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Back to the Future: Revisiting Event Planner Predictions From 2012

PCMA Convene

One event planner predicted in 2012 that that keynote speakers would give their presentation from the new orbiting space station in 2022. In 2012, Angry Birds was the most downloaded app, the iPhone was five, and Zoom was only a year old.

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Make Events delivers 10th Anniversary event of London 2012 Olympic Games

Event Industry News

Make Events, the female founded, Manchester based full service events agency delivered an historical event to mark the 10th Anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Are Smart Glasses Coming to an Event Near You?


Google may have debuted their first smart glasses in 2012, but the technology is only now starting to gain momentum. Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook are all developing their own products. But what are smart glasses, and will they be coming to an event near you? Cultural stereotypes equate wearing glasses with being smarter, so much […].

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What If Your Next Show Was Headlined By a Ghost?

Picatic by Eventbrite

Could it be that the Tupac hologram at Coachella in 2012 was a glimpse at the future of the music business?

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When Festivals Go Wrong: Learning from the Worst Music Events in History


Bloc Festival 2012 Bloc Festival was known for cutting edge line up choices. However, in 2012, not even a performance from Nicolas Jaar could save the event. Eventually, organisers cancelled Bloc 2012. It’s a reminder to hire proper security so you can keep your staff and attendees safe. But it gets worse.

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Concern about the future of high-energy physics research

Conferences that Work

Before I left, the Higgs boson had already been predicted by the Standard Model, and its eventual discovery in 2012 did not give us any new fundamental physics. I left the field in 1978 and, in retrospect, I’m glad I did.

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Any questions? Rethinking traditional Q&A

Conferences that Work

Designing Participation Into Your Meetings No, that’s not me up on the stage, and that’s not the kind of session I’ll be leading next Tuesday, May 22, at the MPI New England 2012 Northeast Education.

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