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13 Memorable Corporate Event Ideas for Clients & Employees

Picatic by Eventbrite

We’ve scoured the web for the most innovative corporate events ideas on the block. Be inspired and make your next event really stand out from the crowd.

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10 Corporate Event Ideas Attendees Love

Social Tables

Looking for corporate event ideas that people actually get excited about? Banish boring and overdone corporate events with help from this blog post. Corporate events get a bad rap. If the event is for internal teams, many attendees are obligated to go even if they don’t feel like it.


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Corporate Event Themes: 45+ to Choose From


Planning a corporate event? The secret ingredient to an engaging and memorable event is…drumroll please… the theme ! A creative theme brings cohesion to all the moving parts of your event — from décor, activities, catering, and more. But coming up with a corporate event theme idea is easier said than done.

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Fun and Impactful Women’s Empowerment Event Ideas


Let’s talk about women’s empowerment event ideas. As seasoned corporate event planners, we have seen the magic that happens when incredible women gather to inspire, learn, and lift each other. But why do these events matter so much? are founded by women Hey there, fellow women trailblazers!

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Impress the Boss with These Corporate Event Ideas

Master the Event

If you’ve been tasked with planning your next office corporate event, chances are it’s not your main job. If you’re lucky your office will have a committee where the various tasks involved with planning the event can be assigned. Whatever the reason it’s important that the event is designed with the attendees in mind.

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75 Event Ideas to Inspire Your Next Event


A successful event requires thoughtful organization, creative vision, and seamless execution. But dreaming up unique, inspiring themes and event ideas takes time and imagination. That’s why we have compiled this extensive list of unique event ideas to take the guesswork out of planning your next function.

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Creative Corporate Event Ideas


If you’re in the event-planning industry, you probably know how rewarding corporate event organisation can be. To make a corporate event journey truly fascinating, you must be a powerhouse of ideas. Do you think the team will enjoy a high-speed event? Go-karting is the perfect idea. Conclusion.