Food and Beverage Trends for 2018


Looking to the year ahead , we are all eagerly anticipating the new food and beverage trends that will emerge. There’s been an emphasis on the desire for experiential outings, whether in travel, food or shopping. As far as food and beverage, in 2018 there will be more businesses capitalizing on this, showing how food is made before it reaches the customer. The better the food, the better the Instagram photo? Food Walls.

43 Food & Beverage Statistics Planners Should Know


Think of where some of the best connections happen at meetings and events. Food and drink provide a great opportunity for attendees to foster connections with each other. Check out the top 43 statistics that meeting and event planners need to know.


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How to Approach Food and Beverage at Events During Covid


Meetings & Events coronavirus events food and beverageRead the Complete Story On Skift.

The Event Planner's Guide to Food and Beverage (F&B) Minimums


While most meetings have dedicated times for attendees to network, one of the most commonly used times to network is over the catered lunches and dinners at events.

Food and Beverage: Eat, Drink, Sip and Savor


Take this opportunity to consider leaders in the food world who have embraced the alternative. The post Food and Beverage: Eat, Drink, Sip and Savor appeared first on Smart Meetings. 2021 F&B Trends.

Smart Meetings Experience Elevated Events Culture

Smart Meetings

That was the message from author and Superbowl-winning executive Michael Lombardi at Smart Meetings Northeast Experience in Boston this week. Be in the room at a future Smart Meetings Experience. of its own flexible meeting space. Smart Meetings CEO Marin Bright.

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Competent logistics are the new meeting minimum

Conferences that Work

My work at a pre-con is different from that of a typical meeting planner since I focus on the meeting’s design and facilitation. I’ve been convening meetings for decades, though, so I know a fair amount about meeting planning.

2022 277

Top Food Beverage Trends For 2017

Canadian Special Events

Selecting your food and beverage menu is one of the most important aspects of designing your event’s guest experience. They have seriously upped their food IQ thanks to the prevalence of foodie cooking shows, instagram and online resources where they can study food trends, international flavour profiles, recipes, etc. They are expecting, or rather demanding, thoughtful, delicious gourmet food and savvy imaginative beverages at the events they attend.

Food and Beverage Trend Watch: Culinary Themes for 2019

PCMA Convene

The National Restaurant Association’s annual “What’s Hot” culinary forecast, compiled by leading chefs, identifies food and beverage trends and culinary themes for the coming year. Industry Trends Meeting or Event Design News JunkieEvent Marketer. Event Marketer ). Read More.

2019 40

The O2 appoints new director of MICE and food and beverage manager

Event Industry News

The O2, has enhanced its senior leadership team with the appointment of Emma Hatt as director of meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE), and Amit Pathak, as food and beverage manager. Amit Pathak, food & beverage manager.

9 Nibble-Worthy Food Tours

Smart Meetings

Columbus Food Adventures offers a wide variety of additional themed tours, including taco trucks, meat-lovers and dessert. The progressive meal takes guests to between three and five stops for food and drinks. Arizona Food Tours is another popular company available in the Scottsdale and Tempe areas for private lunch, dinner and happy hour culinary experiences. The post 9 Nibble-Worthy Food Tours appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Automation in F&B Inches Closer to Dominance

Smart Meetings

Betty was created by Bear Robotics to battle the increasing pressure placed on the food service industry, which can attributed to employee shortages. South of Fort Lauderdale, AC Hotel Miami Dadeland is offering a robot food delivery service, in partnership with Cartken and FanFood.

2022 83

Smart Tip from Salamander Hotels: The Meeting is Just the Beginning

Smart Meetings

The number of meetings being scheduled now is quickly picking up steam as mask mandates are lifted and people start gathering again, but meeting formats have evolved. As part of this increase in business, he has seen a new trend: “Meetings aren’t always about the ‘meeting’ anymore.”

Banquets and Catering: An Insider’s Approach to Food and Beverage

Connect Your Meetings

Register for “Banquets and Catering: An Insider’s Approach to Food and Beverage” Have you ever wondered how can hotels charge $120 or more for a gallon of coffee? In this session, we will explore actual food and beverage costs, compared to their pricing; we’ll see the markups and fees that the industry has developed and see what the true costs are.

Dietary Expert Urges Group to Eat Real Foods

Smart Meetings

In her buoyant, unique style, prominent health advocate Zonya Foco urged participants at Smart Meeting South Central National in New Orleans to take a closer look at their dietary habits. “ Eat real foods ,” she said. Posted by Smart Meetings on Monday, November 5, 2018. She outlined three major benefits to eating real foods. “And never eat foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce—except quinoa.”

