How to Win at Negotiating AV Prices for Events

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And if you don’t understand the quote, it can be tricky to know how to negotiate on the price , or if you hold any power to negotiate whatsoever! Get started with negotiating AV prices by: Learning AV lingo. Let’s say an event is one day long.

Your Complete Guide to Breaking Into the Event Planning Business


But is the event planning business right for you? Whether you’re a student looking for advice on how to break into the event planning business or an experienced professional wanting to change tracks, this guide can help guide your way.

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How to Negotiate Hotel Blocks

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Arranging a hotel block and finalizing the contract is one of the most important parts of planning an event. There’s hotel jargon, legal terms, and the idea of facing off against someone over the negotiating table. Why Negotiate a Hotel Block? Negotiate.

5 Times Event Planner Negotiation Tactics Can Save the Day

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One of the signature traits of event planners is their ability to negotiate. While common, everyday setbacks might put most people into a tailspin, event planners have a knack for handling mini-crises easily. That’s because they’ve faced similar situations on the job, and have come out on top – all through their power of negotiation. […]. The post 5 Times Event Planner Negotiation Tactics Can Save the Day appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Planning


As Peter Drucker once said, “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” When organising a successful party or a business meeting for one of the most demanding category of event-goers, corporate staff, you need a well-laid-out plan.

How to Negotiate Wi-Fi Prices

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Register for “How to Negotiate Wi-Fi Prices” webinar. We are seeing a common and alarming trend that hotels are charging exorbitant amounts to use their Wi-Fi for your events. Wi-Fi fees are negotiable and there are ways to cut costs!

10 Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal With Venues


We all look for ways to keep costs down when running an event. These 10 tips will help you negotiate a better deal with venues. The post 10 Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal With Venues appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Planning November Operations / Logistics Owner Venues Event Budget event venues Negotiating

5 Steps to Perfect International Event Planning

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International event planning outside your home country is highly likely to take you outside of your comfort zone. So, let’s say you are tasked with planning a small conference in a foreign country perhaps on another continent. Better events, less stress.

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How to Create a Long-Term Event Planning Timeline

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When you start planning an event, one of the first things you should do is figure out your event planning timeline. The next time you start to plan an event, consider using this helpful guide to create an event planning schedule that works for you.

The 7 Ways to Negotiate a Bigger Events Budget for Next Year

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Start with these 7 ideas to negotiate a bigger events budget: 1.) What’s the number one reason that event planners don’t get the resources they need? Pro tip: Don’t try to gauge the outcome before trying to negotiate a bigger events budget because it might weaken your case.

How to Negotiate AV Prices for Events

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Register for “How to Negotiate AV Prices for Events” Having great audiovisual is expected at events, but the prices can sometimes be unexpected. His team’s mission is to simplify the event planning process by creating the equation for an event’s perfect solution.

[Free Report] Having the Event Planning Budget Talk

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10 Tips to Make the Case for a Bigger Event Planning Budget. . Demand for meetings and events is on the rise. Event professionals are being tasked to manage more events, and to execute them with a shorter turnaround time. Where do event planning budgets go?

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Free Event Planning Tools To Make Work Easier

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Who doesn’t love a free event planning tool? One of the best free event planning tools an #eventprof can use are templates. You can avoid missing crucial event details, reduce the stress of recreating something from scratch, and hit the ground running from day one.

Top 5 Tips to Manage a Corporate Event Planning Stress

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Planning a corporate event comes with unique challenges. Such events require individuals with a practically high level of organizational skills. Even for professional corporate event planners , they encounter a handful of challenges.

13 Corporate Event Planning Mistakes That Will Cost You Money


Managing one corporate event can be demanding enough, so when it comes to managing multiple events, the time, resources, and details involved can make it a challenging endeavour. Too many decision-making layers can compromise the quality of your events. No defined event goal.

How To Start Event Planning With No Money


Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to start event planning with no money. Event planning is an exciting path that can be incredibly profitable for many people. As long as you are organized and detail-oriented, you can make a great living as an event planner.

Fundamental Event Planning Tips: These Never Go Out of Style


“Best practices” and “event planning tips” come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Guidebook, we share a lot of strategies for planners from tech tools to try, sponsor package ideas , and specific event marketing timelines. While we work to include these in our plans every time, they can be easy forget. If there’s one event planning tips article you read this year, let it be this one! The takeaway event planning tip?

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How to Create an Event Planning Checklist That Leads to Flawless Execution

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Coordinating an event involves layers upon layers of details from the pre-planning stage six months in advance to the day-of-event logistics. Keeping all of those details in your head will result in constant mental chaos and present unnerving stress on event day.

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The Best Event Planning Books Ever Written


The best event planning book recommendations as chosen by real event pros. Sure, you can get all your event and meeting planning information from the internet like most of us do these days. (We We gathered all of the web’s best event planning blogs.) And when it comes to event planning, there are some real kickers out there. This week we’ve been building a resource library for event planners. Event Planning digest library

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How Do In-House AV Commissions Work? – Whiteboard Wednesday

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Negotiate Before You Sign Contacts. If you are deciding that hey, I want the ability to bring in a third-party AV company, you need to make sure that you’re negotiating this out before you sign the contract. Make sure that you negotiate this out beforehand.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Your Event Planning Business

Capterra Event Management

Nearly two years ago, I worked in political journalism, writing about current events and lending my views to editorial columns. So after a period of searching, I discovered Capterra, and subsequently, an enjoyment in writing about event management software. Topics: Event Budgeting.

