10 Corporate Event Ideas Attendees Love

Social Tables

Looking for corporate event ideas that people actually get excited about? Banish boring and overdone corporate events with help from this blog post. Corporate events get a bad rap. Unlike private events, corporate event decisions aren’t entirely up to you.

Venues for Large Corporate Events

Unique Venues

Corporate events are a great opportunity for networking, new experiences, and meeting at incredible venues. Our recommendations for Top Pick Large Corporate Event Venues will check off all the boxes when planning a successful corporate event.


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10 Unique Venues for Corporate Events

Special Events

Take corporate events to the next level with these historic venues

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What is Corporate Event Planning?

QC Event School

If you’re looking for a career that’s always exciting and full of new challenges, corporate event planning might be the perfect choice for you! But what is corporate event planning? What does a corporate planner do? What Is Corporate Event Planning?

The Best Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Corporate Events

Endless Events

In-person events are back and they’re smaller and more local than ever. In 2022, they will keep moving out of impersonal hotel ballrooms to more unique venues. One of the biggest event trends in 2022 is sourcing venues with character. Source: Desert Foothills Events.

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Corporate Event Catering Ideas


This rule works not only for your daily routine, when all you need is a warm pizza box on your lap but also at corporate meetings and conferences. If you can impress your guests with an excellent menu, the chances are you can set a positive vibe for the whole event. We’ve collected some fresh event catering ideas that will help you ensure your attendees leave the venue in a good mood. Treat your event guests to the best that the current season has to offer.

Corporate Event Planner Salary: What To Expect

QC Event School

If you’re considering a career as a corporate event planner, it’s important to know what to expect in terms of salary. How much do corporate event planners make on average? What is the corporate event planner salary range by country? Event decor.

13 corporate event trends that will make your events stand out in 2023

SpotMe Blog

Corporate event trends have changed rapidly in recent years. There’s so much at stake when you host an event. So it’s important to keep up with new corporate event industry trends to make your events more successful than ever. . Through events.

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How to Become a Corporate Event Planner: The Ultimate Guide

QC Event School

Do you have a passion for planning events? In it, we will provide an ultimate guide on how to become a corporate event planner. What Is a Corporate Event Planner? Do Corporate Event Planners Make Good Money? Internal vs. External Events.

Corporate Event Buyers Survey reveals key trends for 2021

Event Industry News

Story and Venue Search London’s survey of over 150 corporate event buyers gives a real insight into the current thinking around the timing of returning to live, the ongoing use of virtual and hybrid events together with plans for the all-important 2021 Christmas party season.

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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Planning


When organising a successful party or a business meeting for one of the most demanding category of event-goers, corporate staff, you need a well-laid-out plan. How do you manage your event team? Below, we’ve made a bold attempt to answer all of these questions and more in one comprehensive corporate event planning guide. Here’s what you’ll know after reading this post: What is a corporate event, and what are the main reasons for organising one?

The Best Lighting Companies for Corporate Events


Despite what sceptics may believe, impressive lighting design is an important part of your corporate event atmosphere. The common mistake many event professionals make is viewing lighting as simply an embellishment that doesn’t play an important role in the event’s performance. The truth is, creative lighting solutions for events can be the perfect tools for guiding your audience’s attention, presenting information, and transforming the venue space.

How to Use Event Technology for Your Corporate Event (Under 1000 employees)

Eventscase Blog

This is the last part of our series on how to use event technology for your corporate events. Perhaps it is the most important one since many corporate events would fall under this size: <1000 attendees. To what extent should you send communications post-event?

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Choosing the Best Venue for Team Building: Considerations for the (Not So) Great Outdoors

Best Corporate Events

While it’s natural for workers to want to get out of the office and enjoy the fresh air, outdoor venues are usually not the best setting for team building (with the obvious exception of scavenger hunts or other activities specifically designed to be held outside).

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Corporate Event Planning – Is It Right For You?

