The Meeting Planning Industry Needs a Lasting Strategy


On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with Christy Lamagna, Founder and Chief Strategist of Strategic Meetings and Events. Our discussion focuses on the need for the planning industry, and meeting professionals to be more strategic to insure long-term success. Listen to show host Al Wynant and guest Christy Lamagna discuss the following: The definition of “strategy” as it relates to the event and meeting planning industry?

Five Top Meeting Planning Trends for 2017


The new year has landed and its time again to explore the top meeting planning trends and considerations. This coupled with meaningful data collection and the tools to calculate meeting ROI easily and effectively will drive the trend for planners to look for simplicity and cost-effective, fully integrated meeting management platforms. Food and Beverage Trends. It is now easier than ever to brand beverages at events. We are not talking about a signature cocktail.

2017 100

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Eventinterface Launching Event and Meeting Planning Master Class


Many events and meetings are run by volunteers or people whose primary job is not planning events. Eventinterface in partnership with eventTALK podcast show is hosting an Event and Meeting Planning Master Class Workshop , a series of virtual workshops that address key tasks in the design and execution of events and meetings. Anyone who has been made responsible to plan a meeting, event or conference can benefit from this series.

The Meeting Planning Industry Needs a Lasting Strategy


On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with Christy Lamagna, Founder and Chief Strategist of Strategic Meetings and Events. Our discussion focuses on the need for the planning industry, and meeting professionals to be more strategic to insure long-term success. Listen to show host Al Wynant and guest Christy Lamagna discuss the following: The definition of “strategy” as it relates to the event and meeting planning industry?

5 New Apps to Make Meeting Planning Tasks Easier

Connect Your Meetings

The post 5 New Apps to Make Meeting Planning Tasks Easier appeared first on Connect Association. Booking local talent just got a whole lot easier. GigTown is an app that helps you find and book local artists and bands. Post your event to the app and voila! Artists submit their interest, and you book your favorite. Building communities is priority No. 1 for Skoop , a communal app allowing event attendees to stay connected with each other year-round.

2016 75

Top trends in meeting planning by trend expert Daniel Levine


On this episode of event TALK we are speaking with Daniel Levine about trends in the meeting and event planning industry. We are speaking with Daniel about trends in the meetings and events industry. How should a meeting planner evaluate if they should follow a trend or stay away from a trend? Top 3 trends every event and meeting planner should keep an eye on this year? Planning the audience experience and PR for your events.

Time Capsules, Time Machines And Evolution Of Traditional Meeting Planners

Velvet Chainsaw

Is your annual meeting more like a time capsule or a time machine? Meeting Planning Evolves. Many conference organizers have spent their careers in the rhythms, beats and melodies of meeting planning. Yet too often our past planning procedures serve as the prologue for our future events. It requires more than the traditional meeting planning skills we’ve developed.

2018 225

8 Lessons 2016 Taught Us About Meeting Planning


Brexit Will Not Stop Innovative Meetings in London. Brexit will, eventually, have a substantial impact on European travel, but that’s not to say it will halt meetings there. In fact, London is more equipped than ever to handle high-tech meetings, marketing itself as the Silicon Valley of Europe. Though the news had an effect on the value of the pound, it had little to no effect on the rate at which groups plan to book to travel to the city.

2016 58

5 Tips for Selecting Virtual Event & Meeting Planning Vendors and Platforms

Event Leadership Institute

Planners know the care and effort it takes to find the right vendors to support the design and execution of their face-to-face events and meetings. The process is no less critical when it comes to virtual events and meetings. Thoughts about how long the event or meeting will stay live.

2020 54

[Webinar] Mission Critical: How One Association Transformed its Live Event to Virtual in Record Time

Velvet Chainsaw

The American Association of Suicidology’s annual meeting had been growing steadily in recent years. COVID-19 Uncategorized association best practices conference best practices meeting planning best practices virtual conference virtual event virtual meeting Webcast webinar

2020 195

Podcast: Task Manager vs Strategic Planner: Using tech to streamline meeting planning

Event Industry News

Download this episode (right click and save) Joining the podcast this week are two guests with a collective knowledge of how technology can streamline the process of event and meeting planning. The post Podcast: Task Manager vs Strategic Planner: Using tech to streamline meeting planning appeared first on Event Industry News.

2017 50

Fostering a Winning Conference Culture

Velvet Chainsaw

I have been struck by the disparity in how an association’s organizational culture translates (or doesn’t translate) to the on-site implementation or planning of its live events. But when it gets to “go time,” does that culture manifest at your conferences and meetings? Her boss apparently thought she should spend all her time out “doing meeting planning” and not hanging out in a hotel conference room.

Philanthropy and CSR: Missing Ingredients to Profound Meetings

Smart Meetings

Providing meetings that change an entire team’s energy and mindset is never easy, but it helps to include discussions about philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR), when appropriate. The recent Smart Meetings webinar, “The Right Way to Give Back While Building Teams,” hosted by Lain Hensley, looked at not only CSR possibilities, but also how to implement them for the best results. We give people, by using philanthropy and CSR, a powerful meeting….We’re

2018 103

Meeting Industry Jobs Outlook


Simultaneously, full-time, part-time and contract planning positions were slashed as “not needed.”. Supply, meet Demand as we move back into the world of live events. The post Meeting Industry Jobs Outlook appeared first on Smart Meetings.