Small Meetings: F&B Insights from a Supplier

Smart Meetings

Food and beverage costs are increasingly taking a bigger slice of the meeting budget. Patrick Berwald, vice president of food and beverage for Benchmark Global Hospitality , offered some, ahem, food for thought about F&B for small meetings. Cost of product and changes in commodity pricing have impacted food pricing. Planners are being tasked to reduce this meeting element. How can small meetings address this? .

COVID-19, in-person meetings, and wishful thinking

Conferences that Work

COVID-19 has virtually eliminated in-person meetings: our industry’s bread and butter. In order to overcome the many significant challenges created by the coronavirus, the meeting industry has made valiant efforts to rethink in-person meetings.

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Bring the Latest in Food and Beverage Tech to Your Event with These Automated Offerings


Some of the latest tech can also make managing food and drink service at your next event easier, allowing attendees to enjoy their preferred snack or beverage without hiring substantial amounts of extra staff to make it happen. Tech Event Planning Meeting Planning Pool Bar TechnologyAutomation isn’t just relegated to standard business operations.

Feeding the Food Truck Frenzy in California


Although the fast food chain is conveniently located all over the state, if you’re busy in meetings, wouldn’t it be way easier for the restaurant to set up shop at the convention center? Meeting professionals can hire the In-N-Out Cookout Trailer to park on-site and bring the popular eatery to you. Food trucks have become synonymous with California culture. Covered by a concrete ceiling, you can host an outdoor food truck event rain or shine.

Local Food Vendors in Washington, DC – 3 Ways to Discover Food for Your Next Event

Social Tables

More often than not, food is the main attraction for event attendance. Click around, and embrace the food wormhole. . Our ever-growing database has 225+ food and beverage business owners from the DC and Baltimore metro areas. Share your favorite DC food vendors or tell us about how you find new ones on Twitter @socialtables or on Facebook.

3 Easy Ways to Meet All Your Attendees’ Food Needs


How you can accommodate your attendees’ food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences with some proactive planning. Association Meetings Resources Food & Beverage Resources and Reportsread more.

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Most Appetizing Food & Beverage Ideas of 2016


The world of food and beverage is one that allows planners to get really creative. Let’s look back at some of the year’s best food and beverage ideas for events. 6 Brain Food Snacks that are Office-Friendly. From healthy drinks to organic foods and health-conscious snacks at events, we break down 26 great ways to keep attendee wellness in mind. Serving Up 2016 Food Trends. 7 Super Snacks for Your Next Meeting.

Authentic Experiences 101: A Hot New Hotel and Restaurant in San Francisco

Smart Meetings

In other words, most meeting attendees would rather have a “wow” time somewhere memorable than another breakout room even if it’s at an upscale hotel or resort. The food. perfect for board meetings, intimate get-togethers and cocktail parties.

2021 87

Can Events Help Solve the Global Food Crisis?

PCMA Convene

It’s clear that our food systems will need to change — and change radically — if we are to safeguard the planet and feed a growing population. The best place to start, and where we, the business events industry, can have the greatest impact, is with food waste — what a planner called “the inconvenient truth about event planning” when she spoke with Convene about the problem in 2015. “We The test kitchens also saved money, cutting food costs by an average of 3 percent.

Serve Brain Food at Your Next Event


When the afternoon hits and we reach for that third, nay fourth cup of coffee , it’s easy to overlook the full impact of the foods we choose. At a meeting or an event , sluggish attendees won’t be very productive , and neither will sluggish planners. Here are the best foods for reinforcing focus, memory, energy and an upbeat mood. Fermented foods : Fermented foods include miso, pickled vegetables, kefir, tempeh, kimchi and sauerkraut.

Smart Moves in Rancho Mirage, Atlantic City and More

Smart Meetings

Over the last 17 years, she has garnered experience in hospitality, event, food and beverage, and business management. Most recently, Fluhr served as vice president of operations, food and beverage development, and brand management. Lauren Bruggemans.

2022 52

Measuring Meetings Accurately Could Prove Crucial Value of F2F


Meeting professionals know in their gut that people get more out of in-person, F2F meetings, but how do we prove it to the decision makers in our companies and in our attendee’s home offices? Those numbers can look very good for virtual meetings , especially when compared to the costs.

5 Tips for Designing Engaging Virtual Meetings


Virtual meetings require careful design to keep attendees engaged and deliver value for the hosts. But how do you translate the energy and insights from a face-to-face meeting through a computer screen? This will also leave time for other important aspects of meetings.