Event Planning BluePrint

If you’re an event planner or looking to get into event planning , you probably know there are two main categories: corporate event planning and social event planning. It helps to know that the main difference between the two categories is that corporate events are typically business related, while social events are for individuals. . Social Event Planning. Corporate Event Planning. Launch events.

This is why corporate event software is a must for event organizers.

Expo Pass

Corporate events planners have a lot on their plates. Oh, and don’t forget it all has to stay under the event budget! So how can corporate event management software streamline the whole planning process? How to Plan a Corporate Event. Book a venue.

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The Top 6 Tips for Optimizing a Corporate Event Budget


You won’t believe how incredibly flexible an event budget can be. Throughout our experience, we’ve seen quite a few strategies related to corporate event budget optimization. What is a corporate event budget? An event budget that you agree upon with your client is a result of detailed expense planning. Ideally, your corporate event budget should be based on four main categories: item, projected expense, actual expense, and details.

What Do Fun Meeting Themes Do For Your Corporate Events?

Eagle's Flight Corporate Events

When planning corporate events and meetings, you will quickly find a world of possibilities for almost every aspect of your eventvenue, decorations, food, activities, and more.

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Top tips for planning the entertainment at corporate events

Event Industry News

Whether you have been tasked with planning the office Christmas party or finding a great band to help that will let employees let their hair down after a long conference, booking entertainment for a corporate event is not an easy thing to do.

13 Corporate Event Planning Mistakes That Will Cost You Money


Managing one corporate event can be demanding enough, so when it comes to managing multiple events, the time, resources, and details involved can make it a challenging endeavour. Luckily, having a great event management tool on hand along with understanding the potential pitfalls can help you avoid these 13 costly mistakes. Ensure every member of your event planning team negotiates with vendors and makes an effort to get better pricing. No defined event goal.

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Toronto’s Top Patios for Private and Corporate Events


Outdoor gatherings and special events are always a welcome option when it comes to event planning , but something tells us that we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of it this year! With its unmatched views of the city and lakeshore, your guests will be wowed by this exquisite venue.

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4 Team Building Ideas for Corporate Events


Ultimately, your team building event ‘only’ needs to help employees foster teamwork and cooperation—a taller order than it seems, especially when its taking place as a part of a corporate event. If you’re tasked with coming up with an activity for your next corporate event, check out some of these team building ideas: 1. These include scavenger hunts, puzzle solving games, or even just gamifying your event.

A Fundamental Guide for Running Virtual Corporate Events


More and more companies have been shifting to virtual events due to the pandemic, and the transition is providing a lot of benefits too. For instance, there are lesser overheads now, which earlier came in the form of booking an event venue, arranging food and beverages, etc.

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Why Your Event Needs a Keynote Speaker (And How to Find the Right One)

Best Corporate Events

If you organize corporate or collegiate events, chances are you’ve hired keynote speakers and understand their importance. Keynote speakers kick-off events and are vital in setting the tone. Why Select a Keynote Speaker from Best Corporate Events.

venue spotlight: lulu wild


the seven events venue finding team are always on the hunt for the newest openings, so we’re excited to share a fab venue with you in this week’s blog! available for private hire for both corporate and party needs, this venue really has something for every occasion.

A Must-Follow Guide for Running Corporate Events


More and more companies have been shifting to virtual events due to the pandemic, and the transition is providing a lot of benefits too. For instance, there are lesser overheads now, which earlier came in the form of booking an event venue, arranging food and beverages, etc.

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5 Ways to Attract More Corporate Events


Getting corporate event planners to notice your venue can mean a huge boost in revenue which is why spreading the word about your venue should be one of your main business priorities. Not sure of the most effective ways to attract more corporate clients through your doors?

How to Use Event Technology for your Corporate Event (Under 10000 employees)

Eventscase Blog

Now that face-to-face events are coming back in full swing, companies are considering event technology again to manage corporate events of up to 10,000 employees. Quality events are not done in haste and the registration process should never be an afterthought.