2021 69

Five-Step Framework for Effective Collaborative Design

Velvet Chainsaw

Your conference strategy should include a plan to inject fresh content or experiences each year as part of an ongoing improvement process. There are a million ways to make these improvement plans. Working with one of our clients, we devised a simple framework to help develop innovative plans for meaningful and lasting change. Plan – Develop tactics to make this experience come alive.

2019 216

9 Things Every Meeting Planner Should Carry in their Toolkit


Just about anything can happen at a meeting—a broken shoe heel, contract confusion , a sudden headache or the dreaded dead phone battery. To help, we’ve created a handy list of things meeting planners should find useful. For meeting and event planners, mobile devices are becoming increasingly important tools for getting the job done. The post 9 Things Every Meeting Planner Should Carry in their Toolkit appeared first on Smart Meetings.

2016 95

Events vs. Meetings

Social Tables

It seems that nowadays the words meetings and events are thrown around interchangeably. First and foremost: All meetings are events but not all events are meetings. All meetings are events but not all events are meetings Click To Tweet. Meetings serve an educational or business purpose. Examples include a seminar or a board of directors meeting. A meeting can have a special event within it. Event Planning Meeting Planning events meetings

2016 72

Incentive Travel is Changing; Here’s What You Need to Know

Smart Meetings

“Everyone has a dog now,” Jenn Glynn, managing partner with Meeting Encore, stated this week in a conversation with Philip Eidsvold, vice president of strategic alliances at One10, about the changing demands of attracting attendees to in-person incentive trips.

AMEX: Meetings Will Grow in 2019

Smart Meetings

Planners in the United States expect all types of meetings to grow in attendance in 2019, noting an anticipated 1.24 percent increase in internal meetings. percent) is expected for conferences, trade shows, senior leadership meetings and board meetings. This is according to findings from American Express Global Business Travel’s Meetings & Events division (M&E) annual 2019 Global Meetings and Events Forecast. “We’re

2019 64

How to Plan an LGBT-Friendly Meeting or Event


Much of the meeting and event planning industry only recently began evaluating its impact on the LGBT community. Even though you might assume that your meetings and events are free of LGBT influence, there’s always an effect. LGBTMPA Executive Director David Jefferys and LGBTMPA board member Jim Clapes shared some essential steps in planning an LGBT-friendly meeting or event.

2017 57

Have to Lead a New Type of Meeting? Consider a Meeting in a Box


From time to time, you may feel challenged when you have to hold a particular meeting. Event Industry Event Planning meeting in a bag meeting in a box Meeting Planning meeting toolkit Productivity TechnologyMaybe you have to introduce certain concepts to your workers that you haven’t covered formally before or are faced with a client presentation on short notice.

2018 58

Applying a Global Lens to Enhance Meeting Experiences

Maritz Global Events

With attendees from all over the world, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) uses a variety of strategies to create new and valuable meeting experiences. Katherine Dutrow, CMP, the Director of Meeting Services at AAO, has had a lot on her plate with many of the global changes that affect meeting professionals, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Applying a Global Lens to Enhance Meeting Experiences.

2019 61

Pantone Chooses Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri

Smart Meetings

It has been a year of even more new approaches, tactics and advancements in tech to meet the needs of a new world. Pantone has delicately crafted several color combinations to help spark creativity when piecing together your own palettes for meetings and events.

2022 80

How to Rock Meeting and Event Planning from Home


If this is you (or some version of you), read on because we are going to share some tips from industry professionals and work-from-home veterans on how to stay healthy while successfully managing event planning, work, life, and family, all while staying at home. Warning!

2020 61

Meetings Mean Business Roars Again


The coalition known as Meetings Mean Business is back in business with Worth Meeting About, a refreshed campaign to underscore the importance of face-to-face meetings for people, businesses and communities. The campaign’s framing message is “When it’s important, it’s worth meeting about.”. “We Digital storytelling will underscore the unique value of face-to-face meetings in every facet of life, from major world events and business to human relationships.

2017 44

4 Feel-Good Benefits of Outdoor Meetings

Smart Meetings

The days of boxed-in, windowless meetings are officially a thing of the past. More : Tech Companies Flee Cubicles, Meet Outdoors. Meet in earshot of nature. Most modern venues offer outdoor terrace spaces attached to indoor meeting rooms or use meeting spaces that have windows overlooking nature. And when stress is low, focus is possible, which fosters more productive meetings. Schedule walking meetings.

2018 68

Small Meetings: F&B Insights from a Supplier

Smart Meetings

Food and beverage costs are increasingly taking a bigger slice of the meeting budget. Patrick Berwald, vice president of food and beverage for Benchmark Global Hospitality , offered some, ahem, food for thought about F&B for small meetings. Planners are being tasked to reduce this meeting element. How can small meetings address this? . Is it helpful to hold a small meeting in a larger venue that may have more resources? .

