference committee to consider as they navigate this changing landscape: 1. Tip: have each conference committee member reach out to five to ten key attendees to understand their pressing priorities. Continuing Medical Education Eligibility. Tip: Conference organizers are increasingly embracing a combination of curation and submission.

Nine conference mythodologies

Conferences that Work

Here are nine mythodologies about conferences. At least half the sessions programmed at traditional conferences are not what attendees want. Mythodology: A “ conference curator ” can improve the quality of your conference content. Reality : Sadly, conference curators don’t exist. Mythodology: Conference programs should be stuffed full of sessions so there’s something of interest for everyone.

4 Essential Educational Tracks You NEED for Your Next Conference


When you begin thinking about how you want to organize your next conference, it’s important to consider how you are going to attract a variety of attendee demographics. One easy way to start is by curating varying educational tracks that could interest a range of professionals to your event. While these will vary depending on your industry, we’ve highlighted four types of educational tracks that will help you cover your bases for attracting both veteran and newcomer attendees alike!

EXHIBITORLIVE Conference to Offer 44 All-New Educational Sessions in Las Vegas, June 20-23

Exhibitor Magazine

Exhibitor Media Group, the leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, announces it will offer 44 all-new educational sessions at. EXHIBITOR News, Exhibitor Show News

How to entwine content and connection during an online conference

Conferences that Work

How can we entwine content and connection during an online conference? During a MeetingsCommunity (MeCo) discussion thread “ Networking at conferences ” last week, Sharon Fisher posted this. We made it available at every break in the conference program.

2020 233

Shifting from Delivery to Discovery Conference Education

Velvet Chainsaw

Educators have been talking about Bloom’s Taxonomy, critical-thinking skills, executive functions of the brain and HOTS — higher-order thinking skills — for more than five decades. However, those foundational learning principles have not transferred to most adult education experiences. Conference organizers still have a tremendous amount of work to do to involve adults in cognitive learning practices. The education experience is one-size-fits-all, impersonal and disconnected.