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Top 5 Agencies in the UK and Spain for Your Corporate Event

Eventscase Blog

Event agencies play a fundamental role in our industry. In Spain, the UK, and most parts of the world, they are key suppliers for corporations when it comes to developing a successful event strategy. billion was turned over by its top 10 event agencies. POWWOW EVENTS.

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How to Market Your Venue to Aim at Corporate Event Planners


Every event planner should know how to market an event venue to make it a success. Corporate event planners are a separate industry segment that seeks out top-notch enterprise venue solutions. . Key reasons to market your event venue. How should you market your event venue so that it unmistakably impacts and guarantees a positive response from your target audience? Effective event venue marketing is the answer.

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Seven Fun Activities for Bringing Teams Back Together Post-COVID

Best Corporate Events

As vaccination rates rise and COVID cases fall , live business events and meetings are coming back in a big way. We continue to pioneer the future of this charity event with the use of our proprietary apps and Apple iPads®. Team Building Events.

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8 Insane (but True) Facts about Corporate Events

Master the Event

Corporate events are a large contributor to the overall economy. Corporate event planning includes; Transportation, accommodations, venues, attractions, speakers and often corporate entertainment and team building events. For an event planner, often what will win over delegates is how unique their meeting or event will be. This is one of the main challenges that an event planner faces.

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Why an Investment in Content at Corporate Events Matters

Eagle's Flight Corporate Events

When it comes to company events, a stunning location, five-star venue, and gourmet food are all great, but will only get you so much return on the investment. When you spend the money to bring everyone together for a conference, team-building event, or sales meeting, you probably want them talking about something other than just the beef tenderloin once they are back at work. Corporate Events

The Four Roles of an Effective Team Building Facilitator

Best Corporate Events

An impactful and memorable team building event starts with effective facilitation. The post The Four Roles of an Effective Team Building Facilitator appeared first on Best Corporate Events.

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Top 5 Corporate Event Trends for 2019


While it may feel like all business from 9 to 5, corporate events give coworkers and colleagues a chance to bond, brainstorm, and cut loose in a more relaxed and authentic way. Venues love courting corporate event business — they often require less planning and lower overhead costs , and they’re more likely to be recurring events vs. one-offs like weddings. A Casual, Fun Venue. Corporate Corporate Events

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Effective Tips for Increasing Your Corporate Event Attendance


For many of our clients, event planning can be a daunting process; here at Seven Events , we are on hand to ensure that the process is as easy for you as possible. For those hosting events, we see a few common worries – where do I start?

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4 Ideas to Ramp Up Attendee Engagement Before Your Corporate Event

Eagle's Flight Corporate Events

Creating a truly memorable event experience for attendees goes far beyond the four walls of the venue. From the moment attendees receive the invitation to a company event, you can begin to craft the ultimate attendee experience. Here are a few ways to set the tone for your event, create excitement, and get attendees engaged before they set foot at your event. Corporate Events

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new venue spotlight – gleneagles


centrally located with an all-day dining restaurant, a members’ club and a roof terrace to admire the views of edinburgh, gleneagles townhouse is the perfect venue for an incentive in the city. if you are looking to arrange your next incentive, seven events are here to help.

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How To Build Guest List For Corporate Events

All Seated

Establishing the guest list for an event is the crucial first step for every event planning process. Having an established guest list for corporate events will keep you organized while helping to dictate how to proceed with many of the important decisions required throughout the planning process. But how do you go about making a guest list for corporate events? The event budget goes hand in hand with establishing the guest list.

5 Corporate Event Planning Software Options Compared

Capterra Event Management

When I was first hired at Capterra, the long lists of software in our event management software directory were intimidating for me. It’s hard to find the time to go through the nuances of each and every software option on the market, especially when you’re busy in the corporate world. So we’ve done the work for you and compared five corporate event management systems. Corporate event management software comparison chart.