5 TED and TEDx Talks Every Meeting Planner Should Watch


There are countless best practices TED talks for general workplace improvements , but some are ideal for meeting planners’ particular pain points and needs. How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings, by David Grady. His talk calls attention to an epidemic of bad, inefficient, overcrowded meetings and how to stop them from bringing down company morale. The power of meetings by Henric Ehrenblad.

2016 67

Knowing Your Audience is the Only Antidote to Digital Event Fatigue

Maritz Global Events

Meeting Planning Wellbeing Live EventsEarlier this year we ran a survey asking event strategists to rate their and their audience’s digital fatigue. The response was overwhelming … both were feeling quite high levels. They say numbers don’t lie and that is pretty convincing.

2021 83

At Your Next Meeting, Take a Tea Break


The trend toward longer, more inspired breaks at meetings —30, 40 or even 60 minutes to refresh the mind and body—can encompass many activities, or none at all. But it’s a surefire way to make your meeting break rise above the ordinary. The post At Your Next Meeting, Take a Tea Break appeared first on Smart Meetings. News Trends event tips hot tea meeting breaks meeting planning meeting planning tips tea break

2017 57

8 Meeting & Event Trends that Could Explode in 2017


These meeting trends have already made an appearance in 2016, but some experts suggest they’ll really blossom in the coming year. based event venue company, shares his thoughts on the latest trends for those in the meeting and events industry. The 5-minute meeting. Are your clients sick of meetings about meetings? Some think meetings are a big waste of time and resources, and I’m inclined to agree. The meet-and-greet.

2016 103

Top 50 Smart Women in Meetings 2017


These women not only play significant professional roles in the meetings and events industry, but also have achieved excellence in their work. Also, there is contagious energy at meetings with collective interest groups, which can be anything from neurosurgeons to waste-management experts to cat fanciers. The post Top 50 Smart Women in Meetings 2017 appeared first on Smart Meetings. Meeting Planning Meeting Planners Tourism Industry

2017 73

Meeting Trends that Have Shaped the Last Decade

Smart Meetings

As Grand Hyatt San Antonio is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, I’ve been reflecting on the major trends that have transformed the meeting industry throughout the past decade. Having helped to plan and oversee thousands of meetings during my career, it has been interesting to see how the meeting and convention industry has changed and continues to evolve to this day. Demands for Meeting Space Have Changed.

2018 66

Virtual Conferences – the New Reality is Working


Business Event Industry Events Tech business Event Marketing Event Planning Meeting Planning MeetingsI had my first experience presenting at a Virtual Conference and it was a success, as far as I’m concerned.

2021 80

Report: For Savings, Book Meetings Farther Ahead

Smart Meetings

Planning at least three months ahead could save as much as 10 percent on the bottom line, according to a new 2019 Meetings & Events Future Trends study from Carlson Wagonlit Travel Meetings and Events (CWT M&E). The optimum time for booking meetings for small groups was pegged at more than 30 days; for large groups, that window expanded to more than 75 days. Related : MPI Report: Shorter, More Frequent Meetings.

2018 61

Try Going Back to School for Your Next Meeting


More universities than ever are including conference hotels on their grounds to accommodate meetings of the mind in academic settings. Check out some of these properties and the opportunities they represent for creating smarter meetings. of meeting space in three areas, including a boardroom, dining room and conference space, popular with banquets. of meeting space, including J. The post Try Going Back to School for Your Next Meeting appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Alternative Meeting Locales Made Easy

Smart Meetings

New York-based Convene is quickly taking over the United States with a database of tech-enabled meeting spaces in major cities across the country. Billed as a flexible way for companies to meet their growing need for workspace solutions, founders Ryan Simonetti and Chris Kelley offer properties with all the bells and whistles built in. Want to meet in World Trade Center? The post Alternative Meeting Locales Made Easy appeared first on Smart Meetings. Splacer.

2018 47

Harassment At Meetings May Be A Bigger Problem Than You Thought


Harassment at meetings is a big problem, according to a recent survey. The report shows that 60% of respondents had experienced harassment at scientific meetings in the last 2 years. The problem of harassment at meetings is worse than we thought, according to a recent report . The post Harassment At Meetings May Be A Bigger Problem Than You Thought by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

2017 74

5 Valuable Lessons Event Professionals Learned in 2019

Maritz Global Events

Meeting and event professionals gained a ton of insights in 2019. The evolution of event spatial design is only just beginning as it moves meetings and events into the future. Crazy and Fulfilling: The Life of a Meeting and Event Manager.

2019 81

Crazy and Fulfilling: The Life of a Meeting and Event Manager

Maritz Global Events

It’s no secret that the life of a meeting and event manager is stressful and challenging. For nearly 12 years, Mandy has helped Experient’s clients plan and execute hundreds of successful events. There are two gears for nearly every meeting and event manager: extremely busy and “it’s 11 p.m. It’s one filled with meetings, conference calls and advance planning for the next event. Sometimes, the plan you have for the day and what actually happens isn’t even close.