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How to Bring Your Event Costs Down Using Corporate Meeting Planning Software


In fact, modern corporate meeting planning software can help you optimize and automate processes so that you and your team can save time and resources over time. Here’s how choosing the right corporate meeting planning software can help. One of the best ways to reduce costs is to streamline your existing processes.

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Mastering Investigator Meeting Planning: A Comprehensive Guide

SpotMe Blog

Investigator meetings are a critical step in the clinical trial process. But it’s getting harder to get everyone to attend investigator meetings and harder to keep them engaged once they’re there. Why Investigator Meetings Matter Some say that investigator meetings are simply to entice investigators to take part in clinical trials.


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Competent logistics are the new meeting minimum

Conferences that Work

My work at a pre-con is different from that of a typical meeting planner since I focus on the meeting’s design and facilitation. I’ve been convening meetings for decades, though, so I know a fair amount about meeting planning. The traditional bread and butter of a meeting planner’s job.

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The Meeting Planning Industry Needs a Lasting Strategy


On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with Christy Lamagna, Founder and Chief Strategist of Strategic Meetings and Events. Our discussion focuses on the need for the planning industry, and meeting professionals to be more strategic to insure long-term success. Why the industry is not as strategic as one might expect.

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Four Ways a Flexible Meeting Planning Company Can Supercharge Your Team’s Capacity

Meeting Tomorrow

It’s an exciting time for events, but meeting planners are facing new challenges. Many events now require a virtual or hybrid element, adding budget and planning hours. That’s why some planning teams have a secret weapon to manage this new reality: A flexible, scalable meeting planning partner who plugs in only when and where needed.

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The ultimate guide to successful pharmaceutical meeting and event planning

SpotMe Blog

Pharmaceutical meeting planning is a complex task often requiring months of detailed preparation and immense pressure to rigorously respect compliance regulations. Whether it’s a small investigator meeting, a medium-sized medical standalone, or a large congress. We are creating a pharma meeting planning checklist.

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Inflation Impacts Meetings in New Ways


Skift Take: New research shows that meeting planning is impacted by inflation and rising costs in ways few anticipated. Andrea Doyle Read the Complete Story On Skift Meetings. As a result, obstacles abound, from unfilled job openings to supply chain issues yet to be resolved.

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