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PSAV acquires Encore – Event Tech Podcast Episode 2

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You may have also recently seen our article about the recent acquisition of Encore Event Technologies by PSAV. Be sure to listen to gain a unique perspective on the controversial acquisition and what it could mean for the events industry. Experiential events and production companies.

15 Body Language Secrets Every Eventprof Should Pick Up On


Event planning is a people facing role and empathy and reading unspoken cues from attendees, clients, and your event team, can set you apart. Organizing events is a people centric career which […].

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Meeting and Event Planning Professional Development Series by Eventinterface


Planning conferences and meetings is becoming more complicated. Planners now need to be marketers, product managers, negotiation and contract specialists, security experts, digital media and technical whizzes. Sponsorship and increasing event revenue in the age of technology.

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How to hold a job fair? A bulletproof recruitment event planning timeline


To increase the chances of hiring more eager candidates who want to work for your company – organize a recruitment event. Stay with me, read the article and find out what event planning timeline looks like, how to hold a job fair and attract new talents for your business!

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Event Planning Guide 2019


What is event planning? Event Planning Guide. In this guide, we talk through a basic event planning template, what it means to be a planner, and how event management software can simplify your processes. What is Event Planning? A plan.

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How to Save Money on Event AV

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For all the event planners out there trying to plan an incredible event and make a budget work, we hear you. Event planning within a budget is no small task, so it’s no surprise that a question we’re often asked is “how can I save money on event AV?”

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20 Things Venues Say and What They Really Mean


Working with a variety of different venues can be an exciting part of your event planning career but what do venues really mean when they say some of these things? We know that event planners can drive venues crazy and venues can drive eventprofs equally up the wall.

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5 Mantras Event Planners Should Live By

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Event planning is a mix of fast-paced excitement and mind-boggling stress. Whether you need to get pumped up to power through an event-day marathon or a tricky sponsorship negotiation, […].

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Event Planning Tips: The Best Ways to Get Organized


It’s a non-negotiable. Color coding meetings based on event or topic can help. When you run multiple events throughout the year, file organization is key. Set up folders at the start of every event. As the event unfolds, don’t get lazy. Events Trends

Event Planning Software Can Change the Way You Plan Events


Event planner.” ” It’s a broad term that can be used to describe someone who plans a small birthday party for ten or someone who plans a multi-day conference for 350,000. It isn’t enough to get an event right, it has to be perfect. Event Website.

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Event Planning Checklist for Small, Medium, and Large Events [2019 Update]

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[link] Making an event planning checklist is hard. Like, really hard.You don't know where to start, and you'd think the smallest events would be easier to manage, and for the most part, it's true, but then again every attendee counts, and engagement will need to be more personalized.

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7 Deadly Sins of Event Planning

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Well, while there are 7 Deadly Sins in Event Planning, there are exactly two types of people who do the planning – they either love it or hate it. You know how the event will go if the person in charge of planning it isn’t happy about planning it!

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Sell More Tickets in 1 Month: Your Week 1 Plan

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Vendor negotiations. Sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow for the aggressive marketing plan of your dreams. Even so, you don’t need to blow major budget dollars or stare at a screen for hours a day to sell more tickets to your event. Last-minute cancellations.

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How to “Sell” Your Event Ideas to Clients or Managers


When you have a great event idea, it’s incredibly frustrating if it’s immediately shot down. The post How to “Sell” Your Event Ideas to Clients or Managers appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Management Event Planning November Sales event ideas NegotiatingFollow these 10 steps to get buy-in from any stakeholder.

How AV Unions Work – Whiteboard Wednesday

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When you’re picking your venues and your cities for each of your events, unions definitely come into play. There’s a union related to carpentry at events. Then you might have a separate union who’s in charge of running the AV for your event. Hard to negotiate.

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Make Your Conference Memorable With Spiced-Up Keynotes, Engaging Design and Workshops

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Creating successful recurring events isn’t only good for brands but also for planners. Maintain your momentum by creating events that stick to your attendee’s minds. Not planning conferences? These tips can apply to almost any event.

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The Planner’s Guide to Event Photography


A picture is worth a thousand words—especially on event day. All of the preparation , planning and, at times, agony have led up to this moment. How can you ensure that the snaps are up to par at your next meeting or event? Spare event time.

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How to Plan a High-Impact Event on a Low Budget


Events are a necessity for many businesses. However, the cost for holding events is a huge concern. Businesses in a 2019 survey cited increasing costs and lower budgets as the top two challenges they face as they plan events.

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The Ultimate Event Planning Guide: 9 Actionable Steps

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[link] 2019 is going to be an interesting year for event planning. New tech is driving more and more interest in announcements, trade shows are picking up pace outside of China for once, and the world of event management is getting easier and easier.