Best Food-Truck Catering for Your Next Event


Food trucks are fun, convenient, serve delicious food at a fraction of the cost of a sit-down meal, and are a great addition to any event. Koi Fusion offers Korean food with a twist. Koi Fusion offers the option of a hosted truck event, where the host covers the cost; or, alternatively, an option where the guests pay for their own food. The post Best Food-Truck Catering for Your Next Event appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Keeping Your Teams and Attendees Engaged in Future Meetings


We are struggling to stay consistently engaged and motivated in the meetings and events hosted there. View all : FICP Chats Answers Your Q’s about the Future of Meetings. These also allow for a CSR component, if a family decides to donate its meal to a food bank.

2020 104

Two for One: How Organizers Combined a Food Writers Conference With a Food and Music Festival

PCMA Convene

When Hanna Raskin, food editor and chief critic for Charleston, South Carolina’s Post and Courier newspaper, was elected board president of the Association of Food Journalists (AFJ) last year, she accepted under one condition: that AFJ suspend its multi-day conference.

10 Food Festivals Bringing Flavor to 2017


Food festivals deliver celebrity chefs, cooking demonstrations , and virtually unlimited food and beverage options to hordes of hungry attendees in cities across the United States. South Beach Food and Wine Festival: February 22–26, 2017. A wealth of culinary star power from Food Network and Cooking Channel lights up Miami for five days of feasting in the winter sunshine. Charleston Wine + Food Festival: March 1–5, 2017.

6 Brain Food Snacks That Are Office-Friendly


Studies have shown that people tend to select healthier foods for themselves when purchasing them in advance, versus when selecting food they plan to immediately eat. Finding foods that accomplish all of the above aren’t as difficult as you might think. The post 6 Brain Food Snacks That Are Office-Friendly appeared first on Smart Meetings. Food & Beverage How To Meeting Planning F&BWhat is an office-friendly snack , you ask?

10 Sweet Ideas to Reduce Food Waste and Food Miles at Your Events


Here's a menu of actions that can help you send a lot less good food to the landfill. Association Meetings Green Meetings/CSR Food & Beverage Corporate MeetingsHow much are you doing to incorporate sustainability into your F&B programs? read more.

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U.S. Hotels Join Pilot Program to Prevent Food Waste


Food production has the largest environmental footprint of any human activity, according to data from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 40 percent of food is wasted through the supply chain, including the hotel industry. It should come as no surprise that limiting hotel food waste is one of the best ways the hospitality industry can help the environment —and even save money while doing it. Hotels Join Pilot Program to Prevent Food Waste appeared first on Smart Meetings.

HPN Global: How to Move Meetings Forward, Safely


Editor’s note : One of the best ways to learn how to host a pandemic-era meeting is to learn from others who are doing it. Director of Meeting Services Kiersten Perry and I went to great lengths to plan and showcase what a safe meeting looks like for the current time. As is appropriate with today’s meeting landscape, we also included a virtual component. Meeting sets appropriately distanced. Food and beverage functions were successful (and delicious!)

Infographic: 11 Enticing Food and Beverage Trends for 2017


Food and beverage is one of the most important variables in meeting and event planning. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants ’ 2017 Culinary & Cocktails Trend Forecast surveyed chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and other food influencers from more than 70 Kimpton restaurants, bars and lounges across the United States to uncover the food and beverage innovations groups will be craving in the coming year. 6 Inventive Food Trends.

Color, Culture and Comfort Food Power F&B Trends for 2017


Each year a new crop of buzzy ingredients and culinary novelties lands on food and beverage menus to tempt diners eager to try the hippest new dishes and drinks. The well-worn fashion maxim “Black goes with everything” also applies to the food world, where the results prove more bold than basic. Two cultures situated approximately 10,000 miles apart are among the latest to make their mark on America’s ethnic food scene.

2017 64

Smart Meetings Heads to IMEX America

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings’ Director of Marketing Jennifer Harrington (left) and founder and CEO Marin Bright (right), with Cheryl Rogers (middle), corporate events manager at Solara Medical Supplies, are on the ground at IMEX America. IMEX America, the mega annual event for the meetings industry, always generates plenty of excitement as professionals from throughout the world gather to do business, learn, socialize —and have a blast doing all of it.

Budget Financial Meetings: Doing More with Less


Meetings in the financial and insurance sector require outside-the-box thinking. The economy was humming along before the coronavirus hit, but even then the majority of meeting planners in the financial and insurance industries were keeping their budgets in neutral.